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  1. 1 hour ago, Ed8 said:

    Yes, anchoring is one of their many psychological techniques. I attended a negotiation skills masterclass some years ago and was taught that you should always put your offer in first, as this then anchors the whole negotiation. Take, for example, the purchase of a car. If I ask £25k for it, the other guy is gonna look absurd to offer £10k. It frames the whole negotiation at the start.


    We saw at the start of the covid hoax the propaganda was extreme and intense and the argument was framed by govt and media in such a way as to ask "how extreme should restrictions be" - meaning that those who were advocating no restrictions at all appeared unreasonable (to the brainwashed masses at least).

    We see this with the vaccine now in the same way - they are framing the debate in terms of how quickly can we get people vaccinated - not whether people should be vaccinated at all.


    How do we break this cycle of them anchoring and framing the debate? Well I think with the vaccine passports we have already had some success. "Conspiracy theorists" called this out very early on, highlighting to the brainwashed masses where things were heading and why this was bad. As a result, I feel like the vaccine passport wasn't warmly received when it was mooted by government and that's why they've not rolled it out yet. 


    So I think we've got to see where things are heading and call it out early doors for the brainwashed masses to see - frame the debate before them, rather than letting them frame the debate down the line. I do this now, telling people considering the vaccine that they're gonna get RNA injections on a 6 monthly basis - that these jabs won't be the end of it (in the same way it wasn't 3 weeks to flatten the curve). They're gonna get injected every 6 months, for whatever new variant, for the rest of their lives, with no knowing what the long term health implications of that are. My girlfriend regrets wearing her mask at work but she thought it might just be for a few weeks - once she's worn it once she can't go back to them and say she's exempt. Here we are nearly a year later. People need to see and learn to draw their lines early.


    Governments have liked to do things step by step. We need to be one step ahead.

     Very well written, thank you

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  2. 35 minutes ago, Bystander said:

    How can they possibly know that the "Indian Variant" is behind a certain number of deaths, when the original variant hasn't even been isolated? Am I missing something here?


    A lie eventually will be discovered as such and to protect it, another lie needs to be tacked on on top of it.

    If you do this process long enough, no one will eventually question the original lie.

    For instance:

    If you say, the Virus did not came out of the food market, but was created in a Wuhan Lab, you are basically protecting the original lie, as this statement alone gives greater reality to an existing threat, while in realty there is no threat in form of a virus called Sars2.

    Another example: If the media discusses problems with lockdowns and wrong handeling from time to time, which they do, it always stays on the surface. The problem is that all this discussion is absolutly pointless because none of it has any real meaning whatsoever. If you discuss these things, the common folk never gets behind the idea that all of this is complete crap from start to finish.

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  3. On 5/10/2021 at 3:46 PM, elongated1 said:


    I know you are not an expert but someone with common sense, what would you do from now on?


    We have choices.

    1) Live happilly ever after as if nothing is going on.

    2) Stop consuming food/drink bought from shops. This probably goes for clothing too because people touch them and unlike disinfecting your phone with an alcohol wipe, clothes may still contain fragments of DNA from person who made them and handled them along the way.

    3) other unknown option.... here


    Sry, couldnt read your message in time, as it wasn't quoted.


    I discussed this problem with other people in RL and there are basically two camps.

    1) Live happilly ever after as if nothing is going on.

    2) If you know someone is vaccinated, dont go into close contact. Now again, close contact is a term that can be understood differently. So for now everyone should do it how they see fit and what they are compfortable with.

    For me, i will not fill myself with fear when i have a random person next to me. If i would have to do that, life becomes pointless. So this isnt an option for me. Of course i will keep being careful when i know a person is jabbed, but again, i will not go overboard with it.


    As you already pointed out, if the viral shedding happens by simply touching or standing to near next to someone, we cant do anything about it.


    So my advice would be to listen to yourself and what you think makes sense.

    The most important part in all of this is that we stand for something human, for dignity and for our freedom, no matter the cost. If that means i am going to die, than thats what it means. Never bow down to tyranny, no matter what happens to the body.


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  4. 5 hours ago, Outsider said:

    Arena has an appropriate name I suppose, I would have thought out of all nations the German people would have been the most suspicious of this 'vaccine program'.


    Nope we are as dumb as all other nations.

    I mean we are witnessing 1937 all over again and people notice jackshit.

    Again, brainwashing goes a long way. It cannot be cured easily.

  5. The insanity doesent stop:


    Children’s Health Defense and Parental Rights Foundation are preparing to jointly file a lawsuit challenging the D.C. Minor Consent for Vaccinations Amendment Act of 2020 as unconstitutional.


    The recently enacted law allows children 11 and older to receive vaccinations at school without the knowledge or consent of a parent. Under the new law, even if the parent has previously submitted a written religious exemption statement, school officials may secretly administer vaccines to the child against the parents’ written directive.

    Immediate legal action is necessary to protect children and parental rights, especially now that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has granted Emergency Use Authorization for the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine in children ages 12 and older.


    Source: https://www.globalresearch.ca/urgent-dc-parents-take-action-protect-children-being-vaccinated-without-parental-consent/5745046

  6. 2 minutes ago, Anti Facts Sir said:


    And the award for stupidest post of the year goes to...


    Nearly back to some form of normality? 


    Interesting that one of the papers' headlines today had Boris referring to "OUR NEW FREEDOMS".


    That's a telling piece of language. New Freedoms. ie. not like the freedoms we used to have. This is a different kind of "freedom". Well they can shove it where the sun don't shine. Fucking masks, sanitising, social distancing, fear propaganda, ticker-tape fake infection and death numbers, every other local new story about the fake virus, GPs still refusing to see people....etc.


    But yeah, clearly we're almost back to normal.


    Its pointless to argue with these people

    If someone thinks we are back to normal at the end of this year, they understand literally zero, nada.

    And its cynical anyway, because the tremendous amount of damage all of this has caused that cannot be excused.

    Its like you completly bomb an entire city to the ground and then someone comes along,....well now go on, back to normal.


    And the normal before 2020 was in principal the same as 2020. It just went under the radar for many., but still crimes went on and on and almost no one gave a damn about it.

    There is no easy way out of this, it will be a long ride and will cause a lot more destruction and death, because sheeps think if they do what they are told, everything will be dandy....


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  7. 1 minute ago, Avoiceinthecrowd said:

    Maybe its me but where are they getting this idea that covid is death incarnate? I mean I have been tracking the covid story from the start and can't recall one piece of compelling evidence that the damn thing exists yet so many appear convinced we are facing a bubonic-plague class of assault. Everytime I read or hear anyone saying the benefits of near death are worth it to avoid covid I become the one with the "flouride look", wondering what made them so convinced besides the demented ramblings of the mainstream?


    I really can't tell you how they think, because its out of my understanding, but since it seems to work on many human beings there is a common factor.

  8. 17 hours ago, Grumpy Owl said:

    As I think I've said previously, while the long-term goal is 'depopulation' (think Georgia Guidestones etc), it would raise far too many eyebrows if most people who had the 'vaccine' died right away.


    The elites have been at this game for centuries now, I don't think they're in a real hurry to accelerate things right away, it would draw too much attention.


    The 'long game'.


    Perhaps there is a reason for all the different vaccines, and why it seems certain ones are being rolled out to different generations, maybe they serve different purposes or have different long-term effects?


    Sterilisation/infertility is a sure-fire way to reduce the population over a long time period, and it can also be done in a way where the majority of the population don't even realise it is happening.


    Then again, this is why other vaccines have undergone testing for several years before becoming widely available, in order to monitor and detail any possible long-term effects.


    I thought a lot about this as well, but then again there were reports of Covid21 in 2020 and how this will be used as the real hitter.

    Fear propaganda will be at a new time high when actual deaths occur and they can be once again distributed to Covid, when in reality they all suffer from the agent.

    This is a topic which we do not have a full picture about anyway. There is for sure some speculation in it.

    But even if we take all of that aside and look what the agent already caused, then its just a fact that we are dealing with a real problem here.

  9. As things stand and what doctors reported on, the problems will start with the next flu season and i take that advice as solid.

    Can i say thats how things will turn out? No

    Is it cause for concern? Yes

    To me i am still trying to grasp what this really means and right now my head still keeps telling me it aint happening, as its unimaginable anyway.

    Lets hope it doesent turn out that way, but from a rational speaking standpoint and from what we all know, this is sadly the most likely thing out of all the other options.


  10. 13 hours ago, GOYK said:

    fantastic post.


    To be fair though......Norms, sheep, morons, fucking idiots.......


    these are the names we call them on here between ourselves......iv had a few outbursts though at times at fish shop queues, i must also admit i called everyone in the barbers last week...''absolute fuckin idiots'' bacause as i sat waiting maskers were taking masks off so the barber could do sideburns then putting them back on......some smile, some look in horror, some took their masks off completely.


    The fact is......we need to express openly our views to let people on the fence know we are here, some of us against this shit. we have no choice, we cant sit quietly in the background. The media have done a fantastic job at making people believe that if it doesnt come from them then its a lie. 


    Iv said this before but every friday i do the pick up school run, i wear this T-shirt




    alone in a sea of the masked...but honestly the de-masked grows n i get a few smiles now, either teachers seem to appreciate the gesture.   people need to know....we do not wear a mask because we are medically exempt...........we dont wear a mask because we have the courage and bravery to not follow the sheep, the norms, the herd,  the morons, the fuckin idiots.


    and maybe our numbers will grow........everybody should do something like this in my opinion, instead of just skulking in the background whispering behind backs, in chat rooms. Iv walked past police officers, security gaurds, purposely through the middle of queues, im over the top polite and nice.........we need to challenge the narrative at every turn. n give them our truth, our propaganda


    I dont even think naming them sheep is wrong.

    Because thats what they are, in every sense.

    What does a sheep do when threatend? It runs in the same direction as everyone else.

    How easy is it to threaten a sheep? Very easy. One dog is enough to control them.

    What do they do?

    Do they get threatend? Yes

    Do they run in the same direction as the majority? Yes

    How easy is it to threaten them. Very easy.

    Its literally the same thing.

    Its not even a bad word, its just a full on discription what they essentially are and i have zero problems to use that word.

  11. 1 hour ago, elongated1 said:


    Agree with a).


    As for b) I have not been in close contact as far as sexual contact (not really a one night stand kinda person or kiss everyone) but have the side-effects. So how close is a 'close contact'? For example, even if you kept your distance (2m) from everyone, there is always a close contact via food you buy etc. This probably means getting on a public transport or go to a pub/restaurant/supermarkets is not a good thing.


    They want everyone to mingle now so that vaccinated gets to work on us.

    They probably say they are going to relax on the face covering for the same reason too.

    Of course, no more lock down.


    Tbh with you, i have no idea.

    As we are still unclear what can be transmitted and how it can be transmitted, no real definition can be made what savety meassures make sense.

    I cant define close contact either.

    I think everyone should just be aware of this problem and act the way they can or think is right.

    If you know a person is vaccinated, i would probably be on my safe guard for now until more is known.


    Ps: i hate to call them vaccines, because they are really not. They are in fact nothing like vaccines and how vaccines function.

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  12. Just now, Liberty said:

    I personally would recommend that everyone carry on as normal. Be there for those in need and not fear catching anything from anyone. 

    Once your humanity is gone you are also gone. 

    what will be will be. I’m keeping my humanity. Living would not be life without it. 


    You are right and thats what i also have personal problems with. Why should i do the exact same thing what i despise since this whole thing started?

    Of course fear will get us nowehere, but i have to lie if i would say: well im not fearful whats going on here and where the road does lead us if we do not stand up against it.

    I keep my humanity by living in a loving cummunity that all look out for each other and we talk a lot about the ongoing problems right now.

    Im just suggesting to be on the lookout. Again, we do not have the slightest idea what transmits, we just know something does and its better to be aware of this problem.

  13. Personally after watching a couple of informative videos about this whole transmission thing, i drew the following conclusions:


    a) From the numbers alone we already see from official sources, we are talking about genocide. And thats not even the real numbers, as we wont ever know the real numbers. What we do know, is that the people that report not all get taken into account, not all get listed immediatly and many humans that suffered never appear on those lists either.

    So lets repeat this: The official numbers alone are already enough to call this genocide. No speculating needed. Its in fact, even much worse than that.


    b) As of right now we seem to have no idea what it is that can be transimitted from one person to another if one is vaccinated and the other is not. What we do know is the exact same symptoms show on both persons if they had close contact to one another. (the unvaccinated shows same side effcts as vaccinated)


    I personally would recommend everyone for saveties sake to keep distance to the vaccinated until we know more.

    Yes, thats the paradox. Now we need to do the exact thing the sheeps are doing since 15 months. Keep distance.

    (Of course you can keep close contact to people you know are not vaccinated, but thats self-evident.)



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  14. 1 hour ago, Liberty said:

    Comments section. How they react when they’re told the truth. 



    Do you know that moment when you are just happy when someone just speaks his/her mind and just gives straight facts?

    and then you start to read the comments and you are like,...

    well, i shouldnt have read that, now im depressed....

    Mind manipulation goes extreme lenghts, that no matter what is presented, there are always those that think its all a big conspiracy and people have nothing better to do with their lives as preaching untruths for the sake of it.

    You know like people that lost their child or like people that lost their business, or like people that starved from lockdowns, they are all probably big times conspiracy theorists that thought to themself:

    "Fuck hunger, im going to troll on the internet",...right?

    Man sheeps are braindead beyond belief.

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  15. 3 minutes ago, Jikwan said:

    Even the reason the criminals are in jail is because of corrupted polititians mismanaging society

    There is big work to do...this taking out of the evil heads

    So far there has only been some squeaks of resistance

    People just sitting on their asses hoping someone else puts evrrything right including taking down all the evil polititians, judges, heads of corporations, brutal police mafia....

    Resistance movement requires big money. There is no big money

    Without money, nothing big is possiblej


    I dont know about the money thing, im torn on that.

    In practice you wouldnt need any. Everything that is needed is to simply not follow the rules to the restrictions that are unjustfied and have no moral.

    Resistance starts there where you do not consent to tyranny and thats always a peoples job. The idea is that you grow in numbers by being open to your position towards this crisis, as others can see that they are allowed to go out and talk about issues. They dont need to hide and think they are on their own.

    And as things will get more extreme by the hour, the chances are there that people wake up gradually.

    Im not saying this is exactly happening (we are still the minority), but thats the idea.

  16. 27 minutes ago, Jikwan said:

    Exactly. Good point. Yes it makes sense to empty the jails

    Also to make more trouble for the masses

    Im thinking they will increasingly let criminals off even they caught red handed. They won t even bother with crimes (unless its against the wealthy or eletes)

    I foresee a time when criminals dont fear police because they know police react half hartedly


    I think its to add to the fear.

    Just dont leave your house, the world is a dangerous place, kind of mentality.

    Never forget that no matter who got sentenced for these prisons and whatever crimes they committed, they pale in comparison to what the people in power do.

    Its not even a contest.

    Sure, criminals should be locked up, as they clearly arent fit to live in society, but as long as people like Tedros, Gates, your Hancocks or Boris Johnsons run havock that cause unprecedented damage to countless families and individuals, one should focus the attention on those that actually directly influence your very life right now.

    These people could serve a 1000 years in prison and still wouldnt have got what they deserved. They have gone way too far, like no normal everyday criminal you can find in a prison can ever commit to.

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