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  1. I have had numerous sleep paralysis/shadow creature experiences with different types who all have their own "character traits". Some are very neutral, others are plain evil. Old hag: I've seen her twice. She comes up to the side of the bed and hisses at me. The last time she came I hissed back at her, and she slowly dissolved while screeching, and I haven't seen her since. Cowardly. Hooded figure: This one was like a large male in robes with a hood. I couldn't see any face, it was all just blackness/shadow. He came to the bed and started chanting something while putting his hand on my thigh, and the touch was HOT. After this was over the paralysis ended and I could still feel the warm imprint of where his hand was. It was scary because of what it was, but not the worst and I didn't get TOO much of a sense of threat from him. I'm still not sure of this one's intentions. Man in a long coat and hat: He was wearing a long coat and a brimmed hat. He stood in the corner, just looking at me. I was in bed, could only move my eyes, and was looking from the window to the man over and over while trying to scream out to wake my housemembers, but couldn't even scream. After a while I figured, well the shadowman isn't doing anything, he's just looking, andIi was getting a kind of neutral vibe from him, so I just closed my eyes and went back to sleep. "Spiderman": Well it was man shaped, with legs and arms, but also had long thin wispy black tendrils coming out its sides. This one started at the end of my bed then moved to float and hover directly above me, and it was SO FUCKING EVIL! I became furious and layed there warning it that I was gonna beat the shit out of it and how it best not fuck with me cuz I'm bigger and badder than it could ever be (lol), eventually I managed to break the paralysis and immediately threw a punch at it. It vanished. Generic shadowperson: I don't know if this is like the "NPC" of the shadowbeing world, it's basically just human shaped with no unique identifying features, and they seem to be either nice or evil or anything in between. I had a nice one who comforted me during a paralysis episode once. It seems the trick is to not be scared of them. Let them know you will kick their ass. They have no power when there's no fear. I've even started mind-ranting at them about the state of the world lately, I figure if they're gonna stand there looking at me they can "listen" to me vent lmao!
  2. Scientists? What absolute bullshit! Even with masks breath is still getting exhaled into the air at the exact same rate, just mostly out the sides and top. The only protection a mask can offer is from cough and sneeze droplets. If no one is coughing and sneezing it is not gonna protect you from "inhaling their breath". Maybe the covidians can just hold their breaths to avoid inhaling. Forever.
  3. I'm in, but wouldn't know where to start. We need to somehow get people together to start a breakaway community, without getting waco'd. Or infiltrated.
  4. Okay sure, if it comes up. I kinda got lost after loads of people left for the "zone" forums, then I quit the internet almost entirely for years. I wish I could just live like the amish somewhere to be honest, but it's hard to really go fully "off grid" in the uk
  5. Hey, I might as well come clean. I was mithios on the original forum. Does anyone know what happened to zephirop and resistance, I miss those guys.
  6. Yeah, even my darkest thoughts probably can't conceive the depths of evil these psychopaths are operating on. I might think they are subjecting everyone to be unwitting guinea pigs in their refinement of DNA targeted bioweapons, but that's likely baby talk compared to their true insidious intentions lol.
  7. If this is a test to examine DNA, and the "vaccine" is based around altering the DNA, what are they really looking for during these tests?
  8. Soon after that former US president Barack Obama’s declared that he would be happy to take the vaccine publicly too. And he is now also being joined by former presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton. o the big question now is: will this sort of thing actually reassure the public? A Gallup poll earlier in November had found 42 per cent of Americans had doubts about the vaccine. The initial feedback from the doubters is “no it won’t”, because “how do we know they’re not getting a placebo”? Our own preferred control for this vulnerability (at least in the dystopian world of 2020) is of course enlisting well-known conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones and David Icke to pick out the samples to be used from batches which would otherwise be destined for general public consumption. The delivery and administration of the sample should then be supervised by 12 honest individuals picked at random from among the public in a similar way juries are constructed. What’s not to like? Not much. Apart from . . . one small thing: the clear and present danger that any overly successful adoption by the rich and privileged leads the conspiracy minded to conclude that was actually the plan all along. That is to say they begin to believe their fears were intentionally cultivated so as to ensure the vaccine could and would be harmoniously distributed to the rich and the privileged first. Yep, there’s no end to the potential game theoretical strategising. We assume 2020 will be enough to keep behavioural economists busy for many decades Lmfao my sides!! They really do not understand us at all! The great extent of their professional think tanking is "hey, let's double down on our propaganda to people who have become immune to our propaganda!" 1. We're not the group that likes to virtue signal across social media (and many of us are banned anyway). 2. We don't trust "high profile celebrities" or hold them in any regard or put any merit in what they do or say. 3. "Launching counter conspiracies", so they admit to lying to the very people who suspect (know) they are being lied to, and who do not trust them in the first place. Idiotic isn't the word for it! All we want is truth and decency. The very things they are inherently incapable of.
  9. I just want to vent a little after being forced to be around the NPCs all day. I would be quite happy if people like us could form a kind of breakaway civilisation, because living alongside those people is impossible and intolerable. There's no getting through to them. I can barely view them as human anymore since they lack the innate spark of what it means to be a human - curiosity, the ability to search for information, to think and question - none of it is there. They pay lip service to "compassion and empathy" then spew hatred at anyone who doesn't go along with the groupthink - "one death is too many!" to "I hope you catch it an die!" in the blink of an eye. They would drag everyone down with them. There has to be a way to set to a new nation somewhere in the world, away from the insanity and evil. On another note, I know I'm "new" here (I was back on the old forum until 2012 when I went hermit for some years) and I don't post much, but I'm truly thankful you all exist!
  10. So they're locking down on November 5th? They're taking the piss. Remember remember.
  11. It's insidious. But check the replies, people aren't buying that. That's encouraging. We have to do our best not to fall to despair, hard I know, I despair myself, but also I am furious! This is a hill I'm quite willing to die on. And all people such and those on this forum who are aware, many of us spending years digging for truth, this is what it's all been leading to - the vanguard using our knowledge and convictions to fight the elite evil who have now laid their plans bare and are in the process of inacting them. I do feel small, and when I see the brainwashed NPC's and how vitriolic to truth and goodness they are I feel already defeated. But we're not, yet, the battle has only just begun. We have to be strong, and fight, and lead. I really feel that for many of us, whether we wanted it or not, this is our purpose.
  12. I prefer spoiled ballots. Just scrawl a nice big "TRAITORS" across the whole thing. They still have to count spoiled ballots in the tally and it stops them simply dismissing people who don't vote as "voter apathy" when really it is voter disgust.
  13. Posters and leaflets are a great idea. I've been doing some myself locally, and I also printed that government web page that states covid is not considered an hcid and delivered it to houses in the night lol. Here's a couple I recently made, simple and to the point.
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