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  1. We will not have much longer to wait I don't think.
  2. They are making this shit up as they go along and the idiots are buying it hook, line and sinker.
  3. Grumpy Owl and Basket Case should be fired for malfeasnace. Reet Hard should be made chief moderator deputising Jackson's Ghost.
  4. The majority of people wear masks and distance and lockdown without even a whimper of resistance. So why do you think that makes them crisis actors?
  5. Dear Rupert/Carlos, Comedy Time, The problem isn't that I am responding to your posts it is that you apparently can't handle people responding to your posts on a public forum. Furthermore, regardless of why you said it, commenting on how new someone is to the forum is always irrelevant. Your constant name calling of anyone who disagrees with you is very silly please stop it, thank you. You have to appreciate that you must stay polite and emotionally detached regardless of how "batshit" you may think other peoples' opinions are because that is the only way we will get to the truth. As I have said before, I am not a no planer and believe planes (all be it military ones) did hit the towers but that is not what made them collapse. Please act with more decorum moving forward, thank you. Regards, Reet Hard.
  6. How big was the exclusion zone after the collapse? When was the engine discovered?
  7. I don't have any knowledge of this asteroid you mention. However, I do think something else big is coming that they are going to pull.
  8. It's to do with cremations there's an article about it on the main David Icke website under UK news.
  9. If the plane breaks into bits on impact how can it have cut through the steel beams?
  10. I think there were planes but the concept that there were not is not insane, they just have a different opinion to you. Please define thing, thank you.
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