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  1. Havent seen this before ,I feel sorry for people who are convinced a good time is better than good health .
  2. yes ,an Astrazeneca vaccine by any other name would be as deadly .
  3. I think this video about Mass Psychosis shows some of the reasons why people are accepting this stuff
  4. I like the way they imply that being part of the vaccinated group will be more pleasant rather than saying that the unvaccinated will be treated differently which is really what they mean .
  5. Read a while ago a prediction that martial law would be inflicted on Australia in August ,though in many areas it already seems that way . So it doesn't surprise me to see a military leader talking about vaccines ,also getting people used to seeing military on the streets in Sydney and confirming in peoples minds that there really is an emergency because ofcourse the Govt wouldnt turn the military on its own people would it ???
  6. I despise Peter Fitzsimons ,he has tried over the years to a have a rebel image and even written a book about Ned Kelly ,lately he has been pushing the" hate anti-vaxxers"agenda and saying that Alan Jones is unhinged .I hope they are paying him a lot . He is a smug little shill.
  7. Great talks by Dr Mike Yeadon and Prof. Bhakdi among others https://www.ukcolumn.org/index.php/video/doctors-for-covid-ethics-symposium-session-3-first-do-no-harm
  8. I watched some of this on live stream .Its outrageous .Just the way they are dressed in their Darth Vader outfits ,all meant to intimidate . i hope the German people are looking at how the French are reacting . This is fascism and it wont end unless its made to .
  9. People need to have a look and see how the French stand up to things ,watched a live stream from Paris last night .Noted the differences between them and the Uk marches ,no children or dogs bought along ,no happy happy stuff and carnival type atmosphere ,just determination ,more young men in the crowd and a willingness to stand up to police . Enough said
  10. This tyranny and censorship is reaching desperation levels here https://au.news.yahoo.com/facebook-post-lockdown-protest-11000-fine-080358345.html?guccounter=1
  11. This person needs to learn something about the myth of asymptomatic spreading ,i suggest a long chat with Dr Mike Yeadon .
  12. The part about those with substance abuse getting vaccinated is madness .I have a relative who is an alcoholic and has chronic liver failure ,blood clotting issues and many other problems .Ive no doubt if he has the vaccine he will be dead in a very short time .Some might say good riddance to addicts but they are all people with a story ,no doubt getting rid of as many as possible is part of the agenda .
  13. My husband is asking for the paper version so we can look through it and think aboutiti first .I intend to just not answer questions I think are too invasive . I like the way is says on the letter we got that the Census is compulsory then 'thanks for taking part "
  14. https://tottnews.com/2021/07/31/morrison-announces-medical-apartheid/
  15. The Army being put on the streets in Sydney -martial law next -it was predicted . https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-07-30/adf-soldiers-to-arrive-in-sydney-covid19-lockdown/100336124
  16. In case this hasnt been posted before ,Doctors for Covid Ethics are conducting a live symposium ,I st part has already been on ,2nd part on Friday . I only caught the last hour due to time differences .In the 2nd part they will be discussing vaccines and propaganda amongst other topics . You can watch Live through the UK Column website . https://www.ukcolumn.org/live
  17. I have seen that video several times already . its true that in the end they can do what they want ,Im just pointing out that you legally dont have to tell them
  18. Under the Privacy Act you dont have to have details of the medical condition on the exemption no matter what they say .Also you can sign a statutory declaration yourself (as it says in the picture" by the person" ) saying you have a medical condition .My sons GP refused him an exemption even though he has asthma so my son has sign a statutory declaration himself stating he doesn't want to wear mask due to a medical coditon . The information about your medical details in confidential between you and your Doctor and here in Australia under the Privacy Act you do not have to tell anyone else what it is .
  19. Im really surprised that in the US with all their talk of freedom and the right to bear arms etc ,that there hasnt been more action again the restrictions .I guess it all depends on which state you live in and who you have as Governor.
  20. Glad the Impaler at it again . https://www.9news.com.au/national/coronavirus-nsw-update-latest-covid-19-case-numbers-july-28-sydney-lockdown-extended-four-weeks/ca771d2e-a08b-4916-90a3-2fcbf92b11ad
  21. It didn't tug on my heart strings and i don't have a problem with him choosing to record and show what he felt ,not everything has an ulterior motive .
  22. Ill remember that next time Im doing it .
  23. I think that here in Australia they have never had to fudge the death figures too much to convince people .That is because since last year has been a continuous supply of horror stories from other countries in the mainstream media to convince people here that even though we haven't been badly affected ,millions have died everywhere else .And if people try to say whats happening in Australia doesn't justify a lockdown then out "leaders " simply point the finger overseas and say that if we dont do something lots will die here too . There was even a 24hr Sky news Covid 19 channel ,dont know if it still exists as i stopped looking ages ago.
  24. We can go too far looking for secret signs in my opinion ,I have photos of me doing that ,so I guess I cant be trusted too .
  25. Agree about the curtain twitchers ,I posted about this very thing recently . A community group I belonged to online took pictures of our local Stand in the Park group and posted them and reported it all to the police and this was followed by calls for arrests .I have since left the group . The Stasi worked the same way ,if you have a neighbour that you have fallen out with or someone in your street who doesnt like you or your kids ,watch out - these are the people who will be informing on others .
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