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  1. All the more reason to go to a protest. We do not give a flying fuck about their warnings. We do not negociate with criminals. They do not strip us from our basic rights, they can go screw themself. By all means, be ready, we dont care. You are bastards that go against your fellow citizens. I will be for certain on the next protest in my country, which also got deemed illegal by the police. I dont care. They are in the wrong, they are the ones that lost their minds, they are the ones that cannot sort out truth from lies, they are the ones that have no moral, no basic human dignity. Im done with these criminals. This makes me mad, my god. I have no idea how these people can look themself into the mirror. Wait,...they have lost empathy for others. They call us the careless ones? The ones that endanger others? Its the opposite you liars. You are the ones that have nothing left for others, you just obey commands and orders. You are but shell of what you once have been, a ghost. You do everything you are told to, because you either do it for money, for power syndroms or other sick means and you will pay the ultimate price for it, because guess what, the powers that should not be do not give a damn about you either. Yes, when you are in the club of careless human beings, you will sooner or later find out that those people that work next to you do not give a damn about you either. You are expandable. You are a number. You can be replaced and then please dont come back crying when that happens.
  2. I only spent 3 times in my life in hospital. 2 times to visit someone and 1 for myself due to accident, that needed immediate action. I cannot recall that i ever feel or felt good in those places. They feel dead and isolated. It begins right in front of the parking lot. The gardens there usually are just there, no love sparkles from it. The you go inside and are already lost in endless corridors. Such a place although its all about threating human beings makes you sick from the inside. I could never work there. I always felt the urge after such a short experience to get into a crowded busy part of the city and sit into a cafee and watch life folding in front of me again to compensate for it. I know, i know it sounds dramatic, but thats how i always felt being in a hospital. The moment you get out there, the moment you feel alive again.
  3. Here a video from the author of this book.
  4. I found a rather intresting read named: Killing Us Softly Which puts us into the minds of the people that see their only option for the survivability on human kind in reducing its numbers through a multitude of methods. Methods that are used for underdeveloped parts of the world and methods for the developed parts. It explains that since humans as a race on this planet have no natural predetators (so cannot regulate itself like the rest of nature does), it needs to regulate itself through other means. (Depopulation control programs) For the elite and the governments in this world this is a necessary task as they say, because if nothing is done, there will be more wars due to fewer and fewer ressources that are available. The depopulation program became relevant right after the events of world war 2, because thats where numbers of humans spiraled out of control afterwards. (remember thats how they argue, its not my babbling) To them it is necessary or humanity as a whole will go extinguish. Now that we understand the mindset of what we are talking about there, lets go into some specifics on population control. The rest you can read for yourself, as i will link the whole thing at the end of this post. 1. DIRECT METHODS – AIMED AT UNDERMINING FERTILITY (i) Legislation – China  Deng Xiaoping’s One-Child Policy since 1978 China is the only country in the world that chose to restrict family size by law and thus tackle the population problem overtly and not covertly. As a one party state, Chinese statesmen do not have to compete for office by pandering for popularity, as politicians in democracies have to, and this enabled the Chinese Communist Party to introduce the One-Child Policy, officially known as the “Family Planning Policy” (计划生育政策), immediately after Chairman Mao died and Deng Xiaoping took over the reign of power. The policy forbids couples in urban areas to have more than one child while rural couples and minority groups are allowed two children. (ii) Coerced Surgical Sterilization – India  1952 Population Control Policy (first in the world)  1976-77 Indira Gandhi’s State-of-Emergency  2000 National Policy – replacement level fertility by 2010 (tubal ligations for women and vasectomies for men) After two failed and misguided attempts to address the population problem (in 1952 and 1976), India, which is grossly overpopulated, has settled for coerced surgical sterilization as the method of choice. In less than 20 years, India has succeeded in surgically sterilizing 80% of its women of childbearing age, which, considering that it is the world’s most populous nation after China and has 1.2 billion people, it is an incredible accomplishment. It has succeeded not by persuasion or education as much as by coercion. Mobile medical caravans scour the country’s villages, where 80% of India’s people live, and entice the villagers, who are for the most part illiterate and easily misled, with offers of free medical care for every woman who has had two or more children. The women are then sedated and subjected without their knowledge or consent to a tubal ligation, a procedure that takes circa 30 minutes, and that renders them irreversibly sterile for the rest of their lives. The government of India offers incentives to men to voluntarily undergo a vasectomy, which is a far easier and faster medical procedure than a tubal ligation, taking only seven minutes, but that due to India’s culture, where men have far more authority than women, remains unpopular and therefore a statistically less significant measure for addressing the population problem. (iii) Covert Methods A. Chemical Sterilization – for the developed world Fluoride Fluoridation is the West’s method of choice for suppressing fertility in both men and women. It has been used throughout the West since 1950 and fluoride is delivered either through tap water, table salt, or milk depending on the country and its level of development. A few select and wealthy nations in northern Europe use compulsory dental plans to ensure that every citizen receives periodic applications of fluoride directly in the mouth. Regardless of the delivery agent used, fluoridation has been imposed on the populace under the pretext that it combats tooth decay, which is completely inaccurate and dishonest. Of the four methods, water fluoridation is by far the most wide-spread, as it is used on nearly 1 billion people the world over. Water fluoridation, however, is only possible in places with a modern infrastructure of water treatment plants and therefore even in wealthy nations it is only viable in cities that have at least 10,000 people. Salt fluoridation is the second most popular fluoridation method and is in use throughout Latin America and the Caribbean region as well as in a few European countries that have abandoned water fluoridation. Milk fluoridation is restricted to very few countries and is used as a supplementary method of fluoridation elsewhere. To keep human beings in a constant state of fluoride poisoning, toothpaste and dental health products throughout the world are fluoridated. Bisphenol A (BPA) To close the loophole created by the modern habit of drinking bottled rather than tap water, the depopulation lobby has replaced glass with plastic bottling starting in 1980 and has used a specific fertility-depressing chemical, called bisphenol A (BPA) to manufacture two kinds of plastics: polycarbonates and epoxy resins. BPA is ingested when it leaches into food and beverages for human consumption. Since nearly every plastic bottle on the planet is now made of BPA-based polycarbonates and almost every metal and aluminum can in the world is lined with epoxy resins containing BPA, people are chronically exposed. The lining of metal cans with BPA is aimed at both the urban and rural poor who are more likely to eat canned soups, vegetables and fruit and will thus receive more than their share of fertility depressing agents, as they will ingest it from multiple sources. But as the depopulation lobby has a strong eugenic component to it, reducing the numbers of the poor is a desirable outcome. Aerosol aluminum spraying Spraying powdered aluminum oxide at high altitudes by airplane – a phenomenon known as ‘chemtrails’ – is a rather new method of population control that is restricted to NATO countries and is aimed at breaking the back of organic and traditional farmers to make room for corporations and their genetically modified crops. The aluminum sprayed falls to the ground and poisons the soil and the water, which has two intended consequences: first, it makes the growing of traditional or heirloom seeds impossible and forces farmers into bankruptcy thus freeing the land for purchase by agro-giants who stand ready with aluminum-resistant genetically modified seeds; and secondly, aluminum binds with fluoride compounds and greatly increases fluoride toxicity, therefore reducing the human body’s toxicity threshold level previously thought safe. In other words, you can do far more damage to human health with aluminum fluoride than you can do with just fluoride and you need less of it. That is why, for example, the spraying of aerosolized aluminum is far more prevalent on the Western seaboard of Canada and the US, where tap water fluoridation is scarce and people ingest fluoride from bottled water and soft drinks as well as canned foods, but at lower levels than people whose tap water is fluoridated. The full book can be read here: http://real-agenda.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/KILLING-US-SOFTLY2.pdf
  5. I just thought that this might be the least complicated summer for the forseeable future. Now many people are "vaxxed", numbers will go higher by themself over a period of years, which is all they need to justify their ends. What was a pretty crazy effort in the first year (2020) to get people under the needle, will now be a walk in the park, because you do not even have to fake cases anymore. The only thing you need to brush under the carpet is that these people that get ill got "vaxxed". Thats it.
  6. I thought a long time about this and there are two possible outcomes in a general sense. a) either the majority goes along with it, which means they can go ahead with their plan or b) the resistance grows where it might become dangerous for them, which will introduce a lot of ugly things as well. To know where this is going is to try to understand what options they have to regain control over every apsect that comes up. The harder they deal with people in opposition, the more you know you grow in numbers. I recently had a discussion with a friend of mine and she said she feared that people that organize protests might get arrested. I said: Well, if that would be an effective method to shut the opposition down, they will use it. Of course they will use it. If its uneffective, they wouldnt. If too many people gather, they will evetually cut all communication. Internet might be down for a long time. They will do everything to stay in control. Thats a logical conclusion. So in a way you know if you still can sit peacefully in front of your computer at home, roaming in the internet, you know, the resistance is not big enough, yet. First they try to do it with censoring, as that is an effective tool to deal with minorities. If thats not enough they pull the plug alltogether. So it will get ugly no matter what and its good to prepare yourself for it, because things can move very quickly.
  7. @DarainF yes, it is for sure a long operation that is here to stay. After all this is the entry point for everything else that can and will be introduced simultaniously or on top of it. But i also think that given what we have seen so far it could be very well in the realm of possibilities that a lot of people get injured and die in a very short amount of time. Remember they are psychopaths, its possible, even if you think it might be counterproductive to what they are trying to do in the long run. I wouldnt count it out.
  8. We dont know. We suspect that it will be one scary horror show. I dont think that people will drop left and right, but it will be still a lot heavier than we have seen up to this point and it is already aweful. The best indicator of what happens is when people you know who took the shot get affected. Do not trust soly numbers. They are tempered with. Numbers of injuries and deaths are a lot higher than that what got offically reported to the reporting systems. (and yes, that what officially got reported there is already an atronomically number with millions of injuries) But again, your own personal experience and what you can personally testify, is the number 1 source. Internet is second. I can testify here that i know a couple of persons that really got badly injured after they had their shots. Nothing deadly yet, but heavy regardless. The thing we need to look out for is that if people indeed die like flies, they will blame the "anti-vaxxers". Thats as sure as the amen in the church. It should not come with a suprise.
  9. You are right. Propaganda is the most effective tool to direct a population into something which they otherwise would not accept. Thats why it exists and is used in the first place. We all made mistakes in life and we all got it wrong at some point and will continue to do so. But to me there is a point where even propaganda shouldnt work anymore. Thats when things become so unimaginable idotic and against everything you learned in life up to this point. 1 death, close down a city. That alone is so far and beyond any functioning mind. You do not have to understand anything to see that thats as ridicolous as it gets. You still can believe that there is a dangerous virus out there that kills everyone and it still would be the most ridicolous BS. Basically to me, there is no excuse to not understand that this is BS. I cannot for the life of me feel for someone that does not get that. We all have our limits and some things to me are so blatanly stupid, you cannot empathize with it.
  10. There is no way that people with that amount of money would risk a rocket flight. Thats as BS as it can get. People that own such amounts are the most scared little brats you can and ever will encounter because they are scared of death as you cannot even imagine. Im not going into the details of this flight, but my point remains. People with that much wealth do not sit in a rocket, are you kidding me?
  11. "Families who lost loved ones deserve better." I mean they got murdered, kinda a mild way to put it honestly. Why do you think they refuse to investigate if there is nothing to hide? Its so blatantly obvious. Im not talking arround the bush here either. This is mass homicide, nothing else!
  12. I dont know, but it seems to me that the "vaccine" is safe.
  13. I understood what you meant. I just think when people say we are the 99% than that means that. (99% contributes sheep und awakend alike) The point you make is clear and yes it will take an incredible amount of time and suffering until the sheep wake up. Maybe we never really get there. But its the only hope we have because there are no other options. If it would be clear right from the getgo that it wont be do-able, i think i would see myself out of this life, because its not worth it. I dont want to live in such a world the 1% has in store for us. Its just no option for me.
  14. Sure, but there are daily details how the ball is moving forward. On protest stages its just general talk about whats going on and that is what everyone is clear about that attend these. Yes, i also state the same thing over and over here from time to time, but i cannot help myself. The shit is so unbelievable you need to get it out of the system.
  15. To be honest i dont care about those speakers much. Again: They do not say anything new. It just seems a nice way to gather people before they walk. However, 3 hours is way to oberblown. Max 1 hour.
  16. I think it refers to the 1% that consider themself as the ruling class. There are those that try to control you, which we name the 1% (its actually less than 1%, but its a reference anyway) Then those that enforce those ( military and police) And then the rest, which are the 99%. The 99% are all people that "need" to be controlled, which includes sheep and wakend people alltogether. So we are the 99% and its good to remember constantly that we hold the power. That is why its so important that the sheep wake up, to remember where the true power is. If that is sucessful is another chapter and i can agree, this will be a tough nut to crack.
  17. I somewhat agree that we passed the stage where we need a lenghty show of speakers that basically repeat what everyone knows that attend these. There is no new information. It isnt really about information either. However, i see some importance for it to gather all people before a march can or should begin. So its a nice way to fill up numbers.
  18. I always come back to this quote: “When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Always." Ghandi However, until we get there, a lot more people will die and a lot more will suffer. And its heartbreaking, because it is simply avoidable, not nessecary at all. It just takes an honest look at the current situation and it would be blown to pieces if the majority simply would stop hiding behind the tyranny so that they can hold on to the old system a little bit longer. This one requires that you have to question your whole world view and start from scratch. Many simply are not ready to do that and go into denial that such cruel things can happen. They need to wake up, thats all that is required.
  19. In Australia they arent even creative anymore. They dont even try to hide what they are doing. If you lock down a city because of 1 death, than that already tells all you need to know. Its mind boggeling that not all citizens simply go out there and put an end to this. Its ridicolous. 1 death,....its like a bad written novel from a guy that was bored and wrote a book. How obvious does it need to get? Does a nuclear bomb need to detonate for the sheep to awaken or what?
  20. Some people (including myself) simply want to shout their displeasure out in the wild. These protests do something, although it will take some time to see its effects. So why go there? First and foremost its because you encounter likewise people, just like an online forum does. We are here, because we want to talk to people that actually have understood something. I for one would have gone nuts without the support of others. In times like these its more important than ever to stick together. I doesent matter what kind of story the MSM makes out of it. We dont care. They do criminal things no matter what, so why should we put them into consideration. Why should we put the police that clearly go against their own people put into consideration? They dont matter. What matters is to stand for something and that should have no limitations at all. If that means to go with a group and shout on the streets, than that means that. It might not accomplish something immediatly, it might not accomplish anything. Still it helps those who attend these and thats already reason enough. If more comes from it, even better. You wont get your freedom back by hoping that it solves itself. It wont. I know that protests are only a small part of it all and that the real resistance is simply not complying with criminals. But like everything else, you can still do that on top of it. (which i do)
  21. The "hand of god" example is just nuts.
  22. Just read a MSM article from t-online that "lateral thinker" prey on victims of the flood catastrophe in germany. The so called reporter on this article gave us at least his source where he got the information from. Here it comes: Own research. Thats mainly his source. Lol. Lol. Lol. Next time i say: Stalin got reborn into a monkey and now lives in a Peruvian Jungle. Proof? Well i got my sources for that. Own research. Just trust me and my babbling BS. Other sources were: Twitter comments and youtube videos. Like what is this shit? Thats not a source. Thats a joke. German article here: (if someone is intrested) https://www.t-online.de/nachrichten/panorama/katastrophen/id_90475088/-querdenker-machen-sich-im-flutgebiet-bad-neuenahr-ahrweiler-breit.html?utm_source=pocket-newtab-global-de-DE
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