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  1. Austria will enforce even tighter restrictions on top of the ongoing lockdown.

    That means it is likely that they replicate the first lockdown.

    As you know, that also means it is very likely the same will occur to many other european countries.

    I already said, this second lockdown will last until mid-end of spring and not only 4 weeks as they say.



    Furthermore in Germany at the Nov.19 Date a bill will be passed, that makes it illegal for any demonstration to be held, unless it is authorized by the government. From that point on, you can get imprisoned, as its written in the law.

    Of course we are about to protest against this bill in Berlin at the Nov.18, but things are looking grim.


    Do not think that bills or restrictions that apply to only one country for the moment being, cannot be implemented in others as well. This is an agenda, seperate and independent states do not play that major role one might think they do. If a bill gets passed sucessfully in one country, others follow suit.



  2. 18 hours ago, Ecki Divad said:


    Then why don't they insist that I always wear a mask when other people do?


    I'd rather you didn't try to initiate a discussion by insulting me and talking down to me in a condescending way. Please don't presume to tell me what I do or don't understand.  It's not that I'm overly-sensitive, but I'm a mature man with quite a lot of experience.  I'm not a school kid in your geography class.  


    Please engage with me in a collegiate way.  I'm not saying I am perfect in the way I speak to people - I'm only human like you - but I do try and engage with people as peers, rather than talking down to people and presuming what others do and don't understand.  I am not a fucking retard.


    Now, let me explain where I am coming from - again.


    It could be that they will try and make me have a vaccination against my will.  I really don't know.  It's not as if I have a crystal ball and it's not as if there's anything I can do about it, if they decide to try.  But my point is that is that it probably won't happen that way because it's not logistically and economically and tactically sensible for them to enforce it to the very nth of the nth.  Past experience suggests that there are normally ways round compulsory things and exemptions are quietly granted for people, like us, who dissent, mainly because the authorities regard us as a nuisance minority and not really a threat to them.


    Now, I could be wrong about this, but I'm not relying on this in any of my actions.  Like everybody else, I have to take each day as it comes and see where this goes.  If they do try to force me, then it becomes a question of how this 'force' is applied.  I will resist to the last.


    As we cannot fully predict the future, what you say might be true or might be not.

    Its not unreasonable to think the way you do, because its possible.

    There might indeed be a minority they dont bother with, as long as they can do it to most of the people on this planet, but as Macnamara said you cannot rule it out that they want to get everyone.

    Here is what im thinking: Society as a whole is in a change. You either play by their rules and you will have somewhat limited freedom to do what you want (you will never have freedom as you knew it, as everything comes into a control grid) and if you dont, you will be a cast out, trouble to do anything like work, earn money, go shopping, drive, fly and so on. You basically cannot take part in normal human activity and even a forced transport into a concentration camp cannot be dismissed.


    In Germany we will have a bill passed on Nov.19.2020 that gives authorities almost full control. They can decide who gets vaccinated, who gets tested, they can come into your home and do it to you, they will use military, flying will never be possible wihout a health passport, they can close shops at will.

    In Greece people cannot even leave their homes without calling authorities.

    In Austria you are not allowed to leave your home past 8oclock pm - 6oclock am (accept for work and for excersise)

    Can you imagine what happens if you resist? They already show no mercy, no empathy. They are capable of everything.

    Totalitarian systems never have room for empathy. They are dangerous, because it makes humans capable of the most cruel things you can imagine and we are going down that road in a rapid speed.

    People that think we will go back as things were are kidding themself. They will never give up that power they already aquired.


    As you can see, even if you fly under the radar, you are an outcast.

    Techincally they dont have to force it upon you, its enough if they tighten the strings to a point where you have no other option as to do what they want. (i wont do that btw, i will resist them as long as i live)


    There are no easy ways out. The problem wont solve itself. You might get lucky and somehow slip by, but i wouldnt count on it. What you have seen over the last 9 months should give anybody with a sense of empathy for others enough material to understand that they are mercyless, cruel, heartless.



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  3. 3 minutes ago, magu said:

    what about this ?....one word answers dont make much sense...if you cannot survive without phone or internet access there truly is no hope for you...you may as well throw in the towel

    I dont own a mobile phone.

    It is generally used as a word of agreement to that statement.

    I had nothing more to add on what you have said. I mean i could have, but everything was already talked about.

    I can live without internet. Lived on a farm for 2 years without any eletricity. I know what its like.

  4. 8 minutes ago, oz93666 said:


    In the Europe of a few decades ago looting may not have followed a blackout , society could have survived ... But now Europe has 10's millions of immigrants , many young wild and hungry .. they know what to do . 


    Indeed and thats why preperation for it can never be wrong.

    If it comes, it comes suddenly, just like the economic crash which does not have many indications beforehand for the average citizen.

    Its important to be prepared for it to some capacity. Im not saying to go full overboard with it, but keep it as a safe precaution.

    We are living in times of big change, so i would not rule it out anyway.

  5. 26 minutes ago, oz93666 said:


    It is inevitable that following a blackout longer than 3 days everything will be looted , all supermarkets and shops emptied  


    The controllers know this will happen , they have done it on a small scale in American cities decades ago ..


    The difference is with total blackout  no food trucks coming  to restock...


    I see no indication they will do this now.  


    The problem is that it cannot be predicted, but its possible to occur.

    Indications for it could span over a wide range of things, given how much one wants to interpret into it.

  6. "A scenario for 10 days with no internet or cell service was mentioned then they went to a completely different topic."


    Main Stream Media in Germany (dont know its discussed in other countries) talk about not to be afraid of a potential blackout. They adivice to have supply for 10 days.

    Strangly enough they just started to talk about it in the last week and not some years ago, which can mean blackout is imminent.

    For people that dont know what blackout is: It means the complete power failure nationwide and results in catastropic consequences if one is not prepared for it.

    No mobile phone works, no internet works, no fridge, no heater, no light, no computer (unless you run on battery), no traffic lights, no pump (you will not be able to use gas stations and you will not be able to use your toilet), shops wont open (because they cant work under these conditions).

    It means complete and utter chaos if its comming.


    I dont know if this may be another hint on that or if its completly unrelated. Its just strange that this topic is discussed a lot in recent weeks.

  7. Here is a document that tries to explain the Trump Phenomenon:


    The following analysis deals with the question of how to explain the hitherto conspicuously negative coverage of the Trump presidency by traditional Western media. It is shown that none of the usual explanations – the alleged incompetence of Trump, an alleged “left-wing bias” of the media, audience ratings or the particular interests of influential lobbies – is valid.

    Rather, the negative reporting appears to be due to geostrategic aspects and the (threatened) role of the Council on Foreign Relations as the most influential geopolitical body in the United States. Western media coverage also shows clear parallels to the coordinated media activity in the context of previous regime change operations in other countries.

    Background and attempts at explanation

    According to a Harvard study, traditional Western media have so far reported predominantly in a negative tone on the Trump presidency: in total, 80% of all non-neutral media reports were negative (87% in the New York Times, 93% on CNN, and 98% on German ARD).

    In order to explain this uniquely negative reporting, four possible variants are generally discussed, none of which, however, is conclusive, as the following analysis shows:

    1. Trump is an unsympathetic and incompetent politician on whom the media must report critically: This thesis fails because about 50% of US voters obviously did not see it that way. But even if the assessment is correct: the US had previous Presidents with questionable qualifications, which were just as benevolently reported on as some dubious foreign politicians allied to the US. In addition, the same media have reported on the same Trump mostly positively in the past.
    2. The media in the US and in Europe are “left-wing” and therefore reject the conservative Trump: This statement contradicts the positive coverage of former Republican presidents and Republican competitors of Trumps. Moreover, according to the Harvard study, even conservative media such as Fox News tended to report critically (52%) on Trump, contrary to widespread belief.
    3. Influential lobbies, such as the arms, oil or finance industries or the “Israel lobby”: This explanation is not convincing either, because none of these quite influential groups has reason to complain about Trump: Trump has always advocated rearmament of the U.S. military and NATO and concluded historic arms deals with allies such as Saudi Arabia. In addition, he made the CEO of oil giant Exxon Mobil his foreign minister and committed himself to the promotion of fossil fuels. Moreover, he brought numerous Wall Street bankers and billionaires into his cabinet and promised more support for Israel and a possible recognition of Jerusalem as capital.
    4. Viewer and reader ratings that may be achieved through scandals: The polarizing Trump has always ensured high ratings. However, this applies to any kind of reporting on him, by no means only a negative one. In addition, the observed reporting undoubtedly pursues political and not only media-economic goals.

    Obviously none of these variants can conclusively explain the predominantly negative reporting. The real reason may well lie deeper – and be of a geopolitical nature: Trump’s nationally oriented, “isolationist” policy got in the way of the global ambitions of the US Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

    As pointed out in an earlier article, the bipartisan Council on Foreign Relations and its now nearly 5,000 members in top positions in politics, business, academia and the media have shaped US foreign policy for decades. Yet the Council’s strategists have never made a secret of the fact that the goal is to establish a global, geoeconomic empire under American leadership (the Grand Area Strategy).


    The “Trauma of 1920”

    In fact, the CFR was founded in the first place because of the so-called “trauma of 1920”: After the First World War, the USA could have taken over the global leadership role for the first time – but the Senate decided against joining the League of Nations and the war-weary population elected President Warren Harding, who promised a “return to normalcy” and wanted to take care of the affairs and problems of America and the Americans first.

    With his “America First” policy – which has so far resulted in the cancellation of the transatlantic and transpacific trade agreements and the Paris Climate Agreement, the blockade on migration issues, the policy of understanding with regard to challenger Russia and a change of course in the Middle East, among other things – Trump reactivated this century-old geostrategic trauma and at the same time questioned the geopolitical leadership role of the Council and its members.

    In fact, Trump may well be the first U.S. president since World War II who is not a CFR member or at least CFR-compliant (Kennedy left the geopolitical CFR consensus only during his presidency). This was made possible by the unexpected defeat of Hillary Clinton, whose husband and daughter are Council members and who, as Secretary of State, herself delivered various speeches to the Council (“progress reports” according to a Wikileaks email).

    It is understandable that the Council had to react to this debacle. It should be recalled that owners, executives and top journalists of almost all major US media are also CFR members. For historical and security policy reasons, the key figures of the major European media are also embedded into the Council’s international network via the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, the “Atlantic Bridge” and other CFR offshoots, ensuring that reporting and commentary are CFR compliant.

    It is not surprising that this historically unique transatlantic media network – which already supported countless regime changes and military interventions in other countries – was once again activated to ward off the “usurper” Trump or – after his election victory – to convert him – or else to overthrow him.

    “A great moment”

    This also explains why during the first one hundred days of Trump’s presidency, despite all the negative headlines, there were two events that received almost unanimous positive coverage in CFR-compliant media on both sides of the Atlantic: the appointment of H.R. McMaster as National Security Advisor on February 20, 2017, and the (illegal) cruise missile attack on Syria on April 7, 2017. Some of the headlines at that time were as follows:

    • On the appointment of McMaster: “Trump’s brilliant choice of McMaster”(CNN); “a leading intellectual within the military”(New York Times); “the US and the world are safer because of this decision”(The Atlantic); “an excellent choice”(John McCain); “a decorated and highly respected graduate of the military academy West Point”(ARD); “Trump earns praise”(Der Spiegel); “moderate and of moral integrity” (Sueddeutsche); “a general who suits everyone”(Die Zeit);
    • On the attack on Syria: “The European press praises Donald Trump, some even celebrate him” (DPA); “Trump did the right thing for once” (Press); “A necessary punishment for Asad” (NZZ); “The professionals take command” (Handelsblatt); “The surprising transformation of the US President” (Die Welt); “Syrian air strike crowns successful week for Trump”(New York Post); “A Syrian thanks Trump”(CNN)

    Why these two notable exceptions? With the appointment of McMaster, Trump – after his predecessor Michael Flynn was dismissed due to pressure from the media – brought a CFR member into a key position in his cabinet for the first time. The Council – which since the Second World War has provided almost all foreign, defense and finance ministers, national security advisers and CIA directors (see chart above) – thus achieved a first important victory.

    And the missile attack on Syria – based on a dubious “poison gas attack” – was a decidedly imperial move, with which Trump followed the long-standing CFR strategy towards Syria and Russia for the first time. CNN top journalist and Trump critic Fareed Zakaria even said at the time that Trump (only) “became President of the United States that night”:

    “I think that was a great moment. Trump realized that the U.S. president must act and enforce international norms. For the first time he spoke about international norms and rules and about America’s role in enforcing justice in the world. It’s the kind of rhetoric we expect from American presidents since Truman, but Trump deliberately never used it, either in his campaign or in his inauguration speech. So this was an interesting transformation and a kind of education for Donald Trump.”

    Zakaria had to know, because he is not only a CNN journalist – but also a member of the board of the Council on Foreign Relations as well as a member of the Trilateral Commission and a regular participant of the Bilderberg Conference. However, this “transformation and education” of Trump only lasted for a short time, which is why the CFR-compliant media soon returned to their criticism of Trump.

    “Murder in the White House, for example”

    Finally, the role of the CFR also explains the unusually aggressive reporting of European media, which otherwise tends to be US compliant. European governments and media do not follow the respective US president – who is only in office for a few years anyway – but rather the CFR that has directed the worldwide American Empire for decades. This decisive difference, however, only became significant and visible to the public with Trump, as the President and the Council were no longer in line for the first time.

    Had Trump been a CFR-compliant candidate from the outset, the very same journalists who now criticized him would probably have praised him as a “visionary entrepreneur,” a “pragmatic negotiator,” and a “steadfast leader of the free world,” regardless of his character weaknesses. However, in this case Trump would probably not have been elected US President in the first place.

    Now, however, the Council, with its concentrated media power, must try to bring President Trump on the CFR course. If this does not succeed, the only remaining option would be to remove him from office by means of a real or staged scandal. Otherwise, the scenario that Josef Joffe, editor of German DIE ZEIT and former member of the Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral Commission, already anticipated in the ARD Press Club, could occur: “Murder in the White House, for example”.

    Trump, for his part, tries to circumvent and undermine the Council’s media empire via new and social media – with both sides accusing each other of spreading “fake news”. The Council reacted to this with various campaigns to ward off (allegedly Russian, i.e. geopolitical) “disinformation” as well as with restrictions on social media and even search engines – which by no means only affects Trump supporters. None of this is astonishing, of course, since the leaders of Google, YouTube, Facebook & Co. are CFR members themselves.

    In the coming years it will become clear whether this geostrategic power struggle will ultimately herald the end of the unified opinion in the media, or rather the end of freedom of opinion.


    Postscript 1: On August 18, 2017, Trump’s strategy chief, Stephen Bannon, left the U.S. government. The New York Times wrote about Bannon the day before in an article:

    “From Afghanistan and North Korea to Syria and Venezuela, Mr. Bannon argued against military threats or the deployment of American troops in foreign conflicts. () Bannon’s archenemy in the White House was [National Security Advisor and CFR representative] General McMaster, the leader of what Bannon called the “globalist empire project”– a cross-party foreign policy consensus that emphasizes active American involvement around the world. Mr. Bannon flatly rejects this philosophy.”

    Mr. Bannon’s resignation was unanimously welcomed by CFR-compliant media on both sides of the Atlantic and of all political orientations. Three days later, Trump and McMaster announced the expansion of the war in Afghanistan.

    Postscript 2: On April 9, 2018, H.R. McMaster was replaced as National Security Advisor by John Bolton. Bolton is also a member of the CFR and has a much more aggressive policy towards Iran, in particular.


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  8. 14 minutes ago, Golden Retriever said:


    I don't know your exact reasons and it's difficult if you live with family who buy into the relentless MSM and Government

    fear propaganda, without looking for other information.  Hopefully time is a healer, providing this madness ends.


    I'm trying to focus on forgiveness. It's not always easy. x






    The tragic thing is that my sisters kids most likely get injected, because i cannot change her mind about the dangers about them.

    Thats what makes me personally sad, because these little youngsters dont know what damage can be done to them.

    And thats what i have a pretty hard time to forgive, even when she does it out of fear for them. It can make them disabled or otherwise and their lives getting destroyed.

    Its like to watch a disaster happening, unable to do anything about it. If someone does this decision for him/herself i can forgive that, thats okay, but if you affect others physically because you are too stubborn to even make an attempt to look what is up, i really dont.


    Thank you for your words, apprichiate it

  9. @Ozymandias

    thanks for listening. You are doing something good and you should be proud of yourself.

    These are some crazy times we are living in, huh?

    Its hard to find the right balance, because its not always possible to stay calm in this storm.

    I never was so uncertain about the direct future. Not even about the next 6 months, as everything changes so fast.

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  10. 7 hours ago, TheAwakened said:

    This is the sadest one. I no longer feel close to many people these days.

    My father and sister are complete main streamed.

    My mother is informed about everything.


    Can you imagine the problems this creates?

    I had a life long good relationship with my father and sister until 2020.

    We went through ups and downs, but we always respected one another.

    Life will never be the same, as i will be unable to ever forgive them completly.

    This isnt about standpoints anymore. This directly affects the world population on a monumental scale and kids for future generations. I cannot simply dismiss this fact.

    Everyone that keeps their head in the sand is also partly responsible for the ongoing crimes that happen each and every day.

    I make no exceptions to this rule, not even within my own family.

    Yes we all have flaws, i have many of them, but this is something greater. This is not about me or them. This is all about humanity as a whole and i will not stand for insanity and madness. I value this cause greater than my own life, as stupid as this might sound, because i will never bow.


    I tried my best to get themself informed (people in close relations), but if they dont want to look it up, i figured they have no intrest about the truth anyway. They want to pretend all is well and everything will go away by itself.

    Just accept this "new normal" they say, its not that bad. Its not that bad that her own kids wear masks for a couple of hours each day, they say.

    And this is where i really really loose it. Kids, that are not allowed to make their own decision on this matter get forced by their parents or otherwise.

    And when the vaccination comes, its completly over. They will inject them and i will never fogive them for it.

    All i takes is one day on the internet and get yourself informed properly. They dont want to.

    I lost a lot of respect for them.

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  11. 2 hours ago, Grumpy Owl said:

    US Election 2020: Joe Biden wins the presidency

    Joe Biden has won the race to become the next US president, defeating Donald Trump following a cliff-hanger vote count after Tuesday's election.

    The BBC projects that Mr Biden has won the key battleground of Pennsylvania, propelling him over the 270 electoral college vote threshold required to clinch the White House.

    The Trump campaign has indicated their candidate does not plan to concede.




    The BBC "projects" - so is this actually confirmed, or just wishful thinking?

    The reality:

    US Election 2020: Joe Biden cheats the presidency

    Joe Biden has cheated the race to become the next US president and it further prooves that tyranny is at hand

    The BBC projects that Mr Biden has cheated the key battleground of Pennsylvania, propelling him over the 270 electoral college vote threshold required to get into prison.

    The Trump campaign has indicated their candidate does not plan to concede, because if he does, a cheater wins.




    The BBC "projects" - so is this actually confirmed, or just wishful thinking?


    @Grumpy Owl

    It doesent really matter. I mean elections are probably redundant anyway, but this wasnt even an election. This was just cheating, nothing more.

    People couldnt even decide who of those 2 parties get elected, as there was nothing to choose from.

    Like a football game. One team that is weak gets 20 balls and shoots nothing but penalty kicks for 90 min, while the other team is not allowed to move or score anything.

    In the end they say it was a great and fair game. The end.

  12. 2 minutes ago, AndyJ said:

    People should probably go off and do something else for a while, this will rumble on for weeks if not months. A Cabal Coup d'etat that will end up in more courts than Perry Mason. It's such a transparent fixing of an election it would be funny if it wasn't so tragically desperate. Of course it is still funny to see the virtue signalling Twitter crowd believe a hair sniffing sock puppet is going to win genuinely and honestly. Even if he did win they're still going to need some industrial strength smelling salts and a massive heater to keep him alive for the inauguration. 


    The twitter crowd mainly consists of the most uninformed, brainwashed and clueless people.

    I might be unfair of saying this to people that use twitter a lot, but in all honesty, when you read the comments there, your head starts to hurt from all the facepalming.

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  13. 12 minutes ago, FrankVitali said:



    Agree with most of what you said, but I honestly feel Trump is one of us deep down. Ok so he's made a lot of money. But fucking ell the media dont like him one iota.  Hes stopped wearing masks now have you noticed guys? He was promoting hydroxychloroquine and zinc to combat this corona bollox, which works. Drinking bleach too. Ok perhaps not literally drinking Domestos, but he was on the right path for sure with that statement, hydrogen peroxide, effectively. But diluted down so it doesn't cause damage.


    He see's that climate change crap for what it really is, just the natural heating and cooling cycles of the earth. More besides.


    I'm surprised more on this forum aren't trump voters tbh.


    If Trump carried on running the USA and Farage managed to get in to run the UK, it would be a much better place I can tell you.  Those in doubt, do Trump or Farage ever stutter, get stuck for words or avoid answering plain and simple like most of the other MPs we got here.


    Forage says it as it is.


    Im still not in the clear about it.

    Yes, i agree on some points Trump made, but on the other hand he had too many connections that are very questionable. I have no definite answer on it, but i just think its in the realm of possibility that no matter who wins, the people in the back still get what they want.

  14. 30 minutes ago, Mr H said:

    My theory about what's going on.


    The whole voting scandal will lead to calls for more accurate and reliable voting system. Which people will say lies in digital voting. This means that every single future election can be controlled and rigged.


    I just came to the conclusion, that it is indeed in the realm of possibility, that all of this is staged (the counts and the actions that are taken because of it). One cannot rule it out, because we shall not forget that we are in a psycological warfare.

    Maybe Trump still wins and it was always the intend. If you create such a drama in an election you could create all sorts of news out of it in the years to come, to even further devide the nation and bring in new fascist restrictions, the general puplic is then more likely to accept.

    Lets not forget that Trump still talks about the China Virus.

    With the knowledge that Covid is a simple vehicle to bring in the NWO forced agenda, you cannot keep being stuck with that virus story and yet both parties still do.

    I mean having a "hate figurine" might be of use to those in power.

    Or maybe Biden wins and the same goal is archieved, because people will be rioting on the streets.


    Honestly one cannot rule out any of these possibilities, because the real threat isnt who is going to win this silly election, its the ongoing insanity we face each and every day through the NWO.


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