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  1. why...? (other than it allows condescending smuggies like you to feel superior to the rest of us)
  2. to/for what POSSIBLE end/reason...? if I, using my divinely designed brain in all good faith, arrive at a logical conclusion that nevertheless contradicts the party line, am I then supposed to say "Ooops! Mea culpa! Sorry!" & pretend I didn't..?
  3. Find any photographs of Earth published in books printed before ~1976 (not scans or images, because these can be manipulated), but the original, printed books with the original, printed photographs
  4. As long as you continue to insist that you are right in the face of all logical evidence to the contrary, not completely... Can quite see your ancestors being enthusiastic members of the Spanish Inquisition (the men, that is; "God-fearing" Catholic women had only two possible career paths - as either mothers or nuns, nothing else) Next time you hear someone say that their belief or faith "burns like fire" or "they are aflame" just pause for a moment & think about where & how such statements originated ps 100^9 is what Hubble can see; James Webb will
  5. Artillery shells, even from howitzers, do NOT follow trajectories that bring them down vertically from above as bombs do... Yet, in books printed during/just after the First World War (ie. originally published ~100 years ago, so no Photoshop etc) the shell craters on the battlefields of the Western Front are all circular, as is explained above...
  6. In a state of dynamic (Hoyle Steady-State Universe Hypothesis) or static (Paint-Dry Hypothesis) equilibrium..? hopefully the former..
  7. Clocks on GPS satellites need constant adjusting to offset the effects of GR (but ~38^-6s/day, yet sufficient to render position data unreliable within ~2 min, apparently..)
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