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  1. Who the heck pays the license fee these days anyway? It will be a cold day in hell when I voluntarily fund the British Bolshevik Corporation.
  2. What holocaust? You mean the death of people in concentration camps through disease and starvation? Auschwitz was a holiday camp prior to the Allies bombing the crap out of supply routes and causing a shortage of food and medical supplies.
  3. Jewish bankers always finance both sides of a war, that way they're guaranteed to get paid back with huge interest.
  4. It's parroted in countless Hollyweird movies, aswell as of course academia and the mainstream media. If the claim isn't 6 million gassed Jews, it's 6 million gassed enemies of NS Germany. The emphasis is of course always on the Jewish sufferink, so it's easy to forget about the numerous other groups of people who died during WW2. There's no actual evidence that gas chambers were used to murder people, yet the outlandish claim is widely accepted as 100% fact, much like the 6 million figure, which incidentally has some historical significance to Jews prior to WW2. The Re
  5. My Jew-dar must be playing up, I didn't notice they are chosenites.
  6. A load of nonsense. The psychic is a phony, he claims to have contacted a Queen who has been dead for centuries and is conveying her messages which contain modern words like 'downloaded'? Ridiculous. The guy is using exactly the same kind of vocabulary as he does earlier in the interview and is clearly just expressing his own thoughts.
  7. When a Jew brands something anti-Semitic, you know that it's almost certainly true.
  8. Exactly, whites saved their worthless, parasitic Kosher asses and in return have been thanked by having their homelands flooded with the dregs of the third world. Revenge can't come soon enough.
  9. That was a girl? These feral savages shouldn't even be in the country.
  10. They're terrified of the truth getting out, the Holocaust industry is an extremely lucrative business.
  11. The Germans were most certainly not the bad guys, the truly evil element of that era were the Bolsheviks. That Zionist stooge Churchill drove us into a needless war basically to appease his Jewish Freemason buddies and to continue funding his lavish lifestyle. Hitler desperately tried to keep the peace with Britain, but to no avail. Do you honestly buy into the 6 million Jews gassed lie? Heck, the claim is so absurd that in some countries they have laws in place to prevent anyone finding out the truth. In Germany there's a 90 year old lady in jail for the cardinal sin o
  12. Yes we really should. It's a little known fact that this Marxist organisation started out in 1930's Germany and was created by Jews to oppose the National Socialists.
  13. Bare in mind that it was (((Forbes))) which provided the hilarious article claiming that the English language is more responsible for passing Covid 19 around than others. The Jewish Lugenpresse has a long track record of vilifying white indigenous Brits.
  14. Either that or one of those mixed specimens with a black and ginger parent. Either way, it's an abomination.
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