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  1. I was a lurker and having dipped my toes in the public water I am about to leave the forum for anonymity. I have given some opinions and now it is time to fade into the background and prep for the coming storm. Also not keen on some loud opinionated idiots,prob 77th merchants,especially that twat who uses Johnson as an avatar and is a boring troll! Bye.
  2. I go with my gut instinct and ability to read body language. She has dead soulless eyes,in my opinion,and is using people for her own agenda. You can tell she is not really listening to her interviewees,there is a coldness there which I have seen in other people over the years.
  3. I can empathise as I too suffer with anxiety and felt panic when shop muzzles became mandatory. However I found a video on yt from Caroline Stephens which explained how it was a civil,not a criminal matter and what to do.It was in July and naturally the yt stasi have removed her channel once. Anyway,long story short I go into a couple of shops regularly,maskless and now I am less concerned,in fact make a point of projecting confidence. If challenged simply say "exempt" and carry on;they cannot legally question you and I look forward to the day I find a secon
  4. More pieces of the puzzle,mirrored from Deborah Tavarez,vital info before comms down Dr Carol Rosin & Deborah Tavares talk Trump Space Force and Nikola Tesla Electr-mc-mc.mp4 (something wicked this way comes...?)
  5. Starring Handoncock, Johnson & Cumming "An everyday tale of 3 dickheads trying to run a pissup in a brewery....with less than hilarious consequences" The Critics are Raving..... "You Couldn't Make it Up!" Nicola Krankie "They Truly Inspire Us!" The Chuckle Brothers "And they thought I was an idiot,Dave!" Trigger, Only Fools & Horses
  6. Cyrus A.Parsa of The AI Organization explains: Losingyourfreewill.mp4
  7. Here is the first section of Cyrus Parsa's latest yt vid on The AI Organization channel,full vid too long for here but vital info from this genius who knows exactly what is going on and who is truly behind it. AIOrganization.mp4
  8. It's despairing to see the number of muzzled idiots in the open air! These collaborators are ensuring the spread of mandated mask wearing to outdoor! You can't even tell if you pass a familiar face sometimes,and trying to ascertain someone's identity by gazing into their eyes can result in some awkward encounters!
  9. With rumours predictively programming a meteor strike,it feels like the moment is right for a timely reminder. Remember if it looks like it was a meteor on tv and the talking heads agree....it was probably a weaponised satellite/rod of God technology. JonathanKleck.mp4
  10. My experience is that I began to wake up in 2005,when circumstances gave me the opportunity to look into 911 which although I naively believed the narrative at the time (propaganda was something only Russia did!)but I had an urge to look into it. This led to various rabbitholes from 2012 to False Flags etc and I remembered DI as a snooker commentator who had been vilified for his views so I watched many of his yt videos and things began to make some kind of sense. I don't blindly accept everything he says:I don't believe any one person has the full picture but he
  11. It's all a bit Emperor's New Clothes.... Or like being told that if we all wear a top hat and walk backwards it will keep the tigers away. When you point out there aren't any tigers you are told "See,it's working!"
  12. Hoax code,Freemason code,whatever you want to call it there is no doubt that 33 is used to convey the message in the mass media. It was ubiquitous in articles as the plandemic psyop was rolled out. Then Trump contracted the kungflu 33 days prior to the election. Our treacherous mps got £3,300 payrise for not opposing the tyranny. Numbers are used to encode many things. Here's one to try,what is 2020 divided by 666?
  13. Antarctica is interesting because it is one of very few things that all countries appear to be united on. Border disputes,religious beliefs,political differences-you name it and someone will oppose and argue their own view. But not Antarctica.Or Cern.Or the Kung Flu. If the world is united in a cause,that is a red flag,it suggests the hidden hand is controlling the narrative. Buzz Aldrin reportedly said "we are all in great danger"after his visit.Many other political and religious leaders have been there,and not to spot penguins. Is i
  14. I agree they must have some massive ff coming in order to fastforward the agenda. We (the more aware) were expecting a second 911 and when it came it was so diabolically clever it caught most of us off guard. The phony footage from China was a masterstroke prologue.I admit I fell for it for a couple of months until the jigsaw pieces fell into place. Not only do we have this all-encompassing plandemic and a uniform global response but now many people are psychologically ready to be fully broken with a mega event and surrender to go to the camps for 'protectio
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