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  1. I know what you mean but I cant sit here doing nothing about it we have to try something don't we? I am totally all ears to anything anyone else can suggest to help us fight this.
  2. i agree, I am not proposing having labour take over i for one would not want them too. if I am honest I am not sure what would happen if this was to occur I just cant think of anything else we could do to try and stop this attack on our freedom.
  3. Ah fantastic, I did not realise there was something already in operation to this effect thank you i will look into this, anyone else just finding this post, please do take a look at what Macnamara has linked me to. Thanks
  4. Do we have anyone in this forum with a good grasp of the legal system? I am proposing that we write a letter to be sent to every MP simply explaining we have lost all confidence in the government and would like the MP's to vote no confidence, this letter can be passed about social media where any persons agreeing with us can simply alter there details and send the letter by email to every mp in the country. to stream line this we can add all the email addresses they require to get the letter to all MP's and they can simply copy and paste both the letter body and the rec
  5. thanks for the information all very useful, i just hope it does not come to that, but I am preparing how ever i can do.
  6. yea i really hope so too before its too late, i here that mat cockhead is asking to drag the army in for the vax just like i feared
  7. your not on your own mate I am in the same situation except i do have it a bit better my partner understands what is going on too. even with my partner understanding the lies we are been fed I am still struggling with all this. that's why I am here i think we can see though from the protests David and his community have set up we are not alone. good luck brother
  8. honestly guys if i could convince my family to come with me i would be living in a tent in the woods lol
  9. what will you do if they make it so you cannot even enter a super market with out a mobile phone digital vax cert?
  10. yea this is part of what i fear, what are your plans to get through such tactics all i have done is gotten 2 months ahead with my food stock.
  11. Tbo this whole thing looks like communist ideological subversion, if you look into that it explains a lot. its been going on for a long time and now we are coming to the stage of it called crisis I will be honest is scaring me to death because i know what this results in from studying history of other nations it has been used on. and this time its been used on the entire world by the globalists and china. if you watch this video an ex KGB officer will explain what it is and how it works. the real question is how are we going to defeat it? the only way to do it is to re-moralize the
  12. jack sorry for the many responses, a lot has changed since this video was made are you sure the same rules apply even now? i watch a guy in parliament pretty much begging for stronger measures and the army to be used for vax
  13. am sure if everyone stood united it would not be an issue, it is just the amount of brain washed people there are out there i keep day dreaming of people chasing me down like invasion of the body snatchers lmfao
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