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  1. 55 minutes ago, Prometheus said:

    Again, another one. C'Mon, I'm not the only one seeing these $protests$ for what they are. Nothing comes of them apart from a Police database and justifications for more control laws and please don't say 'well, it's about unity. Letting everyone know they're not alone and we're all still united', because we've all consistently seen how untied you are when the Police at like 1:80 protesters, continuously manage to drag your Comrades out from within your masses and beat, abuse and arrest them to zero effectual resistance but for people bravely filming and courageously shouting 'Shame on you'.


    Well, now its time to say 'shame on you'. You, all those so called freedom fighters, united, brave and strong brethren.... Well except of course when arrested, beat, pushed back, intimidated and rounded up or shunned about your own protest like Cattle, then all unity and freedom and bravery goes right out the window and your brother's and sisters whom you where so united with are noe left alone to be battered, shamed and then arrested as you brave united souls look on. Scared to stand up to a group that stands 1:80 against you.


    So I ask again, what do you accomplish with these Street Party Protests, it seems that only shame is consistently accomplished, apart from of course the lucrative deals all speakers and performers receive as part of their brave and meaningful presence, a presence and voice, that brings everlasting changes to everyone and everything. I feel so proud!




    Some people (including myself) simply want to shout their displeasure out in the wild. These protests do something, although it will take some time to see its effects.

    So why go there?

    First and foremost its because you encounter likewise people, just like an online forum does.

    We are here, because we want to talk to people that actually have understood something.

    I for one would have gone nuts without the support of others. In times like these its more important than ever to stick together.

    I doesent matter what kind of story the MSM makes out of it. We dont care. They do criminal things no matter what, so why should we put them into consideration.

    Why should we put the police that clearly go against their own people put into consideration?

    They dont matter. What matters is to stand for something and that should have no limitations at all.

    If that means to go with a group and shout on the streets, than that means that.


    It might not accomplish something immediatly, it might not accomplish anything. Still it helps those who attend these and thats already reason enough.

    If more comes from it, even better.

    You wont get your freedom back by hoping that it solves itself. It wont.

    I know that protests are only a small part of it all and that the real resistance is simply not complying with criminals.

    But like everything else, you can still do that on top of it. (which i do)

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