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  1. i think the point is to reject smart tech as that is the infrastructure of the smart grid control system i'd love to live in a world beyond money so you have a sympathetic ear there but lets be real about this we can't even get people to give up their smart phones so trying to sell a post money world is just beyond the pale for most people I think as stepping stones to a better world voting with your feet and rejecting their banks is a good step There is definately a non corporate media developing to challenge corporate dominance of the flows of information but yes let the buyer beware as there will be all kinds out there and not all of it will be of equal accuracy agreed. I'm not wearing any outward show of my resistance however i understand what they are trying to do there in creating some solidarity for example the strength people feel in numbers eg the yellow vests
  2. no i think they are now experiencing the damage caused by the covid clot shots they are just unable to make the connection between the harms they are suffering and the experimental medical interventions that they had because the media has done such a hatchet job on their minds
  3. The scottish branch of the GLOBALIST PARTY
  4. the consequences can go both ways.... we can act now in legal and non violent ways that disrupt and degrade their efforts to destroy or enslave us
  5. she's been assimilated by the black goo
  6. totally agree with him People need to start wrapping their head around the fact that protests, legal actions and petitions will not overturn a centuries old agenda. Only enough people with the will to create an entirely new situation can change that It doesn't need people to do just one thing. I requires LOTS of people to radically overhaul their lives The only question is: how badly do people want to to win? Do they want to win enough to choose to not always walk the path of least resistance?
  7. Fluoride being put into the drinking water, mRNA injected into everyone in covid jabs, folic acid being put into the flour and now they are talking about putting iodine into salt! You have to wonder why they are doing all these things at the same time? Could it be that these various ingredients react with each other synergistically in ways that will destroy health but because no one will ever look at how these things affect each other when they are mixed within the human body no one will ever figure out those synergistic effects. Instead people will only ever look at them independently and perhaps do a study of the health impacts of them each individuals but NOT when mixed Should we put iodine in salt to boost babies’ IQ? As folic acid is finally added to flour, experts now claim iodine is just as crucial for mother and child - if not more so Malfunctioning thyroid in early pregnancy can halt development of foetus’ brain And as more people adopt a vegan diet in the UK, the problem is set to get worse Experts called for ‘urgent corrective strategies’ like adding iodine traces to salt Is in line with WHO's recommendations to fortify all salt used in food processing By Eve Simmons For The Mail On Sunday Published: 22:00 BST, 25 September 2021 | Updated: 22:05 BST, 25 September 2021 https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-10027959/As-folic-acid-finally-added-flour-iodine-salt-boost-babies-IQ.html
  8. yeah there's a lot of that and a lot of police bashing people from their own country but we have to ask ourselves why the cabal are investing so heavily in robots and drones etc Is it really just to wage war against foreign enemies? I don't think so. Just look how they set up the whole 'war on terror' thing with 911 where they blamed 'islamic extremists' and now they have twisted that around and are turning what they call 'anti-vaxxers' and 'far right' ie anyone who now doesn't trust the government agenda into 'terrorists' This is the problem with these never ending wars they wage. How can you have a 'war on drugs' when drugs grow naturally in nature? How can you have a war on 'terror' when terror is an emotion? Now they are waging a war against what they are calling an 'invisible enemy' covid which is just another never ending war which they can wage on something that you can't see and therefore can't disprove I think the robots are going to replace the human police and army as they will always just do what the technocrats programme them to do yeah i don't see it that way man Once again when you look at the wider picture you can see that they have been pursuing this agenda for centuries way before there were ever computers or ai or algorithms etc They have been coordinated by something....an intelligence....that has been guiding them all that time and technology simply gives that intelligence a physical body
  9. Its called 'vaccine damage'.....you are vaccine damaged by the covid jabs and in some cases no doubt by the influenza vaccines too Why are so many suffering dreadful Covid symptoms but still testing NEGATIVE? Sarah Vine was convinced she had it, but countless tests said otherwise - and she's far from alone... so what IS going on? Sarah Vine, 54, battled Covid symptoms, but multiple tests came back negative Mother-of-two, who had PCR test and rapid lateral flows, described it as 'spooky' Her revelation triggered a deluge of letters from people suffering in same way We put Sarah's blow-by-blow account of illness, and that of others, to the experts * For more on the mystery illness, listen to the MoS's Medical Minefield Podcast * By Eve Simmons For The Mail On Sunday Published: 22:00 BST, 25 September 2021 | Updated: 00:47 BST, 26 September 2021 A nasty dry cough, sniffles and a thumping headache. Burning muscle pain. And, if you didn’t feel miserable enough, everything you eat tastes like dust. It’s a list of symptoms the British public have become all too familiar with over the past 18 months – classic Covid. Or is it? A fortnight ago, Mail on Sunday columnist Sarah Vine wrote about how she had been battling exactly this combination of ailments, but multiple tests – both the gold-standard PCR and rapid lateral flows – had come back negative. Sarah, who had her two doses of the AstraZeneca jab at the beginning of this year, visited the Government website and ordered a gold-standard PCR test. It arrived a day later, and the result a day after that: negative. ‘I took rapid lateral flow tests too, and have continued to do so regularly,’ she says. ‘Negative, negative, negative, negative. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-10027851/Why-suffering-dreadful-Covid-symptoms-testing-NEGATIVE.html
  10. things are moving fast....the scenary is moving past the window fast now so we have to keep focussed on the key things that we know to be true and not get too swept along with the scenary
  11. Police launch investigation into four deaths at flagship Glasgow hospital including girl, 10, who died on children's cancer ward The death of 10-year-old Milly Main is to be investigated by Police Scotland Milly, from Lanark, died in August 2017 in the Royal Hospital for Children The unit is part of the massive Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow By Daily Mail Reporter Published: 10:07 BST, 25 September 2021 | Updated: 11:12 BST, 25 September 2021 ‘There is a massive cover-up going on here.’ The inquiry in Edinburgh, chaired by Lord Brodie, continues. A Police Scotland spokesperson told MailOnline: 'The Crown Office Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS) has asked Police Scotland to investigate a number of deaths at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital campus, Glasgow. Our investigation is at a very early stage, it would be inappropriate to comment further.' https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10027419/Police-launch-probe-deaths-Glasgow-super-hospital.html
  12. ''Of those species tested, needles from Ponderosa pine are the only ones that have been shown to induce the problem. '' they say its the pine needles of the ponderosa tree that cause the problems for cows. That's not what people would be making pine tea out of in the northern hemisphere where people would be using spruce needles
  13. you can see the drift.....the drift away from people doing things with their own mind and hands using their intelligence, problem solving and coordination towards a virtual world where they are always buffered in some way from direct experience with reality the drift is clearly to lead those people to a state where they will relinquish all contact with this physical reality and plug into something else....a counterfeit reality and the problem is that many will willingly allow themselves to be led there because modern life has left them feeling dead inside....and it has been designed that way to do just that. It conditions people to live vicariously instead of directly
  14. i think its a bit more to be honest....i see the 'cloud' as the grey matter of the artificial intelligence that is going to be handed the keys to every single appliance on the planet on top of that the military are creating more and more autonomous vehicles, drones, robots and missile systems which could all be patched into the cloud and controlled by the artificial intelligence I also don't believe that at its core that AI is 'artificial' at all. I believe that the cabal are simply giving a physical body to the discarnate intelligence that they serve I'm also aware that to the vast majority of normies that would sound completely insane...and yet...
  15. ''John's paternal grandparents were Austro-Hungarian Jewish immigrants who converted to Catholicism'' .....it's all so tiresome....
  16. controls and rationing they did this when they did the 'bail ins' in cyprus. They declared a 'bank holiday' and then shaved a percentage off the top of peoples bank accounts above a certain threshold Meanwhile they only allowed people to take a out a certain amount from ATM machines per day They can do that with anything. They can say that to save the planet from carbon emissions you are only allowed a certain amount of petrol per week They could say that due to a shut down of the global economy food has to be rationed They could say that as you have been replaced in your job by AI you must now get universal basic income from the government in the form of central bank digital currencies that will enable you to get your ration of petrol and food
  17. Its simple....just don't invest anything in these people who cares if he is a shill or not? You can't do anything about that What you CAN do something about is what YOU are doing For example if they want to take us to a digital currency then shouldn't we all be pushing as much physical cash into circulation as possible? Shouldn't we stop using debit cards and start paying for EVERYTHING in cash?.....pulling more and more bank notes out of ATM's and passing them around Isn't the exchange of physical cash between the hands of human beings also a way to dispel the psychosis of people who live in fear of an 'invisible enemy' that lurks on every surface? 'Here you go you nutjob have some cash directly from my hand....oh look you didn't die.....amazing'
  18. yes and that is why the world is going to hell in a hand basket unless enough people can elevate their consciousness to such a degree that they are able to see WHY they need to live differently nothing will change (for the better anyway) The real protest is not a march. The REAL protest is HOW YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE
  19. you turn to piracy (although that might stick in the craw of a fan of admiral nelson!)....pirates were said to 'declare war against the world' but really that 'world' was just an empire controlled by 'the crown' in which anyone who wasn't part of the club was getting screwed. A pirate then was someone who made a conscious choice to step outside of that civilisation to make their own way in the world If the NHS is becoming a sinkhole for public tax money whilst at the same time refusing to actually treat the workers who provide that tax base except to midazolam to death their grannies and grandpas then we can't rely in it anymore. The NHS has become the number one pusher of dangerous experimental medical interventions on swathes of the public of all ages. It is part of a multi-billion pound synthetic drug industry that traces right back to the petro-chemical industry run by the illuminati bloodline families. Its out of control. If you can't rely on the NHS to look after your health then what do you do? You have to look outside of that world and make your own way. This could involve putting a focus on ensuring your own good health through nutrition and exercise and exploring herbalist remedies whilst we sort out clown world Police launch investigation into four deaths at flagship Glasgow hospital including girl, 10, who died on children's cancer ward The death of 10-year-old Milly Main is to be investigated by Police Scotland Milly, from Lanark, died in August 2017 in the Royal Hospital for Children The unit is part of the massive Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow By Daily Mail Reporter Published: 10:07 BST, 25 September 2021 | Updated: 11:12 BST, 25 September 2021 https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10027419/Police-launch-probe-deaths-Glasgow-super-hospital.html
  20. I remember gareth saying something about liverpool hospital and how they were cooking the figures The scam worked like this.....the corporate media said that the ICU beds were all full but in reality what they meant was that the handful of beds (i think it was 8 beds) that were designated 'covid' beds were full but the rest of the beds weren't
  21. a lot of people spray deodorant that contains aluminium right into their armpits where their lymph nodes are and then they wonder why they get cancer... I don't use any myself. I just share my musk Johnson and johnson who are one of the mega corporations creating a covid jab were fined for putting ASBESTOS in babies talcum powder Johnson & Johnson knew for decades that asbestos lurked in its Baby Powder A REUTERS INVESTIGATION https://www.reuters.com/investigates/special-report/johnsonandjohnson-cancer/
  22. JABBED: In the video, Tennessee State University golf team member John Stokes, 21, discussed how he suffered myocarditis, or heart inflammation, four days after his second Pfizer dose on August 31. https://www.infowars.com/posts/tiktok-censors-viral-testimony-from-vaccine-injured-student-athlete-after-4-5m-views/
  23. JABBED: ‘I cannot practice, I cannot play’: Tennis ace ends season, admits he regrets taking Covid vaccine after feeling ‘violent pain’ 25 Sep, 2021 16:44 A tennis star has admitted he does not know when he will return to the sport and fears he may have to bring forward his retirement because of health problems he says he has suffered since taking the Pfizer Covid vaccine. World number 73 Jeremy Chardy has become the latest tennis star to speak out against vaccines after suffering what he describes as violent, near-paralyzing pains across his body since taking the jab, warning that there is "no hindsight" once people have taken the treatment. The 34-year-old says he his priority is to "take care of myself" after seing two doctors and taking tests in a bid to deduce why he has found physical exertion so difficult since being vaccinated. "Suddenly I cannot train, I cannot play," the 2017 Davis Cup winner told AFP, https://www.rt.com/sport/535829-jeremy-chardy-covid-vaccine-reaction/
  24. I don't think David is saying that israel is being run by literal nazis (nationalist socialists). I think he is saying that the actions of the government of israel are comparable to the totalitarianism of nazi germany My understanding is that david believes the cult that is behind the conspiracy is sabbatean (satanic) and not jewish Prof Sutton wrote three very good books looking at how 'wall st' (ie the banking fraternity) were responsible for creating the bolsheviks in russia followed closely by the nazis in germany and the new deal in the US He said they were all forms of collectivism and he speculated that the bankers were creating a kind of phoney conflict between the marxists and the state-capitalists to create a dialectic out of which something new would emerge If you understand this then you will understand why a neo-marxist outfit like BLM will be promoted by state-capitalists like the royal family and the corporations That same clique that was behind the big banks of wall street are the very same clique behind this whole covid scamdemic and the 'great reset'. Their great reset is the technocracy that is the new form of society that they planned to create out of the phoney conflict which prof sutton had sussed out back in the 1970's We are living through their long planned for end game and the bolsheviks and the nazis and BLM and antifa and extinction rebellion and covid are all just steps that cabal have taken society through to bring them to a crisis out of which the cabal intends to impose their own solution: a globalised technocracy
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