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  1. People have always died through flu and other respitory illnesses only now they have ceased to exist,rebranded as "Covid 19:the gift to tyranny that keeps on giving!" Remember if you test positive up to 60 days,in a test that merely amplifies genetic material in your body,then you die of heart failure,cancer or are knocked down by a bus,it goes down as a Covid Death. Obversely if you die within 15+ minutes of a covid shot,it has nothing at all to do with the vax.Nowt.Nada.Zilch.Nothing to see here. If they do pull off a fake alien invasion,using special effects and phony tv news reports(before pulling the plug)then clearly most people would buy it and follow the army to 'safety' areaa for food and shelter. Just imagine if the current psyop had been played that way.Footage of citizens in China dropping like ninepins and worldwide reports of the spread then...cut the power and we were left with no comms like this site and others, which have given us more true info and allowed many to shake off the doubts of whether it was real and investigate further.
  2. I called this out to a relative back in April,telling him that the fake narrative,the "Honest Injun" variant,was setting the groundwork.He is a fully paid up Covidian who trusts Johnson so it will be interesting to see if it opens his eyes yet. I believe this is the Final Lockdown,destined to last until everyone submits to the needle. I am relatively old so not too concerned with my own demise.Its just that I hoped to eventually pass peacefully in my sleep,not being hauled off under arrest to a death camp for execution:that stuff only happens in movies. At least it did up to the year 2019.
  3. I told a Covidian relative they were already laying the groundwork for the next one back in April when I saw the Indian variant lurking in the background. Maybe they sit around and take turns picking the next name.Maybe Missy Hancock said "We can't call it Chinese,done that got called racist" then Bodger said "Whaaaaa I say I do like a Chinese......ahm........Meal.........harumph.......almost as much as an Indian!" "That's it" said Chris Witlessly "and after that we can have a Nando's Variant!"
  4. What the...is this a hoax of some sort to wind us up? I ask because what struck me was her "name". Kirsty Hext....... Cursed? Hexed? Maybe I am reading too much into this but it leapt off the page to me,in the same way I once saw an article of the Queen visiting a smiling "terrorist" victim in hospital whose name was reportedly Harold Oakes......H.Oaks....... HOAX!!
  5. Anyone else notice this? The week before an advertised day of protest,it all goes quiet on the next lockdown front. Once the protest is past,ignored by bbc and cohorts,the next week a slight ratcheting up commences. A similar thing happened just before the 'selections'. My guess is they are torn..they are wetting themselves to blame the 'variant' and move the agenda forward,but.... Too many people are ready to wake up if they strike too soon. Yet leaving it till September they lose momentum without some way of keeping the idea high profile. Watch This Space....
  6. The point was that with photoshop and now deepfake tech,not all images are reliable. Even Biden may now be sometimes CGI having in reality succumbed to dementia.
  7. I honestly don't know how these people don't get it! One relative had ministrokes and can't have their second yet! One friend is worse than she has ever been and I asked if she got worse since being jabbed....the penny just won't drop!
  8. Right on cue,raise the expectation for Summer Solstice,then drop the hammer and feast on the collective anger and dismay. The remaining sleepers will doubtlessly either wake up screaming or blame the non-muzzled,non-jabberwocked as 'they' intend. Divide by race (Indian variant ok,China virus racist) Divide by ignorance (bbc and the sun asswipe = troof;too frigging lazy to question anything no matter how contradictory) Uk Gubmint should be rebranded to: "Gaslighters R Us"
  9. To be fair,if this was fake,then I believe Kleck was suckered to drop a turd in his punchbowl of good info.
  10. Worth remembering that anyone can be photoshopped into a 'walltoucher' image. Go with your gut over your eyes,instinct is usually a better guide. Coincidentally a certain banned youtuber is allowed access once again since he rubbished everyone from David to Dr.Kaufman,Dr.Tenpenny. Satan briefly rewards his minions with the dollar-shame they will be robbed blind like the rest of us when they cyberpunk our currencies to enforce the slaveowner's UBI;the free pittance for obedient docile pincushions.
  11. No they will deliberately wait till the last minute,get people's expectations high and waste their money. No fun allowed,or even aloud. The Boa Constrictor may relax it's coil briefly but less and less each time till it's victim is literally broken. Want to understand the Satanic forces behind this cult look at the Vatican ("Divining Serpent") on thejonathankleck yt channel. He may be annoying but you can't dispute his revelations regarding the Altar of St Peter with symbolism of Serpents Sheep and Locusts.
  12. Bingo! I told someone who thinks things are winding down that the groundwork was being laid a few weeks ago when the "indian variant" fake narrative broke the surface. He thinks I am deluded and that Herr Johnson is doing his best. I wish that was the case,I'd rather be wrong and look foolish but I know we are in a fight to the death. A slow,drawn out fight,but advancing relentlessly at a pace which even a "Normy" should take note,eventually,but by then it will be too late for their humanity.
  13. More Predictive Programming? "Halloween lll: Season of the Witch" Halloween III- Season of the Witch (10-10).mp4
  14. This reminds me of "Halloween lll Season of the Witch"...... Could they be 'activated',as were the masks in that film,by some kind of signal? Say a 5g signal for example? Halloween III- Season of the Witch (10-10) Movie CLIP - Get It Off the Air! (198.mp4
  15. The clip is from thejonathankleck channel; the full video is too large for here. PYRAMID UFOs CON-firmed by PENTAGRAM.mp4 Also checkout the imagery of the Maskup Logo- mockery of the sheep in plain sight!
  16. "More Proof of Their Mockery" From "thejonathankleck" on yt/Bitchute.
  17. Christiane Northrup MD explains how vax nanotech means that your body will be accessible to literal remote control via 5g. The tech transfection can not be detoxed from the body:once it's in there is no reversing it. video that cant be loaded onto youtube, addition to recent Jonathan Kleck video.mp4
  18. If you visit Bitchute and go to PiratePete channel there us a full lecture with outstanding information and graphic images. Watch before it eventually is memoryholed in a future infocull.
  19. Go to PiratePete Channel on Bitchute for a 1hr48min lecture,unavailable on yt (surprise). Be advised the information revealed is incredible and some of the images are so harrowing that viewer discretion may be advised. This information should be viral;if it reached a wide audience it could change the paradigm of immunology. Watch it before it disappears in a future "infocull".
  20. It is no exaggeration to say that the information in this video clip is extremely important and ties in to all vaccine effects. It comes from deceased Canadian Neuroscientist Dr.Andrew Moulton Phd MD (1964-2013),one of many to die prematurely young who speak out against the 'pharmafia'. It comes from Richard D.Hall's site and will set off many alarm bells,myself included as I know of someone who died following the described symptoms. In summary: "Vaxes are responsible for causing microscopic strokes in the brain by limiting the flow of oxygen in the bloodstream reaching capillaries.He shows lots of photos in his lecture of the face before and after the vax (eye off to one side,mouth dropped). Both together are proof of brain damage as they are both controlled by the same nerve." Richplanet Richard D. Hall.mp4
  21. Nano Fibres in vax also in facemasks and nasal swabs. Here is a clip from Max Igan's latest report on Bitchute (yt genocide collaborators have him banned of course). MaxIgan.mp4
  22. NanNano Fibres in Facemasks and Nasal Swabs? Turning Humans into Matrix Batteries? Max Igan on Bitchute,banned by screwyou tube genocide collaborators,here is a clip... MaxIgan.mp4
  23. They also like to put their sick intentions out there on the scrying mirror,be it televising ceremonies or sinister tv adverts like this:ostensibly for a car but in reality...well for those with eyes to see and ears to hear,the Satanic Agenda is here... They tell you in the commercials what their plans are. They are coming! Get righ.mp4
  24. LOOKS LIKE THE KOPS ARE TRYING TO STITCH HIM UP,URGENT UPDATE.... This Is Massively Worrying Me ️ Please Save & Share _HIGH.mp4
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