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  1. I'm surprised its that low or maybe I'm skewed because I live in London
  2. April was the coldest in 60 years and May looks similar. How are they gonna push their agenda now! Its solar minimum!
  3. Its been very very cold for the past two months. 20c isn't warm for June. Its like their trying to push the global warming agenda despite the lack of warming...
  4. The UK says NO! to the new normal! The UK says ”NO” to the New Normal! – Alternative Thoughts (alternative-thoughts.co.uk)
  5. Alternative Thoughts Death of Prince Phillip - YouTube
  6. Do we live in a democracy? – Alternative Thoughts (alternative-thoughts.co.uk)
  7. Yes, very strange weather snowed in London yesterday. The intensity of it shocked me very strange weather indeed...
  8. Ahh right heard about the pfizer one being more dubious on that account..
  9. I'm only 24 first time such a letter came through my front door. Guess what this young guy did? STRAIGHT IN THE BIN! IT felt so good to rip it up. Fuck. right. off.
  10. Thank you for the compliment really means alot. I'm not a health professional but have some knowledge through basic schooling and ongoing research in my free time. I have heard about it being a gene therapy of sorts - it definitely contains Human DNA and genetically modified virus cells from a Chimpanzee but I'm unsure of how its gene therapy. I would need to research further.
  11. What the actual hell? Israel a supposedly holy land is being turned into the devil's paradise. How so very ironic? The holiest land in the world stooping so low to please the devil himself.
  12. Exactly, and this is why I think Covid-19 DOESN'T EXIST AT ALL. It mimics such a large myraid of diseases and health issues. From TB, Tonsillitis, CANCER, self-induced stress, Radiation sickness, common cold, flu, dry throat etc. The possibilities are literally ENDLESS!
  13. Did a little article regarding the Astra-Zeneca vaccine. Please share with the sleeping humans. Do you know what’s inside your vaccine? – Alternative Thoughts (alternative-thoughts.co.uk)
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