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  1. Ive sen a bit if it live ,I guess it depends a lot on the Judge ,whether he has been got at or not .Can we really trust the legal system ?
  2. Actually although I have been very disillusioned with the Royals over the last couple of years I always liked Harry . I can understand why he'd want to get away from "the Firm " and go to America ,but he seems to have gone over the top with his views on the jab and fake new.Pity he and his wife got so vilified in the media .And he did actually serve in Afghanistan .. Personally I think William looks very much like Diana and Harry despite the rumours of Charles not being his dad is starting to look more like Charles as he gets older .Anyway as this is off topic Ill finish .Sad to say i once admired the Queen and thought her a constant in the lives of the people . They are all complicit in the current situation and no doubt many other things as well :(
  3. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9972651/Covid-19-Australia-NSW-businesses-face-big-fines-unvaccinated-customers-employees.html Businesses are not going to allowed to decide who they serve ,they have to enforce Government policy and will be fined if they don't .
  4. As Ive mentioned before on the Coronavirus thread I recently had to cancel 2 specialist Drs appts due to the fact that they wanted me to have a PCR test first .i did manage to get a video appt with anther specialist as an alternative . I have an issue with my eyes ( not related to the statements above ) and am supposed to be having laser surgery to reduce the pressure (glaucoma ). In the last 24 hours Ive developed another 2 problems with one eye and rang my eye specialist to see if I could make an urgent appt . I was told they usually require a PCR test but as it was urgent they could could do a lateral flow test ,which to me is still based on the presumption that such tests can detect a virus which hasn't been proven to exist ,and I told them that . They said they would leave it up to me . I realise there's a risk by not making an appointment but i feel its giving in if i have the tests . it means i probably will have to decide not to have the laser treatment too .Though I suppose some will say this is cutting off your nose to spite your face , I can see its going to be the same now if you want to see any specialist Dr here in Australia and probably will be the same for dentists too . Im trying to find something using the Discrimination Act that might provide an exemption .
  5. i f you werent actually sick when you went in you will probably be when you leave (or if ) .Cant believe they don't provide bottled water I wonder what sort of meals they get ,these rules are designed to punish and demoralise and probably induce depression and despair . .
  6. My husband ripped his up ,Im keeping mine as evidence
  7. My husband and myself each received one of these letters today .
  8. I wish there was an angry button I could press
  9. When in doubt blame a goat .Will this virus saga never end ?
  10. in case this excellent video hasnt already been posted here it is . https://rumble.com/vm6tgd-qantas-pilot-speaks-out-about-vaccine-mandate.html
  11. I wont say what i think should happen to this man ,needless to say its a joke that people can be arrested for so called "incitement " when this being can incite hatred against people perfectly within their rights to make decisions about their own health .
  12. Ive no idea probably some form of torture .
  13. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-07-16/asio-recruiting-spies-via-instagram/100299064
  14. http://wayback.tube/video/1712/complete-media-silence-as-it-appears-truckers-begin-strike-in-australia?channelName=_61079bb29c779 The blockade that is not supposed to be happening .The truckies blockade is still supposed to be going on now .Claims there is a media blackout .
  15. Well said , the brainwashed masses cannot even look at the data themselves Ive been pointing out these facts to people lately but they still can see it deaths from influenza and pneumonia in Australia 2010 -2,373 -no masks or lockdowns 2014 -2,879 -no masks or lockdowns 2019 -4,124 -no masks or lockdowns Deaths from Covid -19 in Australia 2020 -909 2021- 130 - lockdowns and almost all freedoms removed The figures for covid deaths being shown on the Government websites and the covid live website are running totals for this year and last year and as such are misleading . source for influenza deaths https://www.abs.gov.au/statistics/health/causes-death/causes-death-australia/latest-release?fbclid=IwAR3NlK_JxGdr6jAwbGKjDtavF6EPV8Iqamo6B4DVLRjHACfPutm_lmIcXio
  16. the local if they had any guts wouldn't listen to the police but how a 3 year old can just disappear or not be watched by parents sounds a bit off .
  17. The guy without the mask does this thing with his eyes which is quite disturbing as well as the other one doing the sign .
  18. id like to see a reporter go round the streets of Australia and New Zealand and ask people how many they think have died of the so called Virus and see what a few hundred say .Im sure they think its thousands .
  19. Should we judge people on whether they think the virus is real or on the basis of what other things they say and how they act ? Even if people do believe its real which they have a right to do ,if they believe that the response of Governments is wrong and disproportionate and that censorship ,loss of freedoms and coercion to be be vaccinated is wrong then thats good enough for me . Not everyone with a slightly different view to ours is controlled opposition.
  20. dont know if this has been posted before .Awful behavior by the police ,lucky that people wasnt crushed .Love the red haired lady pulling the police off people .Its coming up as age restricted so I hope it can still be viewed . so heres the too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQKLT-ZU8gI&t=9 Heres another version on Bitchute https://www.bitchute.com/video/XpyV2U3zYHwO/
  21. maybe he can have all the jabs himself
  22. ,She s taking a stand for freedom and what she believes in . Have a look at this video of her parents made after her arrest ,they seem very genuine people to me and if she takes after them then I think shes OK. https://www.reignitedemocracyaustralia.com.au/monicas-parents-vid/?fbclid=IwAR0oYnjCUVSB8jjh6H3nZUWKHe31Xm7YVucNiXGf1cMq5gWJItPnUNZIsvo
  23. yes all planned long ago -i wonder what sort of parent puts forward a 6 month old baby for vaccine trial or any child really .
  24. yes ,its medical madness really ,defies any logic .They know there are risks for normal healthy people so for someone in my relatives position its practically a death sentence . I dont know how Drs can sleep at night
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