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  1. I mean the headline for once states the truth. (except those arent vaccines, but just lets get along with it for this one) If people get sick or die, that means these "vaccines" are working. Indeed. If people would actually realize what sick psycopaths sit at the top and those who follow any orders because they couldnt care less about the mate next to them or simply would do everything for money, they would hang themself or them on the spot. Seriously they have no clue with what we are dealing with here. But i repeat myself. The idea alone that these "elite" care for you is a so abnormally out of this world mindset, its beyond words.
  2. Back up: How do booster shots for vaccines work? “For some vaccines, after a while, immunity begins to wear off,” the CDC explains. “At that point, a ‘booster’ dose is needed to bring immunity levels back up.” Booster shots are extra doses of a vaccine administered sometime after an initial dosage has been received, re-upping your body’s immune response. Some boosters are recommended very infrequently, like one for tetanus, which should be received every decade. Others, like the annual flu vaccine, are more frequent, due to factors like changing pathogens and waning immunity. Different types of flu virus circulate each year, making an annual shot necessary to protect against the most dominant strains each flu season. SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, is also mutating, and the variant of most concern is currently Delta, which was first detected in India last December. So far, all of the available COVID-19 vaccines, especially the mRNA ones, appear to offer adequate protection from the Delta variant. 1: “For some vaccines, after a while, immunity begins to wear off,” In other words, if it didnt kill or disable you already, take another hit to get it done. Immunity wears off my ass. Vaccines sole purpose is to make your immune system react properly to a threat. Once done, you never ever need another one. Which brings us to this point: 2."Some boosters are recommended very infrequently, like one for tetanus, which should be received every decade." Bullshit I also once believed that you need to refresh immunity response for tetanus. Its bogus. You never need another one in your whole life time. A doctor of mine explained that to me a decade ago. 3."Different types of flu virus circulate each year, making an annual shot necessary to protect against the most dominant strains each flu season." Again, absolutly Bullshit. You dont need a vaccine for the flu. You never do and never will. Its completly unnesessary. I never took one and never had problems. I literally dont know anyone who needed it or took it. 4."SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, is also mutating, and the variant of most concern is currently Delta, which was first detected in India last December." Bullshit again. Delta what? There is no delta variant. There isnt even a proof for the exitence of this god damn virus you morons. 5. "So far, all of the available COVID-19 vaccines, especially the mRNA ones, appear to offer adequate protection from the Delta variant." So far? Holy moly is this crazy. A vaccine either works or it doesent. There is no it works now against a threat and then in the future it doesent. What complete and utter nonesense. Source: https://www.prevention.com/health/a35644466/covid-19-vaccine-booster-shot/
  3. The climate change agenda is being pushed hard again. First things first. Climate always changes. Thats a completly normal thing. But it takes a lot of time. Earth exist a lot longer than humans and a human life cycle is an eye wimper for earth. The question is if humans play a significant role in climate change and data shows, humans play none. The climate doesent change that much in 100 years either. And once again: We are dealing with psychopaths in the ploitics and beyond. Those are criminals and they act like criminals. What does this mean? The idea alone that politicans and the people beyond do something for the climate and the world at large is already so absurd, it cannot even be formulated into words. They dont care for earth one little shit, because they are so so cut off from life, they lost all sense of empathy for anything. From that alone one should know no one is doing anything for the greater good up there. I mean look at this Covid jab madness. If that isnt genocide, i dont know anymore what is. And they are still pushing it. For Christ sake they DO NOT GIVE A FUCK. Whatever comes from their mouth, its always horseshit. Always.
  4. I would drink 2 coffees there. One for me and one for,....well reasons ;) A shop owner with a backbone. Amazing!
  5. Well if their job is to prevent an uprising, they do a terrible job at it. No one with a decent brain puts all their faith into a questionable court case that will be 99,9% dismissed, because courts and high courts are corrupted. In fact, no one really sits here and thinks: Lets wait for Mr. Fuellmilch and his case. We know that the only solution to this problem is solved by the people themself. Thats why we dont wait for anyone. It also wont be solved by a political party. I dont care about parties. They wont solve this problem. Reiner Fuellmilch basically talks a lot like everyone else does. His information is nothing new. David Ickes news is nothing new. There isnt a magic person that knows it all. Everyone just talks the same things basically. I simply fail to see what a supposed controlled opposition would gain out of it, if all they do is to keep saying what everyone else in the resistance already says. He just does what lies in his profession. He is a lawyer and thinks he can solve the problem this way. Not this time i suppose. What really keeps me personally thinking is why the official Icke webpage trusts Tucker Curlson a lot where there is real evidence, that Fox News is owned by a man named Mr. Murdoch, a Bilderberger. Do i trust a news outlet that is controlled by such a man? I dont think so. So thats where the real questions should start.
  6. Start with evidence and present it. Would make it a lot easier.
  7. Reiner is for sure not part of a script. He exposed Deutsche Bank and brought them to court. Deutsche Bank is a big player. Same with Volkswagen. He has a history of exposing big corporations and sucessfully made them pay. Now, i dont say this will be sucessful, because i really think it wont, but that has other reasons.
  8. Whatever you need to tell yourself to feel better, it for sure is never the vaccination literally millions have suffered adverse reactions from..... Edit: Damn it, i keep forgetting its not a vaccine...
  9. If you would ask me what our situation is as a human society, i would say we live in difficult times, that requires a lot of honesty with yourself and the actions thereof. However, as with everything, things are bound by perspectives and standpoints, whatever that may be. In the grand totality of everything, there is no room or reason for a reason. Nothing actually happens. Life can be viewed as a dream. It seems real, because we are invested into it, but its smoke and shadows. Nothing can actually really happen to your true self, so there is no need to worry about that. But again, the mind translates this immediatly into: Well, if nothing matters, why should i participate in it? Why is action needed? Isnt then everything meaningless? That is not the point. As long as you are involved within the game of dualities and as long as we live as humans, we are bound by our actions and have to act accordingly. It means, that you do what you think is just. You need to find for yourself where you can make a difference. There are no rules for it. Just stay true to yourself, thats all that is needed. As long as we stand for what we believe in, thats all that is required.
  10. Very intresting video. Thx for sharing
  11. Straight to the point, by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt https://corona-transition.org/IMG/mp4/dietrich_klinghardt_2_5373331896379904492.mp4
  12. Astronomical Numbers. This is batshit insanity.
  13. BBC should actually look into official data and find that there a bit more than 2 conditions linked to the jabs. Furthermore, even if you just take those 2, a risk of heart attack does outweight the risk of catching a cold by 5000 miles. A heart attack is most of the time lethal and even if you survive it, you will be at risk for your whole life. A heart attack is in a complete different category of problems than catching a cold. A cold is a reoccuring excerise for your body to stay healthy, to keep a good immune system. It is nothing serious at all.
  14. From the Main David Icke Page: https://davidicke.com/2021/07/03/12-year-old-girl-bound-to-wheelchair-and-left-with-chronic-illnesses-after-receiving-pfizer-covid-19-vaccine/ A 12-year-old girl is now wheelchair-bound after taking part in a Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine trial. On Monday 28th June, US Sen. Ron Johnson, a Republican from Wisconsin, held a press conference at the Federal Courthouse in Milwaukee to address the rise in Covid-19 vaccine injuries. At the meeting, Johnson invited people from across the country to speak about their experiences with the vaccine and the injuries that they themselves or someone they know suffered as a result of receiving it. One woman who spoke is the mother of a 12-year-old girl who is now wheel-chair bound and suffers from memory loss after she received the Pfizer jab. Stephanie de Garay, of Ohio, claimed that her daughter Maddie was a perfectly healthy 12-year-old before she and her brothers were enrolled in a Pfizer vaccine trial in January. After Maddie received her second dose of the jab, she was left with a long list of horrific injuries and illnesses, which have forced her to be put on an NG feeding tube. “All three of our kids volunteered and were excited to participate in the trial as a way to help us all return to normal life.” Stephanie told Sen. Johnson that she has a degree in electrical engineering and her husband works in the medical field, and they are both pro-vaccine and pro-science, which is why they allowed their children to take part in the trial. “Before Maddie got her final dose of the vaccine she was a healthy 12-year-old who got straight A’s and had lots of friends, she had her life, she was energetic, she was not like this. That mother should immediatly be removed from those kids. Examples like these, where a mother lets her kids take an experimental agent and then cries when something goes south is beyond comprehension. Absolute madness, absolute disgusting. Im so sry for this girl and that she is now damaged for life, due to the decision her mother made. I cannot formulate in words how angry this makes me. I have problems to call that parent "mother".
  15. We expect a higher death rate this year due to the jab program that has been pushed out this year. You can fake a lot of things but you cannot fake it when a person really has died. The causes of it? yes and thats where this will go. The fact that someone is dead? No, you cannot hide that. In order to hide the fact that people are dying from the jab and its effects, they need another scapegoat, which is of course the next "mutation". Will it be the delta variant narrative? I don't know. It can be micky mouse at this point, names do not matter.
  16. So i have just been to my local butcher shop and a new cassier immediatly told me not to forget to wear a mask. As always i tell people that i dont need to wear one and i have a medical exemption. To no further suprise she then went ahead and asked me if she can see that which i denied as in germany you cannot simply show anyone a medical document. They have no right for that, which of course most people in these times simply ignore or do not have the brain capacity to understand. And here comes the kicker. She then told me that she has an exemption herself, while wearing a mask. I then asked: " Why then do you wear a mask if you have a medical exemption that clearly states that you dont need to wear one?" She replied: "Because i want to protect others." So let me get this straight: She goes to the doctor. The doctor comes to the conclusion, yepp you should not wear a mask due to your health conditions. She then wears a mask anyway. What does this tell me? It tells me that if she is indeed capable to wear a mask, how in the world did she get an exemption from the doctor in the first place? You dont get it if you have no health problems. (and that is comming from a place when i go into the mindset of a sheep and how they think). Turns out there is an even lower IQ than low hiding in the crowd.
  17. Oh shoot, totally forgot about that. Damn me!
  18. We dont need him to tell us that, we know Iraq was not behind the attacks. We know that the US fabricated a false flag operation of enormous scale with 9/11. Good that this piece of crap is dead. Could not be happier.
  19. "More than 4,100 people have been hospitalized or died with COVID in the U.S. despite having been fully vaccinated, according to new data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)." Is there anything not clear enough? You cant make this stuff up. Either they admit the "vaccine" is useless, because it does not protect you from the "virus" (which is what they are claiming here,......) or by close inspection we find that these people died precisly because of the vaccine (this has a truth rate of like lets say 100%) So to be clear: They either admit that the vaccine is absolutly uselss, which they do if they say you can get Covid after being "vaccinated" or there is only one more explanation, which is common sense, that these people died from the shot. Its stuff for constant headbutts and facepalms. Like who doesent understand what we are dealing with here.... Everyone that still does not get it, is beyond help.
  20. Dude just got a million points of sympathy from me.
  21. I guess they need a gold reward for comming to this difficult conclusion. Also: "and from the feedback we have received in some parts of our business, we know that reducing cash handling will help with this.” So you take measures you know are pointless and then go ahead and say that they help? Wtf is this twisted crap? Cash doesent spread shit, nor does anything/anyone else.
  22. I dont even know if she is serious or just tries to create a meme. If she is serious = IQ = 0 If she jokes arround = she is not funny
  23. Thats exactly how i argue with people that ask how long this will go. Straight to the point, no talking arround. Just state as it is and yes, grow a pair.
  24. Im as anti-vax as it can be. I already said it in my original comment.
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