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  1. I take pills for headaches or joint pain. I wouldn't take cyanide or lsd. Does that make me Anti Pill? "My body,my choice" is the cry made to justify abortions...but not for injecting unknown untested substances into the body;an irreversible act which is in full speed mode before it becomes public how much harm it is doing. In normal times,this would end with the cry of "We didn't know.The scientists made mistakes....lessons have been learned" It is hard for people to make an informed choice if they only hear one side of an arguement,the opposing voices being silenced,vilified or meeting with unfortunate consequences (Pcr inventor/Whistleblowing Activists). The list of uninformed (nascient,they did no research),misinformed and disinformed (gov ministers,msm bankrolled by B&M Gates Foundation) grows ever longer. Tiffany Dover (the fainting nurse) Hank Aaron (Sporting Icon) Larry King (News Broadcaster) Captain Tom (Useful Icon) Plus many unknown,uncounted ordinary too-trusting decent folk who only believe something if "it was on the telly!" All opposing views silenced. Not suspicious at all. "Nothing to see here,folks!"
  2. I have poa for an elderly relative and have told the "carers" no vax under any circs. Even had to threaten some lackey (who said the council shitbags can overrule)that any individual person who does so will be held responsible for any consequences and sued for murder/injury. Sue the PERSON and see who wants to risk it rather than hiding behind some office. Absolute scum abound,had to keep declining phone/texts to book the deathstab as they are persistent if you give the 'wrong' answer. #There May Be Trouble Ahead....#
  3. Are we being punished for voting to leave Europe? They regard us as their property via the Birth Certificate fraud,to do with us as they please.
  4. My own humble idea is to adopt a symbol to display on your clothing or banners to get people united on this monumental hoax and talking about the obvious lies:the very thing 'they' are desperate to prevent by closing social gatherings like pubs,yt channels etc while propagating their onesided propaganda. As we have been doublecrossed by our government and newsmedia I suggest the symbol of 2 large Xs "XX" (but no gap between) Once the idea that johnson,hancock et al have doublecrossed us with lies and deceit,the House of Cards will fall. It also represents 20 in Roman Numerals,the year the war on the people began in earnest. Also,you can cross your index and middle fingers to connect non-verbally. Otherwise we are all left feeling isolated with no clue who is aware and who is a total covidhead. Just an idea to get the ball rolling.
  5. Is there no escape from being reminded of the Hoax of the Century? Much as I hate most tv I like a bit of light entertainment escapism but even that is denied. Guests sitting miles apart like they just raspberry tarted...no wonder they brought in widescreen tv!
  6. I have various names for these people,such as SHILLebrities,but for the main part I choose JUDAS GOATS; those folk who either through nascience or ignorance lead the sheep to the slaughter. We don't want you advising us you moronic 'celebs',you perform pharmalogical suicide if you choose to just leave our kids alone and get back to the 'charity' gameshows and the jungle to feel important.
  7. If you have a relative residing in a "Care"home or in any facility where you cannot be with them,please be on your guard if you represent their interests and do not wish them to receive the untested,unproven,dangerous jab. As someone's voice I have had several calls and texts to book their appointment,despite stating categorically that it is not wanted. It seems like these drugpushers are persistent and if you give the "wrong" answer they will keep on,relentlessly harassing you like a dog with a bone. It's like the Referendum Question all over again,"If you vote the wrong way we will keep having referendums until you get it right,or we can fiddle the results in our favour". Only this is crucial,unless you stand firm your relative could be another Bell's Palsy or Huntingdon's Disease or Fatality Statistic.
  8. Belfield is a gaslighting gatekeeper.His channel was suspended recently for a week or so but his narrative has constantly enforced the mainstream by criticising anyone refusing to participate in the covy psyop. He is friends with "comedian" Jim Davidson who calls "antivaxers" nutters. Funny thing how while I,as a proponent of individual choice,would not vilify anyone for choosing to jab (after making an informed decision)it seems like ardent pro injectors are always insulting to anyone opposing their view;even a supposed professional politician,Johnson,has resorted to ad hominem attacks,whether or not his opinion is guided by "philanthropist" Gates (who has gifted many peoples of the world with sterilisation or paralysis). If Belfield dared speak the truth,he would be deplatformed,but rest assured he will not - the lucrative advertising accompanying his growing channel will assuage any guilt.
  9. After the apparent death of Tiffany Dover and the lady suffering from Bell's Palsy,following the jab,comes further testimony. Beyond words. This is what the Moderna COVID Vax did to a healthy young woman.mp4
  10. This is what the Moderna COVID Vax did to a healthy young woman.mp4
  11. "COULD BE...." No,not a chance. Like "3 weeks to flatten the curve" More Carrot Dangling antics. Once bitten etc. The Enemy is at the Gate. Avoid the jab at all costs. There is no going back once the nanotech is inside you;you will become their Controlled Zombie-Lone Gunmen at large,unable to excercise bodily autonomy. Question..what was injected into BJ when he was hospitalised with the faux flu? Or what were all leaders subject to at their conferences,and how were they compromised? Max Igan recently revealed an interesting tale of a potential leader being controlled almost to commiting a heinous act.;he is banned from yt but can be found on Bitchute.
  12. The thing I notice is that literally every time I shop in my poundshop maskless,you can put money on a tannoy announcement within 5 minutes: a 'reminder' for me personally.I am honoured! At least there is no physical confrontation,and while it originally used to wind me up,I now laugh to myself and carry on regardless.
  13. It seems to be ubiquitous;there has to be some kind of hypnosis from HDtv News Programming,plus years of flujabs covertly destroying the Chromosome 8 Intelligence Gene?
  14. Herr Johnson IS Ebenezer Screwage Missy Hancock IS Bob Scratchit and Bill Woody Allen Kermit Gates IS Tiny Prick .... in a New Play. Based on "A CHRISTMAS CAROL" by Prince Charles Dickends,an old classic is given a Vlad the Impaler treatment. With Guest Appearance from Santa Klaus Schwab as the Ghost Of Christmas Confinement. A "Gaslighting Group"Production. (Please note any audiences over six people will be beaten over the head and arrested,for their own safety.) The Critics are Raving.....as you know: "You Vill NOT Enchoy It,Schweinhundt!!"
  15. As an unmuzzled fellow mackem I recommend a certain town store for minimum harassment: to avoid advertising it rhymes with "Them and Bess". No covee fuhrers,no loud tannoy harassment...so far. Keep the faith. As Vernon Coleman says "Remember you are not alone,even if it sometimes feels like you are!"
  17. Crucial last 18 minutes of his latest incredible research,tying covid etc to Expected 2046 Cyclical Solar Micronova Catastrophe. DIEHOLD FOUNDATION,DOUGLAS VOGT.mp4
  19. All the media whores,the Usual Suspects: From the Jungle the Dancefloor and "Charidy" Gameshows..... Here Come the Shelebrities!!! Edit:Or should that be SHILL-EBRITIES?
  20. For what it's worth my belief is the first shot will be relatively harmless to sucker the doubters and reassure the recipients:When they are 'tested' afterwards the phony test will be set to a much lower level of amplification. "See all the doubters were wrong,now roll up your sleeve,peons!" The second shot,well mass "culling" and injury explained by "an error was made but we have learned lessons from it" This is just a hypothesis but if I was a betting man I would put money on it.
  21. I was a lurker and having dipped my toes in the public water I am about to leave the forum for anonymity. I have given some opinions and now it is time to fade into the background and prep for the coming storm. Also not keen on some loud opinionated idiots,prob 77th merchants,especially that twat who uses Johnson as an avatar and is a boring troll! Bye.
  22. I go with my gut instinct and ability to read body language. She has dead soulless eyes,in my opinion,and is using people for her own agenda. You can tell she is not really listening to her interviewees,there is a coldness there which I have seen in other people over the years.
  23. I can empathise as I too suffer with anxiety and felt panic when shop muzzles became mandatory. However I found a video on yt from Caroline Stephens which explained how it was a civil,not a criminal matter and what to do.It was in July and naturally the yt stasi have removed her channel once. Anyway,long story short I go into a couple of shops regularly,maskless and now I am less concerned,in fact make a point of projecting confidence. If challenged simply say "exempt" and carry on;they cannot legally question you and I look forward to the day I find a second human face in the aisles!
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