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  1. My book has arrived by post_lady this morning, looking forward to reading 'Perceptions of a Renegade Mind' tonight at bedtime all cosied-up in bed. Had a quick flick through the first pages & held the book for a little while .... i love it
  2. Just got back to the site now & placed my order for the book ..... so Excited !!!! Not to criticize, but i was surprised by the shipping costs approx. £6.50 which seems expensive. The price of the book feels like it is a 'usual' price for books in general anyway i have the money to buy the book just now, so am really just appreciative of that fact... Thanks David, family & co.
  3. RE: Anyone else had arguments or fighting among their family due to this corona situation? --------------------------- mild disagreement my son has had his first jab, my sister has had both jabs & my niece informed me today whilst meeting her 4 month old daughter for the first time that she got the first jab yesterday even though she is breast feeding her ..... niece believes it is safe & will pass the antibodies on to her baby daughter, this being a good thing. My older sister says having the jabs is 'for the best !' WOW !.... just Wow !!! my elder sister & my niece, both said they has researched it before choosing to have the jabs My son is aware of Alex Jones & his info.... but he's also in the Army My elder sister is a retired N.H.S nurse My sister's younger daughter is refusing the jab ...... since her mother originally warned her it could give 'fertility' issues Myself & my grow-up daughter are both refusing the jabs [for now !!!!!] we shop online for groceries, my daughter currently works & i receive benefits ....... so if these things require jabs to obtain them .... we're kinda gonna be 'screwed !!!!' My daughter always had dreams of travelling to different places in the world too .... we'll seee [ps. not sure why all the txt is sitting inside in a grey bar... it was not consciously intended !]
  4. i have never bought any of David's previous books, or ever read any of them either. I am going to buy this book, i haven't had the capacity to 'read' books for many, many years now...... so this will be a special 'treat !!' Thankyou SOooo much David x
  5. Our story: My daughter is 30yrs old, her father who lived with us, got the 1st jab..... He was 60yrs old & was dealing with advanced colon cancer with spread to the liver. he received the Astrazeneca [Oxford] my daughter's next menstrual cycle was early, not her usual or 'normal' for her. Her next period was also early.... Her father passed on 16th June from his metastasized cancer I am in my menopausal phase... no obvious different changes for me during this time Non of us felt any obvious 'cold/ flu' type symptoms We all live/d in the same home, bungalow Hope this adds to the data pool, to help us all understand how these experimental 'death' jabs are effecting our lives. Life & death decisions happening.
  6. This was a good movie, thanks for reminding me, might have it on / play it in the background for some support Thanks moonlight
  7. haha, made me laugh.... he looks as 'mean as hell!'..... 'love him' [sorry, misquoted.... my comment should of quoted the picture of Merlin, it was not meant to be a response to 'Fluke's' comment as it is now]
  8. ok thanks ...... check mate sounds fun xxxx bring it on i AM ready ... been anticipating this for some time no .... are u done ... are yu ready to go "
  9. he's called Merlin x greatest name
  10. i psychically 'get' ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ powerful master ---------------- 2. wise sage ======================= 3. marrrrrrrjudge ........ Sim_son...... me: ....... air /er/eh ..... ? !!!!! ?! take it easy xx
  11. fear of the killer virus - this was my 1st raction and being a ' HATER_of_ people] ... i was at the top of the pile when it came to getting rid of people [ah, so im a Billy b / humter FAN ... ,, yea English language is very 'sstew 'pedo , i'm pd ... [uni pid, bi pid, tri pid .... any how i digress ...,,, it's just so hard , i just do right . , well u know right , um .. to be continues .. i'm sure xxx muxh luv. animal species ... great gifys to you forever by-your-sie xxxxxxx rhythm is a PDancer x L)n
  12. This 'still image' of Holly & Phil reminds me of the film 'Life' & that was also a horror movie, not for the 'faint-hearted' to watch..
  13. Hello & Thanks for the Welcome x A Barbara Marciniak workshop i attended with my mother in 1999 addressed a question asked by a workshop attendee in regards to David Icke, i was curious. in 2005 [?] i watched a t.v documentary in which David was saying that the illuminati were conducting ceremonies to burn 'care'. This obviously stuck with me, as during my first spiritual awakening experience, it became a HUGELY important / impactful event / fact. Been subtle energy connected to David since then, which became more 'solid' a few years back. Tried to become a member of David's forum approx. 3 to 4 times, but always failed to get to actually writing [least i think so] i adore David Icke ... he is one of my 'hero's' i also joined in on supporting david's first [?] attempt at a new media platform donating £10 for the cause xxx feels good, new , to be here writing ... looking forward to engaging in fun, worthwhile discussions & chats ....... Cheers to all forum members x Hi David, family & crew....... ....may we acheive .........F-R_E_E-D-O-M .....'Real~Freedom' !!!
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