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  1. * 2048 --- And the Great Return... The left side of the larger computational device counts the year 2048 from Square 254, of which was the day counter for September 11th, 2001, of which is farthest WEST on Axial tilt row 23. 9/11's day counter wasn't by chance. * Saint Bede configured one of the Adamic generations for human restart to be the year 3952 B.C., of which denotes the 6,000 Christian year and also the great return set to come at an undisclosed hour --- near 2048 A.D. * So --- look at the Christian/Political start of America from about 1776/1789,
  2. Christopher Reeve AKA Superman's for Life rejuvenating Stem Cell ----- now FINALLY available to everyone ! * Paul Stamets an absolute genius of which could save the bee's and get u totally stoned while rejuvenating brain cells! * Godspeed from Michael...
  3. Can U Medically even catch a virus? The human body when it detoxes itself creates many virus... The only way U can actually contract a worldly virus according to studied medicine is if it is Inject into U... Me thunks Veeve bean lyiiiied twouuuuu.... < Edgumacation of it all and such.
  4. Its always best to have a full cookie jar of all possible flavors, thereby enabling one to have --- choice. The white stone will only tease, but the red will get U there & $um...
  5. https://www.neilriordan.com/stem-cell-institute/ I highly suggest everyone alive watch this video where Mel Gibson speaks about life rejuvenating Stem Cell Research. His Dad had the process done several times, and is now over 100 years old, and much healthier now then when he was 85! * Within an abstract it was discovered long B4 1945 ever turned the page that atomic detonations @ Hiroshima and Nagasaki conjoined to the year of 2021. Since then, many elites learning of this forbidden knowledge began buying up distant lands, of which backed up to mountainous regions --- of secret entranc
  6. If folks would begin asking who is Enlil & Enki, along with who controls the Rothschild family and their world banking system, then a more suitably fictional answer might begin making sense? The real reasons for nwo, wars, control of the masses, it all goes beyond what the truthers movement could ever believe. Saint Bede found mathematics from a pyramidal computation device back in the 7th century of which showed the so called great return near 2048: the ones returning -?- their not U'r Jesus, Ghandi or any other saving grace. The actual saving grace comes B4 that event of 2048 when
  7. So long as U tell others the truth while trying to help them see something that their missing and, --- even if it cost u personally, then in the end there can only be a new beginning of something; be it faith, honor, or realism. As for a great awakening? So long as folks get a check then their for the most part going to walk around your offering plate. 85% of american men until forced into battle during the 17 through 18th century refused to man up until forced into it. Later on however radio brainwash may have been the culprit for changing opinion? At any rate, winning is that place whe
  8. Cipher <> A = 1 to Z = 26 http://balmoralsoftware.com/dollar.htm III + VI + IX = 91 = StarGate 91 is either an Equinox and or Solstice. The drawings are from my book of whichis not published for the general public but has been published on Wix as to protect my legal rights. Godspeed again
  9. An Introduction to the Rodin Coil and Vortex Based Mathematics - 369 (without music) Goes way beyond this film <> Tesla's goodies Godspeed from Michael...
  10. SO... My purpose is to never conjoin to argument, opinion, and or debate. I'm only here to educate the whys of what is coming soon. Some will figure it out and make radical change to survive -- while others await that turn wheels respin of yesterday? I know this is all rather difficult for, but honestly - coincidence is the only true myth. And so --- should U find yourself within the fight going against the tide of what is coming, then maybe it is time itself that has come to bring U home? Only the chosen few will ride the coming lens of time. There is ----- no ----- co
  11. In 1561 there was an aerial battle over Nuremberg Germany. Two of craft crash landed just outside of the city. Rumors traveling upon time stated, that barns were originally built around the monstrosities of knowledge, and -- until they could be reversed engineered / removed. * So, go ahead --- ask yourself ---- self how was it that the Germans were invited to the USA after WW2, through operation paper clip? The answer was as Harrison Ford once acclaimed, within the Crystal Skull film <> Knowledge was their Treasure. NASA is a German Rocket Program. All the mathematics for
  12. I'm not actually anti nwo my friends, but rather totally against the mythology that will get utilized to bring down human numbers (herd). I also believe humanity should already have installed a two for two law bi-pedal replacement law installed years ago back; in the seventies. Pretty much no one within these social internet speak-out groups understand that there is a power above the Rothschild banking system, of which tells their family and the conjoined pyramidal families what it is exactly -?- that their to do here on Earth, and in regard to your specific family numbers; etc. * Th
  13. There is an off the wall research showing Pence involved in a retaliation against Iran/Hezbollah for an atomic terrorism on American soil, that comes in 2021. That same research shows Trump dead from something not by way of assassination, and near October 8th, 2020. My question is if anyone has had dreams, visions, or prophecies _ about Trumps death? And, I've posted this B4 October 8th --- on purpose.
  14. X-mas data was change 3 times by the Catholic church and for the following alignments reason. Orions belt and our history. The alignment every December 25th not so much about Helios tripping north as masonic lore would have U believe. Much more about our true history and the real finger point direction of Orion, as shown from Paris. Godspeed from Michael...
  15. I've studied alchemy for years. There is somewhere near a dozen forms of alchemy. Alchemy dealing with blood/urine cannot turn Black as that denotes a dead experiment. I also frequented that specific writers book (of aquarius) internet sight, and read the authors self admission that his retort essences had turned black. At anyrate, I also recently posted the following here in the medical/health section: ******************************************************************************************************************************** Better then Adrenochrome ! *
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