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  1. Not sure if this is the correct part of the forum I couldn't find a relevent sub-forum on here but I have a small discord server we have some people who indeed see through the bullshit but alot seem to be very status quo. I'm calling all digital warriors to join us to help spread alternative information but also for my sanity! lol Invite link: https://discord.gg/SmHK2Dxp3p
  2. I'm surprised its that low or maybe I'm skewed because I live in London
  3. Hi all, Sorry if this is the wrong sub-forum but unsure where exactly to put it so decided I might as well post it in general. I am in the process of developing a social networking group for awakened people in and around London. We are looking to build a community of likeminded people who want to just relax, joke, befriend and of course try to contribute to a better world - not the world the cabal wants (a totalitarian technocracy) Anyway the link to both the Meet-up and the Telegram group is below. We encourage anyone who lives in Greater London and the hinterland especially to join. We are open to people beyond but the community won't just be an online community so engages with us in real life is essential. Our first meet-up is tomorrow - 2pm to Epping Forest (picnic & walk) https://www.meetup.com/awake-london-socials https://t.me/awakenedlondonsocials We really do appreciate anyone who also has ideas on how to be more self-sufficient etc
  4. April was the coldest in 60 years and May looks similar. How are they gonna push their agenda now! Its solar minimum!
  5. Its been very very cold for the past two months. 20c isn't warm for June. Its like their trying to push the global warming agenda despite the lack of warming...
  6. The UK says NO! to the new normal! The UK says ”NO” to the New Normal! – Alternative Thoughts (alternative-thoughts.co.uk)
  7. Alternative Thoughts Death of Prince Phillip - YouTube
  8. Do we live in a democracy? – Alternative Thoughts (alternative-thoughts.co.uk)
  9. Yes, very strange weather snowed in London yesterday. The intensity of it shocked me very strange weather indeed...
  10. Ahh right heard about the pfizer one being more dubious on that account..
  11. I'm only 24 first time such a letter came through my front door. Guess what this young guy did? STRAIGHT IN THE BIN! IT felt so good to rip it up. Fuck. right. off.
  12. Thank you for the compliment really means alot. I'm not a health professional but have some knowledge through basic schooling and ongoing research in my free time. I have heard about it being a gene therapy of sorts - it definitely contains Human DNA and genetically modified virus cells from a Chimpanzee but I'm unsure of how its gene therapy. I would need to research further.
  13. What the actual hell? Israel a supposedly holy land is being turned into the devil's paradise. How so very ironic? The holiest land in the world stooping so low to please the devil himself.
  14. Exactly, and this is why I think Covid-19 DOESN'T EXIST AT ALL. It mimics such a large myraid of diseases and health issues. From TB, Tonsillitis, CANCER, self-induced stress, Radiation sickness, common cold, flu, dry throat etc. The possibilities are literally ENDLESS!
  15. Did a little article regarding the Astra-Zeneca vaccine. Please share with the sleeping humans. Do you know what’s inside your vaccine? – Alternative Thoughts (alternative-thoughts.co.uk)
  16. “Objective: Create Phony Crisis”. A perfect way to sum up today’s mainstream news. The man continues: A woman adds: In 2020, it is difficult to hear these lines and not think of COVID-19. It is a new disease. No one’s immune. It is also “all the time” as media sources are already warning the public that his virus is here to stay. Here are some recent headlines: This New York Times headline mentally prepares people for a coronavirus summer. Similar headlines are being published around the world. As COVID-19 numbers go down in most of the world, media is already drumming up fear for a second wave. Back to The Simpsons, another media representative says: So they come up with the “Cat Flu”. The news begins accomplishing its job: To terrify the population. Newscaster Kent Brockman says: A scary map shows cats spreading across the U.S. So, Brockman actually says “Center for Disease Disinformation” – a jab at the CDC which has been accused in the past of grossly overhyping epidemics such as H1N1. Then, Brockman talks about “hypothetical” projections with “some degree of probability”. This is a joke about media going straight to the most terrifying and catastrophic scenario – even if the probability is low – to drum up fear and panic. Of course, as representatives of the masses, The Simpsons immediately comply to mass media. The Cat Flu eerily echoes COVID-19. Since the start of the outbreak, a steady stream of headlines has been associating the virus with cats. Here are some recent examples from various news sources. CTV News. North Shore News. Canoe News. Postmedia News. Vanity Fair. Then, Kent Brockman ramps up the fear-mongering by listing ridiculous “symptoms”. He says: According to most sources, COVID-19 symptoms are fever, dry cough, tiredness, and sore throat. In other words, it really doesn’t take much to launch someone into COVID-panic-mode. As Homer goes crazy about the virus, Marge tells him that a vaccine it out. So they go out and get it. A long lineup for the Cat Flu vaccine. We’ll probably witness similar scenes across the world in the near future. In Conclusion This clip from 2010 was probably inspired by the H1N1 crisis which was found to be grossly overhyped by organizations such as the WHO and the CDC. It nevertheless ended with a mass vaccination campaign. Ten years later, this clip is more relevant than ever. It is about media sources plotting together to drum up fear, newscasters turning into doomsday sayers and the public going into a frenzy. One thing is for sure, the COVID-19 lockdown successfully accomplished one thing: https://vigilantcitizen.com/latestnews/the-simpsons-clip-about-a-cat-flu-was-incredibly-prophetic/ I remember the Osaka flu episode from my childhood. Very familiar...
  17. Is Black Lives Matter helpful? Is Black Lives matter helpful? – Alternative Thoughts (alternative-thoughts.co.uk)
  18. Do you know what’s inside your vaccine? – Alternative Thoughts (alternative-thoughts.co.uk)
  19. The issue has existed for a very long time. Violence against Women from Fathers abusing their daughters, uncles, husbands abusing their wifes especially in some cultures (African and Muslim) to benign sexual assault. It happens alot. Its another George Floyd situation. Picking one example and exaggerating it as if all men are killing women. Fuck off. Picking one example as if all Black Men have deadly run ins with the police. Black male and never had a run in with the police maybe its because I don't act like a stereotype though. I have higher standards for myself. But expecting those higher standards for black men is unnecessary they can't help but be criminal... Some of the assault Women complain about are ridiculous too. Someone said to me even if a Man looks at her for too long she is scared. Fucking hell. Fuck. Off. Women should be taught to be more confident and learn self defense classes if there so scared. Vast majority of men are not rapists or murderers.
  20. The MSM will leak information like this to appear more credible. It is controlled opposition of course it is. But the fact this information is being put forth will make people look into all this further (hopefully) we have to be a little positive. Not all doom and gloom.
  21. Its slowly but surely becoming mainstream. The leak will happen I'll take time... (About a decade or two)
  22. Thats not an issue with ALL IMMIGRANTS its the CRIMINAL IMMIGRANTS who are being let in. I definitely think anyone with a serious criminal history should be either deported or barred entry but this isn't an issue with ALL MIGRANTS. At the end of the day they are people.
  23. You need to write articles and post it through peoples letterboxes!
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