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  1. https://www.trunews.com/stream/trunews-headlines-with-kerry-kinsey-september-15-2020 very good news app !
  2. These were discredited but YouTube and taken off google! Yet are kept safe for a time to come 

  3. https://freedomplatform.tv/ 

    many probably have seen this but if you have not seen all the clips or shows I urge you to

    explore them.  Vert good find 

    1. Ziggy Sawdust

      Ziggy Sawdust

      Good site.

      Here's another.


  4. I guess my question would be? Does he really have the COVID-19 since from what I’ve previously read he takes the hydrocloriquin sp?
  5. I don’t think at this point we can change what is coming but we can take measures to keep our family safe. Learn all you can and apply what you feel led too. when thinking about food supplies remember non perishables and medical supplies. plans possible safe places to take your family for refugee and safety. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. find some means of communication remember these phones are all traceable and that will be the first thing I will dispose of personally myself. They will use what you care about and need most to force you to conform. Your children, warm
  6. Absolutely could not agree more! You definitely are not alone! We need to be wise and cautious and when your intuition guides you I Believe we should be listening . Welcome to our journey
  7. Thank you for adding me. My screen name is Faith-Walker. I do not share my personal information because I am a protective parent doing everything I can to protect my family in this now chaotic times. My purpose is to learn all that I can to help me with this journey that is upon us I rely on my own discernment to guide me to Truths and that is how I came to be hear. I thank all who take the time to share their knowledge
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