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  1. They should have popped it with cannon fire so that it drifted down and then they could have looked at the tech. Instead they blasted it to pieces with a missile That in itself is weird. talk of emp dry runs and also bioweapon delivery system but i think people in this thread saying it is an exercise to ramp up world war 3 could be onto something Top brass are calling for the US and UK economies to gear up to become war economies again and its almost as if they need a war to try and jump start the economy. Why let enemy tech float over your country unless you want to make a big news story out of it?
  2. he is already part of a rock solid team: the hardwick alliance but what's needed is for the masses to grasp what he's saying because the government can only continue to get away with their criminality for as long as the majority of people believe that the government have that right this means those jabbed people, who form the majority need to get wise to this stuff
  3. Are COVID-19 ‘Vaccines’ a Military Biodefense Response Gone Terribly Wrong? February 1, 2023 By LFC NEWS Were the COVID-19 vaccines part of dual-use “Biodefence Security Covered Countermeasures,” and were they developed by the US Department of Defense prior the ‘global pandemic’? Freddie Ponton 21st Century Wire In analyzing the timeline of the COVID-19 pandemic response and the subsequent vaccine roll-out, the structure they have put in place is nothing short of amazing. Governments have erected an incredible shield – protected behind a legal framework which they have carefully crafted over the years, creating revolving doors and loopholes for themselves to side-step all public health regulatory measures by declaring a “Public Health Emergency” and the subsequent Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) it triggers. In hindsight, we now know that COVID-19 wasn’t a public health emergency, so why did governments go through so much trouble to protect themselves from liability, and gamble with the health and well-being of entire populations? This has never happened before in human history. Is their more to this than meet the eyes? COVID-19 Response and Its Security Covered Countermeasures As a result of few confirmed cases of 2019 ‘novel’ coronavirus (2019-nCoV), on 31 January, 2020, Alex M. Azar II, Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS), pursuant to the authority vested in him under section 319 of the Public Health Service Act, determined that a public health emergency existed and had existed since 27 January, 2020 in the United States of America. Many of us have vivid memories regarding Trump’s announcement and the subsequent launch of his ‘Operation Warp Speed’ vaccine task force in response to the coronavirus outbreak. Coronavirus outbreak: Trump announces launch of ‘Operation Warp Speed’ vaccine task force: As of 30 January, 2021, five of the six Operation Warp Speed (OWS) vaccine candidates had entered Phase 3 clinical trials, two of which were Moderna’s and Pfizer/BioNTech’s vaccines. We were led to believe that they had received an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). For vaccines that received the EUA, additional data on vaccine effectiveness were generated from further follow-up of participants in clinical trials already underway before the EUA was issued. The questions we will be addressing in this article are essential and crucial to understand the FDA’s role during the COVID-19 pandemic response, and to establish if indeed the FDA was legally in charge of the regulatory processes including the assessment of the clinical data from the vaccine manufacturers. Was FDA mandate adapted to ensure a strict independent review of the clinical data in the context of an Emergency Use Authorization, and was current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) respected? Both questions need to be answered, as they touch upon vital measures and protocols which are expected to be in place to ensure the safety and efficacy of a new vaccine to be deployed within the American population. FDA – The Regulatory Smoke Screen Firstly, it’s important to identify who were the key players behind the COVID-19 pandemic response. “Operation Warp Speed” was operating largely independently of the existing White House coronavirus task force, which we now know at some stage shifted its focus toward vaccine development. According to the White House statement, Colonel Deborah Birx was detailed to the office of the Vice President and reported directly to Mike Pence. She was fully supported by the National Security Council (NSC) and joined the task force led by Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Alex Azar. Here is a list of some of the key operatives of the Operation Warp Speed. We could spend hours exposing the conflicts of interest many of these operatives have with Big Pharma, but for now let’s focus on Colonel Deborah Birx, President Donald Trump’s COVID-19 coordinator, and provide you with some interesting comments made by Dr Stephen M. Hahn, MD, Commissioner of U.S. Food and Drug Administration during an interview with the Reagan-Udall Foundation, and the American Medical Association (AMA) President Susan R. Bailey, MD where he outlined some aspects of the FDA’s response during the pandemic. Everything about Colonel Deborah Birx (source) Birx began her career with the Department of Defense, serving at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and rising to the rank of colonel while serving as the director of the U.S. Military’s HIV Research Program. She was a strategic OWS asset, acting as what we could call “The Bridge” between the NSC statutory members, the HSS and the US DoD. Her mandate was perhaps one the of the most strategic within the federal government and by taking the time to review her career, we can better understand why she was picked by the DoD and the NSC to be the lead interface with the HHS and its various partner agencies. Birx served as director of the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) Division of Global HIV/AIDS from 2005 to 2014 and brought a wealth of experience in infectious disease, immunologic, vaccine research and inter-agency coordinating capacity to address the challenges faced by both Operation Warp Speed and the National Security Council who were not shy to characterize the FDA as a ‘scientific advisory body’ rather than a regulator. Birx became an ambassador for Global Health Diplomacy in April 2014, where she was the US government’s leader for combating AIDS globally, and she was expected to bring that expertise to the coronavirus response in 2020. Power in the Pandemic A “working organization chart” obtained by the journal Science, shows Col. Deborah Birx’s central roles in the federal COVID-19 response. She coordinated the White House Coronavirus Task Force (WHCTF) and co-chairs two of its three divisions: the Unified Coordination Group, which manages the response from the HHS and DoD, and Operation Warp Speed, whose task was to develop vaccines in cooperation with several agencies. The Physician Advisory Group had only an advisory role. I guess this establishes the fact that FDA Commissioner Dr. Stephan Hahn was only an advisor and had no real executive power nor authorities to regulate the development and manufacturing of the various pharmaceutical products being promoted to supposedly “fight COVID”, the main ones being vaccines, or to be more accurate “medical countermeasures”. Listed individuals co-chair the groups. (This chart was issued on 31 July 2020) source In 2020, there was no shortage of controversies for new FDA Commissioner Dr Stephen M Hahn said the Wall Street Journal. Dr Hahn had no previous Government experience, but was somehow parachuted in around December 2019, at the helm of the FDA, where one year later he would determine that Pfizer-BioNTech’s COVID-19 mRNA ‘vaccine’ had somehow met the statutory criteria for issuance of an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) on December 11, 2020. His decision will later reveal itself as a game changer for our safety – as Hahn completely surrendered the FDA regulatory power to the US Department of Defense (DoD), and to some extent to the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA). This was the essence of Operation Warp Speed: to bypass all the normal regulator safety rules and procedures by moving the entire effort under the aegeus of the Pentagon. The Reagan-Udall Foundation, the American Medical Association (AMA) President Susan R. Bailey, MD and Dr. Stephen Hahn outlined the FDA’s response during the pandemic, challenges presented and information on the latest developments. (Source) Video Player These facts are illustrated even further in this FDA document taken from a meeting presentation by the Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response (ASPR) and their vaccines and related biological products advisory committee, October 22, 2020. This constitutes another proof that indeed the US Department of Defense was in charge of the vaccine research & development as well as the manufacturing and logistical efforts to deploy these medical countermeasures in the US and beyond. BARDA/ASPR/HHS COVID-19 Vaccine Development Portfolio (FDA Source): As you can see clinical trials and their design falls under the responsibility of the US DoD, and same goes for manufacturing and distribution. It has now become evident that the FDA was mainly in charge of “external communications”, to be provided via their public and legislative affairs council – a virtual stamp of approval necessary to assert their ‘safety and effective’ narrative for the US populace. Despite all this information, we still need to establish beyond the shadow of a doubt that none of the COVID-19 clinical trials data supplied to the FDA represented an actual valid clinical investigation. That proof was provided by independent researcher Katherine Watts from Bailiwick News, a legal expert who dug deep into the legal framework governing the manufacturing of countermeasures under the US government’s Emergency Use Authorization. The 21 U.S. Code § 360bbb -3 – (k) Authorization for Medical Products for use in emergencies in section (k) “Relation to other provisions” is very precise and confirms unequivocally that the use of medical countermeasures within the scope of Emergency Use Authorization, shall not be considered to constitute a clinical investigation. In other words, this means that none of the data which Pfizer, Moderna and the others provided to the FDA, nor any of the subjects or investigators who participated in these clinical trials – were valid within the frame of the US law. Unfortunately, there is no other ways to look at this. According to the US Code, these clinical trials never really took place and more likely were conducted for show, and were not bona fide, and therefore were never legally established, nor could they determine the safety or efficacy of these medical countermeasures aka “vaccines.” The 21 U.S. Code § 360bbb -3 – (k) Authorization for Medical Products for use in emergencies section (k) “Relation to other provisions”: At this stage, and under such law, I don’t see how the FDA and the CDC can still maintain a narrative where these COVID-19 Medical Countermeasures can ever be described as ‘safe and effective’ since it appears they did not undergo any strict regulatory process, nor did they benefit from current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP), a fact which is well reflected in the manufacturers own data, as well as in the concerns raised by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). In an article from Health Policy Watch, you can read the following: “The EMA hacked documents shed light on an oft-ignored aspect of vaccine review and approval beyond safety and efficacy – that is quality-assurance of production processes as new vaccine products make the leap from clinical trials to large-scale production”. (see EMA leaked documents story here) Dr Barbara Mintzes, Associate Professor from the University of Sydney Charles Perkins Centre and School of Pharmacy, and an expert on the interface between clinical research and regulatory decision-making, observed: “I wonder why these issues with production quality were only made public via leaked documents that had become available on the dark web. Why were they not under open and public discussion? These types of exchanges should not be secret”. The US VAERS data, as well as the Global Vigilance data, shows the horrific consequences following the COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ roll-out, with millions of people injured, and hundreds of thousands of people who have died following their receiving their experimental mRNA vaccine, sometimes within days and weeks after receiving the injections. You might want to bear in mind that these numbers are still very conservative, and in time hopefully we will be able to draw a more accurate picture of the damage caused by these injections. FDA and The Public Health Emergency Medical Countermeasures Enterprise (PHEMCE) Now that we have established that the FDA had no business, nor the authority to regulate any of the mRNA ‘vaccine’ research and development, much less the manufacturing of the COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ Countermeasures, it is time to look at the structure that has allowed this unprecedented large-scale theatrical ‘public health’ display to take place over the last 3 years. None of this performance would have been possible unless a structure was in place to guarantee the level of discretion and secrecy required to maintain the illusion of an ongoing regulatory effort. This structure has now been identified, and I can only strongly recommend you to watch pharmaceutical R&D and regulatory expert Sasha Latypova’s video, and also check out her Substack which covers this topic in detail. It certainly won’t fail to convince you that something went terribly wrong with the approval of these “COVID-19 Medical Countermeasures.” The structure is called “The Public Health Emergency Medical Countermeasures Enterprise” (PHEMCE) which coordinates US federal efforts to enhance Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) threats and Emerging Infectious Diseases (EID) preparedness from a ‘Medical Countermeasure’ (MCM) perspective. As its website indicates: “The PHEMCE is composed of multiple agencies across the federal government which works to optimize our preparedness for public health emergencies with respect to the creation, stockpiling, and use of medical countermeasures”. The Public Health Emergency Medical Countermeasures Enterprise (PHEMCE) The PHEMCE agencies constitute the perfect “SCIF” where the information stays in a vacuum and only those with a ‘need to know’ security clearance actually get to understand the bigger picture. We must also accept the possibility that many good people within these agencies had no idea what was actually going on, or how they too were duped into believing they were monitoring and regulating real clinical data – when in fact these data could never have been considered nor constituted any legitimate clinical investigation under an EUA. Characterizing the COVID-19 Countermeasures Back in 2020, most of us had no idea that the research and development, as well as the manufacturing and deployment of COVID-19 countermeasures, would actually fall under the control of the US Department of Defense and the National Security Council. Instead, most people believed that the COVID response efforts fell under ‘civilian’ agencies like the HSS, CDC, FDA, and NIH. When Trump announced the launch of Operation Warp Speed, the military was presented as the federal body responsible for the logistics associated with the deployment of these COVID-19 countermeasures (vaccines), and not the sole owners of the products, as indicated in their Other Transaction Agreement/Authority (OTA) signed by the vaccines companies involved in the operation. Suffice to say that very few of us had ever heard the term “Covered Countermeasures” prior COVID-19 pandemic, hence the reason to first characterise these emergency covered countermeasures and see if indeed they rise to the level of “safe and effective,” and who controls them. Base on what we know today, it is abundantly clear these countermeasures cannot qualify as “safe and effective” pharmaceutical products, and therefore cannot be labeled as such. The fact they are not a prophylactic, or that they do not stop infection or transmission, and that for many people they are dangerous, if not deadly, confirms they belong in an entirely different category. So what are they? We have reviewed many theories, and some are still under investigation, including the Bioweapon theory, the depopulation agenda theory, and even the World Economic Forum (WEF) plan to implement a digital control grid through the implementation of vaccine passports for the global population. These theories have a similar dark aura attached to them, but of course it is important to keep our feet on the ground and stick to the facts so that we can better understand the origin of these unprecedented countermeasures, and the intent that lies behind them. First, let take a look on how the Health Secretary is categorising them before looking into the US legal code. Covered Countermeasures: A ‘countermeasure’ is a vaccine, a medication, a device, or other items used to prevent, diagnose, or treat a public health emergency or a security threat. The Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services has issued federal declarations under the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREP Act) that list the countermeasures covered by the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP). In the declaration of the Secretary of Health on “Covered Countermeasures”, he determines the types of medical countermeasures that are covered by the CICP and declarations have been issued for medical countermeasures against the following: Acute Radiation Syndrome Anthrax Botulinum Toxin COVID-19 Ebola Marburg Nerve Agents and Certain Insecticides (Organophophorus and/or Carbamate) Pandemic Influenza Smallpox and other orthopoxviruses (e.g., mpox) Zika The characterisation of these “Covered Countermeasures” can be found also on the below Declaration Under the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act for Medical Countermeasures Against COVID–19. Section VI. Covered Countermeasures As noted above, Section III of the Declaration describes the activities (referred to as ‘‘Recommended Activities’’) for which liability immunity is in effect. Section VI of the Declaration identifies the Covered Countermeasures for which the Secretary has recommended such activities. The PREP Act states that a ‘‘Covered Countermeasure’’ must be a ‘‘qualified pandemic or epidemic product,’’ or a ‘‘security countermeasure,’’ as described immediately below; or a drug, biological product or device authorized for emergency use in accordance with Sections 564, 564A, or 564B of the FD&C Act.A ‘qualified’ pandemic or epidemic product may also be a Covered Countermeasure when it is subject to an exemption – that is, it is permitted to be used under an Investigational Drug Application or an Investigational Device Exemption, under the FD&C Act, and is ‘the object of research for possible use for diagnosis, mitigation, prevention, treatment, or cure, or to limit harm of a pandemic or epidemic or serious or life-threatening condition caused by such a drug or device.’A security countermeasure also may be a Covered Countermeasure if it ‘may reasonably be determined to qualify for approval or licensing within 10 years after the Department’s determination that procurement of the countermeasure is appropriate.’As the vaccines were never properly tested or taken through any of the proper legal and lawful regulatory processes designed to protect the public from risk or harm as a result of dangerous products, then the mRNA ‘vaccines’ can only rightly be classed as “prototype” counter measure products – similar to the experimental products given to, or tested on US soldiers Could the COVID-19 Vaccines actually be Security Covered Countermeasures? To answer this question we needed to take into consideration the legal framework associated with these “Security Covered Countermeasures” and the subsequent requirements for their manufacturing and deployments. In the 42 U.S. Code § 247d–6b – Strategic National Stockpile and security countermeasure procurements, in section (B) Security Countermeasure we can find more information, and I invite you to read them below: In the above document, the Section (4) Call for development of countermeasures: commitment for recommendation for procurement caught our attention, as it is the only Countermeasures which actually requires a Presidential approval. In effect subsection (A) Proposal to the President indicates that if the Homeland Security Secretary and the Heath Secretary determine that a countermeasure would be appropriate (to respond to a biological threat) but is either ‘currently not developed, or unavailable for procurement as a security countermeasure, or is approved, licensed, or cleared only for alternative uses,’ the Secretaries may jointly submit to the President a proposal to etc…. In subsection (C) Presidential approval: If the President approves a proposal under subparagraph (A), the Homeland Security Secretary and the Secretary shall make known to persons who may respond to a call for the countermeasure involved: (i) the call for the countermeasure; (ii) specifications for the countermeasure under subparagraph (B); and (iii) the commitment described in subparagraph (A)(ii). In subsection (V) Product approval: The contract shall provide that the vendor seek approval, clearance, or licensing of the product from the Secretary; for a timetable for the development of data and other information to support such approval, clearance, or licensing; and that the Secretary may waive part or all of this contract term on request of the vendor or on the initiative of the Secretary. And finally, you might have noticed that a special reserved fund can be used to finance the R&D, manufacturing and deployment of these “security covered countermeasures” and the definition of this special reserve fund speak for itself… Special Reserve Fund (2) The term “special reserve fund” means the “Biodefense Countermeasures” appropriations account, any appropriation made available pursuant to section 321j(a) of title 6, and any appropriation made available pursuant to subsection. Our understanding so far is that these “securities covered countermeasure” were financed by a special Biodefense Countermeasures reserve fund, and are the only medical countermeasures that require the approval of the President of the United States. In other words, it requires executive authorisation. To be sure, this is the key mechanism for this entire process. So… Did Trump say the quiet part out loud – admitting that he did in fact approve and authorise these military security covered countermeasures? This is #Trump confirming he was able to get “something” approved that has proven to save a lot of lives I was able to get the FDA to do things This confirms these so called vaccines are actually #SecurityCountermeasures as they do require Presidential approval. Don’t be fooled pic.twitter.com/UvhSZUZ8cs — Freddie Ponton.. (@LFCNewsMedia) January 19, 2023 The results seem clear at this point. Conclusion So we have presented our case here, and we now can comfortably say that the FDA only pretended to play the role of a regulator in charge of “safety and efficacy”, when in fact, the FDA and PHEMCE were told what to say and what to do, and what to approve – by the National Security Council and the US Department of Defense. There was never a clinical investigation of the said vaccines, and the PHEMCE COVID cabal lured the world into believing these Biodefense Security Covered Countermeasures were somehow “safe and effective.” Clearly, they were not. Based on this discovery, our recommendation would be that all PHEMCE senior officials must be fully interrogated in official hearings, as well as all those with statutory positions at the National Security Council, and all other department heads who were in charge of these countermeasures at the US Department of Defense. Unfortunately, simply going after Pfizer, Moderna and the other pharmaceutical firms will likely prove to be difficult at the federal level, but not impossible if willful misconduct can be proven and established, and subsequently used as a basis for prosecution. In terms of the US justice system, our best hope may lie at the state level were an independent inquiry can be carried out by state judges and appointed oversight committees – free of federal interference. These results can then be used to leverage new and broader challenges at the federal level. In our next report, we will cover the European response to COVID-19, and see how this new emerging information impacts the narrative that was extensively promoted on the other side of the Atlantic. We will try to identify the US DoD counterparts and helpers in Europe, and analyze the role of the European Medicines Agency (EMA), and its questionable behavior and potential responsibility in their capacity as European regulators. All we can say for now is that: “Nothing is What It Seems….” https://21stcenturywire.com/2023/02/01/covid-19-vaccine-a-military-response-to-a-public-health-threat/
  4. 11 of the world’s most violent cities are in the U.S. and they all have one thing in common — one party runs them A new analysis of the world’s most dangerous cities has found that nearly a dozen of them are located in what is supposed to be the most sophisticated and powerful nation on the planet — America. There are 11 American cities listed among the world’s 50 most dangerous, according to the 2023 rankings from Numbeo, and they have one common factor — they are all run by Democrats, and what’s more, they have been for years — decades, in most cases. The Crime Index 2023 lists Baltimore at No. 15, Memphis at No. 18, and Detroit at No. 19. Two additional cities, No. 23 Albuquerque and No. 27 St. Louis, are among the top 30 worst. Just the News reported, “Brandon Scott, just 38 years of age, is the mayor of Baltimore. Jim Strickland Jr., an attorney and politician, is the 64th and current mayor of Memphis, where the Memphis police department has just announced plans to permanently deactivate the unit that five of the officers involved in the vicious beating of Tyre Nichols belonged to. Mike Duggan, meanwhile, is currently serving as the mayor of Detroit.” In Albuquerque, Tim Keller, 45, is the mayor, and in St. Louis, Tishaura Oneda Jones is the mayor. “Tracking back for a wider view yields a still grimmer perspective for Democrats, as another six Democrat-run cities rank among the world’s 50 most dangerous: New Orleans (#35), Oakland (#38), Milwaukee (#40), Chicago (#43), Philadelphia (#46), and Houston (#50). Again, all of these cities are run by Democrats,” Just the News confirmed. The cities are given both a Crime Index and a Safety Index in the chart, with Crime scores lower than 20 considered excellent. Safety scores higher than 80 are considered good. The American cities don’t even come close. Baltimore has a Crime score of 75.5 and a Safety score of 24.5 – right there with Rosario, Argentina, and other second- and third-world cesspools of danger and violence. The report pointed out that last year the city reported robberies jumping 300 percent at convenience stores alone. In Memphis, there were 4,501 crimes reported just in the city’s downtown region, and in Detroit, on New Year’s Day alone, six people were shot, with five of them winding up in the morgue. More than 200 police officers fled the department last year. Just the News said, “Democrats have often been labeled ‘soft on crime’ by their opponents. The latest Numbeo report will do little to stem such denunciations.” http://www.stationgossip.com/2023/02/11-of-worlds-most-violent-cities-are-in.html
  5. a master orator could bag one of those ladies for sure...
  6. the lady on the extreme left is smiling though albeit with slightly raised eyebrows so she's not disgusted but more mildly amused. The lady on the extreme right too is simply exhibiting surprise and maybe even a hint of concealed admiration.....so there's everything to play for...
  7. declare the WHO a terrorist organisation, arrest all its members on british soil and charge them with treason
  8. Re-asserting the british constitution as a way out of the covid bio-security, dystopian nightmare state......this is a really well done segment by these gentlemen: This is BIG!
  9. Ministry of Defence spent £230MILLION on accommodation and travel - including five-star hotels for top brass - while soldiers and their families endure appalling conditions in military homes Taxpayer funded officers and officials staying in luxury hotels in exotic locations Meanwhile hundreds of military families suffered without heating or hot water By Natasha Livingstone Published: 00:53 GMT, 5 February 2023 | Updated: 01:12 GMT, 5 February 2023 The Ministry of Defence spent £230 million on accommodation and travel over the past three years as top brass enjoyed five-star hotels, documents reveal. Meanwhile, soldiers and their families endure appalling conditions in military homes. The taxpayer-funded outlay includes hundreds of senior officers and officials staying in luxury hotels in exotic locations, documents obtained in a Freedom of Information (FoI) request reveal. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11714285/Ministry-Defence-spent-230MILLION-accommodation-soldiers-endure-appalling-conditions.html
  10. Professor lambastes White people as 'damaging' who need to dismantle their 'Whiteness' The Oregon professor said, 'How can we who are White show up as more effective and less damaging participants' By Hannah Grossman | Fox News Published February 4, 2023 5:00pm EST A professor in Salem, Oregon, – who is a self-described expert in "racism… and social change" – derided White people for showing up as "damaging" to people of color. Professor Emily Drew of Willamette University works for a consulting company called Crossroads which charges tens of thousands of dollars for critical race theory-related development sessions. Drew has consulted with school districts as a strategic planner, helping them to "develop and implement long term commitments to anti-racist, multicultural diversity." The College Fix reported that Drew will be using her academic expertise on "racism" in a training of how White people can become "less damaging" to people of color. Previous events she hosted were titled, "Working on our Whiteness" and "Challenging Our Inner Becky: Interventions of White Women-ness in Our Community." https://www.foxnews.com/media/professor-white-people-become-less-damaging-dismantle-whiteness
  11. Dozens of giant turbines at Scots windfarms powered by diesel generators Scottish Power admitted 71 of its windmills were hooked up to the fossil fuel supply after a fault developed with their power supply John Ferguson 04:30, 5 FEB 2023 Updated08:18, 5 FEB 2023 Dozens of giant turbines on Scotland’s windfarms have been powered by diesel generators, the Sunday Mail can reveal. Scottish Power admitted 71 of its windmills were hooked up to the fossil fuel supply after a fault developed on the grid. The firm said it was forced to act in order to keep the turbines warm during very cold weather in December. But a whistleblower has told the Sunday Mail the incident is among a number of environmental and health and safety failings. The worker, who asked to remain anonymous, said: “The Scottish Government wants to make our country attractive to foreign investors as 40 per cent of the wind that blows across Europe blows across Scotland. However, that should not mean we put up with our waterways and nature being polluted with carbon from diesel generators and hydraulic oil. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/dozens-scottish-power-wind-turbines-29135763
  12. Great! glad to hear you are in good health by the way and long may it last So let me throw in another few points of interest. So a name that crops up on a lot of aluminium studies is christopher exley and you just now that nefarious forces will always immediately set their sights on any paper that comes from people like him. if they can find any discrepancy then they demand the paper is retracted but there are shortcomings with the peer review system for example who the people are reviewing! exley's research funding was withdrawn so that's point 1 point 2 is that the daily mail recently ran a story about how there is a new test that tests for autism by looking at how much aluminium is in the persons body. Well the presence of aluminium in autistic people is one of the things that exley has looked at in his studies. If the 'scientists' are now saying there IS a connection between the presence of aluminium in the body and that persons autism then we have to ask HOW the aluminium got into the person in the first place point 3 a VERY GOOD break down by james corbett of the shortcomings of the current peer review system: The Crisis of Science Corbett • 02/24/2019 In recent years, the public has gradually discovered that there is a crisis in science. But what is the problem? And how bad is it, really? Today on The Corbett Report we shine a spotlight on the series of interrelated crises that are exposing the way institutional science is practiced today, and what it means for an increasingly science-dependent society. https://www.corbettreport.com/the-crisis-of-science/
  13. The British Constitution Part 6: The Power rests with the people IMPORTANT LINKS: Website: https://www.commonlawconstitution.org/ Memes: https://www.commonlawconstitution.org... This is BIG! http://BaldExplorer.com 'We cannot be told what to do by Government' Neil Oliver on the state of Britain's democracy
  14. slaves may be taken through jihad. Slaves can be raped: What is the meaning of the term "Ma Malakat Aymaanikom"? And what kind of relationship is permitted with them? Answer Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the World; and may His blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad and upon all his Family and Companions. As for the meaning of the term "Ma Malakat Aymaanukom" (i.e. the slaves that your right hands possess), it is mentioned in the Qur'an in many places (verses). Allah Says (interpretation of meaning): {And those who guard their chastity (i.e. private parts, from illegal sexual acts) Except from their wives or (the captives and slaves) that their right hands possess, for then, they are free from blame;} [23: 5-6]. This term includes the slave girls and slaves in general those who are under control of a free Muslim. As a rule, the only channel of producing this segment of society is Jihad in the cause of Allah. Slavery was common without control before Islam in all nations. So, Islam retains this system as a rule, but sets regulations that control, govern and try to root out such a system. Among these regulations are: 1) Islam urges that slaves be freed as an expiation for unintentional killing, a broken oath or, stating al-Zihaar to his wife (refusing sex with his wife, claiming she is like his mother). 2) Islam urges that Muslims treat their slaves politely, to educate them, to not burden them with tasks, and to help them if needed. 3) Islam prohibits selling a free person and taking the price, and confines slavery to Jihad, i.e. captives become slaves only by Jihad. Thus, we state that in Islam slaves are treated with leniency and kindness, since the slave comes to know Islam, its good morals and tolerance. This leads him to embrace Islam, the only path of guidance. At last, a Muslim has the right to have sex with a slave girl since she is "in the possession of his right hand". Then, if she has a child, it becomes Haram to sell her, and when her master dies, she becomes free. Allah knows best. https://www.islamweb.net/en/fatwa/85061/
  15. Dr Suzanne Humphries - Aluminium Found In Vaccines Is Toxic To ALL Life Forms https://www.bitchute.com/video/d7zpBXsWBn2W/
  16. Second part of Aluminium in vaccines... Doctors are afraid to speak out: ''In my opinion, the biggest obstacle to independent research and thinking is the professional consequence of stepping out of line and being seen to be different—as I know to my cost. As George Bernard Shaw says in his preface to “The Doctor’s Dilemma” 1906: Doctors are just like other Englishmen: most of them have no honour and no conscience: what they commonly mistake for these is sentimentality and an intense dread of doing anything that everybody else does not do, or omitting to do anything that everybody else does. So next time you are in your doctor’s office and you say, “I’m worried about the safety of vaccination,” and you are told, “You don’t understand, you’re not a doctor . . .” remember that, if you are a doctor and say, “I’m worried about the safety of vaccination,” you will be told, “We’re charging you with serious professional misconduct . . .” -Dr. Jayne L. M. Donegan, MBBS, DRCOG, DFFP, DCH, MRCGP, MFHom Dementia now leading cause of death 14 November 2016 Dementia, including Alzheimer's disease, has overtaken heart disease as the leading cause of death in England and Wales, latest figures reveal. Last year, more than 61,000 people died of dementia - 11.6% of all recorded deaths. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-37972141 Int J Alzheimers Dis. 2011; 2011: 276393. Published online 2011 Mar 8. doi: 10.4061/2011/276393 PMCID: PMC3056430 PMID: 21423554 Link between Aluminum and the Pathogenesis of Alzheimer's Disease: The Integration of the Aluminum and Amyloid Cascade Hypotheses Masahiro Kawahara1,* and Midori Kato-Negishi2 Despite it's environmental abundance, Al is not an essential element for living organisms, and no enzymatic reaction requires Al. Al is reported to influence more than 200 biologically important reactions and to cause various adverse effects on the mammalian central nervous system (CNS) (Table 1). These include crucial reactions for brain development such as the axonal transport, neurotransmitter synthesis, synaptic transmission, phosphorylation or dephosphorylation of proteins, protein degradation, gene expression, and inflammatory responses. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3056430/ Is exposure to aluminium adjuvants associated with social impairments in mice? A pilot study https://www.sciencedirect.com/scienc...62013417304749 Aluminium in brain tissue in autism Autism spectrum disorder is a neurodevelopmental disorder of unknown aetiology. It is suggested to involve both genetic susceptibility and environmental factors including in the latter environmental toxins. Human exposure to the environmental toxin aluminium has been linked, if tentatively, to autism spectrum disorder. Herein we have used transversely heated graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry to measure, for the first time, the aluminium content of brain tissue from donors with a diagnosis of autism. We have also used an aluminium-selective fluor to identify aluminium in brain tissue using fluorescence microscopy. The aluminium content of brain tissue in autism was consistently high. https://www.sciencedirect.com/scienc...46672X17308763 Injected aluminium found to cause massive damage to the motor neurons of mice: https://www.researchgate.net/publica...n_degeneration
  17. the science on vaccines is strong around aluminium. Maybe have a read of these notes below. See if it's impossible to grasp. Medical studies are provided which can be looked up. Are they really so inaccessible? do you think your GP who spends ONE DAY at medical school learning about vaccines is so much better equipped to look at those studies then you? Aluminium in the vaccines ''Vaccine industry money has neutralized virtually all of the checks and balances that once stood between a rapacious pharmaceutical industry and our children'' -Robert F, Kennedy Jr I have borrowed the following information which came from three presentations by Dr Suzanne Humphries who has some very interesting things to say about vaccines. I strongly recommend that anyone who cares about their health or the health of loved ones watches the presentations. I will post medical studies and the reference numbers so that you can look them up on pubmed.com if you want to check them out for yourself Aluminium is used as an 'adjuvant' in many vaccines which is to say that it is used to provoke an immune response in your body. When it is said to many doctors that aluminium is harmful to the body they will often answer that your body receives far more aluminium through food then it does through vaccines however your body reacts differently to aluminium when it enters the body through intramuscular injections as opposed to being ingested. When aluminium is ingested much of it is excreted from the body in stools and urine but when it is injected into muscle it provokes a response from the immune system. When it is injected into muscle, such as in a vaccine, aluminium is eaten up by macrophages which then carry it across the blood brain barrier. Once inside the brain it is able to make epigenetic alterations to the functions of genes. This can then create unintended consequences known as ‘non-specific effects’. Your General Practitioner will not be able to tell you what epigenetic effects aluminium will have on the genes of the person vaccinated, neither will they be able to tell you of any non-specific effects that may occur as a result of that because they are not a geneticist or a toxicologist or a virologist, therefore they are not experts on vaccines; they simply do as they are told by the government and big pharma or they risk losing their job The focus of the vaccine industry research has been on whether or not their vaccines produce the desired result for example a polio vaccine combatting polio. They have not carried out extensive research on the wider consequences of vaccines caused by ingredients such as aluminium and the non-specific effects it causes ‘Aluminium is extremely proinflammatory, pathalogical and a genotoxic element that is particularly deleterious to the normal homeostatic operation of brain cells, especially at the level of normal cytoplasmic and genetic activities that utilize phosphate’- Bhattarcharjee 2013 PMID 23764827. There is a lot of phosphate utilisation in the brain and aluminium has been found to be a neurotoxin at vaccine relevant doses (see Shaw 2013 PMID 23932735). A new study has shown that the brain is not immunologically separate from the rest of the body as previously assumed (see Louveau 2015 PMID 26030524). This finding will require an entirely new look at brain function from the medical fraternity and the latest thought on vaccine function may not be up to date with this latest research. The reasoning for this is that concentrations of aluminium have been found to increase as the arteries get closer to the brain (Battarcharjee). This is because aluminium is attracted to the brain and is carried across the blood brain barrier by macrophages. There is currently a lack of comparable studies comparing non-vaccinated children with vaccinated children to establish what non-specific effects may be caused by vaccines, and by some estimates as many as half the paediatric vaccinations include aluminium. When adverse reactions to vaccines do occur they are often difficult to link to the vaccines because sometimes it takes time for those adverse effects to manifest; see for example Hamza 2012 PMID 21601704 where it took four months for the adverse effects, including subtle liver damage, to fully manifest in the test subjects. Aluminium received into the body through intra-muscular injection of a vaccine is not comparable to aluminium ingested, for example through food, in terms of how it impacts the body because intra-muscular injection of aluminium stimulates a response from the immune system. According to studies, some known effects of aluminium passed into the body through intra-muscular injection include: -Translocates from the muscle to the brain -Is attracted to the brain and accumulates there. It increases brain inflammation and activates brain microglia (Alexandrov 2015 PMID 26265215 & Bhattacharjee 2013 PMID 23764827) -Passes through the blood brain barrier inside macrophages (Banks 1983 PMID 6139573) -In Bank’s study cited above the blood brain barrier became very permeable after the injections of aluminium -Enters the brain and epigenetically alters gene function; it changes how DNA functions by affecting which genes are opened and which are closed (Hamza 2012 PMID 21601704) -Is a neurotoxin at vaccine relevant doses (Shaw 2013 PMID 23932735) -Changes how enzymes work, because enzymes need to be the right shape to work and aluminium can change that (Shaw 2013 PMID 23932735) -Stimulates a response from the immune system (it forces it to over-react) -Can go into the lymph nodes -Can react with our proteins -Harms cell function (it damages cell membranes and myelin and disrupts the ability of cells to regulate and to communicate with each other) -Has an inflammatory effect -Enters our T-cells which is what our body uses to fight infection -Accumulates in the body for years at a time (Shaw/Tomjilenovic 2013 PMID 23932735) -Binds to nucleotides (i.e. genetic material in the nucleus) and changes how they work (see Kawahara 2011 PMID: 21423554) -It creates a bias towards Th2 which then affects how our immune system functions and deals with future infections (well published, numerous articles on this) -It induces autoimmune reactions (Shaw 2014 PMID 25349607) -It blocks neuronal signalling -Is an antigen on its own (Levy 1998 PMID 9629674) -Impairs cognitive and motor functions If someone says that the doses of aluminium in vaccines are too small to be harmful then correct them and inform them that aluminium has been found to be a neurotoxin at vaccine relevant doses, see: Shaw 2013 PMID 23932735. When we speak about ‘minimal risk levels’ for aluminium in the body we must consider that no studies have been carried out using a control of non-vaccinated children and therefore it is not possible to establish safe levels of aluminium exposure. Another area of concern should be the discovery of endogenous retroviruses in vaccines and the long-term health implications of that for people who have been vaccinated: ‘Manufacture of childhood vaccines in human fetal cell lines, with its associated retroviral and human DNA fragment contaminants, fulfills all of the necessary requirements as a primary trigger for autism disorder’ -Dr Theresa Deisher 2014, Impact of Environmental Factors on the Prevalence of Autistic Disorder After 1979, Sept 2014, J Pub Health Epid Vol 6(9), 271-284 When we consider the role of environmental factors in health it is important to keep in mind that what our genes are exposed to affects their function, and aluminium in vaccines affects gene function. In the same way that Thimerosol (a mercury derivative used in vaccines as a preservative) has been removed in recent years from many vaccines over health fears (but not the flu vaccine), it is very possible that aluminium will also be removed in the near future as more research is conducted into the non-specific effects it has on the human body. However this will be of no help to any children already vaccinated with vaccines containing aluminium (hydroxide and phosphate). The following are four studies Dr Humphries recommends that parents familiarise themselves with. It is easy to go on pubmed.com and type in the reference number and pull up the study The studies can sometimes be a dense read but Dr Humphries says they will reward the effort; they cover a range of problems caused by aluminium entering the body through intra-muscular injection: -Verstraeten 1997 PMID 9264541 -Kawahara 2011 PMID 21423554 – link between aluminium and the pathogenesis of Alzheimers disease: The integration of the aluminium and amyloid cascade hypotheses -Exley 2013 PMID 23982047 – Human exposure to aluminium -Shaw 2014 PMID 25349607 – Aluminium induced entropy in biological systems: implications for neurological disease Another good website to check out is vaccinepapers.org which has a brochure that contains many medical studies that cover the effects that aluminium has when injected into the human body; see here: http://vaccinepapers.org/brochure/
  18. no amount of suspicion will change anything only action changes things so unless peoples words and thoughts are translated into action NOTHING will change no matter how much they speak or think about things
  19. he isn't talking about our army. He's saying that the migrants are a secret army so are the migrant army vaccinated? what he is saying is horrifying and i hope he's wrong. There's a video clip of him speaking at that link i posted above. He's saying all the jabbed will die-off over the next 5 years so if our own troops were jabbed then they too will die-off and will not be around to protect us from a hostile, foreign, UN secret army its the stuff of nightmares
  20. dragons are ENERGY: leyline energy. The pen-dragon, head of the dragon, is the leader that controls the leylines or in mythological terms: the source of the energy
  21. when you have an economic crisis and a food shortage people will be living from one day to the next but if we are to not be outmanouvered here we HAVE to think beyond that
  22. i'm not sure i agree with that. I think that medical studies ARE readable to a certain extent can you read a medical study that finds that aluminium injected into human muscle will elicit an immune response that can see the aluminium swallowed up by macrophages and carried over the blood brain barrier? yes can you actually repeat the experiment yourself and see the process at work? likely not
  23. is this true? I don't know. I hope not Military Officers Secretly Entering Countries with Migrants? December 17, 2022 John O’Looney is a British undertaker who has become internationally known as a whistleblower on the unnatural increase in untimely deaths that he’s observed in his practice since the advent of the vaxxine. He has also corroborated the reports of American embalmer, Richard Hirschman, of finding these never-before-seen rubbery clots in the veins of the vaxxed. I’ve only ever found O’Looney to be honorable and credible. He’s now claiming that, due to his newfound notoriety, members of the Black Watch battalion of the British Army have reached out to him, to tell him that they’ve been involved in training Albanian, Iraqi and Afghan soldiers in Antalya, Turkey and in Western Ukraine. These British-trained mercenaries are then ordered to infiltrate migrant- and refugee groups, in order to enter the UK by the thousands. The UK government has contracted with thousands of hotels in order to house these people. O’Looney says that British Army Major Anna de Buisseret, who spoke with him has “many contacts in the Army and they’re all telling her the same thing.” He says there’s a new wave of people dying from the bioweapon injections but that officials will call this a “new variant”, which will then be used to justify a new wave of lockdowns and mandatory “quarantine camps” for the unvaxxed. These British-trained foreign mercenaries will then be used to enforce this new phase of tyranny, because British soldiers would not want to drag off their own people to the COVID camps. Most active duty British soldiers have been conveniently deployed out of Britain, to Western Ukraine and Turkey, so they won’t be around to defend their people. O’Looney says, “It was felt that British soldiers won’t be happy kicking in British doors. Why would they? Why would you kick in your own citizens’ – innocent peoples’ – doors? And drag them off? “But these young lads, these foreign young lads from Albania, from Iraq and Afghanistan, they’re going to be only too happy to do that. And they’ll do as they’re told to do and that’s the reality.” A similar plan appears to be playing out in the US. This is why the Biden Regime is so desperate for Title 42 to expire, in order to allow tens of millions more migrants and foreign mercenaries to crash the Southern Border. The Globalists are orchestrating this invasion of vaccine-injured Western nations, with the help of our own militaries, in order to crash our economies and to replace Western citizens with a permanent underclass that has never had (and never will have) any Constitutional rights. As Americans “die suddenly” from the bioweapon Death Shots, Third World invaders are being shipped in by the Globalists to help them usher in a One World Government with a Central Bank Digital Currency that’s tied to a Chinese-style social credit system. *** TRANSCRIPT “I’ve had members of the Black Watch Regiment reach out to me, who are training these young men in the West of Ukraine and in Antalya, in Turkey, that are primarily in officer ranks, down to sargeant, that are then transferred from their post of training in Antalya or West of Ukraine to France. “They sign the Official Secrets Act and they’re then shipped over with the immigrants and with the odd refugees…but primarily, the foot soldiers. They’re all forced to sign the Official Secrets Act before they come… “They’re then deploying these guys in key positions for up to two years. Contracts they’re offering these hoteliers, two-year contracts and hundreds of thousands of them are coming in – that’s four, five grand a week. Four, five thousand a week coming in, these young lads. “They are UN soldiers and they will be deployed. They will be deployed. When they feel they’ve got the numbers and they they can justify another lockdown, be that under the guise Climate Change bullsh*t or saying there’s been another ‘variant’, as these people that have been jabbed – when I went to the meeting [inaudible] last September, they said anyone that’s had an active ingredient will have between two and five years to live. “There is no cure. Mike Yeadon from Pfizer said that. He said there’s no cure for them. They can have pine needle tea, whatever they want. It won’t work. They’re doomed. That’s why it has to be intravenously introduced. Now, as these people begin dying in incredible numbers, there’s your ‘new variant’. There’s your need for another lockdown. “And then, these guys can start manning roadblocks everywhere, policing and they’ll go door-to-door, picking on the ones that are most vocal. So, I suspect that what will happen then is you’ll see these new super prisons be filled and there’ll be outbreaks of COVID among the unvaxxinated in these prisons. “Who will even blink – who will even blink – when you’ve got a country, half of whom are dying and sick and they’re told there’s a ‘new variant’ and they’re herding, taking away the danger – the unvaccinated – and there’s outbreaks of COVID in these quarantine centers for the unvaxxinated, nobody’s even going to blink. And that is the plan.” The woman filming asks him, “What about our own soldiers?” He replies, “They’re posted abroad. They won’t be here. The Black Watch know exactly what’s happening. They’re very fine, I can tell you. But soldiers follow orders and they’re not posted in the UK. They’re in the West of Ukraine, fighting Russia and they’re in Antalya in Turkey. They’re not going to be here. “They may well know what’s going on. They’re soldiers. They’ll do as they’re told. They’re not going to be here. They’re not going to be in the UK. It’s going to be these foreign lads and the reason for that, the government knows full well that they can’t trust their own people, because it’s their women and kids they’re targeting. “And the other reason it’s being done for is because it was felt that British soldiers won’t be happy kicking in British doors. Why would they? Why would you kick in your own citizens’ – innocent peoples’ – doors? And drag them off? “But these young lads, these foreign young lads from Albania, from Iraq and Afghanistan, they’re going to be only too happy to do that. And they’ll do as they’re told to do and that’s the reality. “So that’s what’s happening. I’ve spoken to two soldiers who’ve told me. I’ve spoken to Anne de FitzRay [?]. She’s an Army Major. She’s got many contacts in the Army and they’re all telling her the same thing. “But if you say anything: ‘Oh, you’re a racist. You’re a far-right wing extremist. Why would you not want to give these poor souls sanctuary?’ “Come on! These are young men of adult fighting age with fully-charged smartphones, being trained in Antalya by our own forces! By Black Watch! What can’t people see? “And I would suggest these MPs have got a real moral dilemma now. Do they start rallying round and start thinking about saving their own people or do they take advantage of the promised seat on the [inaudible]?” The woman then asks, “But then, the MPs will get dumped in, anyway.” “Of course they will,” O’Looney replies, “When the last of us is led off, they’ll turn their gaze on these MPs, because they’ll have fulfilled their purpose, to be seen to be practicing ‘democracy’. Useful idiots. And there’ll be no one to fight for them, because the likes of you, me and you will be gone. We’ll be gone. That’s the reality. “So, will people wake up? I really don’t know. But that’s what I’ve been trying to do, is trying to gently wake them up to the reality of what’s going on and I’d never realized – I’ve had a lot of people reach out to me and it’s very, very depressing and very upsetting. “Especially when you feel like you’re walking around on your own, because people just can’t see it. They can’t believe anyone would be that horrible. “And I cast my mind back. When you can’t think historically and they tell us that they put these poor Jews in the showers to be deloused prior to being resettled…I wonder how many of those Jews walked into those showers knowing they were going to be killed, not quite believing anyone would be wicked enough to do it?” https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/military-officers-secretly-entering-countries-with-migrants/
  24. most people have their heads up their own arses blair is speaking at the world economic forum where the richest people on the planet are listening to him. If people want to know what the richest people have in store for us then they need to turn off eastenders and start listening to the davos crowd instead.....in short they need to start PAYING ATTENTION!
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