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  1. Hypothetical question,obviously unconnected.


    If you were advised to remember David Kelly and Robin Cook what would you do?


    You couldn't speak out or you might be found in an uncomfortable crimescene like David Carradine,which any family would want to bury to avoid embarrassment for your good name and legacy.


    You could grow a beard as a subtle indication that coercion was involved.

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  2. "Don't Be Selfish"


    Says the Leader of the Windsor Mob.


    Who "Owns" great swathes of Land.


    And the Oceans.


    And All the Swans ffs!


    And Us (They Believe) via the Birth Certificate Scam.


    Using the British People as redeemed collateral for debt in the form of Unwitting Guinea Pig Labrats,for the Pharmafia.


    You now need to Opt Out of Organ Donation - Because  apparently they think:

    "We Own Your Sorry Asses!

    Your Body is Our Property!"



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  3. 17 minutes ago, ally_uk said:

    Sp happy days festivals etc being announced everyone is returning to normal right?


    Or are we in for more lockdowns etc......

    Gaslighting Bojo is reeling you in.


    Expect a new variant and other bow locks including us unclean nonjabbed to blame for when they have you happily expecting normality to return before he pulls the rug from you at the last minute.


    Gaslighting 101.

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  4. Who else will make a decision based on the ignorant celebrity dregs who want to be seen as relevant and 'with the program'?


    Reg Dwight and

    Maurice Micklewhite a coupla dumb as rocks know-nowts ffs!


    And now we get advice from 70s poptarts....


    Never mind researching for silenced doctors and experts,just ask yourself:


    "What Would Showaddywaddy 



  5. Before covid was a thing,in the Good Old Days of 2019,I overheard a conversation at the supermarket checkout which was along the lines of "I'm due to get my flushot."

    "I was ill after I got mine last year...that reminds me I need to book mine!"


    To paraphrase Abe Lincoln:


    'It is better to not announce a pandemic and think people are fools than to declare one and remove all doubt!' 

  6. 18 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


    I'm sure many of us can relate to how you are feeling


    We can only do what we can do. You gave them the information so that they were not nescient. Instead they CHOSE ignore-ance....they chose to ignore the information


    Once you have fulfilled your responsibility then at some point you have to detach emotionally for your own health. You can't force people to change. All you can do is supply the information and then let them make the choice

    It is a trap for the masses.


    It is important to lure as many people as possible into taking that first shot,to have them cross that rubicon with gaslighting false hope of returning to some kind of normality then pull the rug by moving the goalposts.


    Once you agree to the first it will be increasing in frequency with biannual to monthly.


    Each dose has the potential to incrementally attack your intelligence chromosomes:effectively slowly dumbing you down to imbecility.


    The unpricked will become the enemy and targeted by the zombified morons who will wiilingly,indeed eagerly take you down with them like a drowning man panicking and attacking his rescuer.

  7. On 1/24/2021 at 2:04 PM, chud said:

    There's a recent movie featuring a train endlessly running around a frozen Earth and people inside being fed insects while the staff in the front wagons has meat and fresh vegetables...


    I guess we'll not be let known when worm juice or grinded bugs will be added to fake meat and other processed foods for 'proteins', but here again most will not feel the difference and will keep buying what they're fed... the plot was based on the assumption that people would eat the Solyent Green, and you'll see how many will rush into the first insectivore restaurants out of snobism... you'd have them eat cow shit just because it's no longer used as fertilizer, so why not opening shit restaurants in the meantime ?


    That movie is "Snowpiercer" and interestingly enough it features Ed Harris in a Controller type role.....same as he plays in "The Truman Show" and the tv series "Westworld".


    Must mean something esoterically?

  8. 8 minutes ago, SimonTV said:

    Why the sticker? I assume it is so people know that are not wearing a mask and that the person not wearing a mask is exempt. Surely if they have no mask that is easy enough to see without a sticker and if they are in the shop they are exempt and even if they are not, what difference does it make. 


    This mollycoddling of the adults in the UK is beyond ridiculous now. Grow the fuck up, pull up your big boy pants and go to the shop like an adult. 


    Because the yellow star/sticker is a symbol of acquiescence.


    It says:

    "I cannot wear a mask because of health reasons OTHERWISE I WOULD"


    These last 3 words are the reason that I will don neither sticker or lanyard,call me stubborn but the more they push this Eartha Kitt the more I will resist.


  9. 19 minutes ago, mike hunt said:




    This reminds me of an old joke someone used to say to anyone who couldn't tell left from right.

    "Which hand do you use to wipe your bum?"

    "This one!"

    "Well you SHOULD use toilet paper!"

  10. 4 minutes ago, AnarchicBreeze said:

    I can't help but think we are missing some vital piece of info that only the PTB and some of their pivotal minions have access to. The lack of dissent or rebellion in their ranks is remarkable. What do they know is coming that we don't?


    They are keeping China, Russia and Iran occupied and distracted with false accusations and sanctions but that only seem to be a smokescreen behind which something else is occurring. Something they have a deadline to meet injecting as many of us as they possibly can with gene-altering injections in the shortest time possible.


    Their narrative is simplistic and full of holes and they don't care. However their narrative so widespread across all media with exactly the same messages that it's working to a large degree. There does seem to be an increasing air of deranged desperation in their efforts to jab us (with the exception of Kill and Killinda and Fauci).


    I do wish they would just tell us openly and honestly what is really going on



    There are many theories out there so here is my take,trying to make some kind of sense of all this.


    The Earth has had frequent catastrophes in the past,space being more chaotic than our mainstream narrative would have us believe,with celestial bodies,dust,energy waves etc impacting every so often causing different levels of upheaval from meteor impacts to crustal displacement to full blown tilt of the axis or magnetic field.


    If a small group of selfish narcissists had information on these cyclical events and kept it to themselves,they could ensure their own survival over the rest;even kill off as many as possible so that when they emerge they have no competitors and full control of the few that made it through.


    Just 12 months ago that would sound crazy,but now in 2021.....well,all bets are off!



  11. Anyone noticing a trend yet?


    Bojo is Gaslighting us AGAIN

    saying he hopes lockdown to end soon.


    Like all his bullcrap pronouncements expect another unexpected lockdown shortly after due to a magical variant appearing.


    All designed to rile us up just like suggesting no armcandy passport no food.


    They want a revolt to justify the army on the streets,battering heads like the kops do to nonBLM protests.


    How to put a monkey wrench in their plans is relatively easy if enough folks wake up and STOP AQUIESCING AND







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  12. On 2/8/2021 at 4:40 AM, Seconal said:

    As a youngster I was a literal minded fellow and especially at that young age I often found myself dumbstruck by certain sayings that really made no sense. These Idioms, these colloquial metaphors and if one is not local or having to hear a translation, then one could be thoroughly confused and quite right to think the English language is bonkers.


    Take these sayings for instance, unless one knows their meaning then they are non-sensical gibberish.


    • Shit of a Stick


    So fast it was like 'shit of a stick', now I know technology has come far today but was flinging shit of a stick really once a measurement of speed?


    • Water under the Bridge


    Sure, it means to forgive, to let things go, let them flow away like 'water under the bridge. But was someone sat on a bridge watching the water and thought 'hay, that would make a good metaphor, feelings and grudges are like water under a bridge. Maybe he saw a stick float past with shit on it and that's where the idea came from?


    • Don't count your Chickens


    Ok, don't take things for granted. Surely overestimating the number of Chickens one expected from a nest of Eggs could never be such a problem as to warrent a metaphor.


    • Kick the Bucket


    Hmmm, I've no fucking idea.


    • Piece of Cake


    Ahh Piece of Cake, yeah easy Piece of Cake, cmon man that was a Piece of Cake. What is it about this Cake that is so easy and why is only one piece of it recognised. Surely if it's an easy Cake then as Parts of the Sum a Piece would be as easy as the the whole. And why a piece, why not a slice. You have a slice of Cake, a slice of Pizza. If someone offered me a piece of Pizza I'd look at them confused, what piece? A pepperoni, coz even that comes in slices and now we're back to square one.


    • Back to Square one


    Evolutionary biology teaches that millions of years ago our genetic history started out with a primordial ooze. However this can't be true as apparently everything started on something called 'Square One'. What is this Square One, are there other Squares too, maybe there are triangles, but that seems unlikely. Either way, In the begining was Square One and the Square was with God and the Square was God.


    • Raining Cats & Dogs
    • Put a Sock in it
    • The Bee's Knees


    As a youngster I was a literal minded fellow and especially at that young age I often found myself dumbstruck by certain sayings that really made no sense.....and as an adult I'm still just as confused as I was before.


    This whole thing has cost me an arm and a leg and although I've been tickled pink, I must hit the Hay because it really is time I got fifty winks.


    - Seconal


    If anyone is interested,the term

    "Bee's Knees" comes from an actress from the 1920s,called Lupi Valez.


    She had a thick Spanish accent and was wont to call something impressive

    "The Business"

    But with her heavy accent it came out as:

    "Theese eese the bee's knees"

    and people around her took it up and led to various modifications

    "The Cat's Whiskers"

    "The Elephant's Pajamas(sic)"


    She decided to end her glamorous life by suicide,taking an overdose in the expectation of her glamorous cadaver being headline news and a legacy of tragic beauty dying young.


    Unfortunately she was violently sick everywhere in the bathroom,slipped and fell cracking her head on the toilet bowl.


    Not how she wanted to be remembered,but the best laid plans,eh,Billy the Nerdboy?



  13. 2 hours ago, Outsider said:

    I often think that myself at times, whether this is a giant experiment to discover why humans think and act in different ways. Maybe the celebs, gov and media are also being experimented on to see how that can override their conscience with the lure of paper money....brass eye style?

    Interesting theory but scuppered by a couple of other items on the agenda.


    Firstly people are really dying,just not directly from a rebranded flu.


    That includes untimely deaths including Mullis the inventor of the misused pcr non-test (just months before the psyop and Event 201 began)and a female vocal vax opponent,Brandy, who was stalked,harassed and eventually passed away in front of her child.


    Secondly,there is an agenda to destroy the food supply and force the poor slave guinea pigs who survive to live on a diet of insects and artificially grown labmeat.


    These psychopaths are not good people in any way,they believe we are their property and now they are using us in Dr.Mengeles' type experimentation by cashing us in as debt settlement,and the uk particularly as punishment for daring to vote to leave Europe.


    Also explains why the law changed to have to opt OUT of organ donations...

    "You Peons Belong to Us!" in our faces!

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  14. On 12/28/2020 at 8:45 PM, Macnamara said:

    i don't know but i once had a thought....if they wanted to gather everyones DNA for a database they could just analyse the sticky strip of the census envelope when its sent back as most people lick the envelope to glue it shut


    ever since then i don't lick the envelope

    I never lick envelopes and remember when you had to wet postage stamps.


    Imagine if you still had to do that,the muzzleteers would wet themselves everytime a birthday card dropped on the doormat!

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