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  1. While i'm on this subject i want to make it clear that natural law applies to ALL HUMANS. This means that if i am asserting my own natural law rights i am also asserting the natural law rights of all humans including jews It is the sabbateans who are trying to remove peoples knowledge of their natural law rights so that they may rule over everyone
  2. probably got more abuse through freemasonic boarding school you are so obsessed with your sabbatean offshoot cult that you are blinded to the bigger picture
  3. I'm guessing he will push the GREAT RESET AGENDA and UN Agenda 21 (we are now in the year 21!) sorry i have no more likes left
  4. i already told you....go and watch that clip of mark passio at 2 hours and 53 minutes where he explains the pillars of satanism (i think it was part 2/3 of his natural law seminar on youtube) You clearly have no intention of having an honest discussion here. You just want to wriggle and squirm and misrepresent people and their arguments I'm surprised a thelemite hasn't contacted you and warned you that you are making them look bad!
  5. wave never hated jews nor do i However there is in existence a cult called the sabbateans who follow lurianic kabbalah So to establish whether or not i'm right about what i'm saying we need to explore the possibility of the involvement of that cult in the globalist conspiracy for example the role of its adherents such as the rothschilds Whether they are involved or not is seperate from how you or i feel about things. The truth doesn't care how you or i feel about things. The truth just is. How you feel about things and the perception you then create from tha
  6. well you are a satanist pushing a satanic agenda so he called it right! lol
  7. yes they haven't followed crowleys dictat yes that happens to religions...they schism and fracture and the original message becomes lost Another thing that happens is that the followers deify the person who brought the message instead of focussing on the message itself its relevant in the context of understanding crowley and what his agenda was
  8. you are literally imposing on us RIGHT NOW the lack of self awareness in your preachy hypocrisy is disturbing
  9. I'm talking about sabbateanism because powerful people with huge influence in britain such as the rothschilds ARE sabbateans They have played their part in shaping the secret society network and its occult groups. The zionist encyclopedia describes the network of secret societies that they set up
  10. the OTO sought to model itself like the templars to make its adherents give all their property to the order so crowley didn't just want alms like christianity or a percentage of your earnings like islam, it wanted EVERYTHING just like communism how your double standard is missed by you just shows a disturbing lack of self awareness
  11. There's no denying a role in the satanic agenda by the heretical jewish sabbatean sect Are there many gentile satanists too? YES
  12. thelema is a religion born out of the greed, imagination and fraud of aleister crowley
  13. Lets consider Bill Gates various investments: -Monsanto which creates GMO's, terminator seeds (lead to the suicides of many indian farmers) and toxic roundup which is now being sued to destruction and of course AGENT ORANGE which caused birth defects in many vietnamese civilians and also VC and US troops -GMO mosquitos which he described as syringes with wings -geoengineering research -a 'decade of vaccines' which has caused polio outbreaks around the world -ID2020, CEPI, GAVI and the current covid-con -experimental mRNA vaccines previously found to kill th
  14. hhmmmm there's nothing 'christian' about merkl she's a communist who grew up in communist east germany
  15. you have no idea what you are talking about go and watch the whole mark passio series. Your mind has been reframed to see the world in a way that is going to lead society into slavery In order to break out of that programming and see the bigger picture here you need a bigger perspective and those videos will give you that To understand how societies have attempted to order themselves under various constitutions the UK Column has run a series called 'the dissidents guide to the constitution' and that is worth a listen because it goes to the heart of this prob
  16. I'm saying that a satanic cult is in rebellion against the creator and that they wish to create a hell on earth where human beings have no rights and are a slave class controlled by the lurianic kabbalist elite who control the dumbed down masses through a TECHNOCRACY This could not happen if everyone had the self respect that comes from knowing that they have natural law rights in this reality
  17. You can call it NATURAL LAW if you like. If you are genuine about understanding this perspective then that mark passio series of videos on natural law spells it all out This is highly relevant to us at this time as we see our government place us under house arrest This is why some people are turning to common law to claim their right to keep their businesses open This is at the centre of this whole thing and any thelmite reading this who genuinly believes in individual freedom needs to understand this dynamic
  18. no the changes have occurred because there is an agenda to subvert the church and remove common law It doesn't matter how you feel about the church. You could be a british muslim or a british jew or a british anything but if you are sitting here right now reading this then you can see for yourself what is happening in our society You can see that our government is becoming a dictatorial government that micro-manages your life and this is because they have a sense of ENTITLEMENT. They believe that they can impose whatever arbitrary thing on you that they like
  19. you are assuming you are speaking to a reasonable person he hasn't looked at anything i have shared with him. he's not interested in the wider picture or the truth. he's here to push his religious agenda
  20. that's like saying 'my seat belt really chaffs so I'm not going to wear it'' right before you then crash into a tree! yeah the seatbelt is a pain in the arse but it has a purpose Now if someone wants you to die in that car then they could talk you into removing your seatbelt and they could rig the car to crash and that is what is going on here
  21. another strawman Are you even able to talk to another human being without being dishonest in your interaction with them? you are not a good advert for thelema. No i'm looking at reality as it actually is No the relevant government is the US government which built its constitution around the idea of God given rights This is why there is a move on now, by the satanic cult to destroy the constitution other governments controlled by the satanic cult like the soviet and maoist china and the british crown have all murder
  22. lol who do you think you are kidding! no but you can avoid them by living a healthy life. A study of vaccinated v's unvaccinated people has demonstrated that vaccines cause asthma as well as other problems like ear infections as these things all occur in higher numbers amongst vaccinated children Now you tell me how great vaccines are and how great crowley is....whilst saying you aren't pursuing an agenda....
  23. you are not free from mental baggae. All you have done is affix new mental baggage to yourself I have a realistic view of what they are doing The problem is you are creating your own 'reality'....your own perception, instead of living in alignment with ACTUAL REALITY. That will lead to madness No i have nothing to do with such a creed, whatever that creed is you are referring to Perhaps you mean christianity? Lets consider that the most tolerant and safe societies on the planet are all part of the christian tradition
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