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  1. Time to pass on to the 77th Night Shift? Nah!Too obvious,BAF kid chuckling at winding up the Grown Ups before bedtime.
  2. It's possible that the hidden symbolism goes even deeper,with the 923 also ubiquitously embedded in the media:- 9 11 (1+1=2) 2001 (2+0+0+1=3) It is everywhere from car number plates to countdown clocks;look for it and you will find it,mainly in action or sf programming.
  3. I was appalled but not surprised when my cousin told me she'd had both shots,the booster and the flu shot. The only thing I could say,to get my point across and without getting too far beyond her "government saviour" paradigm was hopefully she's been lucky and had the placebo and when she soon has to have 6monthly jabs,well there's just so many times you can successfully play Russian Roulette. With any luck I planted a seed of thought and with the 4th shot being casually introduced to the narrative it might register at some point?
  4. 10 Green Bottles 2021: "There's Just One Last Booster, Waiting For Your Arm, One Last Booster, Where's the Bloody Harm? And With One Last Booster Injected in Your Arm, There'll Be One Last Booster Waiting For Your Arm..........." .
  5. Bizarro World or Dark Web? Weird videos exposed by Neverlosetruth channel
  6. What are the odds? A Rolls drives down Savile Row With the Number Plate JMY..... Taken from Kingsman 2 the Golden Circle courtesy of TheologyEd.
  8. Did anyone see Dr.Carrie Madej being interviewed by Steven Ben-Noon in which she explained how analysis of the "vaccine which isn't" contained not only nano tech,but a LIVING SENTIENT MICROSCOPIC LIFEFORM which showed awareness of the microscope? What the hell is really going on here,it gets more like Invasion of the Bodysnatchers with each reveal. Is it ultimately a non-human takeover?
  9. We are not the top of the food chain. We are not unlike aphids in an ant's nest;reared for our honeydew (fear emotions) and like any crop,the time of harvest is here.
  10. If you search for "thejonathankleck" on bitchute or odyssey,he shows images of how the Vatican(which means divining snake) is built as a Serpent and the Altar of St.Peter is of a Sheep/Bug/Male and Female Sex Organs. Even the Virgin Mary is an inverted Sheep,dead with it's tongue sticking out. The Catholic Church is in reality the Church of Satan,a sex death pedophilia cult,hidden in plain sight.
  11. I met my wife through a set of coincidences and they continued again in the weeks and days up to her death that defy mere chance. When we met we later discovered that it turned out we had spoken on the phone 7 years earlier,and both remembered the conversation. The week she died,after 8 agonising months following an unauthorised flu jab in Dec 2019,I experienced daily coincidences culminating in "the reveal" of what they were all leading up to,on the day of her funeral. The message was VAX,and I knew it was a warning given before the current "vax" was a thing. I believe I was warned by something beyond this realm,and if I wrote it as a screenplay it would be rejected as too far fetched.
  12. Computer says no.... £2,886.5 ÷ 4.33 (not 4)weeks per month = £666
  13. Kingsman movies icon. Predictive programming in your face. Thanks TheologyEd.
  14. "Kingsman" programming if anyone actually cares:
  15. If you will never roll up your sleeve to take the shots you,like me,are not an "anti" anything. We are "NEVERSLEEVERS" We are BILLIONSwe are UNITED and we are EVERYWHERE,whatever they try to imply in the treacherous msm
  16. See above post. He is an actor,Michael Rappaport from "the 6th day" (2000) with Arnie S.
  17. Operation Covid was launched in the msm with the announced death of asset Kobe Bryant (covid in Hebrew) The number 33 was in headlines everywhere,the hoax code for initiates. Also the number 666 was prevalant in patent numbers and has surfaced again,albeit covertly. Check out the pay for the proposed schoolchildren jabsters. £34,638 per annum. Equals £666 per month. Or divide by 666 equals 52 weeks and (inverted)point 006006006 Also note that 2020,the launch year when divided by 666 equals 3.033033033
  18. That face and voice seem familiar. He is an actor,Michael Rappaport. He was in the Arnold S movie "The 6th Day" from 2000.
  19. Hear Ye! Hear Ye! From This Day Forward the Incidious Arm-Poison is to be referred to as: "THE CLOT SHOT." Trending meme on Social Media and Descriptive for only a Clot Would Want Bloodclots.
  20. In a word NO. Look Around. Positive Tests Increasing at Schools,Carehomes etc. They have doubtlessly increased the amplification cycles again,to obtain the figures to justify pushing July 19 back "a few more weeks" Continue up to the permalockdown when flu season kicks in. I will never submit to the injection willingly,any other way means I am within my rights to nullify anyone who attempts to murder me with a deadly weapon.
  21. I have seen many video clips of these 'men' abusing women. Funny how they will show such behaviour to a woman,especially if she looks as unthreatening as possible. Such macho bravery. Perhaps they know that a male,especially one who looks like he can defend himself,would deck these pathetic weasels.
  22. Mass Non Compliance to these jumped up jobsworths......all together,to the tune of Batman....... "dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner LAY -DEEZ!!"
  23. Apartheid is Coming. The unthinkable,recommended by the unwatchable to the uncritical.
  24. The Google Logo reads,to me: G 9 O 11 (9/11) O 2 (Second) G 9 L 11 (9/11) E ?? Extra Terrestrial Card Next??
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