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  1. THE COVID-19 VACCINE IS A NOW PROVEN MAIMING SHOT. WHAT IDIOTS. They really were stupid enough to post this on Drudge: So why is posting this a stupid thing to do? Because sharks are where the squalene in the shot will come from. Squalene is what caused the gulf war syndrome and causes other vaccine related ailments like fybromyalgia and various nuerological disorders. Squalene was tested during the gulf war to see just how bad it was for perfectly healthy people - soldiers. And the answer is, it was very bad, which proved prior medical research into squalene was accurate. That's the whole reason why they tested it on soldiers before putting it in the childhood shots - to give an excellent reference in a proven perfectly healthy population. Squalene is an oil that is a key component of the nervous system. It is put in vaccines under the false premise of being an adjuvant. While it will serve that purpose, it's use for that amounts to purposeful sabotage, because once the immune system is tricked into believing squalene is an enemy of the body (which is the job of an adjuvant, that increases immune response) the immune system is, at the same time, tricked into attacking squalene in your nervous system. That will trigger all kinds of problems, from autism to weakness to numbness to - if it is neurological, just name it. This was known about all the way back in the 1930's - that you NEVER USE SQUALENE OR ANY OTHER OIL AS AN ADJUVANT BECAUSE YOU'LL END UP MAIMING PEOPLE. The use of squalene by the current medical system as an adjuvant, which was known for most of a century to be extremely harmful, is solid proof nations have been subverted and that a certain tribe has seized the medical system world wide - only to subsequently use it as a weapon against the "lesser tribes". And I am an anti-science moron for pointing that out, because vaccines are based on science says Share Blue troll
  2. Covid the bioweapon. Yep, the next wave could be coming for the children, because they need maximum traction for their agenda… modified or different bioweapon. So even the anti vaccine people will go begging to get injected with the vaccine designed to kill you!
  3. The next bit of evidence that Covid is a bioweapon made in Porton Down, is the fact that Russia has two cures for Covid & while they are still being tested, Putin has said these cures have been give to many people, including his own family members and they are safe. Now, I know the Russians are a clever people, but how did they achieve this so quickly? There is only one logical answer to this question. The Russians have a mole in Porton Down & maybe Fort Detrick. Not only did the Russians have the Covid design (remember, the Russians would just have this as intelligence, it would take time to connect the dots & not many in Russia would know the details) and they would have the cures ( I don’t want to called them vaccinations), because Porton Down wouldn’t develope a bioweapon without antidotes. Massive significance in this Russian revelation, but the best the West can say is that they are skeptical. Many countries have ordered the Russian cures. But the question remains, if the Covid bioweapon mutatates by design, or do the just release more leathal virsions of the Covid bioweapon? If Covid runs for 2/3 years, what follows? How many more bioweapons? So if we go back in time, Israel & apartheid South Africa were working on genetically selective biological weapons and not that long ago Putin was furious that US military was caught collecting Russian DNA. About 24 years ago (from memory), the BBC Today ‘show’ had a UK professor demanding an international treaty to regilate biological weapons & speciffically genetically selective weapons. This professor said that about 9 countries & nine corporations were working on this type of weapons research… 24 years ago! After 9/11, the deep state using the fake news mesaged the sheeple for weeks, months, that the ‘terrorists’ could have biological weapons… not only that, but these terrorist labs could be set up in a flat for next to no money and wait for it…. a MEDIOCRE student would have no trouble making a deadly biological agent….
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