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  1. The reintroduction of Cannibalism is a real thing, as is human trafficking for the same purpose. The eating of the fruit of knowledge is cannibalism. Please read the works of Oscar Kiss Maerth http://www.rosemanmanagement.com/book/Chapter_1.pdf
  2. The link provided is an interview on off planet media regards the exposure to an ancient order of druids and freemasons associated groups. The main connecting factor in these is the 'order of the serpent' that David Icke talks about, but with unabridged exposure of the agenda of the ages, to reinstate the 'traditions of Babylon'. These traditions, which are concealed within the 'path of secret initiations' include : 1:Corpse medicine, AKA Kabbala & ancestral Cannibalism to bring actual knowledge from one generation to another,.. of which in this age also includes, as it did in the times of noah 'life extension' through the consumption of the blood of the innocent, among other techniques, which is now being packaged within 'stem cell' regeneration from aborted fetus and donors. 2:The predatory 'Headhunting' that every culture upon the planet has a history of and the consequent reformation towards a faith based in peace and an open society where trade is the connecting force. 3:Adrenochrome harvesting through trauma, which deliver the initiate to the blinding light of god, AKA Luciferic force through these degrees of initiation. 4:The works of Oscar Kiss Maerth, who connects the dots of Genesis, which taken literally represents Cannibalism as the path of human evolution, and on to a de-evolution, causing the confusion humans have suffered until this technological age where history and science can take an overview of these and many other anomalies of history, we are to ashamed to connect, AKA the original sin. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwQ7PxbBajA&list=PLc5uNxyRi6Q_SL7vNI_z3lM4GjtQSm-96&index=1&t=438s
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