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  1. It's despairing to see the number of muzzled idiots in the open air!


    These collaborators are ensuring the spread of mandated mask wearing to outdoor!


    You can't even tell if you pass a familiar face sometimes,and trying to ascertain someone's identity by gazing into their eyes can result in some awkward encounters!

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  2. My experience is that I began to wake up in 2005,when circumstances gave me the opportunity to look into 911 which although I naively believed the narrative at the time (propaganda was something only Russia did!)but I had an urge to look into it.


    This led to various rabbitholes from 2012 to False Flags etc

    and I remembered DI as a snooker commentator who had  been vilified for his views so I watched many of his yt videos and things began to make some kind of sense.


    I don't blindly accept everything he says:I don't believe any one person has the full picture but he is one who has a large piece.


    The only thing I do know for certain is,as he says,"the mind is like a parachute...

    ...it works best when it is open"



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  3. 11 minutes ago, Captain Falcon said:

    Where is the so called "virus"? I've walked around here and there, local shops, been on the bus a few times into town, and I've seen posters on bus stops reminding us of social distancing and masks, I've seen signs on the ground, arrows saying to stay 2 metres apart, I've seen people wearing masks and slathering hand sanitiser on themselves, but I've seen no evidence of a virus. If all these reminders were removed by morning tomorrow, if all the posters and signs were gone, then the "virus" would disappear along with them.


    It's been months, any so called deadly disease would have blown through all of us by now, I don't give a shit how much social distancing there is or how protected people think they are, it would have happened, but it hasn't. 


    It's time to end this charade now, it's long outstayed it's unwelcome. We can end this now.

    It's all a bit Emperor's New Clothes....


    Or like being told that if we all wear a top hat and walk backwards it will keep the tigers away.


    When you point out there aren't any tigers you are told "See,it's working!"



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  4. Hoax code,Freemason code,whatever you want to call it there is no doubt that 33 is used to convey the message in the mass media.


    It was ubiquitous in articles as the plandemic psyop was rolled out.


    Then Trump contracted the kungflu 33 days prior to the election.


    Our treacherous mps got £3,300 payrise for not opposing the tyranny.


    Numbers are used to encode many things.


    Here's one to try,what is 2020 divided by 666?

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  5. Antarctica is interesting because it is one of very few things that all countries appear to be united on.


    Border disputes,religious beliefs,political differences-you name it and someone will oppose and argue their own view.


    But not Antarctica.Or Cern.Or the Kung Flu.


    If the world is united in a cause,that is a red flag,it suggests the hidden hand is controlling the narrative.


    Buzz Aldrin reportedly said "we are all in great danger"after his visit.Many other political and religious leaders have been there,and not to spot penguins.


    Is it the lair of the Spider at the centre of the Web?


    Many theories as to what that creature is,my own 2 cents says it is not unlike a Queen Ant which controls individuals by means of mindcontrol:much as ants act in unison under the queen's power...destroy the queen and the ants become individuals again,a milling aimless swarm.


    It may live for centuries,its subjects carrying on an agenda through the generations;although what the ultimate agenda may be is subject to speculation.









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  6. I agree they must have some massive ff coming in order to fastforward the agenda.


    We (the more aware) were expecting a second 911 and when it came it was so diabolically clever it caught most of us off guard.


    The phony footage from China was a masterstroke prologue.I admit I fell for it for a couple of months until the jigsaw pieces fell into place.


    Not only do we have this all-encompassing plandemic and a uniform global response but now many people are psychologically ready to be fully broken with a mega event and surrender to go to the camps for 'protection'.


    All the starlink satellites,the weather manipulation,the predictive programming have set the scene for a possible ff of an 'asteroid/meteor' strike to affect the world.


    All that is needed is cgi effects on tv,to a captive locked down audience' and a realistic news script.


    If people can believe in the moon landing (returning astro-nots press conference an excercise in despair not jubilation)or the Challenger explosion (No one was aboard,witness the number of 'twin' siblings eg) and "plane must hit steel"(bbc reports on building 7 collapse 20mins before it does,while in background of reporter)......then a fake strike in the Atlantic triggering a massive tsunami will be a piece of cake.


    Who doubts this world is run by "Psychos R Us"?


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  7. Here is a little reminder of what little smirking billygoat and his handler predicted back in July.😯

    It's almost like they had psychic powers,for how could they possibly foresee a second wave was definitely coming?


    For some reason I keep thinking of another double act,called Brady and Hindley.


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  8. It never ends.


    Power is never surrendered willingly by rulers.


    How much money and control is enough to satisfy a psychopath?


    Answer-there is never enough.


    They always want more.


    While we normies would be well satisfied with a million,some Bransonian will always hold out a begging bowl for more!

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  9. 1 hour ago, Illmatic said:


    Bit off-topic but does anyone know a bit more about the significance of the number 33? Obviously the 33rd degree of freemasonry is the best-known symbolic example of it.


    Is it because because it's impossible to properly factor it into the number 1? You're always left over with the extra .3333333..... which never ends, meaning something is lost in translation and exists on a level we are unable to perceive. That's just my personal thoughts, I really don't know.


    Numerology is fascinating, would love to learn more about it.

    33 seems to be a hoax code.

    33s everywhere as the plandemic broke out

  10. A man goes to the Doctor with a pain in his bottom.


    The Doctor says he has "Covid Arse" and it is fatal.The only cure is to find a volunteer to suck out the poison.


    He goes home and tells his wife the news and she then breaks it to their children


    "Daddy is going to die!"

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  11. 35 minutes ago, 2020member said:

    When there is nowhere left to socialise, due to the decimation we see unraveling before us. 

    We will fall back onto the digital world in order to network. This forum, whatsapp, telegram and other mediums that can be shut down in a click of a finger.  

    I will personally suffer greatly if they begin policing the internet as they have done the ‘real world’. As I only know a couple of people in my physical circle who are open to any kind of rational discussion, this will double down on the isolation and dislocation. 


    Is it time to start learning how to access the deep web now, while I still can? 

    A couple of people,you are lucky.I know only 1 person who knows what's going on,everyone else seems to be hypnotised or something-it must be from the HDtv signal or something?


    Without the net to connect us we are isolated and increasingly depressed as the situation isn't fading away but increasing exponentially,witness the outdoor mandate for masks in Italy just announced!

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  12. Or you smuggle in enemy combatants under the guise of asylum seekers.Single males,no wives,children or ties.


    Boatloads at a time with promises of work as 'police enforcement or covid marshalls.Lured in until they have served their purpose,when autonomous drones can take over.


    Imagine it is now 2025.


    Lockdown is eternal,even if you take the shots.Those who won't are social pariahs starved out or 'quarantined' in camps where many disappear,allegedly victims of the lurgy.


    Masking up is mandatory everywhere with drone enforcement equipped with loudspeakers to issue warning or fire tasers upon transgressors.


    Many poorer areas have to mask up indoors,you are monitored via alexa,your tv,your smart devices.


    Non compliance is a fine at best.


    In a world with no cash and no power to stop them,the government can take the fine automatically.


    Three strikes and they close you down.


    No money?


    "No Soup For You!"













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  13. Why would a bunch of humans dedicate their lives on an agenda spanning centuries?


    Simple answer,they wouldn't.Most people find it hard to envision too far ahead,not least if stuck in a mundane hand to mouth existence.


    But what if some external 'race',for want of a description,lived for centuries:to them we humans are shortlived creatures,like mayflies.

    One day to them could be as a year to us.


    Everything is relative.There is only big when compared to small, or old compared to young.


    What if these beings reside in Antarctica,remember Buzz's warning- "We are all in great danger!"


    Why is the world being terraformed to cool it,the sun blocked out,humanity modified or expunged?


    A lot of fiction is either hijacked for agendas or predictively programming us.


    I vaguely remember a scifi novel in which a race of aliens is marooned on a moon of Saturn,and in order to escape they created an intelligent lifeform to ultimately evolve enough to rescue them.It took an eternity to the created beings but not so long for the 'castaways'.





  14. I used to wonder how it was that thousands of people in the US were duped into believing that there was an actual Martian invasion in the 1930s when they were fooled into thinking that a radio version of "War of the Worlds" performed by Orson Wells was real.

    How comical it seemed that supposedly mature adults could fall for what was in essence probably a socialogical experiment.

    It appears that general mind control hoaxery has been a feature of mass media since:the moon landing (press conference of 3 men not jubilant but uncomfortably lying),the Challenger explosion hoax (the teachers were not on board many still alive having same names or a lot of twin siblings), and 911 (bbc report building 7 fall 20 minutes prior,even as it still stands in the background and was not 'hit')spring to mind.

    Fast forward to 2020,the year of that eponymously named vision and humankind is on its knees to a 'disease',as if it were Loki in the Avengers Assemble film - though it is the ordinary people wearing masks not the superheroes.

    All the controlled media has combined to hijack and manipulate our perception.It is a mighty beast,a giant which must be slain.

    It is like an optical illusion.Once you see it for what it is you cannot unsee it.People who are asleep can wake up.People who wake up cannot go back to sleep;if the veil of illusion is pierced it is over.

    The most powerful weapon we have is for the sleepers to awake.

    It seems an insurmountable obstacle in terms of numbers,yet it is happening.

    The growing murmur of the stream of awareness is growing,albeit slowly,to a roaring river of resistance.

    People do want freedom but -because we have been allowed to grow fat,lazy and contented as well as discouraged to acquire knowledge,by making intelligent people 'uncool' nerds and ignorant celebrities promoted as icons-they will not fight until it affects them personally.

    As it will.If not yet,then soon.

    Courage to all the like-minded,it is always darkest before the dawn.

    Smirking Johnson and Co should be aware......

    Nuremburg Trials Part 2 Awaits Them.





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  15. I am exempt from masking but also refuse to wear a lanyard.

    Might as well wear a yellow star.

    Don't look nervous,walk in with self confidence and look ahead.

    If anything is said,carry on walking and shout "exempt".

    Nothing else,no explanation.

    If a jobsworth attempts to enquire further tell them that any discrimination will be reported as a hatecrime.599321667_DisabilityHateCrime-Masks.jpeg.d6e21fc8f1d1957bc477f94fce72b2b8.jpeg

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