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  1. I don't go out into heavily populated places often but when I do I've always been a very friendly person, I'll start chatting to anyone. I've noticed recently that when I do this now all I get are people staring straight ahead with a blank expression, barely even acknowledging I am speaking to them. It's damn creepy! Of course it could be that people have become overly stressed and traumatised the last year and they're in a kind of shellshock, but this extreme vacancy in them only started happening after the jab rollout. It's like I'm surrounded by the dead, they're not the humans I used to know.
  2. That's the thing isn't it, we just want to be left alone, but they won't even allow that! I feel so trapped! I just hope us sane people can find each other irl and come together (and hopefully bugger off somewhere) where we can have our own support network not reliant on the internet and live like humans were supposed to, because this whole current system and the one they want to implement in the future is just so anti-nature and anti-human, we were not supposed to live like this.
  3. I need to vent. I've been doing my best to keep my head up through all this, and purge negativity when I feel it creeping in. However I am furious with the sheep, more furious at them than even the government I mean we KNOW government are evil scum, it's what they do, it's almost expected of them, but the sheep... I knew they were stupid but God, I expected better I suppose. I know me being angry at them isn't doing anything but dragging me down. But right now I just can't anymore, the simple fact is I don't want to live with them, I don't - I can't - share a world with them, I feel physically and mentally ill simply being near them and knowing we have to "co-exist". They are like aliens. I feel like I am surrounded by aliens! I am thankful my own close family are sane and truly human, but knowing my neighbours, just a thin wall away, are these "alien" beings, I am repulsed! It doesn't feel right on any level to share space with these... things. I know it's not particularly nice of me to think/feel this way about my so-called fellow humans, but that's how it is. I want nothing to do with them, nothing to do with the world they inhabit. I seriously need to get away and try to form a new community somewhere, but I'm trapped in the UK. What can we do? What can I do?? I haven't felt this low and close to a rage-quit out of existence in my life.
  4. What's hilarious is in october 2019 I had a doctor's appointment and as I was just recovering from a nasty bug I wore a mask. When I got in the consultation room she said there was no need for me to be wearing that, to take it off. And then suggested if I would like to see a mental health specialist due to wearing a mask and therefore "being germophobic/having anxiety issues". Now look at them!
  5. This is following exactly that Whitehall leak which said first would be a variant, then a "vaccine shortage" in order to keep delaying the lifting of restrictions. Does anyone have a link to it? I've seen it posted around a few times.
  6. On the subject of how to introduce the truth to your children, I can offer the perspective of having been that child, with my parents telling me the truth at a young age (bearing in mind all children are different of course). I was 5 when they started straight up introducing those truths - nwo gov corruption, the methods of mind control that are used, the behaviour of the "normies", how history is warped, etc. They included with it a lot of spiritual advice and made it clear they would keep me safe, and taught me to have faith in myself and my own abilities. The catalyst was actually my own semi "awakening" somewhat at that age, due to watching Halloween 3 and seeing that guy target children via something "fun and happy" that they liked, I understood too much what it meant for my ability to process at the time. And I freaked out. And that's when my parents, who were always truthers themselves, started to explain things, first to calm me from my own realisation, and then to build on that. I took to it just fine, in fact I found it very interesting and thought provoking. I will say that I did grow up distrustful of the world and it's inhabitants (which considering, is not always a bad thing), and a little neurotic lol. But as a whole I was able to handle the info well, kids are pretty mentally tough I guess, as long as they know they are safe and loved.
  7. Spotted this on youtube. Some are laughing and saying the editor made a mistake in tagging covid 19. But is it more a case of predictive programming or an early slip of the next part of the planned agenda. Full article, which doesn't mention the virus: https://archive.is/eQhaY
  8. Most of us don't want to live around these drones anyway. Setting up a nice breakaway civilization somewhere would be comfy. Whenever I think of all the numerous problems saturating the west and its clownworld social culture these days, I can have lofty ideas about how to fix it, but ultimately it keeps coming back to: those of us who are still sane, thinking, and human (in the sense that a human possesses an inquiring mind, love in their heart, joy in their soul, etc) need to breakaway, the majority are so far gone any measures to fix it would be gargantuan and likely just a waste of time, while being dragged down with them. The Amish have done it pretty much, and Orania in South Africa, it can be done!
  9. Thankfully none of my friends and close family are jabbed, nor want to be, but yes I'm sure we'll hear of it if that does start happening. MRI are huge magnets basically right? If these injections are magnetic that would make sense if there were issues. I'm still not 100% sold on the magnetic thing, but neither would it surprise me.
  10. I was just thinking about these "magnetic vaccines". Do they set off metal detectors? And if they do, is that a prototype feature that will be used in combination with specific booths to check vax status for entry into places?
  11. And if there's just one death tomorrow they'll be running scare headlines about "Covid Death Rate Doubles In Just One Day!!!!"
  12. Literally side by side on the youtube front page right now, they just can't stop And to say the zombies have the memory of a goldfish is insulting to goldfish.
  13. We don't need all of them. Wasn't there historical precedent that says you only need 3.5% of the population on board to enact revolution? I'd say there's about 25% of us. We already have enough. We just need to get organised and do this thing. We need to find our local people, as a start, even if its only a handful. Hell even if it all just comes down to getting ourselves together and all fucking off somewhere and starting a new community away from this madness. Either way, running out of time.
  14. Suggestion for when dealing with zombies asking "have you had your jab?" or any other attempted "shaming" questions from their narrow little script: Never answer, never go on the defensive, reverse it and always ask THEM the questions. We have absolutely NO duty to answer questions from people who are in such an indefensible position. We do not need to justify ourselves to them. Attack, attack, never defense.
  15. This is exactly what me and my family member experienced. We were breathing, but couldn't "get a breath", as though there was no air or oxygen in what we were breathing. There have often been strange smells around our area, very toxic chemical like smells, but since we live rural we usually put that down to something they are spreading on the fields (which is an issue in itself, God knows what they're putting on it that smells so unhealthy and is going into the food supply), they also chemtrail this area pretty badly. They subject the population to living in a toxic soup then blame us for it, call it a "new disease", penalise us even more and sell us even more toxic filth to "combat" it. I am furious.
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