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  1. Hi Paul, It is pretty time consuming trying to enlighten everyone you meet, and researching the jigsaw is also very time consuming but also very worthwhile! I volunteer at a centre where I am in contact with people from all walks of life, cultures and religions. I speak generally about this plandemic and started with how to build up your immune system - vit c, D3, K2, B12, magnesium and zinc etc and mention that if this is all really about your health wouldn't they be educating you on how to boost your immune system rather than providing dicounts on fast food? That has helped to sow the seed...........Then I have moved onto the PCR tests etc and now people are asking me to send them information. There is a good video with Ivor Cummins on Greenmedinfo - its logical, shows the science and alleviates fear - that is what we need. As you have said, when fear is involved is stops people in their tracks for having a different view to their families and friends. But when you bring logic, rationale and science into the equation its a way for them to share it with others too........Obviously some good videos on DI regarding PCR tests!! With best wishes, Paula
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