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  1. Pretty frightening, might be a good idea to stock up on motherboards and cpus while we can? They're pretty cheap anyway if only for simple tasks
  2. My dear beloved brother/sister, I thank you from the very bottom of my heart for taking the time to share this file, I have been looking for more information on this topic so this book is a holy grail for me. I too have been thinking and living on my own life how we are living in an artificially made suffering machine where we are all cogs of it
  3. Absolutely, my brother/sister, as a matter of fact I am one of those poor people who got it for free, there are several sites where you can do that, but i didn't felt like adding that for respect to the author, however I just finished reading the Spanish version a volunteer translated and uploaded to archive.org based on a newer print where larken ends the book by saying how he doesn't mind people getting the book for free as long as they don't profit from it by reselling it. Lovely guy
  4. Thank you very much for sharing his name and book, "the most dangerous superstition" is one of the most powerful and life changing books I have ever read. It goes straight into one of the core reasons why we are in the perceptional prison we are in as well as ways we can get out of them. Despite he tackling complex issues His way of speaking is clear consize and plain so everyone can understand him. You can buy his book by going to his official site larrkenrose.com and also As of right now, you can also get a sneak peak of the full book as an audiobook on YouTube by a reader who decided to narrate it himself, just look up the title on there. Good luck to you all
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