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  1. Yes I despair of the people here ,but I think more are waking up but it needs to happen faster .I think some posters here underestimate the power of applied psychology .In the UK they haven't hidden the fact that are are several organisations actively working to change the behavior of it citizens ,and billions have been spent on this .Over here Im sure the same thing is in progress .Its easy to call people stupid ,or asleep etc but these campaigns of propaganda can be very powerful and there are many factors in the psychological make up of a person that determine how well they can resist if at all .
  2. Im surprised that even Dr Coleman is under suspicion now .Ive been following him for ages and he has been speaking out about the effects of drugs and vaccines for many years .He gets very angry about the stupidity around him so who can blame him if he wants to swear .Is there a rule that says someone of 75 cant get enraged ? Nearly every person I follow in this saga says something I dont agree with so if someone says something or supports a certain person we dont like does that mean we should write them off despite any good work they might have done ?
  3. As someone has stated in the comments under this video on Brighteon , I too believe this was a Zoom meeting from a group concerned with Common Law ,I certainly don't think a real Police briefing would get leaked like this .
  4. I agree in principal but human nature especially in modern times seems to be that you need to boost your mood . while it may be desirable to be emotionally self sufficient I imagine very few people are .i dont consider I need others to boost my mood ,I actually try to avoid most people but the thought that there is a general collective mentality about a cause can be helpful .
  5. I was feeling somewhat uplifted after watching the protests in London and Australia and around the world but after reading a lot of the comments here Im wondering how much people let doubt and mistrust take away from what is happening .I agree that these events may not achieve a lot in the physical sense but they do as others have said boost the morale and make people feel that they are not on their own . I was also sad to see someone say that the people taking part in the Australia protests has "fallen into a trap" Then several posters (and some in particular ) cast suspicion on some of the main protagonists including David Icke and you start to wonder whether this is because people have real evidence that they are not genuine or are they just trying to cause divisiveness with these claims ? Im not saying we shouldn't question peoples motives and connections but it seems there is a now a question mark over practically everyone involved in the London protest . I agree that some of the speeches were little more that pep talks ,they said nothing new and didnt suggest any new actions .. it might be helpful if more medical people and scientists could speak at these events but some ofcourse may not wish to be seen alongside David Icke ,because of his unfortunate past reputation or to be seen aligning with political representatives . Imagine if Mike Yeadon spoke at a rally ,cant see that happening either . Dr Vernon Coleman spoke well but he is not an expert in the fields of vaccination or immunology . So if protests are not an effective way of resisting ,apart from non -compliance or violence what else is ?
  6. yes I guess its easy to blame women as well as men ,I do see a lot of women active in the freedom movement . Who knows what men think but they will also be the ones being enslaved if they dont stand up and fight whether they are fighting for themselves or others. sadly there doesn't seem to be a happy medium its either men are dis empowered because of women or men are too aggressive .
  7. I agree with some of this .While its good to see large numbers coming together ,the street party atmosphere and the "don't be violent because its what they want" attitude doesn't seem to achieve a lot .People have to also be refusing to comply in their daily lives and prepared to take a stand physically as well . I was watching an interview with Gareth Icke at the London rally and he and a lady were saying "where are all the men ?" This had been mentioned before -why aren't men standing up for women and children against the police . .When the police are dragging off young girls and old folk, standing their filming with your phone and not standing up for that person being assaulted by police is pretty gutless in my opinion . No doubt part of what the police are doing is testing just what they can get away with before people retaliate . Fighting for your freedom may end meaning doing more that waving a placard and shouting "shame on you. "
  8. I would get your wife to discharge herself and the baby from the hospital . Congrats by the way .They have no right to stop people leaving ,why should a happy occasion be affected by these idiots .
  9. https://www.skynews.com.au/australia-news/nsw-residents-to-be-required-to-show-evidence-of-mask-exemptions/video/1c2c29803f59834ee6d280a978a18b9e Privacy Laws being over ridden as people to be asked to show medical exemptions if not wearing a muzzle .....I mean mask .
  10. https://vaxcontrolgroup.com/ Is anyone familiar with this organisation.? Saw it mentioned briefly on a live chat i was on recently .Seems to be providing a way of avoiding the jab by being in a "control" group .Seems a good idea but is is genuine and who is behind it ? managed to look up the group behind it and their details at Companies house ,but need to look into it further .https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/13477806
  11. spot on -since when did we all start thinking that life and the world has to be "safe " ? This plays a big role in current events -people constantly being urged by Governments and each other to "stay safe" .The individual has the right to decide their own level of risk .
  12. thanks -I just found another story ,they have people where they want them ,keep on testing and you will find the justification for more lock downs ,curfews and eventual martial law https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-07-14/fairfield-residents-frustrated-over-long-waits-for-covid-tests/100291340
  13. Thanks for that -just shared it on Facebook ,it will probably be removed .I wish I could find the "footage in Fairfield " she is referring to . Didnt think about going to my local Council on the 24th .
  14. https://www.news.com.au/national/nsw-act/nsws-covid19-spike-of-110-cases-is-not-good-news-for-states-recovery/news-story/16065b04e175bd98124321f679d1110c "Prof McLaws said some of these tests had an accuracy of 99.96 per cent when testing people in the first five to seven days of their infection, before they got symptoms. “They stop being accurate when people become symptomatic,” she said. She said the UK had used these tests and made them available at pharmacies, libraries and other spaces. If home and work testing, as well as curfews were brought in, Prof McLaws believes this should be enough to bring cases down. However, she said it was unclear what enforcement measures authorities were taking to monitor families who were supposed to be at home, and there may be a need for fines for those who weren’t doing the right thing." So the tests are only accurate if you have no symptoms -whats a joke ! Gladys is talking about curfews,fines and more testing ,if only all the sheep would stop getting tested then perhaps "cases" would go down .Im waiting for martial law now .Will we have people coming to the door to force you to have a test ??
  15. One thing for certain about John Overkill -Ive been following him for a while now -he has it in for certain live streamers especially Resistance GB and Tyrant Finder UK yet he seems to have very little evidence .He is constantly claiming they involved with certain "crisis "actors and are not genuine . He thinks everything is a set up and everyone is a paid actor .or planted by the police I can can only state what Ive seen having watched practically every live streamed protest since last year from several sources . Yes there are certain people who seem to appear regularly and look suspicious .I noticed these a long time ago before John Overkill came along . The ones he calls Grey Bleeder and Tatt Man are always around however whether they are connected with the live streamers he claims who knows if they were then I dont think they'd be stupid enough to be filmed together constantly . Just my opinion .
  16. Here in NSW Australia the lockdown is getting harder to deal with .I stopped going into shops a while back as i wont scan QR codes or wear a mask .Now we have police checkpoints just up the road from our house ,plus my son who lives a short way from me reported the same .Lots of police cars driving round the backstreets plus people being pulled over and asked why they are traveling . Police also using scanning devices to check number plates without having to stop you . Nearly all retail shops and services closed except for food chemist ect (alcohol apparently essential too ). I read recently on another site a supposed" insider" claiming the plan is for the Government to bring in Level 5 restrictions and martial law in August -i can only hope its not true . In the meantime the MSM is hyping up the "cases " ,"infections " and lists of "hotspots " and the majority are still falling for it .
  17. I saw this on the livestream -Couldnt help but think a time should come when other protesters physically stop the police from doing this .Some may say this is not a good idea ,but neither is just filming it with your phone and doing little else .
  18. I have a problem with this article .It mentions in the article and in the video that "only the vaccinated died " yet further on in the article it states ." But, in fact, it was more deadly among the young and healthy AND those who had been vaccinated!" They couldn't possibly say that only the vaccinated died .if millions died in the so called epidemic autopsies couldn't possibly have been done on all of them and records necessarily referred to showing the dead had been vaccinated in all cases . Im not saying the article doesn't contain some truth but statements like "only the vaccinated died can be hard to justify .Also I found the condescending tone of the narrator irritating but thats my problem.
  19. I couldnt believe what this idiot was saying ,"dont talk to each other and dont breathe on each other " -certainly cant make any excuses for him being misinformed ,he would know about the thousands of reported adverse events yet he can spout this crap .I ve spent all day feeling so angry about the decisions being made in Australia ,yet so many still cant see it .
  20. Sadly I think there are plenty of people with the "she'll be right mate " mentality who will go for this .Obviously its easier and more important than looking into the thousands of reported side effects and deaths .
  21. https://tottnews.com/2021/07/15/police-cars-sydney-compliance/ see link for video and rest of article
  22. I have to admit that despite following all this since it began last year I have wondered too about the idea that so many medical people are not speaking out .Ofcourse a lot have ,there have been Scientists Dr ,nurses and care home workers coming out and saying what they have witnessed and Im sure many more have been censored BUT that still leaves a lot more in the world that appear to be complicit . Have they been threatened ,have they been bribed or is their silence just self preservation ? When you think about how many GPs surgeries and health clinics there are in the world there must be at least one or more in each who has some doubts about whats really happening . I have been going to the same GP practice here in Australia for years ,most of the Drs are nice helpful people who certainly have never said anything to me in recent times about having the jab .Yet outside in the carpark they have a Covid vaccination clinic set up .They must have meetings where they discuss the practice management and their concerns ,have they read the reports of vaccine side effects and deaths ,and if so dont they have doubts and how can they keep advising patients to have the jabs? . Can we use the argument that they are "all in on it together " ? I think that medical people tend to believe what they are told if it comes from a trusted source ,so if the Health Department or the WHO tell something do they just believe without question ? Id be interested to hear other opinions .
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