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  1. Its staged, dont even bother with it.
  2. Its absolute bizarre to me that all he now cares for is getting himself elected as major, while holding a camera to his face, walking arround in London and society is crumbling into dust arround him. As if nothing is more important than some stupid political seat and all others try to barely hang on to survive. He had talks with people that should have opened his eyes, but he instead does the opposite. I mean people like "Brian" are the worst if you ask me. He does not give two fucks about the situation we are in and instead keeps acting like the good dude. This shill or conartist is the lowest of low. Lost all respect for this man. I enjoyed the talks with Icke though, so thats at least one positive.
  3. Thank you DarianF. I actually didnt see that talk. I watched quite a lot of talks from David Icke, but not all of them. (they have similarities, because the message is the same). Unfortunatly and this might sound pessimistic, the chance to do something about it got very low and only a sudden awakening might turn it arround. We better do it fast, because there is not much time left before it is too late.
  4. Its so strange that they make their moves in an incredible fast fashion, as if they run out of time. Its like: the faster we do it, the less will notice and the less people will have time to rethink their position and understand whats going on here. My god, i dont even want to know what will occur in the next 6 months. Its next to impossible to get on track on a daily basis.
  5. In this thread from @jesuitsdidit checkmarks are now crossed. I want to highlight the very scary part in that leaked document(for the full document go to his thread), which is now reality in New Zealand and will be in Canada. "When several committee members pushed relentlessly to get an answer we were told that those who refused would first live under the lock down restrictions indefinitely. And that over a short period of time as more Canadians transitioned into the debt forgiveness program, the ones who refused to participate would be deemed a public safety risk and would be relocated into isolation facilities. Once in those facilities they would be given two options, participate in the debt forgiveness program and be released, or stay indefinitely in the isolation facility under the classification of a serious public health risk and have all their assets seized." Are there any more doubts? Its a living nightmare. I certainly wont ever go into one of those camps. You will forever be trapped there if you not comply. No chance.
  6. Transcript: (my take) We’re ready to get back out there again. - I do what i want anyway, thank you very much As we do, it’s up to all of us to stay COVID safe. - Covid? Whats that? Any time you leave your house: - yes? what then? Wash your hands regularly, - thx mom Keep physical distance where you can, - why? Because of what? Have the COVIDSafe app on your phone - What phone? I only have an old nokia that can do precisly that: phoning and nothing more. Genius i know And importantly, if you’re feeling sick, you need to stay at home and get tested. - If i feel sick i decide what i do, thx Together, we can reduce the risk of a second wave. - What is this second wave again? What are we even talking about here? Stay COVID free and do the three. - The second time you mention Covid? What the hell is it? Some toaster? Authorised by the Chief Medical Officer, Canberra. - look for another job, you are useless
  7. Its a culmination of many things. Mask wearing, social distancing (that creates depression and will sooner or later weaken the immun system), vaccination (flu-shots), no perspectives and loss of jobs (can lead to depression), higher radation trough devices and 5g,..*enter anything that they come up with*
  8. Im pretty sure the document he meant is precisly this one from 2010, as to my knowledge there are no other puplicly available papers related to this topic that do come from an official source.(and from that year) The vaccine world depopulation at this point in time can not be confirmed and only be speculated on. The Lock Step scenario is about the measures of governments in such a "crisis" and not so much about the initial threat that is used as a justification. To understand current world affairs, it is not enough to look at one document and look for all the answers. Its upon the researcher which dots are connected with one another and they come from different sources and timelines. The bloke (which i didnt hear speak personally, i cannot confirm it) either mixed up a couple of things, talked about two different things, or connected for himself the dots. (Means he took the Rockefeller document and used it as a tool to make a prediction)
  9. To get a decent analysation of the paper i recommend this page: https://www.gracevanberkum.com/post/2010-rockefeller-lock-step-document-coming-to-life-right-now-time-to-wake-up It also includes the whole "Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development" Iake mentioned as PDF. (it includes Lock Step) Lastly: Sry for the third post in a row, i just couldnt find the PDF Link on the web anymore. (its always good to immediatly save everything of importance on your harddrive, you never know how hard it gets to find it in the future)
  10. I saved one on my harddrive in PDF format (cannot upload it here on PDF), so i converted the intresting parts you asked about into jpg Enjoy!
  11. Thank you for the video If you take it from the "viewpoint" of totallity, all is well, because everything happens without doership. Everything happens by itself. But if we are in the manipulation business (meaning holding on to a doer), we have to live with its consequences. Now nothing i say is certain, thats just my own personal belief. The problem for me is to be constantly living between these two. On one hand, i dont want to go down the route we are heading, on the other i dont even know what will happen. It is in my own ignorance that i think i need to make a difference. All i see right now is something i fear and dont want to come to fruiten, but im still unclear if thats not precisly what needs to happen. I never can be sure about that. If i break it down on the level of spirituality, i have zero idea whats going on. Its like seeing a fraction of a picture through a keyhole. Maybe its not even my business to fully understand the picture. Maybe i take "I" too serious anyway. Right now i just want to help and discuss. Im sometimes angry and furious about others, sometimes just sad. Its a true rollercoaster this year.
  12. Good stay healthy and well. Dont take any vaccine. Its not needed. (every good doctor will tell you this) Even if you believe official numbers they rate the effectivness of vaccines between 40-60%,dependend on the year. If you live healthy (sport, good food, no stress and so on, you have not much to fear anyway.)
  13. People already died shortly after they got their flu vaccines and they keep saying its not related to it.
  14. Oh yes, mass vaccination will happen. Their explanation for all the lockdowns is to build a bridge until a magical vaccine arrives that solves all problems. If the majority of people dont take it, how would they explain the vanishing of the virus? For it to be effective (as they say) the whole planet needs to be vaccinated. (Gates own words) They already made investments, which they wont throw into the garbage bin. You will either take it freely or they will force it upon you activly or passivly. In the meantime a whole lot of other events will happen, like the collapse of the money system, collapse of economy and so on. We are just at the beginning of Agenda 21. -> "Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations System, Governments, and Major Groups in every area in which human impacts on the environment. " Source: https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/outcomedocuments/agenda21 Or take The Great Reset: ->"There is an urgent need for global stakeholders to cooperate in simultaneously managing the direct consequences of the COVID-19 crisis. To improve the state of the world, the World Economic Forum is starting The Great Reset initiative." Source:https://www.weforum.org/great-reset/
  15. As Icke said and i believe its true, it must get really really bad before there will be a turn arround. But let me say this: Now that the NWO came to the surface so obviously, this will be the best chance ever to see it for what it is. Imagine if things wouldnt have got so extreme, most people would never either ask or understand whats going on. So in some way, this also has some positives. However, we will be in for a wild ride. And in some way its also important that people now get directly involved with it, because if problems just happen on the other side of the world, people look the other way or dont even ask. Best example is 9/11. The amount of people that believe/believed the official narrative is staggering and the problem is, that the consequences it had, never really were on their doorfront (except for the countries like Afghanistan/Iraq/Lybia/Syria and so on.) But for a guy in the US or in Europe, its like: This isnt my business,.... The more people are waking up, the more extreme it will get. They will use all their tools at their disposal to force their agenda. I think we are living in one of the most important times humanity has ever seen.
  16. On The David Icke Main Page this articel has been posted: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/selfish-anti-lockdown-protest-birmingham-19200043 Lets break it down shall we? ------------------------------------------------------------------------- " BirminghamLive readers have lined up to criticise protesters in the city centre who descended on Birmingham for an anti-lockdown protest. The demo in the city centre, on Saturday, saw David Icke address crowds, with hundreds seen walking through the city centre - wearing a) NO face coverings." ------------------------------------------------------------------------ a) So far so good. The NO in big letters already symbolizes something of importance. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Take off the masks" was chanted along with a song about not accepting the vaccine from the Government. b)5G conspiracy theories were also among the subjects addressed. The event c)appeared to be passing off peacefully. "Live free and vaccine free" placards urging people to "show yourself, reconnect yourself, release yourself and choose yourself" appeared ahead of Mr Johnson's 5pm broadcast, which was expected to outline details of a second national lockdown." ----------------------------------------------------------------------- b)They love to hammer it down with the 5G strawman argument, do they? Not only do they not understand in what relation 5G is brought up together with the Covid19 hoax, but they do not provide any context either, what they even mean. As usual just a label is thrown out, because they have no arguments to work with anyway. c) the word appeared, creates doubt, as if they try to say: As far as we can see, the event passed off peacefully. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- "The UK has seen a d)small but persistent protest movement decrying its measures to curb the spread of Covid-19, e)with many demonstrators alleging the virus is a hoax, or that its risks are vastly overstated. f)Meanwhile, cases in the UK continued to rise in October, prompting the government to consider a new nationwide lockdown on non-essential businesses and other public venues." --------------------------------------------------------------------- d) to make it look unimportant and like crazed people e)That is correct. Its either a complete hoax or the risks are vastly overstated. Perfect. Thats exactly it. f)wrong. All you have are fake tests and false positives, which does not translate into infected or ill. --------------------------------------------------------------------- g)"Brummies on social media were largely furious with the event, with it drawing criticism from readers across Facebook and Twitter." g) Boy, i cannot wait that you list some no-name dudes and their comments to underline your nonsensical points --------------------------------------------------------------------- h)"Rosie raged: "Selfish totally selfish its because of these selfish people we are facing tougher rules and regulations !!!!" "Total disgusting and wonder why its spreading people who abiding by rules have to suffer no good when people do this," Barbara added. "Won’t need to they think they are immune because they’re young some of us no different," Julia added. Alicia asked: "Do they honestly believe that's going to make a difference!?" -------------------------------------------------------------------- h) Yes, thats right. Thats what we have seen from miles away. You blame the people that try to save your sorry ass and dont even see it. Strange that we could predict your behaviour that you are now showing months ago. Im sry, but you are just too predictable, too dumb to understand anything and yes we make a difference.
  17. If there is a virus has to be questioned. If a virus even exist has to be questioned as well. There is no evidence to date except for symptoms that such a thing called "virus" exists. The PCR Test does not work on deseases and is still used on deseases, meaning they are doing something that doesent work right from the getgo. With all that in mind (and one has to take these possibilities into consideration) there are only two real options. a) Either a virus does exist, but is nothing more than a mild-flu as pointed out by many health professionals and is not deadly as proposed because early treatment works. b) There is no virus and its just used as a tool to create an invisible enemy that is hard to proof. In such a case one takes reasons by which humans died in the past anyway and call it Covid19 (there is evidence that doctors got payed if they write Covid19 on death certificates) In either case, real or not real, the restrictions that are put into place are not justifable, especially when it is known that such restrictions wouldnt even work even when a "real" pandemic would run havok. Masks do not protect you from a virus, that is scientifically proven and also pretty locgical if you think about it. Something that small (as they claim to be) cannot be hold off by a face mask. Instead, it goes right through it and arround it. So considering all of this, it became pretty much irrelevant if its deliberatly spread arround, because it is doing nothing what we havent seen in the last 100+ years. There is Zero to fear from nature. Its all human made drama to get society to accept what they wouldnt accept otherwise.
  18. Boris Johnson just confirmed Operation Moonshot, suprise suprise.
  19. I think the lockdown will not be lifted until early summer. They say it will last until December 1, but thats very very unlikely. The numbers ramp up (their fake numbers) and they will tighten things even further. Right now they have some institutions remain open, but thats only to get them closed later. This is my prediction: The lockdown will last until end of may, or the beginning of june (northern hemisphere) and they will call it the deadly second wave, as Gates has said: "The second wave will draw attention this time", or something arround this line. I mean from my point of view there is zero chance that they lift the lockdown in the winter. They will not pass up on this chance to create another fear bomb and its consequences.
  20. I get your frustration and know where it is comming from and i thank you for your reply and your words. I think the paradox is that when you speak out against the way we communicate with one another in todays world and in the same time use these very devices that enabled such a thing, its unavodiable to run into some conflicting statements or behaviour. A simple "like" transports two things: a) someone reads what i had to say (equivalent of your example with the people sitting arround the table and listen to someones talk) and b) in some way or other apprichiating it for saying it/sharing it. Of course it doesent contribute to the continuation of a conversation as no new input has been made as you would have observed/experienced in a real life meeting, but it still holds the value of: "being listend to". The second paradox is that we would not communicate with one another here, if not for this technology called internet and instead would resort to people we have close relations with and yes i rather have a good conversation in real life without the middleman in between, just like everyone did in the old days (there were no other options and it was good). But i also can aprrichiate being able to talk to you guys, not even knowing you personally.
  21. Im happy that i could witness a world that had no computers, no mobile phones, no puplic internet, no social media and it was great, it was fantastic. Its a gift to have witnessed such a world. I could not imagine growing up into this insanity, let alone going to school under all those restrictions. A time where i still listend to music on a cassette, where i thought having a microphone is cool and meeting with friends without any interruption of some silly message that some no-name dude has just written on the phone because he was bored and needed it to share with everyone. This world in the year 2020 and beyond isnt something where i would to want to live for too long. It breeds unhappiness, drives us further apart. Although not everything is bad in some technology, the most of it is. There was a time where i looked at children and was happy for them, as they would have a lot to look forward to. I cant say that anymore. I think to myself: you will grow up in a world that is devoid of empathy for one another and everything is based on a shallow surface level relationship. Its sad to see. Its an intresting time in as such, that humans were never this far away from spirit, never so much disconnected to their true heritage, always on the lookout to ease the pain in themself by sinking their time and attention into short pleassure and into self importance by sharing all of their moments online, leaving nothing to themself and seek the admiring of others to comfort their broken ego. Im not looking foward anymore, as the future that is proposed to be our destination doesent intrest me.
  22. Just the usual: "If you dare to think for yourself, you are a Conspiracy Theorist." Its getting old, lame and predictable. I say Bill Gates is a fucker, now everyone that dares to question my standpoint on it, is to me a Conspiracy Theorist. I will write the word: "fucker" down so that it becomes law and everyone has to obey to my standpoint. And i will also order other institutions to say the same. I will invest into fact checkers and other media outlets and i will let them report, that Bill Gates is indeed a "fucker". They will all proof my point and every Conspiracy Theorist that spreads missinformation about Bill Gates not being a "fucker" should be demonized, avoided, censored. One click on the fact checker headline should be enough, it reads: "There is great dissinformation about Bill Gates being not a fucker, comming from some World Bank Ceos." Another fact checker also reads: "Bill Gates is a fucker and there is plenty of proof for it." Lets go into the details shall we?: So the proof for it is, that he is actually a fucker. Summary of that brainfart of the payed Guardian propaganda crap.
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