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  1. I also wanted to point out, that all people that physically let inject themself by a jab that could potentially have side-effects, disable or kill you and refuse to research before that, are another kind of stupid. If you refuse to listen, fine, people tried to inform them for 10 months now. But to refuse to research when it comes to your own health is something i find in-excusable. And even more so when it affects children that do not have the possibility to look things up or grasp the reality about these "vaccines". They put all their trust into their parents and if a parent cannot look
  2. Thats exactly it. When they are ready, they wake up. Until then they are bound by their beliefs. All information is out there. There is no need to equip anyone. If they want to know more, they can go researching. Its literally one of the major things you learn in school and university. You get a task, you get a day/week/month and your job is it to find all the informations about a topic by yourself. Happend to me plenty of times in school. At the end you put it all together and make a powerpoint presentation or something of that sort. Looking things up is not th
  3. Links for all intrested: Neverland: https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2021/01/compensating-duped-parents-is-a-priority-rutte-says-after-cabinet-resignation/ Estonia: https://estonianworld.com/security/a-political-crisis-in-estonia-prime-minister-juri-ratas-resigns/ Italy: https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1383663/Italy-news-Matteo-Renzi-resign-coalition-government-italia-viva-state-of-emergency-covid
  4. The problem is that you cannot count on it, when a country refuses to go along with these enforcements. That might also change rather quickly, because whoever refuses to go along with it, will face pressure. Secondly, moving from one country to another is not something one should take lightly, as the culture,climate and language are different and it always seems easy when talked about it, but is a heavy commitment to actually go through with it. If you want to disconnect yourself from the system, you have to go to the outback in a bigger country where barely anyone lives. That
  5. Michael

    Greta is 18

    Sry mate, i still hope you can sleep well
  6. Michael

    Greta is 18

    You need to check her mother. She is even crazier.
  7. Michael

    Greta is 18

    Its the age old way to undermine legit critizism. Its like i would say: Its possible to run 100 meters in 9 seconds for a human being and because no one yet has archieved it, everyone is like: You probably also believe that you can outrace a Boing 747 on foot. Oh, you doubt that the PCR test cannot test for Covid? I guess you also believe in mars humans. Its such an old and predictable tactic, i wonder how so many fools can fall for this crap.
  8. https://www.bitchute.com/video/PiPhKzuuHova/ As explained by Mr. Mathisen, no human being would react in that way those people reacted in that video, unless it is staged. If someone gets shot point blank right in front of you, you are not standing arround and turn your back to the shooter and fiddle arround with your mobile phone. Sry, thats straight out of a fairy tale. Reality doesent work like that. Every human being that fears for its life would go into cover.
  9. The election fraud is not an opinion. Its a fact as much as facts go. You cant even say its a matter of perspective. There is nothing to interpret. What has been presented by eyewitness accounts cannot be simply shoved away as nothing. If thats how things are handled, you might as well commit outright crimes in front of a big gathering crowd. I mean all those peoples testimonys account for nothing then right? Its an almost 7 hour hearing as an example. Video evidence is presented right at the beginning. You might as well also watch the enti
  10. Are you serious? There is like an endless list of proof. Criminals in court got charged with far less evidence. - There are eyewitness reports - There is video material that shows illegal activities - People that were dead voted - People that are not a citizen of state voted - There were no Id checks in many areas, literally anyone could walk in or even vote a couple of times - There were overvotes of 150%, 200%, 300% and 400%, which means that therewere more votes counted than voters exist, which is impossible to be legit votes. Example: 100 peop
  11. As we are about to end the year 2020 i wanted to once again share the biggest crowd gathering against lockdown restrictions that occured in Berlin at 29.08.2020 This is a sight to behold and such footage gives me hope. Due to copyright restrictions (music) i uploaded it on youtube and not here.
  12. I wish Merry Christmas to all forum members and let us change the world for something good. Spend time with your loved ones, no matter what they say. I am proud and honered to be part of this community. And never forget: In the end, love wins.
  13. Lol, i just won't do it. Legally decline a vaccine, is a contradiction in terms. There is nothing legal about the vaccine itself, so legally decline does not make sense from that standpoint. In fact and it needs to be repeated, the vaccine itself is a crime, a desaster and its better to threat it that way.
  14. Oh God, i think i have a new earworm, haha
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