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  1. On 10/5/2020 at 9:19 PM, Grumpy Owl said:

    From what I can see, we seem to get a lot of signups. Some new members will make one post, then disappear. ("One-post Wonders") Some sign-up to cause a nuisance.


    To the genuine new members who sign up and get involved, I thank you and welcome you on board!


    I signed up a couple of days ago, because the amount of people you can talk to about this matter in RL is limited.

    In the past i could have discussions with people and everyone shared their viewpoint and that was about it. Now though, facing the problems firsthand on your doorstep, its not possible to look the other way and i need to get this out of my system. Talking about these topics with people that simply buy into the official narrative became hostile, as they refuse to listen to anything you might have to say. Its not possible to get through to them, they adopted some shield of some sorts, completly immun to any knowledge outside the box.


    For that very reason i signed up here. Im not agreeing on everything here either, but its a start. Most at the very least think critically and are able to share it, without getting brandmarked for it. (try youtube for instance, you will guaranteed find someone that attacks you for no reason and calls you a conspiracy theorist and the like, which became rather boring. They have really nothing of substance to share which i dont already know. I also dont need a tape recorder that repeats 1 by 1 what you can see up and down on all mainstream platforms anyway)


    So yay, here i am


  2. On 9/28/2020 at 4:09 PM, truthgiverandseeker said:


    But not as thorough as in the One Light book(s). Please take a look at Jon Whistler's work to see this fact for yourself.


    I have been following David's work (and others of the like) for many years now and his work is amazing and very helpful, but just to quote a Trustee of the VOLAH (Vortex of Healing and Light):


    “The same happens with a lot of other spiritual books. The authors may be a little more advanced than others so they are able to enlighten us a bit, but it will be limited to their understanding at the moment. 


    As Zadore is giving us the transmissions from a higher consciousness, the potential for us to grow from that information is enormous.


    Fear is one of the main pillars of the illusion and from that stems many other things. We can gradually recognize the things that keep us in the illusion so we can get ourselves out and I believe it will become clear to us that we are out when we can see the illusion for what it is.”

    From my standpoint, i took Ramana Maharshi talks and whenever he gave a speech when questioned by someone, he always considered from which angle/viewpoint the questioner came from.

    It is comparable to politics and where we stand right now. If you confront a person outright and say: Reality is emptiness and that person has a more religious background, it wont guide that individual anywhere. The whole point of every "teaching" he gave was to animate yourself, to find the truth for yourself by inquiry.

    All talk about spirituality only can be of use to a certain point, until it becomes useless. The main point is soly to wake up and thats it.

    It cannot be teached by words, it can only be found by unconditioned inquiry into the nature of the mind.


    David Icke talks about this "awarness" or "councious state" as well, to keep yourself reminded that you are not little me in a world of objects. It is helpful to keep that knowledge if you feel lost. However, to be completly rid of the illusion of seperation, it only can be done by giving up everything you think you know about yourself, the world, sprituality and everything in between, realizing space/emptiness/counciousness/god/ whatever you might want to call it by being simply that.


    As Ramana said, it cannot be done with a mindset of getting there, because you are already it. So the state of illusion doesent really differ from the state of reality. It only differs in the perceiption of it.


    One example he always gave was this: If you look at a stick your whole life and hold it as snake, you will never see anything else than a snake.

    But once you have seen that it is a stick, you will never be able to see it as snake again.


    Meaning, the reality did not change, only your perceiption of it.

    Keeping the mind empty, practice this without hesitation and when fear arrives let it pass, as everything that can be experienced is not you and comes and goes like weather.

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  3. Covid is an excuse. It is simply put forward as a means to centralize power, by the NWO.

    Therfore we have no idea when they will end it.


    Two possible scenarios:

    a) They got everything out of it and established that what they wanted, which is to me unlikely

    b) they will continue this for as long as they remain in "power".


    They might stop at some point, if the danger of people overthrowing it becomes too apparent, but its doubtable as well, as this is an agenda which is going on for more than a century. They will not give up that power without wiping out opposing them. As long they are in control, as they are as of right now, they do not worry about an uprising and keep pushing forward.


    I know this all sounds like a bad dream and all and i have to remind myself all the time that this sounds mad, but thats apperently what is in the bucket. No one would have thought what happend this year would be possible in that short amount of time (except for maybe some few people, i am certainly not one of those), but regardless it happend and happens.


    I come from the countryside and whenever i need to go to town to buy me and my family some food i immediatly get reminded: "well shit, this thing is still happening."


    If someone would have told me 10 years ago, that a tiny few people control everything, i would not have believed it. It all makes sense only if you also dig deeper step by step, also with the mindset to actually check everything double time to avoid errors in research. In the end you will end up with what casual people would call: mad

    But this is precisly it, we live in a mad world, filled with psychopaths at the top.

    They are capable of everything.

  4. 3 minutes ago, Ziggy Sawdust said:


    Wrong forum to discuss it anyway.

    Let's agree to disagree.


    As for me saying 'bollocks', it's my style on here, go look at a few of my comments.

    Must be doing something right, nobody here averages more than my 1.36 points per post.

    Sorry if that comes across as 'my dick is bigger than yours'




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  5. 4 minutes ago, Ziggy Sawdust said:


    Incredible that someone who can see through the covid nonsense can't see that water ALWAYS finds its own level,  a pressurised atmosphere can't exist next to a vacuum, that NOBODY has ever  seen curvature anywhere, ever,  and that the explanation that says the sun and moon appear the same size because one is 400 times the size of the other and happens to be 400 times as far away after a big bang is valid.

    End the conversation by showing me a picture of the spherical earth that isn't CGI......I'll wait.


    I mean i have seen these kind of arguments up and down and it is nothing new to me.

    I guess its pointless to talk about, because i had this kind of discussion a lot of times and it never ends up with one party agreeing with the other.

    That said, if you comment on somebody and say: "bollocks" with no additional information as you said in your reply, you should know where a coversations leads from here on out and it will evolve arround who has the bigger dick and who is right, which is pointless.


    Let me say this: You do not have to question your whole existence, just because things do not add up on one point. I think we should focus on things that we acually can agree on. I did not not come here to talk about flat earth. The point was and is, not everyone that does not believe the lies from the elite is automatically a flat earther.

    Im certainly not and thats basically it.

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  6. 2 hours ago, Ziggy Sawdust said:


    Never heard such bollocks in my life.

    Please do not tell me you are one that actually thinks the earth is flat.

    We have really other things to worry about than that right now.


    Simply saying "bollocks" doesent add anything of value to any discussion.

    If you disagree on something you could be mindful about it and not attack people for it.

  7. 18 hours ago, ItsTheTruthThough said:

    Oh yes I ALWAYS get that too about flat Earth 😑 if you have your own mind and thoughts or question authority, you MUST believe in flat Earth. They really are so dumb.


    Thats exactly it. If you are a critical thinking mind, you are in their eyes a conspiracy theorist, that believes anything, including flat earth theories and the like. It never crosses their minds that all you do is simply gathering information that has evidence or proof and logic behind it. Flat Earth for instance has no evidence, or lets say the evidence for it is astronomically low and can be dismantled by scientific data and experiments. Even oneself can make some experiments and actually see that its not flat.


    When something has 1001 contradictions and 9/11 has that, only stupid people look the other way and pretend the official narrative is right. To me 9/11 is so obvious for what it is, by simple evidence, asking "who profits" and the outcome of it, meaning the resulting wars that were used as justification.


    I think with 9/11 they knew, they could savely pull out what they are doing now, because majority want to look the other way.

    I mean, where are we that people actually think governments tell you the truth, when they can kill people in a heartbeat on the other side of the planet for intrests. Its amazingly terrifiing how many actually have lost all ability to think for themself or outside the box.

  8. 1 hour ago, wideawake said:

    Here is evidence that it is a very high possibility to shutting down the net or at least censored heavily. In Event 201, it was brought up as an alternative and most of what is in Event 201, is happening now...

    Skip to 07:15.

    EVENT 201 - The Planned Coronavirus Pandemic

    Thank you for posting this summary of Event 201.

    I for one, have a hard time watching it in its entirety, because it makes my blood boil. However, it gives you a good idea how these people operate and what their mindset is.

    (They are think tanks in my eyes, not those that are behind it fully. Just people that go trough different scenarios and how they will respond if something occurs)


    Conferences like those remind me of the Wannsee Conference, a Conference with people in suits that discuss the murder of people with a cup of cofee and tea.

    It cannot get more bizarre than that.


    It is clear to me, if it is a script (and everything indicates it is a script), they will talk about any possibility that could be problematic of what they envisioned.

    So in a sense, nothing what we do here, the people that fight against this "new normal", is not forseen. They know and knew there will be of course people that will fight back.

    It is a weird relation, because on one hand they try to silence those that could cause them problems and on the other hand they need people like us, because they need something to point fingers at, to even further cause restrictions.


    As David Icke said in many of his talks, you cannot control humans physically by force. You just dont have the numbers for it. It can only be done by mindcontrol/propaganda.


    Tbh i only can stand so and so much information from the horses mouth aka, official media and beyond, as that would make me sick. But its unavoidable to get your information from there as well to understand where they are planning to go in a certain timeframe and what they believe they have accomplished.

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  9. Will they delete the internet?


    No, i dont think so.

    These devices you use, smartphones (they need that, so they can track you, get information about you and everybody),Software like Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook are all needed for them to gather information about the mindstate of the population, so they know where they are at.

    Secondly, by using these, you spend a great deal and attention on it, meaning your life evolves arround social media and thus you will be trapped in a small little world, easy to control, because its them that decide what can be seen, not seen. They own those, we just use it.


    To deal with critical thinking people, they invented cencorship or outright delete you. It is of no harm to them if a small group hangs arround on forums and talks like we do, as we are already informed and cannot be brought back anyways. The other part of human society, that rather sticks to the new "fart video" on youtube that generates 20 million views, does not even make an attempt to go anywhere else and thats what they are banking on.


    We need to remind ourselfs that it was them that brought all these devices on the market. It was not the people. They told you, life gets easier by using those and now one is stuck with it, absolutly dependend on it.


    They are policing the internet in the end like china. Step by step. Right now a whole new cencorship step is in full rollout and it will tighten even more in the future. But they will never want you to get off of it, as thats their eyes and ears.

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  10. 5 hours ago, ItsTheTruthThough said:

    Maybe it has to get really bad before they wake up... like when they’re ordered to force people down and rip off their clothes to administer the poison vaccine...


    To me it actually seems the worse it gets, the more they believe it.

    In the beginning i thought, well this is outrages right?, that might wake them up, Nope

    Then the next thing came up which was even more outrages, that has to wake them up right?, Nope

    Now the children have to wear masks in the class room all day, that has to wake them up right? Nope

    Instead mothers let children walk outside with masks, even when we got no orders to do so yet (it will come, but its not done yet)

    So they see insanity and put insanity on top of it freely.


    I think it is actually possible that we end up like with Nazi Germany and people will freely commit crimes without questiong it. I think its possible.

    This time you cannot flee anywhere, because its everywhere.

    However, regardless how this will unfold, i will never comply to insanity, even if that costs me my life.

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  11. 10 minutes ago, ImaHologram said:

    Thanks folks, that's solid advice.


    Agreed Michael. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. The Government and media have continued to fool everybody, and even when people know this they will still blindly follow the narrative.


    We're lied to so much. It often feels like the Truman Show. What if what we're shown about the outside world via the media isn't true at all? Like the New York lie spread in movies. They make it look beautiful and amazing, but when you get there it stinks of garbage, there's a**holes everywhere, and unless you plan to spend money it's a typical crappy city.


    Yes, it really feels like a Truman Show, absolutly unreal sometimes.

    The lenght people can be brainwashed into anything is scary and amazing at the same time.

  12. Thats exactly how i feel.

    You cant talk to people that believe the official narrative. Its a pointless effort, its a waste of time.

    The only means, how they will wake up, is just to wake up, thats it. And they do it by themself.

    You cannot argue with them, they believe the most in-realistic, outrages and contradictive lies, its maddening.


    There needs to be the realization that if they have come this far to believe even THAT, then you cannot get to them and start with common sense.

    They dont even understand the most basic things.


    How do you want to wake up a person that walks alone in the woods with a mask? Its fucking impossible. Those people are maniacs. They got brainwashed to a point that is almost impossible to cure.

    I mean, i would not care about it, shall they do what they want, believe what you want. But they will cause even further restrictions onto the human society because of their in-activity and compliance to the authorities.


    The only thing one can do in my eyes, is to talk to lime-minded people and stand for what is right. Go out there, protest and never comply to anything. Do your part. Thats it.

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  13. I am at a point where i simply do not have the energy to go into a deep discussion with someone that believes the official narrative.

    Its to me a waste of time.

    My sister is the best example. When i tell her, what the WHO for instance said in one of their press conferences, then hold on what her response was:

    No, the WHO didnt say that.

    She never checked what they said, nor does she believe me (which she doesent need to, but for gods sake plz check it yourself if you dont believe it), she just said: No, they didnt say that.


    To put this into an example: If i say the grass is green, she would reply, no the grass is purple. When i then would say, well, go check it yourself, go outside, see for yourself, the grass is green, her reply would be:

    I dont need to check that, i know its purple.


    This is basically the summary with everyone talking about this topic that fully buys into the official narrative. Never seen otherwise and i talked to a lot of people.

    Its like i talk to a robot that only can repeat what they heard from the ever same source. They dont think critically (meaning, at least check if something is true through different means and sources).


    So, no i lost all respect for those that keep defending this. They want enslavement, let them have enslavement.

    In the end they will be the ones that finger point on you, how careless you are for not complying and you are responsible for the ongoing lockdown. Thats what they will say, because thats what the media will report. I know this already, this will happen.


    Im not supporting insanity. If they come to their senses, they will do it on their own. No debating about it needed.

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  14. So a while ago Dr. Li Meng Yan had a talk on London Real about the Origins of the Covid19 virus, talked about masks and social distancing.

    Last night she was guest on Tucker Carlssons Show, which was about her mother and how she got arrested by the chinese government for speaking out.


    If i learned one thing in this year, which is the most important thing ever, is to always question everything no matter from which person it comes from and only if you have proof/or enough evidence combined with common sense (meaning it needs to make sense), you can be sure to be somewhat save about information that is handed to you.


    I dont know Dr. Li Meng Yan and i have not done a full research on her or if that is even available, but from my standpoint things do not add up. This can have several reasons and again even there i need to be open for many possibilities.


    My observation on the whole "Pandemic" is this.


    a) Either there is a new virus, so called Covid19, which shows flu like symptoms and has flu like numbers such as infection rate and death rate or

    b) There is no new virus and we are merely talking about a normal flu season that got rebranded into the name Covid19, as to make it seem we have some new threat.


    In both cases, it really does not matter from where this virus originated. (of course with no virus there is no origination, but you get the point). Why? Because the numbers we see are nothing out of the extrodinary, nothing dangerous is happening at all. Hospitals are empty, old people die as they always did at a certain age through a weakend immun system.

    Sweden, which had no lockdown at all and had not made masks mandatory, nor sicial distancing had a curve as everyone else. So there is evidence that masks (virus or not) are not helping.


    You didnt wear masks when the flu season happend last year and the years of decades before. No one cared and i understand why no one cared. Because it doesent do anything other than to harm yourself. If you felt sick, you stay at home. Thats about that.


    So what the doctor said in the interview in the London Real talk is that masks and social distancing are good means to protect yourself from the virus. Again my question:


    a) what virus? The virus that has flu like symptoms and on top of it, never got isolated? There is no proof for this virus at all. All we have are symptoms.

    b) How is it dangerous? As seen the virus (if it even exists as they say, with no proof showing for it, other than symptoms), is not more deadly than a common flu.


    So my conclusion is that either this person is misguided, or this is an attempt to bring people back that already question this whole narrativ about the Covid19 Virus into a somehwat more official standpoint.


    I cannot say if the virus exists or doesent exist. But from obersvation the question about it, became meaningless, because what we see is nothing to be afraid about it at all.

    This also includes the origin of the virus. How does this matter? It would matter if we talk about something seriously dangerous, but it isnt.


    Has anyone any idea about this doctor?

  15. Hi im Michael, citizen in Germany and wanted to talk with like-minded people here and there, which is in principal not really a possibility in these crazy times.(with people arround you)


    Little background: I started to dig through events on alternative media due to the war in syria and that let me to go down the rabbit hole, as i could not stop from that point on.

    It can be quite addictive, as its like an awakening in a political sense. (and the human history as a whole)

    So in some ways the tragedy of a war let me to question the world we live in, which made it quite easy for me in the year 2020 and to see whats really going on. (the entry point was therfor not this crazy year, but helped me to immediatly see whats going on)


    I hope we will have some good conversations and keep together, as that is absolutly needed in this world moving forward from here on out.



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