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  1. Macnamara


    i do agree that they infiltrate things but the value of art is affected by the money spent by people from 'the city' (banking district); their accountants advise them to diversify and to buy some precious metals, some art and some land So they go and spend money on crap art and by doing so they create a perception of value when in fact there is no real merit to the 'art'. They also have the same negative affect on land in scotland which is one of the key places they invest. They buy up large chunks of scotland thereby pricing scots out of the market and they become 'absentee landlo
  2. I support people embracing the common law too but concerning the birth certificate issue there was a landmark case recently where a father didn't want to get a birth certificate for their child because he believed that the british state was 'authoritarian and capricious'. The state then proved itself to be both those things when it ruled against the man: Man who refused to register son's birth loses high court case This article is more than 1 year old Father said he did not want his baby to be controlled by the British state Mat
  3. They are born into a culture that vilifies it. The culture is created by the engineers of perception who create the false perceptions they want the public to hold and then they seek to vilify anyone who threatens those false perceptions That's going to depend on the individual but there is no doubt that a climate of fear has been created where many people are now afraid to question the mainstream narratives on things
  4. yeah i do think that is your game here yes you haven't established that
  5. I'm saying that satanists are ACTIVELY seeking to keep people in low states of consciousness the example above was of some cherry trees being destroyed
  6. so you are an occultist here trying to tell us that there is no conspiracy behind the music industry? that's a level of front beyond reason
  7. the politicians believe that the 'law' is what they create through their statutes and the police believe that their job is to enforce those statutes even if it means carrying out violence against you to achieve that In truth the 'law' is the common law which would give you freewill choice over whether or not to have a jab So in order to overturn that the cabal have made people believe that parliamentary statutes are what is the law. For as long as people believe that they will continue to get away with the con because for as long as the politicians, the police and the p
  8. that's nonsense because it is implying the people behind the record companies are not practicing occultists and that there is no agenda behind popular culture. That's naive in the extreme Hip Hop and Freemasonry Culture Creation and The Shape of Things To Come 1of8
  9. Macnamara


    well yup that is literally marxism right there in the graffitti! But rich people don't choose to live in sink estates. Neither do people choose to go on holiday to sink estates. The reason they don't do this is because environment DOES affect our mood and sense of wellbeing. If our environment is shit then it is more likely to make us feel shit and lower our consciousness. Environment DOES matter Therefore those people who are trying to takedown the british people through death by a thousand cuts ie cultural marxism by doing anything they can possibly think
  10. I'd be more concerned about the satellites that are going to be beaming down 5G radiation onto the surface of the planet A mylar hat might not seem like such a crazy idea soon
  11. Macnamara


    you raised your consciousness! I'm not being sanctimonious...i've done stupid shit too i've noticed that in the last say ten years there is more graffiti around up here. It's not the skilled kind where you see someone has done something impressive to what was a blank space that hasn't damaged anything valuable and you can appreciate the artistry in it.....it's just mindless scrawling crap and i've started to wonder if it is part of cultural marxism We had a spate of graffitti up and down the A9 which is the road that runs right up the centre of sco
  12. dammit! someones beaten me to it! i was thinking with some more clothes though...
  13. you're just there at the garage forecourt filling up your car and you look over at the normie at the other pump and you do that little head nod....like 'alright'....and you're all dressed normally from the waist up and then when you finish you walk out from behind your car with your mask codpiece on and walk casually past the normie and just watch their double take...
  14. I might try and resurrect the tudor codpiece but using a mask Its been 500 years...i think its time the codpiece came back So i might just start wearing a mask on my crotch....just walk around with a mask on my crotch...see if it catches on
  15. Macnamara


    why tag? why tag everything? why tag things multiple times? sorry to sound like a old duffer but what the heck? i don't get it
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