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  1. I agree 100% with you. you have a unique observation ability like myself and; I would like to quote what you said "In other words temporary escapism is a revolving door of dopamine" yes. its a co-morbid device, like a demon trying to enter your soul when you play too much of it as it tries to inspire you to be the wolf in it for when you leave it. And how i think this agenda is working too is that; the majority of the newer generation people are only doing as they are told so; they can keep working and getting paid, to buy even more of these soul contagions like you described and come home to (someone they don't actually love) to not make love, instead play video games. they are so incredibly alone, fearful of personal inconvenience, they are so insecure. and suicidal mentality is being pushed on kids with it because i think the cult is using entertainment to make one look for faith in being a sensitive train wreck and that; it might be ok to always be the loser. eventually they hate themselves and everyone else. they join the military or police. And i think the very same gun they carry every day that they might tell you saved they're life is not much different than the ocasions where (I would estimate) 90% of authority figures have put in they're mouth, but decided against it.. being the victim of the bully, and instead they became the bully. "And when you lose control, you'll reap the harvest you have sown. and as the fear grows, the bad blood slows and turns to stone. and it's too late to lose the weight you use to need to throw around. so have a good drown, as ya go down all alone. Dragged down by the stone." Pink Floyd - Dogs
  2. I know most of you wont stick around to read all this, but for the ones that do please realize if you or your children reminisce with AI in video games daily; and experiment and live in its newer developments of entertainment brought to you by Microsoft, Sony, Bethesda, dice, EA, Rockstar, and especially Ubisoft, you'll Note that the narratives and choices your given to choose from when faced with proceedings are equal to what a child would experience in a torture chamber when being horrifically and psychologically brutalized before being used as an offering in rituals or perhaps; to extract the fenal gland known as adrenochrome as the individual is still alive shortly before death. Now, i was an avid gamer ... up until i started to notice these increasingly disturbing cinematic scenes made for kids that's mocking kids and adults whilst influencing them how to think. If any of you are gamers or have children that play these games, please stop or remove them for your child's routine (especially if you or they have experienced violent trauma). for example, have you seen the content in Far Cry 5? it's a game. if you have seen it than I'm sure your aware of the whole running through a psycho psychedelic lodge being told to murder people, hearing a loud voice telling you your perfect for the job, the mk ultra reference, becoming a herder, to become a wolf, to sacrifice the weak, to cull the herd, and all these (intense sounds) flowing across the screen portraying disturbing art on the walls of wolves and dead animals as; you try to escape from captivity of a man Ubisoft calls Jacob seed whom they say quote "is a 47 year old veteran of the U.S Army, in which he served as a marksman as a part of the 82nd Airborne Division. he is responsible for maintaining the security of his quote "family", and training new soldiers for Edens Gate. Jacob seed was a veteran in the first Gulf war in Iraq." Is it just me or is this insane? Anyway he often catches you, and than proceeds to psychologically torture you in a cage with all the signaling of cult behavior, mind control, and adrenochrome seem to connect somehow. And you just know the mock joke is that they want more Jacob Seeds, little seeds for the future. meanwhile children sign up for the military. Great stuff for kids? no its not. they know most kids have some sort of father trauma or violent trauma, this is cult shite. they are tuning people into they're frequency by putting they're minds in virtual worlds where they live but the cult owned game developers dictate everyone's mentors and favorite quotes, comebacks, ways to murder people, ways to come together, strategy, and humiliate people because its all they know and do and see. I strongly beleive eventually when it comes time to face the REAL threat (just like the ones that remind you of reality in those games, government etc.) they will know EXACTLY what you might do. because; the choices of survival they have given you for either offense or defense in a virtual world over time would have programmed the very AI to better counter measure the measures you take in reality when you disobey the covid-19 rules in the new world order, etc. David, it is unreal the virtue signaling and mocking of humans in entertainment--especially video games--is absolute madness. FILTHY. The Bethesda game developer that made "Fallout 4" i swear is Bill Gates and Klaus virtue signaling the younger generation for what's to come. Grand Theft Auto 5 is now a world of it's own where people don't leave, where they trade thousands of dollars of their hard earned money to be better than everyone else in a game that drives them crazy anyway. I'm going to leave links, i don't know if these links will work or not...but this is an example of what I've been talking about and how the video game industry is leading the way. these are just one of thousands of examples.
  3. I think in my opinion and; George Carlin's too, that the majority of men and woman are to busy worrying about who has the biggest and smallest genitals out there and therefore comparing it to they're opinions and self-esteem because, this world is run by a sex cult. The proof is in the pudding if you have eaten it, and it don't taste right does it? so what do we have. millions of erectile dysfunctions, low testosterone, low sperm counts (due to porn addiction) shame, and eventually in the end "Hate" towards everyone including themselves. And what does that transition into? well to me it seems like exactly what this cult would want, a human that's homebound and quarantined from other human contact, they become desperate and sexually starved to the point where they buy artificial sex dolls--since humans are dangerous now--and it creates another reason to stay home and never leave. And anyone that tries to give them advice on how to improve they're life is now considered a threat because of how dependent the other person is to still be around humans. Could it be that we just need to come together, and take our clothes off? (and just for the record your going to have a lot of horny policeman and woman)
  4. until

    They are trying to keep our feelings, off the streets... Pink Floyd - Pigs
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