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  1. Today marks a sad day for many businesses around the country who were relying on the Christmas punters to give their business a boost. Sad times we're living in.
  2. I feel as though we're approaching very interesting times. Hopefully a time where people behind to wake up to this madness. There is absolutely no excuse for lockdowns, masks and social distancing to still be around after this vaccine is dished out. Also, how are planning to get around taking the vaccine if they begin to take away our liberties without it? I'm extremely worried about this.
  3. Driving down a main road today, and I seen a light up sign saying: "IS YOUR JOURNEY ESSENTIAL ? IF NOT, STAY AT HOME" The propaganda is in our streets. Increadbly scary times.
  4. Something big is going on right now, that’s for sure.
  5. All of these sayings you constantly hear from the government are all forms of ‘war time propaganda’. One massive aspect of propaganda during the first and Second World War was repetition, which we are constantly hearing. For example, “we must....” & “unprecedented times”. Another example would be to build around a slogan, and I think we can all name numerous slogans from this last 8 months.
  6. So Boris is being told to self isolate... more government propaganda in order to tell us that we can apparently catch it twice. Scaremongering at its finest.
  7. Would anyone be able to provide me some scientific evidence from non MSM sources to back up the claims that the virus is exaggerated, or anything along those lines. I'm currently in an online dispute elsewhere, and I really need some help. Thank you!
  8. So, Nottingham is heading in to an inevitable local lockdown. Can't wait to have the little freedoms I have left snatched away from me. Such a depressing world we are living in now and it amazes me how people are still accepting it. Have the population been dumbed down so much?
  9. I have joined this forum because it is an incredibly lonely place in the ‘real world’ right now. For someone who can see beyond the lies. People think you’re crazy. All I can say, is they have us by the bollocks. They have the people turning against each-other, policing each-other. When local lockdowns are enforced, people say ‘well, people should have been following social distancing’. In regard to mask wearing, they say it’s to ‘protect others, not yourself’ which makes you look ‘selfish’. They’ve played an absolute belter here.
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