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  1. 18 minutes ago, rideforever said:


    This is very important, is there a publicly available concise english translation that can be pointed to ?


    Do you mean the complete text of the court ruling?


    Edit: Im sry, but i couldnt find the complete text. But i can give you the source from which i got this article.



    In case you find it, you might want to share it here. :-)



    A Portuguese professor and lockdown sceptic has sent me a long and informative email about a recent ruling by the Portuguese Court of Appeal which casts doubt on the reliability of the PCR test. It is a great tribute to the integrity of the Portuguese legal system that the Court seems to understand in considerable detail the shortcomings of the PCR test as a diagnostic tool, particularly when not used in combination with a clinical diagnosis. I think this is the best news I’ve had all week. What follows is not the whole email. The professor doesn’t want to be identified, so I’m only publishing an extract.


    With Spain and Greece, Portugal is one of the few countries in the so-called West where enough people are still alive to know what a dictatorship looks like. Our numbers are dwindling, as you have to be at least 60 to have experienced the 1974 revolution in any meaningful manner. I was a teenager at the time, and I remember very well what daily life was like under censorship, massively lying mass media, police brutality, arbitrary detention in the name of the “national interest”, etc. — all those things that I hoped never again have to experience but that the current Covid climate has brought very, very vividly to the fore. Yet, it may well be exactly because of such things having happened in living memory that our Government has been less heavy-handed about the pandemic than most others in Europe. And, now to the point, maybe that’s also why our high courts have issued rulings of potentially devastating consequences for the current Covid narrative. Portugal is a small country but is part of the EU and so what happens here still is of some international significance. That’s why I thought you’d be interested in learning about some recent developments.


    In a recent decision, dated November 11, 2020, a Portuguese appeal court ruled against the Azores Regional Health Authority concerning a lower court decision to declare unlawful the quarantining of four persons. Of these, one had tested positive for Covid using a PCR test; the other three were deemed to have undergone a high risk of exposure. Consequently, the Regional Health Authority decided that all four were infectious and a health hazard, which required that they go into isolation. The lower court had ruled against the Health Authority, and the appeal court upheld that ruling with arguments that explicitly endorse the scientific case for the lack of reliability of the PCR tests (e.g., as extensively explained in Lockdown Skeptics by Dr. Mike Yeadon, Dr. Clare Craig and others).


    The court’s ruling is a long text. I provide below a summary of the key passage.

    The court’s main points are as follows:


    • A medical diagnosis is a medical act that only a physician is legally qualified to undertake and for which such physician will be solely and entirely responsible. No other person or institution, including government agencies or the courts, has such an authority. It is not up to the Azores Regional Health Authority to declare someone ill, or a health hazard. Only a physician can do that. No one can be declared ill or a health hazard by decree or law, nor as the automatic, administrative consequence of the outcome of a laboratory test, no matter which.
    • From the above, the court concludes that “if carried out with no prior medical observation of the patient, with no participation of a physician certified by the Ordem dos Médicos who would have assessed symptoms and requested the tests/exams deemed necessary, any act of diagnosis, or any act of public health vigilance (such as determining whether a viral infection or a high risk of exposure exist, which the aforementioned concepts subsume) will violate [a number of laws and regulations] and may configure a crime of usurpação de funções [unlawful practice of a profession] in the case said acts are carried out or dictated by someone devoid of the capacity to do so, i.e., by someone who is not a certified physician [to practice medicine in Portugal a degree is not enough, you need to be accepted as qualified to practice medicine by undergoing examination with the Ordem dos Médicos, roughly our equivalent of the UK’s Royal College of Physicians].”
    • In addition, the court rules that the Azores Health Authority violated article 6 of the Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights, as it failed to provide evidence that the informed consent mandated by said Declaration had been given by the PCR-tested persons who had complained against the forced quarantine measures imposed on them.
    • From the facts presented to the court, it concluded that no evidentiary proof or even indication existed that the four persons in question had been seen by a doctor, either before or after undertaking the test.

    The above would suffice to deem the forced quarantine of the four persons unlawful. The court thought it necessary, however, to add some very interesting considerations about the PCR tests:


    • “Based on the currently available scientific evidence this test [the RT-PCR test] is in and of itself unable to determine beyond reasonable doubt that positivity in fact corresponds to infection by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, for several reasons, among which two are paramount (to which one would need to add the issue of the gold standard, which, due to that issue’s specificity, will not be considered here): the test’s reliability depends on the number of cycles used; the test’s reliability depends on the viral load present.”
    • Citing Jaafar et al. (2020;), the court concludes that “if someone is tested by PCR as positive when a threshold of 35 cycles or higher is used (as is the rule in most laboratories in Europe and the US), the probability that said person is infected is <3%, and the probability that said result is a false positive is 97%.” The court further notes that the cycle threshold used for the PCR tests currently being made in Portugal is unknown [N.B. – I know from acquaintances that in at least some Portuguese labs the threshold is 35 cycles].
    • Citing Surkova et al. (2020)), the court further states that any diagnostic test must be interpreted in the context of the actual probability of disease as assessed prior to the undertaking of the test itself, and expresses the opinion that “in the current epidemiological landscape of the United Kingdom, the likelihood is increasing that Covid 19 tests are returning false positives, with major implications for individuals, the health system and society.”

    The court’s summary of the case to rule against the Regional Health Authority’s appeal reads as follows:


    • “Given how much scientific doubt exists — as voiced by experts, i.e., those who matter — about the reliability of the PCR tests, given the lack of information concerning the tests’ analytical parameters, and in the absence of a physician’s diagnosis supporting the existence of infection or risk, there is no way this court would ever be able to determine whether C was indeed a carrier of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, or whether A, B and D had been at a high risk of exposure to it.”


    I anticipate this ruling to have massive legal implications in my country. Note that it comes in the back of a previous ruling by the Constitutional Court, our highest court, declaring as an unlawful deprivation of liberty a decision by the Regional Government of the Azores to force into a 14-day quarantine every passenger landing in an airport of the territory.

    Stop Press: A reader has got in touch to say he’s looked at the NHS definitions for the terms used in the monthly data analysed by my doctor friend yesterday and uncovered the following gem:

    For all relevant data items: a confirmed COVID-19 patient is any patient admitted to the trust who has recently (ie in the last 14 days) tested positive for COVID-19 following a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test.

    Patients who have been diagnosed via X-ray and assessment rather than a positive test should be counted as suspected (and not confirmed) COVID-19 patients.

    So patients that have a test but no diagnosis are confirmed COVID patients. Anyone with a firm clinical diagnosis but no positive test are “suspected”.

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  3. On 11/14/2020 at 3:46 PM, northern star said:

    Well done Numnuts. Very good point too - havent noticed anything myself on here, but reading that article, so obviously made up, made me realise they are trying to demonise David Icke's message, so the messageboard cant be far behind. There is a real awakening going on where conspiracies are edging more into normie world, as people start realising things arent adding up with the 'real' narrative. Im trying to imagine what they would do to get this place closed down. Probably stop at nothing to frame DI as a danger in the public mind. So your post is a heads up, letting 'em know we're expecting them.


    I can confirm that all in all there are way more people at the very least speaking out against the official narrative and rate MSM in general overwhelmingly with thumbs down, which is good.

    Many didnt go the extra mile to dig deeper, but its good enough if they refuse this Covid crap.

    However, a natural consequence of growing bigger in numbers is that their tactics become more extreme and varied, such as a mole, shill or simple troublemakers.

    Its good to remind oneself from time to time that this is no game and of course they also read forums like these.

    There is no difficulty to access a forum like this as it is for everyone else. They can draw a very clear picture on the mindset.

    Its just what they gain is very little for them here. Literally 99% of people here already have a more critical outlook and cannot be brought back anyways. I dont know what they would accomplish.

    For instance, ive read some posts (cannot remember the name of the forum member) that actually wanted to comletly dismiss Eicke by using 2 strawman arguments. (just like the good old fact checkers, same tactics)

    Most people should be intelligent enough to sort out those that only try to steer trouble or to undermine David Ickes messages. (which doesent mean you have to agree with Icke, but it should still be done in a fair manner)

  4. 30 minutes ago, pete675 said:


    What the Americans would term... 'A convention of assholes'.


    I'm guessing that the colours of Blue and White have some sort of symbolic significance here?


    I think its meant to represent the blue planet, earth.

    Blue and white are also very light colours that signify something positive.

    Deceiption already begins in the subcouncious and people that do not understand these conventions and why they are held, think they are doing the world a great service.

    Again, the classical: Its sounds great for the uninformed, but means the absolute worst in reality.

  5. Thanks for the post steph, its much apprichiated and i can understand your anger.

    I dont think it is too far stretched when i say that you speak your mind on how you feel for a lot of people here on this forum.

    We all have some issues with where the world is heading and would rather not go down that route. Unfortunatly it feels like we will face some very difficult times, which require a lot of effort from each and everyone to turn that arround.

    But as you said, right now its incredible difficult to live with that, because so many simply seem to refuse to understand whats going on. I mean i wouldnt have a problem with that if it wouldnt cause such tremendous unrepairable damage for this and future generations and i already expressed my opinions on that elsewhere, that i have a hard time to forgive that.

    Everyone that doesent want to inform themself now, is to me in part also responsible for the road we are heading.

    However, since i personally cannot be absolutly sure if that road must be taken anyway, i also cannot ultimatly say what is right and what is wrong


    I have a small Zen Story for that:


    "A beautiful girl in the village was pregnant. Her angry parents demanded to know who was the father. At first resistant to confess, the anxious and embarrassed girl finally pointed to Hakuin, the Zen master whom everyone previously revered for living such a pure life. When the outraged parents confronted Hakuin with their daughter's accusation, he simply replied "Is that so?"

    When the child was born, the parents brought it to the Hakuin, who now was viewed as a pariah by the whole village. They demanded that he take care of the child since it was his responsibility. "Is that so?" Hakuin said calmly as he accepted the child.

    For many months he took very good care of the child until the daughter could no longer withstand the lie she had told. She confessed that the real father was a young man in the village whom she had tried to protect. The parents immediately went to Hakuin to see if he would return the baby. With profuse apologies they explained what had happened. "Is that so?" Hakuin said as he handed them the child. "


    We are very quick to judge why things happen as they do, but never completly understanding them in their entirety.

    All we have are viewpoints, points of attention. They might seem correct now, but turn out uncorrect later.

    I just want to say, that in the end i have no certainty why things transpire.


    In regards to love, it is in my belief that real love isnt found in the exterior, but only in yourself.

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  6. 2 hours ago, Dimiccoli Francesco said:

    Hi, it has been passed so many time, however, I like talking with you Macnamara.

    Well, first of all, I am not english mother language, but I will try to follow your considerations.

    Obviously, I know enough about control they want to install into our minds.

    The first question I would like to make is:

    Who the fuck are they ? Could you please answer to my query ? 


    They come from different institutions, but to sum it up in simple terms:

    They are a few wealthy people with too much money on their hands and they aquired too much control over the last century due to their influence.


    Try this: The World Economic Forum has 5 languages to choose from. I picked "spanish" as that is closest to your mother tongue.



    The Rockefeller Homepage does have engish only, but you might want to click arround a bit anyway:



    Here some information about it on wiki in italian:



    Bilderberger Meetings:

    https://www.bilderbergmeetings.org/index.html (english only)


    The UN Sustainable Development Program (Agenda 21)

    https://sdgs.un.org/ (couldnt find it in italian sry)


    Behind all these organisations stand big bankers, royals and Eugenics (and a combination between these 3)

  7. There are a couple of speeches that i always come back to, because they are full of wisdom.

    Im not concentrating on "who" said it, but "what" is said.

    One of those is this: (many know that from Zeitgeist)



  8. Source: https://www.globalresearch.ca/the-second-wave-destroying-peoples-lives-global-coup-detat/5728207


    Red Zones, the facemask, social distancing, the closing down of schools, colleges and universities, no more family gatherings, no birthday celebrations, music, the arts: no more cultural events, sport events are suspended, no more weddings, “love and life” is banned outright.

    And in several countries, Christmas is on hold …

    It’s the destruction of people’s  lives. It is the destabilization of civil society. And for What? 

    The Lies are sustained by a massive media disinformation campaign. 24/7, Incessant and repetitive “Covid alerts” for the last ten months. … It is a process of social engineering.


    Manipulation of the Estimates. The RT-PCR Tests are Misleading.

    What they want is to hike up the numbers so as to justify the Lockdown. 

    Millions of covid-Positive Tests.

    According to Dr. Pascal Sacré in an article entitled: The COVID-19 RT-PCR Test: How to Mislead All Humanity. Using a “Test” To Lock Down Society.

    This misuse of RT-PCR technique is used as a relentless and intentional strategy by some governments, supported by scientific safety councils and by the dominant media, to justify excessive measures such as the violation of a large number of constitutional rights, the destruction of the economy with the bankruptcy of entire active sectors of society, the degradation of living conditions for a large number of ordinary citizens, under the pretext of a pandemic based on a number of positive RT-PCR tests, and not on a real number of patients.

    Covid-19 is portrayed as the “killer Virus”.


    Falsifying Death Certificates

    In the US, the deaths certificates are falsified on the instructions of the CDC.

    COVID-19:  The “underlying cause of death”. This concept is fundamental. It is defined by the WHO as “the disease or injury that initiated the train of events leading directly to death”.


    The criteria have been changed. The CDC instructions are crystal clear.  COVID-19 will be the underlying cause of death “more often than not”    

    Destroying Civil Society 

    People are frightened and puzzled. “Why would they do this?”

    Empty schools, Empty airports, bankrupt grocery stores.

    In France “Churches are threatened with Kalashnikovs over Covid-19 outbreak” (April 2020)

    The entire urban services economy is in crisis. Shops, bars and restaurants are driven into bankruptcy. International travel and holidays are suspended.  Streets are empty. In several countries, bars and restaurants are required to take names and contact information “to support effective contact tracing if necessary“.


    Free Speech is Suppressed

    The lockdown narrative is supported by media disinformation, online censorship, social engineering and the fear campaign.

    Medical doctors who question the official narrative are threatened. They loose their jobs. Their careers are destroyed. Those who oppose the government lockdown are categorized as “anti-social psychopaths”: 

    Peer reviewed psychological “studies” are currently being carried in several countries using sample surveys.

     Accept the “big Lie” and you are tagged as a “good person” with “empathy” who understands the feelings of others.

    …[E]xpress reservations regarding  … social distancing and the wearing of the face mask, and you will  be tagged (according to “scientific opinion”) as a “callous and deceitful psychopath”.

    In colleges and universities, the teaching staff is pressured to conform and endorse the official covid narrative. Questioning the legitimacy of the lockdown  in online “classrooms” could lead to dismissal.

    Google is marketing the Big Lie. The opinion of prominent scientists who question the lockdown, the face-mask or social distancing are “taken down”:

    “YouTube doesn’t allow content that spreads medical misinformation that contradicts the World Health Organization (WHO) or local health authorities‘ medical information about COVID-19, including on methods to prevent, treat or diagnose COVID-19, and means of transmission of COVID-19.”  (emphasis added)


    They call it “fact checking”, without acknowledging that both the WHO and local health authorities contradict their own data and concepts.

    March 11, 2020: Engineered Economic Depression. Global Coup d’Etat?

    The Pandemic was launched by the WHO on March 11, 2020 leading to the Lockdown and closure of the national economies of 190 (out of 193) countries, member states of the United Nations. The instructions came from above, from Wall Street, the World Economic Forum, the billionaire foundations.This diabolical project is casually described by the corporate media as a “humanitarian” endeavor.  The “international community” has a “Responsibility to Protect” (R2P).  An unelected “private-public partnership” under the auspices of the World Economic Forum (WEF), has come to the rescue of  Planet Earth’s 7.8 billion people. The closure of the global economy is presented as a means to “killing the virus”.

    Sounds absurd. Close down the real economy of Planet Earth is not the “solution” but rather the “cause” of a process of Worldwide destabilization and impoverishment.

    The national economy combined with political, social and cultural institutions is the basis for the “reproduction of real life”: income, employment, production, trade, infrastructure, social services. Destabilizing the economy of Planet Earth cannot constitute a “solution” to combating the virus. But that is what they want us to believe. And that is what they are doing.

     “Economic Warfare”

    Destabilizing in one fell swoop the national economies of more 190 countries is an act of “economic warfare”. This diabolical agenda undermines the sovereignty of nation states. It impoverishes people Worldwide. It leads to a spiralling dollar denominated global debt.

    The powerful structures of global capitalism, Big Money coupled with its  intelligence and military apparatus are the driving force. Using advanced digital and communications technologies, the Lockdown and Economic Closure of the global economy is unprecedented in World history.

    This simultaneous intervention in 190 countries derogates democracy. It undermines the sovereignty of nation states Worldwide, without the need for military intervention.   It is an advanced system of economic warfare which overshadows other forms of warfare including conventional (Iraq-style) theater wars.

    Global Governance Scenarios. World Government in the Post-Covid Era? 

    The March 11 2020 Lockdown project uses lies and deception to ultimately impose a Worldwide totalitarian regime, entitled “Global Governance” (by unelected officials). In the words of David Rockefeller:

    “…The world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.” (quoted by Aspen Times, August 15, 2011, emphasis added)

    The Global Governance scenario imposes an agenda of social engineering and economic compliance.

    “It constitutes an extension of the neoliberal policy framework imposed on both developing and developed countries. It consists in scrapping “national auto-determination” and constructing a Worldwide nexus of pro-US proxy regimes controlled by a “supranational sovereignty” (World Government) composed of leading financial institutions, billionaires and their philanthropic foundations.”(See Michel Chossudovsky, Global Capitalism, “World Government” and the Corona Crisis, May 1, 2020).

    Simulating Pandemics

    The Rockefeller Foundation proposes the use of scenario planning as a means to carry out “global governance”. (For further details, see Michel Chossudovsky, May 1, 2020). In the  Rockefeller’s 2010 report entitled “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development Area” scenarios of Global Governance and the actions to be taken in the case of a Worldwide were contemplated in the case of a pandemic. More specifically, the report envisaged (p 18) the simulation of a Lock Step scenario including a global virulent influenza strain. The 2010 Rockefeller study was published in the immediate wake of the 2009 H1N1 pandemic.

    Another important simulation was carried out


     Screen-Shot-2020-02-29-at-11.48.58.pngon October 18, 2019, less than 3 months before SARS-2 was identified in early January 2020.


    Event 201 was held under the auspices of the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and   the World Economic Forum. (For details details see Michel Chossudovsky, March 1, 2020)

    Intelligence and “The Art of Deception”

    The Covid crisis is a sophisticated instrument of the power elites. It has all the features of a carefully planning intelligence op using “deception and counter-deception”. Leo Strauss: “viewed intelligence as a means for policymakers to attain and justify policy goals, not to describe the realities of the world. And that is precisely what they are doing in relation to Covid-19.

    Video: The Event 201 Pandemic Exercise. October 18, 2019. Focusses on the extent of the pandemic. Also addresses within the simulation how do deal with online social media and so-called “misinformation”. Listen carefully)

    Macro-Economic Intervention. Evolution of the Global Economy 

    History of Economic “Shock Treatment”. From The Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP) to “Global Adjustment (GA)”

    The March 11, 2020 (simultaneous) closing down of  the national economies of 190 member states of the UN is diabolical and unprecedented. Millions of people have lost their jobs, and their lifelong savings. In developing countries, poverty, famine and despair prevail.

    While this model of “global intervention” is unprecedented, it has certain features reminiscent of  the country-level macro-economic reforms including the imposition of  strong “economic medicine” by the IMF. To address this issue let us examine the history of so-called “economic shock treatment”.


    a1-2-500x333.jpgFlash back to Chile, September 11 1973.


    As a visiting professor at the Catholic University of Chile, I lived through the military coup directed against the democratically elected government of Salvador Allende. It was a CIA op led by Secretary of State Henry Kissinger coupled with devastating macro-economic reforms.

    Image on the left: Kissinger together with General Augusto Pinochet (1970s)

    In the month following the Coup d’Etat, the price of bread increased from 11 to 40 escudos overnight. This engineered collapse of both real wages and employment under the Pinochet dictatorship was conducive to a nationwide process of impoverishment. While food prices had skyrocketed, wages had been frozen to ensure “economic stability and stave off inflationary pressures.” From one day to the next, an entire country had been precipitated into abysmal poverty: in less than a year the price of bread in Chile increased thirty-six times and eighty-five percent of the Chilean population had been driven below the poverty line.” That was Chile’s 1973 “Reset”


    martinez-de-hoz-rockefeller-videla.jpgTwo and a half years later in 1976, I returned to Latin America as a visiting professor at the National University of Cordoba in the northern


    industrial heartland of Argentina. My stay coincided with another military coup d’état in March 1976. Behind the massacres and human rights violations, “free market” macro-economic reforms had also been prescribed – this time under the supervision of Argentina’s New York creditors, including David Rockefeller who was a friend of The Junta’s  Minister of Economy José Alfredo Martinez de Hoz.

    Image on the right: General President Jorge Videla, David Rockefeller and Argentina’s Economy Minister Martinez de Hoz, Buenos Aires (1970s)

    Chile and Argentina were “dress rehearsals” for things to come: The imposition  of the IMF-World Bank Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP) was imposed on more than 100 countries starting in the early 1980s. (See Michel Chossudovsky, The Globalization of Poverty and the New World Order, Global Research, 2003)

    A notorious example of the “free market”: Peru in August 1990  was punished for not conforming to IMF diktats: the price of fuel was hiked up 31 times and the price of bread increased more than twelve times in a single day. These reforms – carried out in the name of “democracy” – were far more devastating than those applied in Chile and Argentina under the fist of military rule.




    And now on March 11, 2020, we enter a new phase of macro-economic destabilization, which is more devastating and destructive than 40 years of “shock treatment” and austerity measures imposed by the IMF on behalf of dominant financial interests.

    There is rupture, a historical break as well as continuity. It’s “Neoliberalism to the n-th Degree”

    Image on the left: Kissinger with Argentina’s Dictator General Jorge Videla (1970s)

    Closure of the Global Economy: Economic and Social Impacts at the Level of the Entire Planet

    Compare what is happening to the Global Economy today with the country by country “negotiated” macro-economic measures imposed by creditors under the Structural Adjustment Program (SAP). The March 11, 2020 “Global Adjustment” was not negotiated with national governments. It was imposed by a  “private/ public partnership”, supported by media propaganda, and accepted, invariably by co-opted and corrupt politicians.

    “Engineered” Social Inequality and Impoverishment. The Globalization of Poverty 

    Compare the March 11, 2020 “Global Adjustment” “guidelines” affecting the entire Planet to Chile September 11, 1973.

    In a bitter irony, the same Big Money interests behind the 2020 “Global Adjustment” were actively involved in Chile (1973) and Argentina (1976). Remember “Operation Condor” and the “Dirty War” (Guerra Sucia).

    There is continuity: The same powerful financial interests: The IMF and the World Bank bureaucracies are currently involved  in preparing and managing the” post-pandemic “New Normal” debt operations (on behalf of the creditors) under the Great Reset.

    Henry Kissinger was involved in coordinating Chile’s 9/11, 1973 “Reset”.

    The following year (1974), he was in charge of the drafting of the “National Strategic Security Memorandum 200 (NSSM 200) which identified depopulation as  “the highest priority in US foreign policy towards the Third World”.

    Today, Henry Kissinger is a firm supporter alongside the Gates Foundation (which is also firmly committed to depopulation) of the Great Reset under the auspices of the World Economic Forum (WEF).

    No need to negotiate with national  governments or carry out “regime change”. The March 11, 2020 project constitutes a “Global Adjustment” which triggers bankruptcies, unemployment and privatization on a much larger scale affecting in one fell swoop the national economies of more than 150 countries.

    And this whole process is presented to public opinion as a means to combating the “killer virus” which, according to the CDC and the WHO is similar to seasonal influenza. (Viruses A, B).

    The Hegemonic Power Structure of Global Capitalism 

    Big Money including the billionaire foundations are the driving force. It’s a complex alliance of  Wall Street and the Banking establishment, Big Oil and Energy, the so-called “Defense Contractors, Big Pharma, the Biotech Conglomerates, the Corporate media, the Telecom, Communications and Digital Technology Giants, together with a network of think tanks, lobby groups, research labs, etc. The ownership of intellectual property  also plays a central role.

    This complex decision-making network involves major creditor and banking institutions: The Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank (ECB), the IMF, the World Bank, the regional development bank, and the Basel based Bank for International Settlements (BIS), which plays a key strategic role.

    In turn, the upper echelons of the US State apparatus (and Washington’s Western Allies) are directly or indirectly involved, including the  Pentagon, US Intelligence, the Health authorities, Homeland Security and the US State Department (including US embassies in over 150 countries).

    Ongoing Wealth Appropriation by The Super Rich  

    V the Virus is said to be responsible for the wave of bankruptcies and unemployment. That’s a lie. There is no causal relationship between the virus and economic variables. It’s the powerful financiers and billionaires, who are behind this project which has contributed to the destabilization (Worldwide) of the real economy.

    In the course of the last nine months, they have cashed in on billions of dollars. Between April and July the total wealth held by billionaires around the world has grown from $8 trillion to more than $10 trillion, 

    The Forbes report does not explain the real cause of this massive redistribution of wealth:

    “collective billionaire wealth has grown at its fastest rate over any period over the past decade.”


    warren-buffet.png In fact it is the largest redistribution of global wealth in World history. It is predicated on a systematic process of Worldwide impoverishment. It is

    an act of economic warfare.


    The billionaires were not only the recipients of generous “government stimulus packages” (i.e. Handouts), the bulk of their financial gains from  the outset of the Covid fear campaign in early February was the result of insider trading, foreknowledge, derivative trade and manipulation of  both financial and commodity markets.

    The combined wealth of U.S. billionaires increased by $850 billion from March 18th, 2020 to October 8, 2020, an increase of over 28 percent. This estimate does not account for the increase in wealth during the period preceding March 18, which was marked by a series of stock market crashes. (See Michel Chossudovsky, Economic Chaos and Societal


    Destruction, November 7, 2020)Screen-Shot-2020-10-15-at-23.22.51.png

    On March 18, 2020, U.S. billionaires had combined wealth of $2.947 trillion.  By October 8th, their wealth had surged to $3.8 trillion.

    This upper billionaire class manipulates financial markets starting in February and then orders the closing down of the global economy on March 11, the stated objective of which is to combat Covid-19, which, according to the WHO is similar to seasonal influenza.

    The “Real Economy” and “Big Money”

    Why are these Covid lockdown policies spearheading bankruptcy, poverty and unemployment?

    Global capitalism is not monolithic. There is indeed a “A Class Conflict” “between the super-rich and the vast majority of the World population.

    But there is also intense rivalry within the capitalist system. Namely a conflict between “Big Money Capital” and what might be described as “Real Capitalism” which consists of corporations in different areas of productive activity at the national and regional levels. It also includes small and medium sized enterprises.

    What is ongoing is a process of concentration of wealth (and control of advanced technologies) unprecedented in World history, whereby the financial establishment, (i.e. the multibillion dollar creditors) are slated to appropriate the real assets of both bankrupt companies as well as State assets.

    The “Real Economy” constitutes “the economic landscape” of  real economic activity: productive assets, agriculture, industry, services, economic and social infrastructure, investment, employment, etc. The real economy at the global and national levels is being targeted by the lockdown and closure of economic activity. The Global Money financial institutions are the “creditors” of the real economy.

    “The Second Wave”. Another Lockdown

    Second Wave is a Lie. It is presented to public opinion as a means to combating the virus and saving lives.

    That is what the governments are telling us. The fear campaign has gone into high gear, applied simultaneously in different regions of the world. Screen-Shot-2020-11-03-at-20.42.08.png


    Test, Test, Test, In the UK, the Armed Forces are involved in mass testing operations using the PCR, the objective of which is to push up the numbers of so-called positive cases.

    If you live alone in the UK, you can set up a “Support Bubble (see left)

    Needless to say: at the outset of this Second Wave, the global economy is already in a state of chaos. While the reports fail to reveal the depth and seriousness of this global crisis, the evidence (which is still tentative and incomplete) speaks for itself.

    The rationale of the Second Wave is to prevent and postpone the reopening of the national economy, coupled with the enforcement of social distancing, the wearing of the face mask, etc.

    The target are the service economy, the airlines, the tourist industry, etc.  Maintaining strict restrictions on air travel is tantamount to spearheading major airlines into bankruptcy.  The bankruptcy program is engineered and imposed. Solely in the US tourism and travel industry, 9.2 million jobs could be lost and “between 10.8 million and 13.8 million jobs … are at serious risk”.




    And the Second Wave is intent upon enabling the billionaires to pick up the pieces, acquiring ownership of entire sectors of economic activity at rockbottom prices.

    The money they appropriated in the course of the financial crisis (through outright manipulation) will be used to buy out bankrupt corporations as well as bankrupt governments.

    Image: Hong Kong Airport. Empty.

    Global Governance: Towards a Totalitarian State

    The individuals and organizations involved in the October 18, 2019 201 Simulation are now involved in the actual management of the crisis once it went live on January 30th,  2020 under the WHO’s  Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC), which in turn set the stage for the February financial crisis.

    The lockdown and closure of national economies triggers a second spree of  mass unemployment coupled with the engineered bankruptcy (applied Worldwide)of  small and medium sized enterprises.

    All of which is spearheaded by the installation of a global totalitarian State which is intent upon breaking all forms of protest and resistance.

    The Vaccine

    The Covid vaccination program (including the embedded digital passport) is an integral part of  a global totalitarian regime.

    What is the infamous ID2020? It is an alliance of public-private partners, including UN agencies and civil society. It’s an electronic ID program that uses generalized vaccination as a platform for digital identity. The program harnesses existing birth registration and vaccination operations to provide newborns with a portable and persistent biometrically-linked digital identity.red zones, face masks, social distancing, lockdown, (Peter Koenig, March 12, 2020)

    “The Great Reset”

    The same powerful creditors which triggered the Covid Global Debt Crisis are now establishing a  “New Normal” which essentially consists in imposing what the World Economic Forum describes as the “Great Reset”:

    Using COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions to push through this transformation, the Great Reset is being rolled out under the guise of a ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ in which older enterprises are to be driven to bankruptcy or absorbed into monopolies, effectively shutting down huge sections of the pre-COVID economy. Economies are being ‘restructured’ and many jobs will be carried out by AI-driven machines.

    The jobless (and there will be many) would be placed on some kind of universal basic income and have their debts (indebtedness and bankruptcy on a massive scale is the deliberate result of lockdowns and restrictions) written off in return for handing their assets to the state or more precisely to the financial institutions helping to drive this Great Reset. The WEF says the public will ‘rent’ everything they require: stripping the right of ownership under the guise of ‘sustainable consumption’ and ‘saving the planet’. Of course, the tiny elite who rolled out this great reset will own everything. (Colin Todhunter,  Dystopian Great Reset, November 9, 2020)

    By 2030, the global creditors will have appropriated the World’s wealth under the “Global Adjustment” scenario, while impoverishing large sectors of the World Population.

    In 2030 “You’ll own nothing, And you’ll be happy.” (see video below)



    The United Nations: An Instrument of Global Governance on Behalf of an Unelected Private/Public Partnership

    The UN system is also complicit. It has endorsed “global governance” and The Great Reset.


    3271.jpg While UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres rightfully acknowledges that the pandemic is “more than a health crisis”, no meaningful analysis or debate under UN auspices as to the real causes of this crisis has been undertaken.


    According to a September 2020 UN Report:

    “Hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost. The lives of billions of people have been disrupted. In addition to the health impacts, COVID-19 has exposed and exacerbated deep inequalities … It has affected us as individuals, as families, communities and societies. It has had an impact on every generation, including on those not yet born. The crisis has highlighted fragilities within and among nations, as well as in our systems for mounting a coordinated global response to shared threats. (UN Report)

    The decisions which triggered social and economic destruction Worldwide are not mentioned.  No debate in the UN Security Council. Consensus among all Five Permanent Members of the UNSC.

    V the Virus is held responsible.

    The WEF “Reimagine and Reset our World” in a private-public partnership has been endorsed by the UN.



    Flash back to George Kennan and the Truman Doctrine in the late 1940s. Kennan believed that the UN provided a useful way to “connect power with morality,” using morality, as a means to rubber-stamp America’s “humanitarian wars”.

    The Covid crisis is the culmination of a historical process.

    The lockdown and closure of the global economy are “weapons of mass destruction”.  What we are dealing with are extensive “crimes against humanity”.

    Joe Biden and the “Great Reset”

    “Elected President” Joe Biden is a groomed politician, a trusted proxy, serving the interests of the financial establishment.

    Lets not forget that Joe Biden was a firm supporter of the Invasion of Iraq on the grounds that Saddam Hussein “had weapons of mass destruction”. “The American People were deceived into this war” (Senator Dick Durbin). Do not let yourself be deceived again by Joe Biden.

    Evolving acronyms. 9/11, GWOT, WMD and now COVID: Biden was rewarded for having supported the invasion of Iraq.

    Fox News describes him as a “socialist”  who threatens capitalism:  “Joe Biden’s disturbing connection to the socialist ‘Great Reset’ movement”. While this is absolute nonsense, many “progressives” and anti-war activists have endorsed Joe Biden without analyzing the broader consequences of a Biden presidency.

    The Great Reset is socially divisive, it’s racist. It is a project of Global Capitalism. It constitutes a threat to the large majority of Americans workers as well as to small and medium sized enterprises. A Biden-Harris administration actively involved in carrying out the “Great Reset” is a threat to humanity.


    800px-Joe_Biden_49537018896.jpgWith regard to Covid, Biden is firmly committed to the “Second Wave”, i.e. maintaining the partial closing down of both the US economy and the global economy as a means to “combating the killer virus”.


    Joe Biden will push for the adoption of  the WEF’s “Great Reset” both nationally and internationally, with devastating economic and social consequences. The 2021 World Economic Forum (WEF) scheduled for Summer 2021 will focus on the implementation of  the “Great Reset”

    A Joe Biden administration would actively pursue Big Money’s totalitarian blueprint: The Great Reset. 

    Unless there is significant protest and organized resistance, nationally and internationally, the Great Reset will be embedded in both domestic and US foreign policy agendas of the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris administration.

    It’s what you call Imperialism with a “Human Face”.


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  9. 4 minutes ago, ShillDaBill said:

    I predict troubled times ahead and that much is a guarantee. Picture is the roadmap from an apparent Canadian government offical leak, from around a month ago I believe, so far looking rather accurate. All this stops when everyone stands up and stands together, hopefully this happens before all the non-sheeple get taken to camps or start living in the wilds, scary times when covid concentration camps and forced vaccines are becoming a reality.



    Tbh with the Universal Basic Income i still have my doubts on the date (seems too soon) or if it even transpires.

    The higher death rate/infection rate cannot really come from another virus, as there wasnt even an indication that Covid19 is real. The virus to date has not been isolated.

    They will name it Covid21, but deaths will come from other sources/reasons, just as it happend with Covid19. The infection rate can be manipulated.

    I think it is enough if you give something a different name and people will freak out.

    The logic for most is this: Heavier lockdowns, restrictions is translated into: Well, then the threat must be bigger.


    Other than that i fully agree with this document.

  10. 40 minutes ago, Grumpy Owl said:


    Well from my own observations this last week and a bit, I can't see much evidence of any 'lockdown' in place, apart from some pubs, restaurants and other places being closed.

    What do you mean by some? Isnt it countrywide?

    We have every pup closed, restaurants, gym, sauna, swimming baths and the like and open them against these rules would result in heavy fines no one has money for.

    40 minutes ago, Grumpy Owl said:

    Still just as many people out and about, just as much traffic on the roads, and same number of people on the buses.


    Thats true, because this lockdown starts of in a milder form.


    40 minutes ago, Grumpy Owl said:

    So who exactly is being locked down?


    See above


    40 minutes ago, Grumpy Owl said:

    We've reached a point now where people will readily 'self-isolate' themselves and avoid making contact with others.


    Yes, thats what happens if it becomes "normal" to the majority


    40 minutes ago, Grumpy Owl said:

    The government could turn around next week and announce that we can all take off our masks, start mixing and socialising with each other, and get back to work, but a large number of people will continue with their 'programming'.



    Thats exactly right. Many already got used to the mask and would miss something if they cannot wear it. Its an unrepairable psychological behaviour, because many get programmed on the basis of : if i do not wear a mask, then something could happen.

    However the government will not dismiss the masks or social distancing as far as i can tell.


    40 minutes ago, Grumpy Owl said:

    "It's only until December 2nd" they all said at the start, just like the UK lockdown in March was "only for three weeks". But back then it was PEOPLE demanding the lockdown carry on because they "didn't feel safe".


    Thats still the case. We had people here that apllauded with the news of a second lockdown.


    Point is: They started off with a light lockdown this time. Doesent mean they cannot tighten it as they go.

  11. 1 hour ago, pete675 said:

    The whole concept is so fantastical it makes the other conspiracy theory about a man in cave in Afghanistan using two planes to demolish three towers appear comparatively sensible.

    I think its somewhat on the same level of absurdity as this fakedemic:



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  12. 2 minutes ago, Pinkman said:

    Would anyone be able to provide me some scientific evidence from non MSM sources to back up the claims that the virus is exaggerated, or anything along those lines. I'm currently in an online dispute elsewhere, and I really need some help. Thank you! 

    Try this:


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  13. 16 hours ago, ItsTheTruthThough said:

    How on Earth are you supposed to wake up family members who are so hopelessly brainwashed that they will be taking this poison vaccine at the earliest possible moment? 😞 


    Has anyone else got family they haven’t fell out with who will have to suffer knowing their fate because of their willingness to believe authority no matter how mental the narrative? It’s feels like I’ll be watching them march to the slaughterhouse. It’s easy to switch off when it’s people you don’t know and just think ‘well they deserve it if they’re that stupid!’ But a different story when it’s a loved one. 


    My sister and father are completly brainwashed.

    I cannot help them. I tried, but they would not listen.

    They are incapable to understand that the governemnt doesent act in your best intrest.

    I literally told my sister what is going to happen in mid summer. I told her that there will be a second lockdown, which she denied.

    Now its upon us, but do you think she would rethink her position? No. Its the second dangerous, dangerous wave,.......

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  14. You know what i thought recently....

    The people that still believe there is a dangerous virus going arround are probably the people that cannot explain themself how the nazis could murder millions in concentration camps.

    Back in the day they would have applauded it, just as they applaud tyranny now, but now they are hypocrits and think they understood history.


    Oh nooo such cruelty,...why did no one see this comming, shame on them....btw damn there is a dangerous desease going arround and all the governments kill our rights in a fashion never before seen. Thats totally reasonable.....FACEPALM


    I cannot for the live of me understand these people, i simply cant. They lost all grip on reality.

    Its literally dumber than bread.

    Im sry, for some reason i woke up mad, but i cant handle these people anymore.

    Ive never seen the rise of tyranny so blatantly obvious as it is now. Nazis would have been proud. Not even they could pull off that so fast.



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  15. I just thought if anyone is intrested in making some predictions what is about to come in the upcomming months and year, you might want to share it.


    My prediction:


    The second lockdown will be extended from the initial 4 weeks (month of November) to April/May 2021.

    The way they do it is to expand each phase by 2-4 weeks, with possibilities to tighten them or loose them a bit.


    Once a broad vaccine is carried out, they start to talk about a mutated Covid Virus , named Covid21 (therfor it will happen in the year 2021).

    This is done to still impose lockdowns (there will be a third lockdown), despite already having a vaccine for the current Covid19 Virus (there is no virus, but we need to pretend there is)


    To carry out these mass vaccinations they need to mobilize a lot of people, which will also involve the military.

    To get to a point to ensure that most people take it, they have to change the law accordingly, which is already happening in Germany at Nov.19.

    Once that got through, they can plan ahead, because no one will be able to overthrow it trough legal means.

    So expect this to happen everywhere. (Denmark already passed that law last month)


    In 2021 there will be the economy crash that already has been built up big time throughout this year. At some point banks will close and cash will be limited to a small amount.

    Possibilities for mortgage are a given, because the state will be so bankrupt( through endless spending of health packages) that it further needs to aquire quick money.

    Millions of people will be working short time, because they lost their former job and or independent business.

    Millions more will be unemployed.

    The introduction of a healthpass will come before any vaccination for Covid is carried out. Without this healthpass you wont be able to: fly, attend events,aquire or do jobs in the healthcare system.

    This will then systematically broadend into everything by step.

    The healthpass will first be basic and then expands into a digital one.

    Once it is digital, it will be mandatory for almost everything in life.


    The Covid21 narrative (which has to be more dangerous than the Covid19 narrative)  will eventually lead into the introduction of digital money. (Expect that in 2022)

    Cash might still be usable for a limited time (we had this when currency changed from DMark to Euro).

    Isolation camps might be for those who do not take a vaccine (gets rid of people that do not follow the narrative). They are not only installed for testing. We are talking about real camps here, that were build from the ground up. Once there, you have the option to take the vaccine and leave, or you will stay there indefinitely. Many people for this reason will obey before it even comes to that.


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