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  1. You know it won't be mandatory, it's just that you can't travel, work or shop without it, but hey it's definitely your choice. The strange thing being that if you are an unvaccinated in a shop full of vaccinated or in a work place of the same, then surely you are no danger to all these people who have the impenetrable shield of vaccination. I'm also ready for the fact that our body's own immune system, ( a job it has done for a hundred thousand years), will be no use but the vaccine will, which can't be possible as they work on the same principle. Anyway, different angle, everything is with agreement on a spiritual level and this is why you have to be tricked, persuaded or bribed into giving ascent. Yes you can be forced but in higher plains they are breaking some serious rules and beyond this poxy realm it doesn't count. So keep screaming that you do not agree to this as they pin you down and shoot you up and we will collect our revenge in this life or the next.
  2. Hi all. First time poster to anything like this but just had to share what I witnessed on Good Morning Britain today, 28th. The three young men held in isolation in Italy until they give 2 negative coronavirus tests in a row have now been held for 7 weeks and are still all giving positive tests. They went on to say that they have been told by the Italians that they could potentially still show remnants of the virus up to 12 months later. Then Dr Hilary Jones agreed that the PCR test can show positive results many, many weeks later. This would appear to be an understatement as it was already stated by the Italians that it could be months. The point I mean to make is why did Dr Jones not have alarm bells ring as i did which ask the question of how many people here and around Europe , during this period of mass testing, are showing a positive result now for something they may have had months ago. Remember that all new restrictions, here and abroad, are being based on the high number of people testing positive, which bizarrely very few of whom even feel slightly ill. J
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