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  1. His teammate Arturo Vidal had the shot on the 31st of May as is evidenced on his Twitter feed. It seems likely the whole team would have been jabbed at the same time, though it doesn't prove this beyond a shadow of doubt. I have also heard that Denmark won't allow travel out of the country without the vaxx, so..
  2. It's okay I can access it through Banned Video site now.
  3. Hi Gareth, has your NHS Whistleblower video been removed? When I click the link, whether it be from your post or from the main David Icke page, it takes me through to a page that says simply 'banned video'. You must really have touched a nerve with that one? By the way, been on your dad's page almost from day one, just want to thank you both for all your hard work, courage and compassion for humanity.
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