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  1. BREAKING Masks OUTDOORS Across ALL Italy By Law_low.mp4 The Madness Grows Coming Soon?
  2. Or you smuggle in enemy combatants under the guise of asylum seekers.Single males,no wives,children or ties. Boatloads at a time with promises of work as 'police enforcement or covid marshalls.Lured in until they have served their purpose,when autonomous drones can take over. Imagine it is now 2025. Lockdown is eternal,even if you take the shots.Those who won't are social pariahs starved out or 'quarantined' in camps where many disappear,allegedly victims of the lurgy. Masking up is mandatory everywhere with drone enforcement equipped with loudspeakers to issue warning or fire tasers upon transgressors. Many poorer areas have to mask up indoors,you are monitored via alexa,your tv,your smart devices. Non compliance is a fine at best. In a world with no cash and no power to stop them,the government can take the fine automatically. Three strikes and they close you down. No money? "No Soup For You!"
  3. Why would a bunch of humans dedicate their lives on an agenda spanning centuries? Simple answer,they wouldn't.Most people find it hard to envision too far ahead,not least if stuck in a mundane hand to mouth existence. But what if some external 'race',for want of a description,lived for centuries:to them we humans are shortlived creatures,like mayflies. One day to them could be as a year to us. Everything is relative.There is only big when compared to small, or old compared to young. What if these beings reside in Antarctica,remember Buzz's warning- "We are all in great danger!" Why is the world being terraformed to cool it,the sun blocked out,humanity modified or expunged? A lot of fiction is either hijacked for agendas or predictively programming us. I vaguely remember a scifi novel in which a race of aliens is marooned on a moon of Saturn,and in order to escape they created an intelligent lifeform to ultimately evolve enough to rescue them.It took an eternity to the created beings but not so long for the 'castaways'.
  4. I used to wonder how it was that thousands of people in the US were duped into believing that there was an actual Martian invasion in the 1930s when they were fooled into thinking that a radio version of "War of the Worlds" performed by Orson Wells was real. How comical it seemed that supposedly mature adults could fall for what was in essence probably a socialogical experiment. It appears that general mind control hoaxery has been a feature of mass media since:the moon landing (press conference of 3 men not jubilant but uncomfortably lying),the Challenger explosion hoax (the teachers were not on board many still alive having same names or a lot of twin siblings), and 911 (bbc report building 7 fall 20 minutes prior,even as it still stands in the background and was not 'hit')spring to mind. Fast forward to 2020,the year of that eponymously named vision and humankind is on its knees to a 'disease',as if it were Loki in the Avengers Assemble film - though it is the ordinary people wearing masks not the superheroes. All the controlled media has combined to hijack and manipulate our perception.It is a mighty beast,a giant which must be slain. It is like an optical illusion.Once you see it for what it is you cannot unsee it.People who are asleep can wake up.People who wake up cannot go back to sleep;if the veil of illusion is pierced it is over. The most powerful weapon we have is for the sleepers to awake. It seems an insurmountable obstacle in terms of numbers,yet it is happening. The growing murmur of the stream of awareness is growing,albeit slowly,to a roaring river of resistance. People do want freedom but -because we have been allowed to grow fat,lazy and contented as well as discouraged to acquire knowledge,by making intelligent people 'uncool' nerds and ignorant celebrities promoted as icons-they will not fight until it affects them personally. As it will.If not yet,then soon. Courage to all the like-minded,it is always darkest before the dawn. Smirking Johnson and Co should be aware...... Nuremburg Trials Part 2 Awaits Them.
  5. I am exempt from masking but also refuse to wear a lanyard. Might as well wear a yellow star. Don't look nervous,walk in with self confidence and look ahead. If anything is said,carry on walking and shout "exempt". Nothing else,no explanation. If a jobsworth attempts to enquire further tell them that any discrimination will be reported as a hatecrime.
  6. It is amazing how quickly things have evolved in a few months,a clear division is separating between the tiny percentage who are aware and the mass of compliant zombie sheep. I can not fathom how people still go along with the narrative:it seems they are incredibly dense or wilfully ignorant.Either way I am done trying to break through the programming and think of them as the enemy. No more empathetic trying to wake the idiots up,they can wallow in ignorance.As long as I continue to shop bearfaced and refuse any future shots I can be true to myself. It's like being an observer in a bizarre reality show,but there is no exit. 2019...the good old days! Who'da thunk it!?
  7. Yes he is obsessed,to the point where I question his ultimate motive. We know he wants to genetically modify everyone and thus turn us into 'property' but I suspect another motive. I remember reading about one infertility expert who was using his own sperm instead of donors and had created many children that were 'his' until he was found out. That is some sick mindset,but hard as it is to believe,such psychopathic behaviour exists and Gates seems similarly egotistical. I believe he has a God Complex and he intends to use his own DNA in his concoction - his ultimate fantasy to have all people contain his DNA?
  8. Judging by the levels of idiocracy around me,some people will not wake up till too late. Maybe when they realise they are wearing shackles in the bus,or perhaps later when they are marched into the showers. Exaggeration? All bets are off now. If this time last year you predicted the enforcement of muzzles or being isolated from your loved ones and fines for mingling,you would be a candidate to be sectioned. The wilfully ignorant will continue to make excuses even as the poor are urinated on from every direction....literally peons!
  9. With the predictive programming about a "meteor" strike on Nov 2 there is an interesting video on yt on Age of Truth tv channel re hidden pp in the Economist magazine "The World in 2020" from last year. I don't know how to provide a link but a search for the channel will take you to a fascinating interview on tptb karma messaging and how the next stage to global tyranny is possibly a fake impact,caused by weather weapons,in the Atlantic off SE England,which can be stopped by people becoming aware of the plan. It sounds incredible but with the year we have had so far it is not out of the question that they will try to pull a massive op to subjugate the masses further.
  10. In the early days I tried striking up random conversations with some individuals,sounding them out by asking if they thought there was something odd about the whole thing. But now I have given up.An elderly woman,a friend of my Mother,was persuaded by me to not wear a mask in the street,after explaining the CO2 issue and it wasn't (yet) mandatory outside. Now I see her masked up to the eyes again,struggling with her trolley. My empathy is rapidly diminishing. A close relation thinks I am nuts and that Johnson is doing his best! Now all I think is " **** you,you collaborating numpties" The vast asleep morons are becoming our downfall and they are not worth wasting oxygen on(a recurring theme this year)and I don't have DI's strength to endure being vilified for trying to open people's eyes.
  11. I have known for years that I was different to most people.I thought there was something wrong with me as I couldn't fit it to what was "expected" of a bloke. I suffer from anxiety and now realise that I was too nice for my own good. Now I see the people for what they are.Frightened children looking to a parental figure. When will they take off the mask? When Daddy comes on tv to let them. Will they take an untested,unsafe series of jabs? If Daddy comes on tv to say I should lest I be called the dreaded CT. I would rather be me than anyone of that mindset and if I am isolated for refusing their scorpion stings then so be it. "Better to die on your feet than to live on your knees."
  12. The question is what will they pull next? They have now shown themselves and the door has closed behind them,as DI said. There is no going back and pretending it didn't happen. I am sure they will go all out if they can:I expect further attempts to destroy morale by food rationing and rolling powercuts in Winter. As they control what we see on tv,as on 911,I would not be surprised at faked meteor events using news images of cgi explosions. Nothing on tv is real,especially that which is presented as real by a man in a suit or a white labcoat. I believe we can still overcome this,despite the odds as I have had enough synchronicities in my 60 years to prove to me there is some force guiding us (the awake and aware souls) if we only listen to our gut,follow our instincts and ignore the external chatter which tries to drown out our inner monologue.
  13. My God talk about the face of a serial-killer. What an evil vibe that creepy dude Witless has,if eyes are the window to the soul,his look up direct from Hades.
  14. I have gone through much the same.I still go into a couple of selected shops without a muzzle and walk in head up and a look on my face that says "Don't!". I have yet to be challenged,and am prepared with what to say if I ever am;but it is so disheartening being literally the only shopper who isn't in the words of Billy Idol's song "Eyes Without a Face" that I have gone from caring about the sheep to hating them,for being collaborators in our descent into tyranny.
  15. What part of OTHER email accounts don't you understand?
  16. There are a couple things which appear to be coincidental to the present situation which might bear consideration. Last year the decision was announced that the State now effectively owns your body by making organ donations mandatory unless you expressed otherwise.A major step in removing bodily autonomy. The General Election was held in December 2019,an unusual time of year to hold it,so Johnson and Co.were installed in time for the coming psyop. Colour me suspicious but these things,combined with the synchronicitous Event 201 preceding an "actual" event causes me to raise an eyebrow!
  17. I have other email accounts that I use when communicating with organizations that I might want to have an escape from if they start spamming.The only account to receive this email is my main one,so my guess is it is probably passed on via nhs patient access or similar.
  18. Polls are meaningless in the msm,they can be manipulated to reflect whatever opinion is desired to mould public perception. It is all a part of the onslaught of propaganda to keep us off-balance and uncertain while we are kept isolated to further divide and conquer.
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