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  1. Literally side by side on the youtube front page right now, they just can't stop And to say the zombies have the memory of a goldfish is insulting to goldfish.
  2. We don't need all of them. Wasn't there historical precedent that says you only need 3.5% of the population on board to enact revolution? I'd say there's about 25% of us. We already have enough. We just need to get organised and do this thing. We need to find our local people, as a start, even if its only a handful. Hell even if it all just comes down to getting ourselves together and all fucking off somewhere and starting a new community away from this madness. Either way, running out of time.
  3. Suggestion for when dealing with zombies asking "have you had your jab?" or any other attempted "shaming" questions from their narrow little script: Never answer, never go on the defensive, reverse it and always ask THEM the questions. We have absolutely NO duty to answer questions from people who are in such an indefensible position. We do not need to justify ourselves to them. Attack, attack, never defense.
  4. This is exactly what me and my family member experienced. We were breathing, but couldn't "get a breath", as though there was no air or oxygen in what we were breathing. There have often been strange smells around our area, very toxic chemical like smells, but since we live rural we usually put that down to something they are spreading on the fields (which is an issue in itself, God knows what they're putting on it that smells so unhealthy and is going into the food supply), they also chemtrail this area pretty badly. They subject the population to living in a toxic sou
  5. Yes what they have done is absolutely evil, no other word for it! In a genuine pandemic any benevolent government would have been encouraging boosting of the immune system, TV and adverts would have been explaining how to eat well and keep yourself healthy, get fresh air, there would have been an attempt to keep morale high. Good news would be welcomed rather than dismissed and ridiculed. Instead it's a constant stream of terror and negativity designed to create depression and anxiety which LOWER the immune system. In a genuine pandemic they would have listened to all the science, not silenced
  6. I think there was possibly something real at the start, but that it started a lot sooner than January 2020, I'd say September 2019 and it was burned out by April/may 2020. A bad flu. I say this because in September 2019 both me and a family member had an absolutely wretched cold. Way worse than a regular cold but imo not as bad as a flu. And it came suddenly. There was none of the usual "I think I'm coming down with something" feelings. I went from feeling great, to whacked with this thing instantly. The main difference was the difficulty breathing. I couldn't even walk from the bedroom to the
  7. The first time I saw this guy, on a pandemic advert and having no idea who he was, I was convinced he was cgi. There was nothing human emanating from him. In fact nothing at all, not even that irksome evil feeling you get from others. There was just.... Nothing! So I was convinced he was a computer simulated "person" for the advert. I've seen him elsewhere now and in apparently real life settings, yet I'm still not 100% convinced lmao!
  8. Cold/flu. I've completely lost my sense of taste and smell with every single cold I've had. I just can't understand how this is being sold as a unique symptom. I've often said during a cold that I could be eating out of the cat's litter box and not taste a thing, that's how total the loss is.
  9. until

    If a protest is called off because it's "not allowed", is it really a protest? Could potentially work in our favour with police being so overstretched due to the funeral. In fact I think having the protest on the day they bury that elite parasite is a great way to combat the satanic energy of their little ritual.
  10. Seeing them all behaving like this, I keep having that "Dance Monkey" song playing through my head, which was very popular right before all this started. https://youtube.com/watch?v=q0hyYWKXF0Q
  11. New undetectable variant discovered in France https://twitter.com/beaudonnet/status/1371583875525263360 Translation: A new variant identified in Brittany. It would be undetectable with PCR tests .... Investigations are underway on its contagiousness and on the severe cases it causes.
  12. I have had numerous sleep paralysis/shadow creature experiences with different types who all have their own "character traits". Some are very neutral, others are plain evil. Old hag: I've seen her twice. She comes up to the side of the bed and hisses at me. The last time she came I hissed back at her, and she slowly dissolved while screeching, and I haven't seen her since. Cowardly. Hooded figure: This one was like a large male in robes with a hood. I couldn't see any face, it was all just blackness/shadow. He came to the bed and started chanting something whil
  13. Scientists? What absolute bullshit! Even with masks breath is still getting exhaled into the air at the exact same rate, just mostly out the sides and top. The only protection a mask can offer is from cough and sneeze droplets. If no one is coughing and sneezing it is not gonna protect you from "inhaling their breath". Maybe the covidians can just hold their breaths to avoid inhaling. Forever.
  14. I'm in, but wouldn't know where to start. We need to somehow get people together to start a breakaway community, without getting waco'd. Or infiltrated.
  15. Okay sure, if it comes up. I kinda got lost after loads of people left for the "zone" forums, then I quit the internet almost entirely for years. I wish I could just live like the amish somewhere to be honest, but it's hard to really go fully "off grid" in the uk
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