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  1. 1 minute ago, whatthefoxhat said:

    Thats incredibly sad but not exactly unexpected,i see my parents after they both got both and think you havent got an effin clue what you got pumped in you do you,my words fell on deaf ears and blind eyes received the printed information i offered,I'm just waiting for them to die now,some people may find that a bit callous and it is but its also a probability so if they don't die off this coming cold n flu season it'll be a bonus,if they do it wont come as a total surprise

    I really hope they dont and i wish them all the good luck they need.

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  2. 4 hours ago, Grumpy Owl said:



    What I still can't figure out is that if this 'shedding' of spike proteins is real, why the push to mass vaccinate everybody?


    And why the continued lockdown restrictions? If such 'shedding' does occur, why not now end the restrictions and let people freely mingle?


    My guess is that there can be some transmission but only in very close contact, which does not apply by random encounters with people you do not know, simply by walking in the streets, being in a bus, train and so on.

    It also wont transmit forever and only a couple of weeks after the injection.

    The difference is that you do not have the construction plan injected into your body and soly can get affected by the outcome of that fabrication, namly spike proteins.

    Your cells do not produce them if they are not "re-programmed".


    However take everything what i just said with a grain of salt, as i have no way of prooving this statement. This is soly an explanation why lockdowns and why mask wearing are still being imposed after people got their jab.

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  3. 16 minutes ago, whatthefoxhat said:


    Do people know which one they are being given at the time of injection ? or is it a lottery as to which one you'll get ?


    In most cases you dont know which one you will get until you arrive there.

    Many people that got that jab and get asked which one they got cannot even recall.


    I mean it probably doesen't matter which poison you pick, but it also says a lot how indifferent these care workers are towards those who they inject and same goes for the injected. If you cannot recall what you got, you have neither any idea of what just got shot into your arm, nor do you show any care, as long as you are told its against Covid, lol.

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  4. 7 hours ago, Morpheus said:

    It's called solipcism and to be honest, I don't agree with such an ideology. I think it's dangerous and disconnects from the universe as a whole. Not for me thanks. 


    the view or theory that the self is all that can be known to exist.
    • the quality of being self-centred or selfish.
      Its actually the opposite. It means to get rid of the ego as the ego is the cause for all the troubles.
      Its a teaching you find in Zen-Bhuddism or Hinduism. It is the opposite of disconnection.
  5. 3 hours ago, Golden Retriever said:

    Although imo I think Eric Clapton could have been more critical and didn't talk about people on the breadline because of the scam, he is an international figure with a large following of adults of most ages. It really is a good video to share to those still on the fence.


    Listen to the whole interview if you have the time, but especially from about 17 minutes when he says he's now

    switched off the TV ........  He says "SO MUCH OF THE SICKNESS IS IN OUR MINDS NOW"  Never a more true statement.


    The Government, with their Communistic Sage advisors and the media used behavioural fear tactics and still do.




    A State of Fear: how the UK government weaponised fear during the Covid-19 pandemic




    Well i admit it takes some guts to come out and talk in puplic about whats going south if you are a famous guy like Clapton, which can be absolutly destroyed by the MSM for speaking out.

    It also takes some honesty to yourself if you had the jab and know it was wrong.

    Thats not what many people will say even with heavy side-effects.

    I can respect that and thats where i can excuse someone to some extend, so good for him.


    He also seems to be in a desperate state to not have his kids "vaccinated" and comes on this show for this very reason.


    He got scammed and its hard to admit that.


    It still blows my mind how this was/is not obvious and it even came to the jab, but okay it is how it is.

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  6. 1 hour ago, shadowmoon said:

    Here’s some celebs singing that you can have your entire life back if you just get your vaccine.












    Some of the cheapest advertisment i have ever witnessed.

    If someone wants to sell me something this bad, i would need no background or information about anything, i just would not have it, simply because i dont like things to be shuffed into my face, no matter what.

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  7. 4 minutes ago, Prometheus said:

    When all this comes out that the vaccine has caused irreparable damage it will be too late. The excuse will be 'we where desperate to cure covid and governments gave us emergency use'.


    I can imagine what it does to the immune and reproductive systems. Man, people are glowing to be pissed and we can't even say 'I told you so, conspiracy....what?', because its just to mean.


    Also the FDA know that the Spike Protein is Cytotoxic.


    It is already too late.

    It is past 12 o clock

    The damage is already done. Now its all about how many more will get effected and what the results will be.

    One thing is for sure, it wont be pretty.


    I just sincerely hope that the numbers will not be astronomically high in fall and winter season, as we come to expect.


    I recently thought about how sick it actually is to even talk like this about deaths and damage and i come to realize that i have to deal with this because i am forced to go into this crap matter. I actually dont want to either think or talk about human catastrophies born out of a psycopath agenda, but they force me to deal with their BS mindset.

    I rather would just enjoy my peaceful days, but most of the time i can't. This shit is so unbelievable i cannot turn my eyes from it.

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  8. 15 hours ago, SimonTV said:




    If i took the "death shot" and had stories like these to write, with crazy side effects and change in behaviour, i probably would sit there and talk to myself with the words:

    "Why did i took it."

    "Why did i took it."

    "Why did i took it."

    "Why did i took it."

    "Why did i took it."

    "Why did i took it."

    "Why did i took it."


    Dont know if these people actually can add 1+1 and realize that they serverly damaged their body for no effin reason.

  9. 2 hours ago, Thoth001 said:

    And there are the Dracos in full human suits.😉


    I just dont get how the Queen still lives. Can she die already?

    Jesus, how long can you drag it out.

    Dear Queen, please die already so that you know the first time what peace really means, as you never experienced peace in your whole lifetime.

    And while you are at it. take all these other psychopaths with you.

  10. Here are my humble thoughts on the matter of reality as a whole


    Non-seperation/Non-duality :

    To our minds the world as such is always experienced as a playground of different forms.

    This is me and there, out there is everything else

    On that basis, experiences are made

    But it is a flawed outlook on whats really going on.


    If we take the example of an Apple Tree, our minds immediatly conclude: Thats a tree and it obiously has a different form than its sorrundings. It clearly is seperated from the rest.

    However if we then understand that this "tree" as we call it soly exists because there is some thing called water, we also understand that without water, no tree.

    So can we really seperate the two? We really cant.

    Where does the water come from?

    Where does the heat and the light come from the "tree" needs to grow, or exist as such.

    We will find that no matter what i hold as a seperate event or object, is in reality always the totality of everything.

    We cannot even speak of two events. Its always the one.


    Another example:

    If we take a picture with all sorts of colours in it and think this is black, this is red and so on, we might think each is kind of seperated of the rest. But each colour contributs to the picture itself.

    So the process of "creating" is not found in the past, it is found in each and every moment and always is from the "One".


    This is all in regards what we hold as the world, which is basically always God, self, Bhudda or whatever one might want to call it.


    When it comes to the mind it gets intresting, as the mind is the creator of this and that. The creator of the seemingly seperated world that what you call yourself live in.

    It is not questioned what this thing is what i call "person" or "myself", its soly guessed, its a body and a mind that walks arround in a world out there.

    Each and every night we experience the non-existence of a world and what i call "me". When we wake up, we have no memory about our deep sleep and for good reason. There is nothing to remember about as nothing (no-thing) existed at that time and place. Nevertheless it still happend and you still woke up the next morning.

    That means that in that time of deep sleep you still existed, but not as a form or memory or story or whatever. It was just "being" itself without any thought.

    This is the natural state that is even at the present in this moment, it is just not realized because thoughts overcloud it. But it is there, in the background, always at the present.

    Thats the you, the one we are talking about.

    The totality of everything.


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  11. 8 minutes ago, Pina Colada said:

    On uk column a few episodes ago, they talked about the language being used, and how it's often militarised.

    That has been true for years in so called health care, but also they said that the vaccine is being called "future proofing the body".

    This is technology language,  nothing to do with health care, and shows that the vaccine will not only turn your body into a spike protein factory, but also link us into the demonic electro magnetic hell being created by Elon Musk around the planet, creating a prison system where everyone vaxxed is tracked and traced.

    They have a synthetic energy field. 

    Sci fi is a reality?


    Yes, words have a powerful effect, since we interpret reailty on that basis.

    Covid Deniers from the MSM means = look at these idiots that dare to question this whole narrative. No one can be stupid enough not to believe there is at least something going on. People are going ill, you cannot question that right?

    Conspiracy Theorists = People that have to go look for anything else than the official narative for the sake of it.

    They do this to stand out, to be different to others, to simply feel superior.

    Anti-Vaxxers = People that dont care for others and their own health.


    You see where this is going. Every word, can be translated into this nonsense.


  12. 5 minutes ago, Liberty said:

    I don’t even think I’m getting through to my child. I’ve been labelled as an anti vaxxer and the boyfriends family live in a new build with grey carpets and white walls. And a hundred different colours face masks. 

    how can I compete with this? 

    You can't

    They need to learn it the hard way.


    Oh well, what i am saying

    They dont learn anything really. They are beyond help.


    My advice: Gather with likewise people that have something left in their brains. The others walk into their doom anyway.

    I know it is hard, but i see no other option.

  13. 11 minutes ago, ar55 said:

    Have you got a source for that stat?


    Not doubting you, would just like it to throw in their faces.




    The latest statistics from the United Kingdom (the UK) on Adverse Reactions to the new Covid Vaccines make for sober reading. The vast majority of vaccinations have been with the Astra Zeneca and Pfizer/Biotech vaccines.

    1,180 deaths were reported soon after Covid vaccination in the UK.  And 822,845 other adverse events have been reported. The number of people reporting adverse events amount to 235,223 so some report more than one adverse event. In fact, the average adverse events on a per person basis number about 3.5.

    Keep in mind that many experts estimate that only 1 % – 10 % of adverse reactions are actually being reported to the Yellow Card System. That means that the adverse events in reality may be as high as 8 Million – 80 Million. We just don’t know what is really happening. We are flying blind.


    This is from 23.05.2021, already 2 weeks old again, so numbers are higher.

    If you devide 1180 deaths through lets say 90 days (3 months), you get more than 13 deaths daily through the vaccine in the Uk alone.

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  14. 26 minutes ago, whatthefoxhat said:

    My step father gave a very similar reason in that he's already had 2 close brushes with death and given that hes mid 70's it's a case of so be it.Sounds like suicide or euthanasia by choice but dragged out for as long as they can get away with it,maybe they have accepted the inevitable? whereas we who have perhaps more years of living left are nowhere near the understanding of the inevitability of life ?


    I understand that death is part of life itself.

    It happens.

    Its a matter of how you live and the time that is given to you that counts.

    No to fasicsm at all costs and yes to freedom.

    If people would want freedom as much as the air they are breathing, this madness would be already long over.

    In fact, people like Gates wouldnt even exist in such a society.

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  15. My neighbour who i talked a lot with about the fasicism situation, told me yesterday that he and his wife are now "vaccinated".

    Needless to say that i just stood there like a poodle in the rain, shaking my head.

    If he would be a clueless sheep i would have somewhat understood why he did it, but here it comes:

    He knows what this is.

    Told me that he has maybe 10 years to life anyway and why trouble himself with restrictions and things he cannot do anymore.

    He just wants to travel into vaccation with his van without problems.

    If he dies from it, so be it, he told me.

    I have no words...

    My oh my where am I,....i just hit a brick wall.

    In my eyes its even worse to give in to fasicism if you know it is one.

    Do people not stand for something anymore?

    Do they not care?

    At least do it for the kids that have to live in this mad world. Fight for them, if you cannot do it for yourself.

    Seriously this makes me angry! Fuck!

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  16. 1 hour ago, sarbloh said:

    Whats the age of the universe? 13.4bn yrs  (13,400,000,000)they reckon. So for 13.4bn years consciousness has been evolving/propagating etc(might have been just there from the beginning ..who knows). Yet the 'big nutjob egos' reckon that humans with 100yrs ish computing development (based on the basic computers of ww2), will somehow tap into and enhance that 'consciousness' that has been in there for 13.4bn years. 


    Sounds like a load of deluded hubris to me. There is life out there hundreds, thousands, millions and most probably billions of years ahead of us...and the nutjobs think that within the space of 100yrs the 'great human ego weirdos' will usher in the 'singularity'...transhumanism...etc etc.


    BTW, Wheres the likes of the Animal Lib front and PETA when they are testing all that neurolink etc shite on pigs and other animals? They seem magically quiet on the matter of animal testing, when its not lipstick related.



    Counciousness is timeless. It has neither beginning, nor end.

    Its all there ever is.

    The observable universe (not the entire universe) is maybe 13,4bn years old, but it is not related to counciousness.

    I get what you mean though, as this is not your point, i just wanted to clarify on that.

    Counsiousness has nothing to do with objects. Objects are soly something of the mind.

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  17. 16 hours ago, Yoyo said:

    There are too many narratives to this bullshit. In my humble opinion only one fits the bill; depopulation. 
    Not just as a whimsy as some see it, a minor distraction or a thing to be poetical of. Once the flu season hits 2021 all the pontificating and rhetoric is over. Those people you love, those people you hate and every person between that have taken the mrna jab will start to die.. 


    Its a whole booklet of things that are planned to go down.

    The Covid Story is just the entrance level to introduce a lot more what is to come.

    Remember this?




  18. 12 minutes ago, Human10 said:

    This moment when video is removed even from Bitchute... 🥴


    I had it like 100 times where a video was either not available for my country as it states "sensetive content" or was removed outright.

    Who are these platforms to decide what i want to see and what informations im intrested in. Its not their business.

    Bitchute is becoming the next youtube at this rate.

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