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  1. But it also must be clear that as long as Tucker Carlson works for Fox, he never ever can say anything which isnt wanted by the higher ups. Its not like Tucker has free reign of what he wishes to say and discuss on the show. Thats only possible if you are a free journalist which he is not. So why keep hanging on to someone that is controlled in some way or fashion? I just dont get that.
  2. It is no secret that Fox news like any other major MSM news outlet is controlled in some way or fashion. That also includes every news anchor and reporter that appears there and yes also (Tucker Carlsson) Fox news is controlled by a man named Rupert Murdoch and the Entertainment Part by Disney, one of the worst companies that exist on this planet. I just don*t get this obsession with obtaining information from an obvious controlled platform. This isn*t any guessing, thats just facts. David Icke talks a lot about the cult and all, but includes Fox news as a source of information when that is cult owned? Lol. I really have a hard time to wrap my head arround that one.
  3. Sometimes i hope that there would be a kind of agent inside the cabals organisation that reverse their own game and plays along as one of theirs, only to whistleblow everything to the puplic at some point. I truly believe that a baby/young kid does not have these qualities the cabal practices and only gets their after a long manipulation process. As a kid is essentially an innocent being in that regard. It still tries to learn the world and its sorrounings, concepts of good and evil, concepts of ugly and beautiful and so on. There seems to be such a strong pull when it comes to power as it corrupts every other aspect of your life and you loose hold of life itself, meaning empathy and love towards others and yourself. By that point all you seek is plessure, pocession and control. It would be a miracle if a kid go though all of that unharmed and then soly plays along, only to turn on the very people that raised him/her. Speaking out of the inner circle so to speak, fully aware that they will loose their lives over this. But it would be such a welcomed miracle in times like these. But again, power and control seems to have such a strong pull that no one will freely exchange it with honesty, freedom and something called being a human. Its still no excuse to me. The fact that they have no problem to make someone else suffer for their short gained ego boost what they call "plan", "agenda" is enough information for me to understand that they are sick in the brain and heart.
  4. I found this: (Vaccine Record Card) Make of it as you will
  5. Even though this has been repeated a million times by others and a million times by myself, i just need to say it again: It absolutly blows my mind how most people cannot understand what is happening in front of their eyes. How people still cannot understand what is done to them. How they still go along with it, even when those puppet politicans tell them in their face: Do what we say or you get arrested. Does this sound human to you? For god sake grow a pair and fight against this Bullshit already.
  6. Repuplicans are as controlled as Democrats. Its an ongoing battle to make you believe whatever party is in "power" will be replaced by the other party in the upcomming elections every 4 years. Its a nice tactic because you can blame the other party for all the shortcommings and then when that party is in power you can reverse switch it. That way you never get out of the loop. Make no mistake, there is no reactionary behaviour. Everything is known and planned accordingly. The idea for all these different approaches for individual countries is according to that kind of population that resides there. The idea for all these different rules is to appear as if you try to deal with a new threat. There is no new threat. There is no Covid Virus, its all made up.
  7. From Main Page: Exclusive Interview: Mom Whose 14-Year-Old Son Developed Myocarditis After Pfizer Vaccine No Longer Trusts CDC, Public Health Officials https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/emily-jo-14-year-old-son-aiden-myocarditis-pfizer-vaccine/?utm_source=salsa&eType=EmailBlastContent&eId=f81d58be-e702-4205-a961-57d97ab6347f Well, her son now will be lucky to live for a couple of years, if even. If he somehow gets through it, he will be damaged for live. Now the mother cries about it and i cannot feel any sypmapthy for it, because she caused a lifelong damage to another human being by refusing to inform herself properly before letting her kid being injected by something that doesent even fullfill the criteria of a vaccine. Seriously,she should actually be imprisoned.
  8. Exactly this! They are like kidnappers. It blows my mind that people accept it. Even if i would bellieve in the existence of this virus and think its the most deadly desease ever, i would never accept that kind of threatment we are seeing here. I rather live free than in a prison. There will be no end to these rules, do they not get it???? What is so hard to grasp about that fact? You can literally say yes, yes, yes i do as you tell me master, i do everything you order me and as thank you for your compliance there will be more rules. And when you basically completly surrendered, they will kill you. Thats the bottom line. Common sense tells me: You do not comply or negociate with criminals. Never, ever. You do not one thing they order or demand. Just like kidnappers.
  9. The mega thread was locked due to hostile comments against forum members. It is however a time-lock and will be opened again at some point by the moderators ( as explained in the note) Another thread is therfore not necessary. David Icke himself is not moderating this forum either. Has nothing to do with shilling. Even Gareth Icke is soly updating status and isnt much on this forum.
  10. Lol, thats exactly that kind of talk im mean. I used to smoke: Well, smoking is bad, but it doesent explain anything of value why this would make the "vaccine" safe? Did not check the label for food: Well, while you could check it, what does this have to do with "vaccines" again? I love these kind of arguments that are based on: Because you used to jump from high bridges, you shouldnt be allowed to tell me not to jump from a skycraper..... And if all fails use the last effort strawman argument: "well life is short, and there's danger all around". While technically correct, its still a lame excuse. Son: "Why did you race with 400 miles per hour in a city?" Dad: " Well life is short anyway, so why not." Son: "But isnt that dangerous for you and others?" Dad: "Danger is all arround, it doesent matter." Lol
  11. Someones thoughts on why vaccines are save: "It's easy to blame the vaccine for every symptom for ever after. I had my last done in February but when my period was late then early in May and June I did have an immediate reaction. Almost certainly down to unrelated stress instead though. And with regards to 'you have no idea what's in the vaccine' you have no idea what is in any medicine from paracetamol to antibiotics to lemsip to strepsils. They could sneak something in the water supply easier if they wanted to kill us/ turn us into lizards. Any pre-prepared food could be behind a sinister plot. If Bill Gates wanted to track you he could release an amazing app on your phone and get far more data than a microchip in a vaccine. And if it was a photoediting app to make me look amazing that happened to tell Bill Gates where I was... I would probably still download it! " Me: It's easy to blame the vaccine for every symptom for ever after -> That is absolutly correct. Because every symptom after that is related to it. So yes, its easy to blame the vaccine, because the "vaccine" is to blame. I had my last done in February but when my period was late then early in May and June I did have an immediate reaction. Almost certainly down to unrelated stress instead though. -> i mean i do not believe in 3,8 Million coincidences that all happen to be connected to the vaccine. Sry, just not my thing. And with regards to 'you have no idea what's in the vaccine' you have no idea what is in any medicine from paracetamol to antibiotics to lemsip to strepsils -> True. What does this excuse now? That one bad product is somehow justified because there are other bad products? Lol. They could sneak something in the water supply easier if they wanted to kill us/ turn us into lizards. -> They actually couldnt. Water is checked, water has also different variants of quality, different temps. Simply adding posion into the water supply would be found out very very soon and could not be talked away easily. Any pre-prepared food could be behind a sinister plot -> They poison the food for a very long time now anyway. People think that poisoning food means to add some extra flavour of snales oil or something similiar. Thats ridicolous. Of course not. GMOs, chemicals, unnessesary amounts of sugar all add up in comprimising the immune system. If Bill Gates wanted to track you he could release an amazing app on your phone and get far more data than a microchip in a vaccine. -> its already released my dude. And if it was a photoediting app to make me look amazing that happened to tell Bill Gates where I was... I would probably still download it! " -> Nice of you to tell us that you love slavery. Good for you i guess.
  12. Shadowmoon, high temps basically always go along with: loss for appetit (couldnt eat), headache, tiredness. These things are to my experience always connected in one way or other, which makes sense if you think about it. When you are sick, you never really are hungry, no matter what it is. High temps always go with headaches and your body is tired. Flu like symptoms can also appear without the usual running nose and the cough which they are mostly associated with. I would not read too much into it. Getting sick from time to time isnt a problem, even though it is uncomfortable when you go through it.
  13. I've seen mask made bags that are sold in shops. I try to imagine the average Joe who sits in front of the mirror before he goes out for work/shopping and the like and has to make the terrible difficult decision, which tyranny agreeing method he wears today. Is it Tyranny A?,...nono,..today i wear tyranny agreement B. Pulls out a maskbag out of the closet.
  14. I already told you how i see it. Change comes gradual. Thinking that one protest brings this to an end is unrealistic anyway. No one expects that. You make small victories on the way to your goal and if you are met with all arround postivity from your fellow citizens that take part in it, thats something that can give you some hope. We have seen people waving from their windows and balconies all arround. We made it happen to even protest without permission (never happend before). So people just did it. They didnt wait. They just took the streets and even though the police really tried very hard to stop it by its origin, there were protests in several parts of the city, many many marches at the same time. Basically impossible to control it all. Protests are one part of many parts that can be of help for you and for others. You do not need to seek the cure-it-all weapon in it.
  15. Came back from the Berlin Protest on 01.08.2021 (exactly one year after the first big protest started there). This time the court deemed it illegal because it protests against the restrictions. (So basically saying you protest against tyranny, we forbid it) I think i was never so proud of the people there that still went and put everything on the line. We had a lot of police brutality, use of pepper spray and beating against olds and young alike. (i filmed a couple of these instances) However, in the end we marched through the city in such numbers, the police couldnt even do anything anymore. The only presence you felt they were still there, were the flying helicopters. Thats it. It started hard and ended on a positive note. Not one dude with a face nappy that took part in the march. You know, one good thing about being deemed illegal is that you do not even make small attempts to satisfy rules. People just said, fuck it. (which is a good thing) I hope from now on people just say date, locality, go. No need to ask for permission. Just do it.
  16. Dont want to sound like a douche, but we knew since this whole thing started that this will be the case. It would actually be funny if it wouldnt be so dangerous. Its the most predictable scheme. Yes we prepared ourselfs a long time ago for this exact reason.
  17. Definetly. They act as if they did something great, because they ask you if you got "vaccinated" and tell you all day long that they got it. Like when was this ever a thing? Telling random people what kind of stuff you enject yourself with was never even a topic. They really think they accomplished something for the greater good of humanity.
  18. The face at the end is priceless.
  19. Well written. I might add that in nowadays age influencers have a lot more power than any newspaper does. Influencers might be your favorite youtuber that you know for years and love the content he/she promotes. You would never suspect such a thing that they are sellouts and do everything for money and for staying on that platform. There are influencers with millions of followers that say that they got jabbed and everything went fine. They also might add sentences like: "i did not turn into a robot, and i did not got attacked by 5g", or something of the like, basically telling you through memes and flowers to not listen to these crazed consipracy theorists.
  20. To answer "A Quantum Cat." Well, i think that humans are just easily manipulated and dependend in which position they sit also obedient, to hold on to that position. Meaning if you have certain power, you most likely wont give it up. Thats the gist off it. No meetings necessary. Meetings are only for those that got clearly instructed on the better part of this scam. The pyramid dictates, that only those at the absolute top, the inventors, know everything. Below that people either have partly knowledge or simply just enough knowledge for whatever they are supposed to do. This is done to prevent whistleblowers that could leak knowledge into the open that even they themself should not have any knowledge about. Its a pretty simple but highly effective power grid. The lenght to what humans go to aquire and to play with just a bit of power they think they hold can already be seen in a normal office enviroment (which i worked for a couple of years). There is always some politics, always some bootlickers, always those that love to tell others what they have to do and they obey, because they either do it and maybe get promoted or simply accepted in the workforce or if they dont they gte replaced and sooner or later fired alltogether. No questions asked. Humans have learned that it is better to obey to authority if they want to get somewhere in life. Whatever this "getting" even means. Edit: and yes i know that he/she cannot hear me, i simply felt the compulsion to answer this rather simple question.
  21. 22-Year Old French Man Dies 9 Hours after his Covid-19 Vaccination, His Father is Furious https://www.bitchute.com/video/GW6A5yWctN1s/
  22. Either stupid, placebo (show) or both. Either way this dude can now be scratched off as sheep or criminal. Everyone that still suggests to get "vaccinated" is immediatly clear on which side you stand. Sorting out the good from the bad was never easier, thanks to this Plandemic crap.
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