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  1. You sound heartless, wicked and backwards. I'm sure in some locations immigrants have contributed towards crime rate but not all commit crimes and not all the crimes committing in London is committed by immigrants or Non-English people. If you think that is the case I don't know what to say to you.
  2. I agree a bit here. Once these war refugees reach a non-wartorn Country STAY THERE why then travel all through Europe to cross the channel to enter the UK? I'm sorry but piss off....
  3. Oh, right! I was thinking you were being sarcastic. lol
  4. Its a world script. I believe other Countries confirmed they will have a health passport it was spoken about in the MSM constantly while debunking such a thing would exist. Its all foreshadowing.
  5. Some people laugh at the idea of White people being a minority. Like its some kind of game. Honestly. I dunno what to say anymore. Lets get rid of the elites...
  6. I've heard this recently. Its a special number. 777
  7. The CDC Confesses to Lying About COVID-19 Death Numbers--- Canada Free Press Evidence to suggest Covid-19 is a contrived event – Alternative Thoughts (alternative-thoughts.co.uk) CDC lies, outright lies.
  8. All these articles people put up I hope people do stop and think that as Humans we go beyond ''BLACK/WHITE/YELLOW'' despite my skin colour (brown) I could ironically be more closely related to a European than someone of brown complexion. Our DNA paint a much different picture and our personas are more important. All this talk of replacing White people in their historical homelands would be called ''justice'' by some but its not, its simply playing into the agenda of the elite. Disgusting. As the statement above says I want to be with my own people aswell I
  9. The Idea Conspiracies don't exist. The idea conspiracies don’t exist. – Alternative Thoughts (alternative-thoughts.co.uk)
  10. I live in South London didn't hear about this until I saw this post. Jesus christ... well I'm moving soon so good!
  11. Yea its shocking how people haven't realised the lies at this point. Its perplexing...
  12. Yep, sadly this is my Father. He believes EVERYTHING the MSM says. Its so disheartening nothing ever will awake him not even a gun pointed at him. He is so brainwashed by everything the media says. I showed him a freedom of information act document - immediately said its ''FAKE NEWS'' knew he would say that. Honestly its sickening...
  13. Alternative Thoughts - Only 1 covid 19 death at hospital - YouTube
  14. I've been using instagram extensively.
  15. Happy this thread has been a success I actually thought it wouldn't at first. I see White Europeans as pawns in the New World Order agenda as others have said it doesn't go in the elites favour having people with strong traditions. They [they as in the world controllers] benefit from bringing people from widely different cultural backgrounds into one place to create as much tension and confusion as possible. Tension that can lead to crimes, civil war, forms of discrimination to sprout and a confusion of identities. Within this confusion of identities the world control
  16. I'm sure alot of you here know the link between Covid-19 and the health side effects from 5G. But I've published a short article on it on the website. Is Covid-19 radiation sickness? – Alternative Thoughts (wordpress.com)
  17. Has it had any success today?
  18. Insane amount of blinking? Eh?
  19. How is it proven that 5G is being targeted to kill healthy people? Yes, 5G is said to not be safe by many individuals and loads of science to back this up if you are looking in the right place.
  20. Thank you very much. Appreciated. Though it seems I need to pump alot of money into this if I want my media platform to work. God knows if I've got the energy to do this though. Not like I can bring about world change.
  21. Yes there is a point in arguing with authorities. If you don't argue their power will go unchecked. People need their businesses to make money.
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