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  1. I'm in, but wouldn't know where to start. We need to somehow get people together to start a breakaway community, without getting waco'd. Or infiltrated.
  2. Okay sure, if it comes up. I kinda got lost after loads of people left for the "zone" forums, then I quit the internet almost entirely for years. I wish I could just live like the amish somewhere to be honest, but it's hard to really go fully "off grid" in the uk
  3. Hey, I might as well come clean. I was mithios on the original forum. Does anyone know what happened to zephirop and resistance, I miss those guys.
  4. Yeah, even my darkest thoughts probably can't conceive the depths of evil these psychopaths are operating on. I might think they are subjecting everyone to be unwitting guinea pigs in their refinement of DNA targeted bioweapons, but that's likely baby talk compared to their true insidious intentions lol.
  5. If this is a test to examine DNA, and the "vaccine" is based around altering the DNA, what are they really looking for during these tests?
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