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  1. It's insidious. But check the replies, people aren't buying that. That's encouraging. We have to do our best not to fall to despair, hard I know, I despair myself, but also I am furious! This is a hill I'm quite willing to die on. And all people such and those on this forum who are aware, many of us spending years digging for truth, this is what it's all been leading to - the vanguard using our knowledge and convictions to fight the elite evil who have now laid their plans bare and are in the process of inacting them. I do feel small, and when I see the brainwashed NPC's and how vi
  2. I prefer spoiled ballots. Just scrawl a nice big "TRAITORS" across the whole thing. They still have to count spoiled ballots in the tally and it stops them simply dismissing people who don't vote as "voter apathy" when really it is voter disgust.
  3. Posters and leaflets are a great idea. I've been doing some myself locally, and I also printed that government web page that states covid is not considered an hcid and delivered it to houses in the night lol. Here's a couple I recently made, simple and to the point.
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