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  1. https://www.bitchute.com/video/hFDHexkLPKiH/ Sorry this one ^
  2. https://www.bitchute.com/video/b13eepIYZkVF/
  3. That contradicts the tower impacts then? No pieces falling down are seen like in this video? LOOOL..
  4. That doesn't explain why it's only a hole in the ground and why google have been deleting images of the Pennsylvania plane impact I want to see pictures not and brutal evidence, not text. Anyone can write text (and make up stories ;)), I want pictures and evidence
  5. Are you on the Kim Kardashian show? You love drama or what? You seem to be extremely active on here and reply very quick... I wonder what your full time job is
  6. @Comedy Time You sure love that same old engine pic Where's your engine pic in the Pennsylvania "plane impacts"?
  7. @Comedy Time How can we see the plane inside the tower?
  8. Ok so going by your logic, what about the plane pieces Mr (not a newbie on david icke forum) 326 posts? no plane shrapnel can be seen falling, you're now gonna tell me they got evaporated?
  9. @Comedy Time What has my number of posts on a david icke forum got to do anything? is that some sort of status to you??? Where are the plane pieces falling? Let alone a massive engine??? Not even a single scrap can be seen falling lol. You are either deluded or a shill - which one, you choose
  10. Thanks appreciate so much
  11. Guys please support my video on bitchute and like and share if you have an account.. I think it has hit a few nerves of some shills and agents as I don't think anyone has seen much like this before.... Let's get this video out there!!
  12. Hahaah I have seen that picture of that same engine posted all over the internet, easily planted off a dump truck. Where are the pieces falling from impact in the videos? The hezerkhani footage is one of the clearest and you can see nothing Don't call me a newbie, you don't know me - in fact I can guarantee I have been researching 9/11 for longer than you I am 99% sure you are an agent.
  13. What do you mean plane parts? Man this guy needs to be banned from for forums for spreading misinfo - can you see any plane parts upon the impact in any of the plane impact videos? Why are you lying about such things? Where are the plane parts that are falling from the impact - there are NONE Now as you clearly have not watched my analysis and you are telling me lies and falsities, I don't think there is much point replying to you. Exploding something isn't hard with explosives XD, let me make it simple for you, if you put explosives in the shape of a circle you will get a circular hole. However if you place explosive on an object in the shape of a plane's nose and wings, then you can get a plane shaped crater, hope that makes sense for you although I am not sure as 2+2=5 for you and you are seeing things that others aren't Either you have seen a different 9/11 or I dunno really - or you know you are making lies intentionally.
  14. Hmm it seems like with you 2+2=5, you are trying to tell me that something isn't there when it is... You either aren't that educated in terms of video editing or you are some disinfo perp lol... Good luck trying to tell other people something isn't there when it is... All the best x
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