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  1. OK, I'm not getting involved with people on here who have racist or xenophobic dispositions. I'm here for truth not racist or xenophobic dispositions. Sorry.
  2. You think there is a plot to wipe out the White population? I don't understand where you get these notions from because from my viewpoint the only nations that have massive socio-economic problems that affect peopel badly are nations that were plundered between the 1500s to early 1900s. Also whats wrong with a Black government? Are Black people biologically a disadvantaged to governing a Country? Or do you have fears that the UK government will be Black Majority? That seems exceedingly unlikely has that group makes up less than 3% of the population. No on
  3. Agreed. But you think there is only one type of sexuality? Heterosexuality?
  4. What will make people go "you know what thats it I've had enough" WHEN.
  5. "New normal" - NWO "Stay safe, Save lives" - Fear everyone "Self-Isolation" - Self imprisonment
  6. Porridge and water.... "Please sir can i have some more?"
  7. Where are BLM now. Are Nigerians not Black? https://m.guardian.ng/news/buhari-under-attack-over-lekki-massacre/ Do people not care about the POLICE BRUTALITY in Nigeria which is much worse than what happens in the USA.
  8. I sure hope that this has fucked them up. I do feel a rush of energy people are questioning, hell even sections of the government are questioning which is baffling. The only people not questioning are people who have low intelligence or extremely brainwashed by society. Most people I talk to exhibit some kind of aversion to this situation because how barbaric they are being with pushing the agenda Its almost as if they are trying to quickly usher in their new regime because they're getting fed up of "pussy-footing" around or being subtle. Its
  9. Coronavirus exists but COVID-19 is a fake strain of the virus is what I've gathered. Coronavirus is lamens turns is Flu however the intelligence of the large segment of the population has been outed - most people are repeaters. A simple search and you will conclude Coronaviruses are flus/common colds etc
  10. Didn't know who this Alex Bellfield was until now, looked at one of his videos and he definitely isn't a ''truth seeker'' he still thinks in the paradigm of the government / establishment.
  11. Yep. So true but very sad situation alot of people are in. 13 Grandchildren? Wow. It won't be long until the likes of us are in prison locked up for thought crimes. People are going to die from illnesses that the nhs could have treated simply because of the irrational fear of convid
  12. Hahahahaha. Am done. We live in a 2000s comedy sketch show!! Lmao
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