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  1. very worrying -I wonder what happened and who did it .
  2. I have a friend who has had tradies cancel appts to do work for her because of the restrictions so I guess not all tradies feel the same .
  3. I find Im not longer living in Australia but East Germany and the virtue signalers are the new Stasi. https://www.smh.com.au/politics/nsw/police-minister-says-public-tip-offs-needed-to-stop-covid-19-outbreak-20210816-p58j5y.html
  4. I was wondering if your comments were serious as I cant see anyone who looks like Gerry McCann or Scott Morrison
  5. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-08-14/regional-nsw-in-covid-19-lockdown-joins-the-rest-of-the-state/100377702 The interesting statement in this artlcle which I think sums it all up is this : Just hours before the lockdown was announced, the Australian Medical Association (AMA) NSW were calling for the whole state to be locked down. The President of the AMA (NSW) Danielle McMullen said (quote ) ""My plea to the NSW government is that for the vaccination push strategy to work, we must lock all of NSW down." So that to me seems like an admission that lockdowns are aimed at forcing people int getting vaccinated . Further more she said " "Doctors from across NSW are exhausted and concerned for their community. Our already fragile rural and regional health system will be unable to cope with increases in cases. " So Drs are" exhausted " and the rural health system will be overcome despite the fact that official figures show that as at today there have been in NSW 381 people hospitalised in the whole state and of that number 62 are in ICU and 24 are on ventilators . And who knows how many if not all of these people have pre-existing conditions and are elderly ?
  6. Who is this man that the whole of America is supposed to listen to his insane pronouncements ? He must have a lot of dirt on others to be able to have so much power .
  7. More madness from Australia -this type of fine is now going up to $3000 it was announced tonight https://twitter.com/CaldronPool/status/1426119292534231049
  8. Crazy new lockdown rules announced for the whole of New South Wales https://amp.abc.net.au/article/100377514
  9. exactly and when you hear the covidiots talking about how the unvaxxed are selfish it obviously never crosses their minds that demanding another person has an experimental medical procedure so that others can feel safe is the height of arrogance and selfishness.
  10. Im wondering how he manages to still have a phone and record this and get it posted on Twitter .
  11. The answer is no the majority don't seem to know ,they have been brainwashed into believing there is a deadly pandemic ,a crisis and an uncontrollable contagion sweeping the country . If you try to tell people to look rationally at the figures they don't want to . Even if if your try and point put that people are hardly dropping like flies it doesn't matter because they have had the spectre of what happens in other countries like India and the US shoved down their throats 24/7 on the Tv news . Also especially here in NSW ,the obsession with "cases" rather than deaths has been used to create fear and justify more lock downs . Also if you do a quick search to find how many deaths there have been supposedly from the virus in 2021 only all you find is the running total they keep that includes figures from last year and not the actual number who died this year .Plus nonstop coverage of case numbers increasing . I feel that if more people understood some basic facts about the PCR test and how it works or doesn't work then maybe the would realise that a positive test doesn't mean a "case " or a death or that the person is even ill .Here is already talk about Vaccine Passports here and banning the unvaxxed from shops ect . There are some who awake but how many there Im not sure .Despite this I feel that eventually a lot of people are going to get very fed up with the restrictions and lockdowns and it will be this, not an awakening that will make people take action .
  12. You cant win ,I dont know what age group your parents are in but many of the older generation are just too set in their way of thinking and or too scared ,trusting ect to change .Not to mention being affected by the applied behavioural psychology being used on the via the mass media . Im only glad my parents passed away a few years back because I can see a similar situation would have occurred ,not to mention opposition to my views from my sisters as well .
  13. I think we have to keep up hope and positive thinking ,negativity will just feed into this lie and those behind it .Its easy to get depressed ,disillusioned ,angry, sad ect ,Ive been through all of these in the last months .But we dont necessarily know whats going on behind the scenes locally or overseas in the way of opposition or action being planned . It might be easy to label it a comfort blanket ,but we can still stand up for what we believe while holding onto hope and try and pass on information and help others become more aware .We have to "hold the line " as they say .
  14. absolutely pathetic , at least they could have got someone a bit more convincing
  15. Well he did use the phrase New World Order I ve seen it myself and there are US troops stationed in the Northenr territory -who knows for what real purpose ? And there is definitely a totalitarian Government that now wants to shut down Canberra because one person had a positive test -oh and not forgetting the 2 men in their 90's who died in NSW "with Covid " .
  16. The madness that is Australia -holding its citizens hostage till they get the jab and locking down Canberra because of one positive test -yet managing to convince the public there is a deadly pandemic that needs Police and Military intervention https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-08-12/canberra-records-new-case-of-covid-19-sending-act-into-lockdown/100370616 https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-08-12/nsw-records-345-covid-19-cases/100370274 https://www.smh.com.au/politics/nsw/top-cop-takes-control-of-worsening-outbreak-as-inner-sydney-warned-of-more-restrictions-20210811-p58hvc.html
  17. The area I live in ,a 2 hour drive from Sydney is a big tourist destination for both local and overseas tourists .Our local politician has taken it upon herself to put forward our area for a Vaccine Passport trial under the mistaken assumption that vaccination =freedom of movement .I suppose she thinks this will gain her votes from local business people What is not explained is how this will affect locals ,does this mean no public transport ,going to buy food ,going to cafes and restaurants or places of education for the unvaxxed ? Who knows ? But I dont think I want to find out https://www.bluemountainsgazette.com.au/story/7366655/push-to-hold-vaccine-passport-pilot-in-blue-mountains/?fbclid=IwAR2glAh-w9EJXZRry-UwOzdL1satLDlRKKuyUFnJ9xj8_Ysc9ycmGV7X0Fc
  18. it probably isnt legal under the Constitution ,its up to those with those legal knowledge to challenge this and /or to the people to start pushing back hard .However with daily headlines claiming the virus is out of control and hysterical stories about people being bought into Emergency not able to breath I can t see this happening yet .
  19. Im a vegan and have been for over 10 years ,before that I was vegetarian for 35 years .I too have known people who behave in the way your sister does ,on one hand I can understand it on the other hand I can see how it looks to others .In my opinion "waking up " to the cruelty inflicted on animals is similar to waking up to the virus hoax ,once you see it you cant unsee it . One of the things Ive disliked about current events with people like Bill Gates promoting artificial meat and Klaus Schwab and similar telling people they need to eat less meat is that it has in my opinion made people go on more about their "right to eat meat " -that ofcourse is a whole other subject which I wont go into now . Whether being vegan is a ethical reason to be able to refuse the vaccine who knows . its certainly not one that sprang to my mind but I cant see it being accepted by the powers that be .
  20. So don't go to the shops ,and don't even order your groceries on line ,because you're putting the delivery person at risk ,so just sit home and starve .What planet is this woman from ? Clown planet obviously .
  21. Not sure what to make of this-wouldnt exactly call the footage explosive . .Fellow pretending to be from the Irish Prime Ministers Office arranging a photo opportunity at Jab Centre ,they will certainly be tightening their security after this effort .Shows how easy it is to fool people . https://rumble.com/vkt3o5-explosive-undercover-in-irelands-experimental-covid-vaccine-cull-centres-ex.html
  22. Ive been doing my grocery shopping online recently ,Im wondering if this kind of thing comes in will the supermarkets refuse to home deliver to the houses of unvaxxed people? .This would be against the Discrimination Act ofcourse .
  23. Where it says "medical establishments " -Does this mean just hospitals I wonder or does it mean you cant attend a Drs surgery ?
  24. link to live Paris protest now on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2ZDB6Kz7zk
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