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  1. Interesting... I was thinking something along these lines. The fact pure evil goes on higher up in society tells me there is definitely a god. If there is pure evil there is pure love - God.
  2. I rather eat Kidney beans if I was on a extremely low NWO income than worms. Haven't the EU heard of legumes and pulses?
  3. I totally agree with you. The vast majority of people who look towards conspiracy theories is because they have witnessed unfairness or inconsistencies within the mainstream media. I can remember when I first started researching into conspiracy theories. It was my realisation that politicians never cared about us I always heard people saying how ''they're all the same'' but I wanted a deeper understanding to all this talk.
  4. There's tons of racism and discrimination in Brazil. Its culture is more ''blended'' though as it had generations of different groups intermingling. But its not a ''success''
  5. I always wanted to holiday in Zanzibar!
  6. If they spray it through the sky then I'll be diluted and they wouldn't be able to directly implant nanotech into us.
  7. Nice Post. I sometimes believe it could be the fact that many individuals are possibly under a ''spell'' beyond brainwashing something more akin to being ''cursed'' who knows what forces are out there up against us. Its very well possible at this point. I've said in another post they didn't pick 2020 to do this for no reason - it was carefully planned out. I suspect the 1970s World wouldn't have been able to pull off something like this. One big reason why it wouldn't have been able to be pulled off is the fact many adults would be seeing parallels with the run-up to WW
  8. Thank you for the compliment really appreciate that. I'll look into Vedic Math.
  9. I'm young and I'll say the education system failed me when it came to Maths. I always struggled to math sums but all over subjects I was pretty good at... I'm extremely good at critical thinking and putting puzzles together mentally. Its not a mistake that ''PTB'' push this reality TV and other low-brain power programming. Its deliberate to ensure people lack the ability to read long essays, figure out statistics and understand other concepts. Nowadays I feel like an alien on this planet it goes as personal as how my family interact - broken in alot of ways. People don'
  10. LOL Interactions with people in my everyday life - not saying its everyone but a lot of people.
  11. I saw this article I read one line and wanted to vomit in disgust. Whats worse is the fact many people actually believe this drivel. Its a shocking time to be alive. I am a Black Man but despite that would rather go through 1960's Britain than current day Britain. Its blood boiling how stupid people are.
  12. This has probably been covered in another thread but this really bothers me at times. Maybe its some of the people who I surround myself with but alot of people seem to not know basic information or tasks -The inability to cook is rampant -Understanding simple politics -Nutrition and health -Basic psychology -Basic skills such as DIY -Understanding terms such as ''tyranny'' ''oppression'' etc -Understanding history. A lot of people seem to lack understanding and appear really thick. Almost like retardation is rampant.
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