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  1. Well from all the videos one seen from freedom platform from real people  actually sharing truths of the deep state and the corruption and murder and matters of terrorism. Front line doctors also came forward. Most recent was the vaccination and what is in it that they are hoping to mandate  a rna which is an animal DNA  Now my heart is worrisome and I did hear that after election we would see a martial law declared by our president. With the deep state killers will be overjoyed believing our President is bringing his troops down to vaccinate us. Only from my lead since Trump before was so against the vaccination but past couple weeks  which shows me its going to be real. So when we are locked in our President asks we listen and once he's safely able to do the round up we will finally get to know a life like we knew. So long as this plan lines up with the will of God. I say as I have learned. Think of the worst hope for the best. Prepare with wisdom. Bless you all my brothers and sisters 

  2. I just got back finally   In regards to the original post. Wow I just went through some  issues with eating chocolate I never had and I’m not entirely sure what triggered except the key herbal vitamins I was taken responded. It burned my mouth so bad . I healed and tested the theory 2 more times not too smart but definitely let me know I wasn’t crazy.  So on my private browser not google ! I searched can chocolate burn the inside Of your mouth? It took me to a very interesting site   
    okay this is real now what herbal vitamins or anything can detox this out of me 

    so again I search and I guess the 2 key words I put was a trigger because Dan I was right there and reading about what these items can cause.  Not paying attention to the web page I  attempted to copy and paste some items that I could try. Though went I tried to put it on my notepad  I was locked out of it and couldn’t recall my pin code 

    so later I’m in my email and have a disturbing email sent from this site apparently was a biomedical/gov site and I wasn’t permitted to copy and they wanted it returned. 
    well if ya know anything about it you don’t have the paste to copy forever 

    I was relieved it’s safely stored. The email in an encrypted email. As well as a following email that one person on there wanted me to have but not respond to. Was from the company but name was nobody 

    if anyone is interested in what I learned from a safe site lol here’s the link



    check that and there’s much there  if u click up right top drop down click our work then 

    you will see so much.  But under health is your nanotechnology 

    they are shareholders advocates he can create change 

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  3. On 9/30/2020 at 3:29 PM, Jooton said:

    This really worries me, am not sure with out the right to bare arms what we could do i literally feel like fleeing into the woods with my family. how are other people coping with this and are there any other plans to rally against this before it gets any worse?

    I don’t think at this point we can change what is coming but we can take measures to keep our family safe. Learn all you can and apply what you feel led too. 
    when thinking about food supplies remember non perishables and medical supplies. 
    plans possible safe places to take your family for refugee and safety. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. 
    find some means of communication remember these phones are all traceable and that will be the first thing I will dispose of personally myself. They will use what you care about and need most to force you to conform.  Your children, warmth, hunger and fear.  Prepare sooner than later and be sure to find a meeting location if you and your family are not together at the time you feel it’s necessary to go. 
    If your children are in school I suggest you read into the cdc guidelines granting schools and other organizations special circumstance rights 

    I myself have done this and so my children home school at this moment because it’s the safest way I chose to protect them. 
    I thank many who share valuable information to help one another in these perilous times 



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  4. On 10/1/2020 at 6:46 PM, Jooton said:

    your not on your own mate I am in the same situation except i do have it a bit better my partner understands what is going on too. even with my partner understanding the lies we are been fed I am still struggling with all this. that's why I am here i think we can see though from the protests David and his community have set up we are not alone. good luck brother

    Absolutely could not agree more! You definitely are not alone! We need to be wise and cautious and when your intuition guides you I Believe we should be listening . Welcome to our journey

  5. Thank you for adding me. My screen name is Faith-Walker. I do not share my personal information because I am a protective parent doing everything I can to protect my family in this now chaotic times. My purpose is to learn all that I can to help me with this journey that is upon us

    I rely on my own discernment to guide me to Truths and that is how I came to be hear. I thank all who take the time to share their knowledge 

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