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  1. I was in a mill recently that still has a working water wheel. 20 horse power that bad boy was cranking out from what looked like a pretty modest stream of water
  2. it was the way she framed it....she had no interest in evidence or fact.....none of that mattered.
  3. its like what scares them more than anything is falling out of step with 'society'
  4. famous people going down....hollywood A listers even and we are still not talking about it.....society i mean.....society isn't talking about it......i'm talking about it... Health Shocker: Jamie Foxx Left ‘Paralyzed and Blind’ From ‘Blood Clot in His Brain’ After Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine, Source Claims https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/medical/health-shocker-jamie-foxx-left-paralyzed-and-blind-from-blood-clot-in-his-brain-after-receiving-covid-19-vaccine-source-claims/ar-AA1bZrwx?ocid=msedgntp&cvid=780e897591cf48308f974a962de5fa8a&ei=12 S Club 7’s Paul Cattermole death certificate reveals star tragically died from ‘multiple heart issues’ aged 46 https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-12153587/S-Club-7s-Paul-Cattermole-death-certificate-reveals-singer-died-multiple-heart-issues-aged-46.html
  5. i was speaking to a normie recently who gave me a little insight into their thought processes they said that this was the way 'society' does things and that those that want to be part of society need to do those things and that people like me (and she then said 'anti-vaxxers') want to live outside of society i thought it was really interesting because it showed to me that for her it has got nothing to do with what is objectively true or not. Its more a kind of tribalism. It's about fitting in with what she called 'society' I think the elites really understand this and its why they invested so much money in the past on buying up and controlling the media because through that they create the perception of what 'society' is. Its like a big club that people want to be in and to ensure they will fit in that club they consume huge amounts of media so that they are watching the right programmes and listening to the right music and wearing the right clothes and doing whatever they are told is the right thing to do to be part of 'society' including taking medical interventions they don't need She's right about one thing though: i don't want to be a part of that
  6. I've learned that there are people out there that are listening.... it feels like progress is finally being made some of those people are now playing significant roles in creating new networks and its going to be interesting to see what comes out of it all. I see green shoots I feel like i am hearing more and more people out there giving voice to the same thoughts that i am having and it feels good. There are more and more people thinking along the same lines about what's wrong and what can be done about it
  7. pfizer exec admits they didn't know if the jabs would stop transmission... https://www.youtube.com/shorts/-CCaJLR1zhQ
  8. on reflection though gordon does look like a backing dancer for 'frankie goes to hollywood'....
  9. Highlands Ablaze large swathes of the scottish highlands have been burning on a scale i've never seen before. it's such a strange story. Something doesn't sit right with this. This piece in the Daily Mail blames wild campers which makes me nervous as i could see them using wildfires as an excuse to ban campfires, then camp stoves then wild camping altogether as part of their UN Agenda 2030 goals to get everyone off the land and packed into high density 'smart cities'. Certainly the shooting estates carry out controlled burns of the heather to prevent growth coming through that could replace the ground cover of grouse and that in itself is a controversial practice but i've never heard of anything on this scale. Of course it could also tie into the whole 'green agenda' too as it could be blamed on 'climate change' so that they can justify taking further steps along their planned path to global dictatorship. It brings to mind this US military file on how to use chemtrailing to dry out forests and turn them into tinderboxes that can then be weaponised through fire (see clip below the DM story): The monster wildfire: Graphic reveals how 7,400 hectares have burned in Highlands blaze with 22-mile long plume of smoke visible amid claims wild campers could be to blame Fire crews are struggling to contain huge blaze in Cannich, Inverness-shire Flames spreading through forests and glens spanning several square miles By Bethan Sexton Published: 09:14 BST, 1 June 2023 | Updated: 12:15 BST, 1 June 2023 https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12147413/Graphic-reveals-7-400-hectares-burned-Highlands-blaze.html Wildfires As A Weapon, US Military Exposed
  10. They Can Backtrack All They Like. We Will Never Forget
  11. JABBED? Meek Mill leads tributes to Ms Jacky Oh! after DC Young Fly's girlfriend and Wild 'n Out star dies aged 32 By Carolina Piras For Mailonline Published: 13:51 BST, 2 June 2023 | Updated: 14:05 BST, 2 June 2023 Rapper Meek Mill was among the stars paying tribute to DC Young Fly's girlfriend Ms Jack Oh! after her death on Thursday at the age of 32. The Philadelphia rapper, 36, took to Twitter to repost the announcement of the star's death and wrote: 'PRAYERS TO THE BRO DC YOUNG FLY AND HIS FAMILY…' Former Wild 'N Out star Ms Jacky Oh! - whose full name was Jacklyn Smith - died in Miami, TMZ reported on Thursday. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-12152209/Rapper-Meek-Mills-leads-tributes-Ms-Jacky-Oh-DC-Young-Flys-girlfriend-dies-aged-32.html
  12. but then it wouldn't be a great mystery perhaps the great mystery defies exactitude. Perhaps its something we trust in instead....surrender to I think the sufi mystic ghazali said to first 'polish your heart'. So what is it that we are trying to be true to? What are we trying to honour?
  13. the crusades are a tricky one because lets remember that europeans did have a foot in those lands along that eastern mediterranean seaboard for example asia minor used to be greek. So the eastern roman empire was really greek as opposed to roman/italian and they were trying to hold onto that greek world. Herodotus for example was a famous greek from what is now modern day bodrum in turkey. Also lets not forget how once the tribes of arabia united under their new religion islam they exploded outward onto the world conquering by the sword. The progress had to be checked somehow. Then there were the mongals coming from the east which threatened to utterly destroy islam.
  14. its a mindset of being in a kind of perpetual war against everyone else where you are trying to constantly outwit and get one over on everyone else. How can a person like that find love....if they can't trust?
  15. there was a guy called napoleon hill and he interviewed a whole bunch of powerful people to ask them their keys to success and then he compiled them all in a book. You might be interested in looking into that one too
  16. you can always learn your trade within their organisations and then take what you've learned to set up your own business why not do both. Commercial farming sounds like a real drag due to all the red tape the government is wrapping farmers up in but if you do things small scale for yourself you could maybe manage to get the best out of both worlds which is to say run your own construction business with a little small holding project on the side.
  17. but governments have more important things to do like forcing people to scrap their old cars so that they can buy new ones: SNP's war on motorists goes up a gear: Fury as Scotland's first Low Emission Zone is imposed on Glasgow in move that could see thousands of drivers fined for having older vehicles... with Edinburgh and Aberdeen set to follow Cars, vans, buses and lorries could be fined £60 if they fail environmental rules Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Dundee are set to follow suit and get LEZs next June By Tom Eden Published: 10:27 BST, 1 June 2023 | Updated: 10:36 BST, 1 June 2023 Thousands of drivers risk punishing fines if they travel into Glasgow city centre from today as the SNP ramps up its war on motorists. Cars, vans, buses and lorries could be slapped with fines of £60 if they fall foul of strict new environmental rules. Scotland's first Low Emission Zone (LEZ) – which bans older vehicles from the city's roads – was given the green light yesterday despite a last-ditch court bid to stop it. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12147581/Fury-Scotlands-Low-Emission-Zone-imposed-Glasgow-thousands-fined.html
  18. The 'forever chemical' cover-up exposed: Makers of toxic PFAs - found in everything from frying pans to clothes - suppressed studies showing chemicals may cause cancer and birth defects for DECADES, new report claims Researchers found internal alerts over the chemicals were raised in 1961 But this didn't become public knowledge until the 1990s, some 30 years later READ MORE: Minnesota to become first US state to ban forever chemicals By Luke Andrews Health Reporter For Dailymail.Com Updated: 13:45 BST, 1 June 2023 Manufacturers of 'forever chemicals' tried to cover up the dangers they posed for more than 30 years, a new report claims. Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, who reviewed dozens of company documents, found executives were first alerted to the health risks in 1961, but scientists said that they failed to raise the alarm until the 1990s. Internal documents revealed chemical manufacturers DuPont and 3M were facing studies warning the chemicals, dubbed per- and polyFluorinated Substances (PFAS), could cause liver enlargement, poisonings and birth defects in children. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-12144893/Makers-PFAS-forever-chemicals-covered-dangers-new-report-warns.html
  19. UK's medical watchdog is accused of 'disturbing obfuscation' of Covid vaccine death toll by two prominent Oxford University experts The experts criticised the watchdog's ability to analyse Covid jab deaths reports Read more: Chinese official reveals investigation was carried out at Wuhan lab By John Ely Senior Health Reporter For Mailonline Updated: 12:24 BST, 1 June 2023 Britain's medicines safety watchdog was today accused of engaging in 'disturbing' practices regarding the investigation of Covid vaccine deaths. Two prominent Oxford University researchers — renowned in the field of evidence-based medicine — branded one of the systems used to collate adverse side effects from the jabs as being a 'mess'. Professor Carl Heneghan and Dr Tom Jefferson claimed that chiefs at the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) invested almost £2million in an AI-based system to extract data from the agency's Yellow Card reporting system. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-12143935/UK-watchdog-accused-disturbing-obfuscation-Covid-vaccine-deaths.html
  20. hyper-inflation or no i would still recommend people get rid of their smart phone but i know its a sore point....i know its like crack cocaine i've never had a smartphone so having never huffed on that crackpipe, so to speak, i've never developed that addiction
  21. i don't want what i'm about to say to sound unsympathetic because that is a horrific thing to happen to a person in the prime of life but i just want to pick up the point in the headline where it says he was 'forced against his will'. I disagree with that. I'm pretty sure Jamie Foxx is absolutely minted and could manage just fine without taking that particular job Yes it would be annoying for him to miss out on work he might want to do but no one 'forced' him. They may have pressured him but no one made him do it at gun point or held him down and force jabbed him. He CHOSE to do it to get work he likely didn't even need financially. The collectivists haven't taken off the velvet glove yet. When they do you'll know about it
  22. The danger of the oneness idea so popular in the new age is that transhumanists could argue that their goal of hooking everyones brains upto a giant hive mind is really just a reflection of the divine and therefore all part of 'god's' plan new agers pursue various states of consciousness but what i'm interested in is how does that then translate into behaviour afterwards for example if someone said they experienced a state of universal oneness and that we should all therefore embrace elon musk's neurolinks without fear would you be reassured by that person or would you feel uncomfortable at their revelation? Its easy for some to become downhearted because of the evil state of so many things in the world. Its a very dark and at times hostile place and as a result it becomes easy to loose faith in a force of good behind it all. But maybe that struggle over our own soul and our resultant world view and the behaviours that will come from it IS the spiritual struggle Do we give over to a dark mindset and poisoned world view or do we continue, through the pain and fear to try and rise above it? Do we ultimately trust in God regardless of what evil or struggles befall us in our life or do we throw it all in the abyss? Do we let it break our spirit or not? Because it's going to try
  23. The sad thing is these strategies likely will gain you greater power and influence but i suppose the question is whether or not someone who lives by such a code is someone that will be good for everyone else to have in a position of power and influence or if they will just create a toxic world in their own image
  24. they want to get our corrupt government to amend the WHO pandemic treaty so that the next time the WHO declare a pandemic eg for 'bird flu' the countries will all follow the dictats of the WHO which is really just a wing of the rothschild/rockefeller created united nations ( a de facto world government). This means that if the WHO declared a 'pandemic' democracy would effectively be suspended like what happened in germany after hitler passed the 'enabling act' after the reichstag fire This means that the WHO could impose more lockdowns (to destroy the economy), mandatory vaccines (more mRNA jabs) and 'quarantine camps' (concentration camps) for the 'refusniks' and the british government would simply comply
  25. and what i'm saying is that it is a mistake to think of these upturns and downturns as some sort of natural occurance like the changing of the seasons. They are absolutely orchestrated for example the hyper-inflation in weimar germany was manufactured by the same old central banking crowd and this process is outlined by professor sutton in his books like 'wall st and the rise of hitler' that examine the various reparations schemes imposed on germany after world war 1
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