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  1. sounds like a lot of atrocities afterwards too: Massacres and other war crimes Three captured persons were executed at Quarry Bay, including a female air raid warden named Ada Baldwin who was with the local Air Raid Precautions (ARP). One private (John Payne) and an Australian was captured by the Japanese in Kowloon on the 12th of December and executed. After the fall of the medical station near the West Brigade command post, ten stretcher bearers of the St. John Ambulance within the station were killed, as well as a policeman and a medic from the Royal Army Medical Corps. A British pillbox near Jardine's Lookout Four men of A Company Winnipeg Grenadiers were bayoneted after the battle at Jardine's Lookout.[96] One grenadier, Private Kilfoyle, was killed on the forced march to North Point, according to witnesses. Four men were killed in the so-called "Black Hole of Hong Kong", a mess hut at the Wongneichong AA Battery, including two Canadian officers. Around thirty civilians of different ethnicities were massacred at No. 42 Blue Pool Road on 22 December.[97] In the worst massacre of POWs of the battle, the Japanese killed at least 47 after taking The Ridge in Repulse Bay. Among the dead was Major Charles Sydney Clarke of China Command HQ, two men of the 12th and 20th Coastal Regiments of the Royal Artillery (RA), six men of the Royal Army Service Corps (RASC) and two of the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps (RCASC), nineteen men of the Royal Army Ordnance Corps (RAOC) and three of the Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps (RCOC) and fourteen men of the RASC Company of the HKVDC. The Japanese also executed at least fourteen captives at Overbays, men of the same units as at The Ridge but also including three Royal Rifles of Canada and an officer of the 1st Middlesex.[98] A further seven were killed at Eucliffe and another 36 known victims cannot be placed precisely at one of the three locations (Ridge, Overbays, Eucliffe). Ride, who was present at the surrender, stated later that he saw fifty bodies lying by the road, including six Middlesex men among them. These men may have been some of those attached to the Hong Kong Chinese Regiment.[99][100] The Commonwealth War Graves Commission report also states that five men of the Royal Air Force went missing near The Ridge on 20 December, perhaps captured and killed. Six men of the Middlesex were killed defending PB 14 at Deepwater Bay Ride (Lyon Light). Most of them were killed after capture via beheading. *At least six officers and a number of other men were killed after capture at Maryknoll Mission.[101] Four members of the 8th Coastal Regiment RA may have been killed here as well; estimates of the number of men murdered vary from 11 to 16. Twelve nurses were raped at the emergency hospital at Happy Valley racecourse on 25 December.[102] An estimated 10,000 Hong Kong civilians were executed, while many others were tortured, raped, or mutilated During the over three and a half years of occupation by the Japanese, an estimated 10,000 Hong Kong civilians were executed, while many others were tortured, raped, or mutilated. Awards Battalions from both Indian Army regiments earned Battle Honours for the defence of Hong Kong.[105][106][107] In his despatch, Major-General C. M. Maltby, wrote about the conduct of troops under his command in Hong Kong and mentions the 5/7 Rajput Regiment: "This battalion fought well on the mainland and their repulse of the enemy attack on Devil's Peak was entirely successful. The full force of the enemy's initial attack on the island fell on this battalion and they fought gallantly until they had suffered heavy casualties (100% of British Officers and most senior Indian Officers being lost) and were run over". Gander was a Newfoundland dog posthumously awarded the Dickin Medal, the "animals' Victoria Cross", in 2000 for his deeds in World War II, the first such award in over 50 years. He picked up a thrown Japanese hand grenade and rushed with it toward the enemy, dying in the ensuing explosion but saving the lives of several wounded Canadian soldiers. Colonel Lance Newnham, Captain Douglas Ford and Flight Lieutenant Hector Bertram Gray were awarded the George Cross for the gallantry they showed in resisting Japanese torture in the immediate aftermath of the battle. The men had been captured and were in the process of planning a mass escape by British forces. Their plan was discovered but they refused to disclose information under torture and were shot by firing squad.[108] Captain Mateen Ansari of the 5/7th Rajput's was awarded the George Cross "for most conspicuous gallantry in carrying out hazardous work in a very brave manner". Despite numerous efforts by the Japanese to get him to renounce his allegiance to the British and assist them in spreading subversion amongst the Indian ranks held in Japanese POW camps (after the fall of the Colony), all efforts failed. Ansari was tortured and starved for over five months before being sentenced to death. He was executed by beheading on 20 October 1943. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Hong_Kong
  2. Sinister Marxist agenda behind Drag Queen Story Hour By Dominey Jenner August 5, 2022 JUST as the rainbow flags are packed away and the relentless propaganda of Pride Month comes to an end, up pops Drag Queen Story Hour UK, a series of almost 70 events at council libraries across the country. These are accompanied, inevitably, by a band of half-witted parents trumpeting their participation. I don’t want to be uncharitable, but they can be described only as useful idiots; facilitators of a cause they haven’t even begun to understand. How else to read, for example, Stella Creasy’s recent celebratory tweet: ‘What a lovely afternoon with Drag Story Hour UK today with the wonderful Greta who put so much energy into story telling and entertaining local children – Proud too that Walthamstow a community that welcomes and celebrates pride with the Morris Gallery in this lovely way! ’ What a lovely afternoon with Drag Story Hour UK today with the wonderful Greta who put so much energy into story telling and entertaining local children – Proud too that Walthamstow a community that welcomes and celebrates pride with the @morrisgallery in this lovely way! pic.twitter.com/eDsfBnyChX — stellacreasy (@stellacreasy) July 26, 2022 It is foolish, in the first instance, to think that these events have anything to do with Pride. Of course, the Drag Queen Story Hour UK website attempts to make this link with its rainbow typeface and some outdated (March 2011) statistics about LGBT+. To believe, however, that is some homespun, organic initiative, grown out of the gay rights movement, is to be naive. It is part of a political agenda to destabilise our children and it doesn’t take much digging to unearth its pernicious roots. As with so many of the worst ideas inflicted on today’s society, and in particular our young people, the origins can be located in academia. There are a number of scholarly papers advocating for Drag Queen Story Hour, where the clear purpose of these events is ‘to queer’ our children. As one such paper puts it: ‘We are guided by the following question: what might Drag Queen Story Hour offer educators as a way of bringing queer ways of knowing and being into the education of young children? “Queer”, in this context, does not mean “gay”. Rather, it means anything that doesn’t represent normalcy. “Queer” is . . . whatever is at odds with the normal, the legitimate, the dominant. There is nothing in particular to which it necessarily refers. It is an identity without an essence.’ Why would educators wish to confuse our children in this way? Why would they wish our most vulnerable to have ‘an identity without an essence’? James Lindsay, in his New Discourses podcast on the infiltration of Queer Theory into our schools, says: ‘It’s a long-running project rooted in Marxist theory . . . the Marxists get to destabilise identity, they get to destabilise psychology and therefore they get politically groomable people that they can bring into a disaffected – dissatisfied and mentally ill – state that they can then manipulate into being revolutionary towards their cause.’ In a nutshell, if our children lack any sense of identity and are, at the same time, instilled with a sense of dissatisfaction, then they are ripe for political activism. If they have been schooled in neo-Marxist theories, it is for this ideology that they will agitate. It is perhaps worth noting, at this point, that I am not necessarily ascribing these motives to the organisers of Drag Queen Story Hour UK. In fact, I’d be surprised if they were aware of this scholarship. My suspicion is that they belong in the same category as those parents who naively jump on the bandwagon. They are pawns for those with more sinister intentions. Can the likes of Creasy be excused, then? Well, there still remains the question of basic common sense. Which parents in their right mind would put their children at the feet of a man dressed as a sexualised woman? In an age where Sunday school teachers have to pass a DBS check and go through rigorous safeguarding training, why do these perverse book-reading events not ring even the tiniest alarm bell? Concerns about undermining childhood innocence and the blurring of boundaries should be instinctive when mixing children with men in drag. For the right-minded, of course, the dangers are obvious. Parents for Education have described the process at work: ‘Children are exposed to “queerness” to destabilise their sense of self, to help them become free via a continually fluid state of sexual identity. Normative barriers that prevent the sexual abuse of children are framed as oppressing children’s sexuality, and arguments are made that children want, and can consent to sexual relations with adults.’ Again, I’m not questioning the motives of individual organisers or participants. I simply don’t know what their particular intentions are, but the big picture must be understood. Shocking as they were, the words of Drag Queen Ms Sharon Le Grand at the National Theatre’s River Stage family festival were no surprise: ‘We need to teach our children to open their hearts, teach children to open their minds and to teach our children to open their legs.’ The parents who took their children to the show in June should not have expected anything else. This is no accident. It has been crafted in academia and forced into classrooms and children’s libraries across our country. Promoted by malevolent forces, it is facilitated by useful, bandwagon-jumping fools. It is for the rest of us to push back, expose the reality and resist with whatever means are at our disposal. It is encouraging that there have been protests against Drag Queen Story Hour in Reading and Bristol. I hope the discerning will continue to raise their voices, for it is not controversial to object to a drag queen in your child’s school or library. It is simple common sense. https://www.conservativewoman.co.uk/sinister-marxist-agenda-behind-drag-queen-story-hour/
  3. they were just having a Fecal microbiota transplant: Fecal microbiota transplant (FMT), also known as a stool transplant,[1] is the process of transferring fecal bacteria and other microbes from a healthy individual into another individual. FMT is an effective treatment for Clostridioides difficile infection (CDI).[2][3] For recurrent CDI, FMT is more effective than vancomycin.[2][4] Side effects may include a risk of infections, therefore the donor should be screened.[5] FMT involves restoration of the colonic microflora by introducing healthy bacterial flora through infusion of stool via colonoscopy, enema, orogastric tube, or by mouth in the form of a capsule containing feces from a healthy donor, which in some cases is freeze-dried. With CDI becoming more common, FMT is gaining increasing prominence, with some experts calling for it to become the first-line therapy for CDI.[6] FMT has been used experimentally to treat other gastrointestinal diseases, including colitis, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, and neurological conditions, such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's.[7][8] In the United States, human feces has been regulated as an experimental drug since 2013. In the United Kingdom, FMT regulation is under the remit of the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency.[9] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fecal_microbiota_transplant
  4. speaking of rajputs i might as well mention the proud rajput clans custom when they were under siege from a large enemy force that was too great to defeat. Once their supplies had run out and they could no longer survive within their walls the male warriors would done saffron robes and mount their horses, the gates would be thrown open and they would charge their enemy and fight to the death rather than capitulate. The womanfolk meanwhile would commit sati by throwing themselves onto a giant pyre to self-immolate themselves in order to avoid being taken alive.
  5. Creation flows out of a well and becomes 5 rivers. Its through those that we perceive reality
  6. new lyme diseases being seeded into the wild or is it being used as a cover for covid jab damage? Either way pfizer has a new vaccine for it... Tick-borne illnesses have increased 350% in rural America since 2007: Experts say more people are being infected than ever before after celebrities like Shania Twain and Yolanda Hadid became infected Analysts looked at private insurance claims filed across America They found claims in rural areas surged 357 percent in 2021 compared to 2007 There was also an uptick in urban areas by 65 percent over the same period Experts warned more people were now catching Lyme disease than previously It may also be driven by higher awareness from likes of Yolanda Hadid and Shania Twain also catching the disease By Luke Andrews Health Reporter For Dailymail.Com Published: 23:03 BST, 3 August 2022 | Updated: 13:10 BST, 4 August 2022 https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-11078351/Tick-borne-illnesses-increased-350-rural-America-2007.html Pfizer buys stake in Lyme vaccine developer Valneva by Gina Vitale June 25, 2022 | A version of this story appeared in Volume 100, Issue 23 Pfizer will spend close to $100 million to buy an 8.1% stake in the French vaccine company Valneva to support their ongoing collaboration on Lyme disease. Pfizer aims to start a Phase 3 study of their codeveloped Lyme disease vaccine, VLA15, in the third quarter. The product is the only Lyme vaccine in clinical development, the companies say. It works by targeting an outer surface protein on the bacteria that causes the disease. https://cen.acs.org/pharmaceuticals/vaccines/Pfizer-buys-stake-Lyme-vaccine/100/i23
  7. it's going to be a show trial to set a precedent of shutting down dissent. Meanwhile the FBI is now setting its sights on patriots. Jon Rappoport has some words of support for alex though: Know these things about Alex Jones Jon Rappoport 7 hr ago Let’s start here. While Jones was supporting Trump, he also mercilessly attacked the horrifically destructive COVID vaccines. In the process, he forcefully awakened millions of Trump followers to a truth they were unaware of or didn’t want to face. In the process, lives were saved. Decades ago, long before it was fashionable to do so, Jones explained and righteously attacked Globalism, the Rockefeller Empire, and the designs of the Chinese regime. Perceived by the public as living on the political Right, Jones confounded that perception by attacking both big government and big corporations, while so-called conservatives were routinely and conveniently letting criminal corporations off the hook. About 20 years ago, the day after George Noory interviewed me about those corporations, Jones called me out of the blue and insisted I come on his radio show and talk about the subject at length. Very early in his radio career, he saw the gathering clouds of medical dictatorship on the horizon and spoke about it compellingly. His audience got a strong dose of something they’d never thought about. Toxic pesticides, GMO crops---Jones contributed as much to the public understanding of these issues as any dyed in the wool environmentalist. However, for years, he’s also spoken about the psychopathic anti-human elitists who use the environmental movement as a front for a “green revolution” that aims to capture humanity in an endless future of poverty. No one has done to more to expose the predatory adults who guide and groom young children for transgender medical and psychological destruction. Since the beginning of his career, he’s defended the Constitutional right of citizens to own guns, against the deluded crowd who’ve claimed that taking away all those guns from everybody would lead us into an era of tranquility. Millions of non-criminal gun owners owe Jones a debt of gratitude. Every day, Jones refuses to let the idea of the original American Republic die. Try that yourself. See how much energy it takes. I could go on and list a number of other vital issues on which he has led the way. He’s inspired many people to start their own independent news outlets, as they’ve watched him make his viable. In a materialistic age, he has a vision of the human soul, and whether you agree with it or not, it is not a slave to government and corporate and media and church propagandists. If “the meaning of the soul” sounds like a harmless position to take, it isn’t when you’re connecting with large numbers of people for hours every day, and those propagandists want to shut off your connection and force you to go down to defeat. For more than 20 years, without let-up, Jones has not only defended the 1st Amendment to the hilt, he has stood on it to speak freely about a blizzard of issues. And now this has brought him into court rooms, where civil suits have been leveled against him. Regardless of the outcomes of the cases, I trust he will survive and carry on. He has already won many victories during his career, and they will stand. As for the public, there will always be those who go after Jones. There will always be whiners and screamers and critics who devote their whole lives to finding someone to pick at and scrape at, while they studiously ignore the Good that person has achieved. They feed on the bounty of the 1st Amendment like parasites, and never have to courage to see a better world and fight for it. Anyone who rises above the crowd is their target, because they ARE the crowd, gnawing their way to oblivion. So be it. The world has its disgusting creatures. Alex Jones was and is a pioneer. He can handle it. He HAS, for a long time, and in the process, he’s made many other people open their eyes and see they can, too. THAT’S the rub. When dedicated tyrants notice the contagion of courage, they panic. They look for a source. Years and years ago, they homed in on Jones. But he’s endured. Because he and his work are built for the storm. -- Jon Rappoport https://jonrappoport.substack.com/p/know-these-things-about-alex-jones
  8. a quick search found something about him coming to some sort of settlement with the parents. It seems he might have been kept quiet somehow, perhaps paid off. It looks like they are after alex and are going to focus on him
  9. the state can also seize your land through compulsory purchase (eminent domain in the US) for example they recently demolished a house to make a cycleway to a new housing development somewhere in england
  10. the water palace? The waters had dried up a bit when i was there and you could walk out across the mudflats to the ghats where the women washed the clothes, water buffalos wallowing in the pools the brits did leave some pretty nice colonial buildings but unfortunately they are often neglected because of their association with colonialism
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