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  1. Non player characters You know the type....always repeating the state supplied propaganda on everything. They'll embrace the covid vaccine and allow the nanotech inside it to remould their brain. It will be no loss for them because they never thought for themselves anyway. Their consciousness never elevated above that base level of conditioned thrum where they then realised that everything they had been told their whole life was a lie. They never got to view the world anew through new eyes as a place that needed to be re-explored and re-assessed. They never went on that
  2. some people would rather check out than admit that conspiracy theorists have been right all along They can't be humble and say 'hey man, i'm sorry for treating you like shit for so many years and calling you a 'tinfoil hat wearing nutjob'....alienating you, isolating you, silencing you at every turn and gaslighting you'....no....many would rather check out altogether or just simply passively sleep walk into their technocratic enslavement...its sad they tried to break my spirit but in the end they will break long before i ever will, because it was me that was strong all
  3. James Corbett has backed up all of his work on IPFS (see his podcast below for more info) I think we are heading for a deep purge of all independent media so i think its vital to start creating back up copies of key videos and articles and of course key books as in the not to distant future we may be gathering in secret gatherings sharing around snippets of information that keep the dream of human freedom alive...and just remember: if the mainstream media agrees with you then you aren't the resistance YouTube is Purging Again . . . Here’s How to Find M
  4. Have you got some info on that for us? If that were true then you have to wonder why the system is loosening its grip on that The system has circled the wagons around vaccine companies to provide them with protection from immunity since the 1980's giving them protections that no other companies are afforded and preventing them from having to face the consequences of their mistakes However the covid vaccine is the gamechanger. With that vaccine they can change the human genome through TRANSFECTION and they can get nanotechnology into every individual
  5. Not all adverse reactions are mentioned to doctors and when they are not all doctors then pass on those adverse reactions to VAERS This means that the stats in VAERS are only the tip of the iceberg
  6. When you have a neurotoxin (aluminium) injected into your muscle and it is then swallowed up by macrophages when your body creates an immune response those macrophages are able to carry that aluminium over the blood brain barrier where it can then have an epigenetic effect It most definately can cause harm of all kinds for example a host of autoimmune disorders as well as autism If a persons brain is affected such that their life is affected in such a way that their capacity to meet other members of the opposite sex and engage in lasting relationships with them that bar
  7. Macnamara

    Disease X

    Covid 19: a review part 17 Hand sanitiser used in some schools can cause headaches and respiratory problems Thu, Oct 22, 2020, 23:08 Updated: Fri, Oct 23, 2020, 00:06 Mark Hilliard, Marie O'Halloran Schools affected by a hand sanitiser recall relating to public health concerns have been told they can close on Friday if they believe it necessary. The Department of Agriculture, which issued the recall for the Virapro product, said its prolonged use can cause dermatitis, eye irritation, upper respiratory system irritation and headaches. Some of
  8. So from a conspiracy perspective a thing that comes up now and again about kris kristoferson is that he was a Rhodes scholar and cecil rhodes was a front man for the rothschild funded milner group that created the round table of think tanks including the trilateral commission, the council on foreign relations, chatham house, the club of rome etc Those think tanks in turn have shaped and steered various other aspects of the conspiracy such as the EU, the 'sustainable development' programme pushed through UN Agenda 2030 and no doubt this current plandemic They also orches
  9. 'jewish power is the ability to prevent people talking about jewish power' - Gilad Atzmon 'History is an attempt to narrate the past' - Gilad Atzmon
  10. Don Juan- Byron (1819) “Who hold the balance of the world? Who reign O’er congress, whether royalist or liberal? Who rouse the shirtless patriots of Spain? [*] (That make old Europe’s journals squeak and gibber all.) Who keep the world, both old and new, in pain Or pleasure? Who make politics run glibber all? The shade of Buonaparte’s noble daring? — Jew Rothschild, and his fellow-Christian, Baring. VI Those, and the truly liberal Lafitte, Are the true lords of Europe. Every loan Is not a merely speculative hit,
  11. That's how they hide the truth They create the parameters of permitted speech overpaid and puffed up radio hosts like jeremy vine and vanessa feltz do it all the time where they only permit discourse within a narrow controlled debate. by doing so they create the 'overton window' of what their listeners then think is the permitted range of discussion Anything outside the overton window is then dismissed as 'conspiracy theory'
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