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  1. he has 2 You Tube channels i already subscribe to one ,the video about the lady was on the other channel ,i don't think he has come up with anything convincing ,its all conjecture ,fair enough if you have some proof ,but otherwise he is just creating suspicion and division .
  2. I wonder if this guy has ambitions to be the Aussie John Overkill ? Do we even know in what context these pictures were taken or what she was doing in that shot where camera were pointed on her ? On the other hand ,things that make me wonder are ,why hasn't she been interviewed by someone about what happened and given her account of things and why is she wearing a bright orange jacket that would make her a target in a crowd ? Of course there make be simple explanations ,not every one is a crisis actor . I ve watched quite a bit of footage of the incident where she was pushed over and sprayed ,and the force that was used to push her was very hard ,it looks as if she hits her head on the road .
  3. ofcourse it is but it could still be challenged legally ,even here in Australia -so far- its still possible to challenge the impositions in court .
  4. i cant see how the powers that be can justify this even if the companies concerned ,ie Apple ,Samsung and Google are complicit .You might be able to make up a reason for banning the unvaxxed from shops ,venues ect ,on the grounds of "public safety " but how is denying them access to a phone or social media account going to make anyone else "safer ?
  5. I think thats exactly what will happen in the near future ,people are going to realise what has happened ,I think it has partially started already ,give in another 3 or 4months and i think things will be very different .
  6. This was part of Riverfire ,part of a festival in Brisbane apparently ,theres another video on You Tube of the same plane doing this 3years ago
  7. i have heard this also but not sure I believe it ,Ive seen some shots taken at different angles .She had a wig on and when she fell the wig came off and she had grey hair ,not that that means anything ,i don't want to start doing a "John Overkill"and accuse everyone of being a crisis actor .i would have thought she might have come forward later or a relative might have been interviewed about it but maybe she was too traumatised .i wonder if this police actually had time to arrange something and be certain it would be caught on film .I prefer to thinks its a true incident unless shown real proof it isnt .
  8. this picture was in my Sunday paper today ,note all the masks behind her.
  9. No ,its about Christopher Reeve 25th of September was his birthday , a very brave man who fought his disability .
  10. Police fire rubber bullets/capsicum at people at the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne
  11. I ve seen a lot of comments elsewhere about this ,many people are glad to see the police finding out what its like to be threatened ,maybe they will start waking up .
  12. Wouldn't put it past him .The secret stash of tear gas and rubber bullets probably exploded .I wish I was a 30 something red blooded male and I'd be out there with the protesters .
  13. The parents making these remarks are brainwashed and obviously incapable of reading the data on vaccination injuries and about the chances of a child dying from the "virus " -absolute madness .
  14. In the video footage of this you can see quite clearly the policeman comes up to her and just pushes her really hard as she walks past . .What if she had fractured her skull ? Do they even think?
  15. The police need to be disciplined about their over use of pepper spray . . This stuff is meant to be used to stop a crazed gunman or a person with a knife ,not unarmed old ladies peacefully protesting .Im hoping this lady when she has recovered will be interviewed about her "experience "
  16. https://tottnews.com/2021/09/19/australia-marches-for-freedom-sept-21/ Australia marches -feeling uplifted by this .
  17. https://tottnews.com/2021/09/19/australia-marches-for-freedom-sept-21/ terrific footage ,not that you will see this on MSM
  18. Sadly i think its going to take a lot more forceful protest to achieve anything . I certainly admire those taking part though . Thanks for posting this
  19. https://www.pedestrian.tv/news/melbourne-public-transport-anti-lockdown-protest/
  20. in case this hasnt been posted before .Police in Australia "arrest " man with health issues for not wearing a mask .
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