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  1. I've always suspected that a Marxist type 'socialist revolution' will usher in the final stages of the establishment of a new world order.
  2. Socialists are now accusing people involved with Freedom protests such as the Canadian truckers as being racists and Nazis. David. I was right enough when he once said that 'Left wing people used to be rebellous towards the Establishment, but now they support it'. I am old enough to know the political atmosphere of 1970s
  3. After looking into the Socialist Worker website to see if they had any info about any anti war demos I came across an article about the Freedom marches. The article made the following statement: David Icke, one of the organisers, told the police in a speech that they were “enforcing fascism that your own children will have to live with”. Icke is banned from Australia for Holocaust denial and has said the Rothschilds are behind, or helped plan, the Covid outbreak. https://socialistworker.co.uk/news/reactionary-protest-says-no-to-covid-19-safety-measures/ Just to keep the record straight I not a Marxist or a socialist. Nevertheless there are certain issues that I am in agreement with them. Such as anti war, anti austerity and anti Zionism. Now it is WRT to this latter issue that they come across as not just libellous, but two faced and hypocritical. By claiming that he is a 'Holocaust denier' they are implying that he is anti Semite. If any of these socialists went across the Australia and voiced their opinions on Israel and Zionism then they too would also be classed as being anti Semitic. Anyone who has read any of David's books or watched his documentaries will know that no way is he an anti Semite.
  4. The DavidIcke.com website is down. Every time I click on one of its newslinks I get 'Bad Gateway 400'.
  5. There has been a lot of consideration given to 'micro dosing' of drugs such as LSD and psylocibin as a treaqtment for depression.
  6. IMO despite Extinction Rebellion being a bunch of [email protected] - they do give me a good laugh. Like the time when they dug up a lawn in some posh uni and when they dumped a wheelbarrow load of shite on the floor of a High Street bank.
  7. Yes a lot of people in the BBC either suspected or knew what Savile was up to. One of these persons was John Lyndon (sex Pistols Jonny Rotten) and on a Youtube he said that Savile was a 'creep' and admited to being too frightened about making any complaints.
  8. Nice one! as there has been many a day that I couldn't arsed. LOL
  9. Good opportunity to catch up on my reading.
  10. I managed to upload it to youtube. So watch it while you get the chance:
  11. I just found the youtube video of New World Order Dance that I downlaoded about 8 years ago. it is no longer available on youtube. So I decided to post it here as an attachment. Unfortunately attached files can only be 48mb.
  12. Anyone heard of them? They were a band who were promoted by David Icke about 8 or 9 years ago. I bought a few of their songs from Amazon (this was the only place I could buy them from). They also had them on Youtube. My favourite one was 'New World Order Dance' They no longer appear on Youtube and the only thing you get if you Google Plumbjam are details of plum jam
  13. My "lightbulb" moment WRT what I read in Mr Icke's was the concept of 'heirarchical compartmentalism' and their networks. It all made sense to me, beause it is IMO a good explaination of how millions of people came be controlled and manipulated.
  14. Hi Folks, I recently registered. I am 67 years old. Retired a year ago. I've read most of Mr Icke's books and I wont be accepting any vaccines
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