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  1. ok thanks ...... check mate sounds fun xxxx bring it on i AM ready ... been anticipating this for some time no .... are u done ... are yu ready to go "
  2. he's called Merlin x greatest name
  3. i psychically 'get' ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ powerful master ---------------- 2. wise sage ======================= 3. marrrrrrrjudge ........ Sim_son...... me: ....... air /er/eh ..... ? !!!!! ?! take it easy xx
  4. fear of the killer virus - this was my 1st raction and being a ' HATER_of_ people] ... i was at the top of the pile when it came to getting rid of people [ah, so im a Billy b / humter FAN ... ,, yea English language is very 'sstew 'pedo , i'm pd ... [uni pid, bi pid, tri pid .... any how i digress ...,,, it's just so hard , i just do right . , well u know right , um .. to be continues .. i'm sure xxx muxh luv. animal species ... great gifys to you forever by-your-sie xxxxxxx rhythm is a PDancer x L)n
  5. This 'still image' of Holly & Phil reminds me of the film 'Life' & that was also a horror movie, not for the 'faint-hearted' to watch..
  6. Hello & Thanks for the Welcome x A Barbara Marciniak workshop i attended with my mother in 1999 addressed a question asked by a workshop attendee in regards to David Icke, i was curious. in 2005 [?] i watched a t.v documentary in which David was saying that the illuminati were conducting ceremonies to burn 'care'. This obviously stuck with me, as during my first spiritual awakening experience, it became a HUGELY important / impactful event / fact. Been subtle energy connected to David since then, which became more 'solid' a few years back.
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