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  1. Id be happy to start my own but at the moment personal issues with the problems of 2 family members are taking up most of my energy ,I think i will have to leave it to the younger generation .I do what i can by spreading the word and articles online .If i were were 30 years younger Id be taking more of a stand as it is I feel very pessimistic about what I've seen happening so far .Im dreading what will happen to those who refuse the vaccine .Ive taken a stand against vaccination for many years and have seen how censorship of any opposing views in Australia has got worse .
  2. Seen a couple more interviews with Charlie Ward including a ,recent one with James Delingpole ,still not impressed .Can anyone tell me what Charlie Ward is a Doctor of ? He uses the title Dr Charlie Ward on his website but his biography doesn't mention any kind of qualification .
  3. Im in NSW so things not quite as bad here .Mandatory masks came in on Jan 2 for shops supermarkets cafes and public transport in the area I live .I havent been into a shop since .My husband is prepared to wear a mask though .We travel to another area to do our supermarket shopping .But im sure more impositions will be coming soon .Ive given up talking to people ,even my own siblings as i find they are covid cult believers .Luckily a couple of my adult children see through it all .i have always questioned the "official "version of things since I was quite young so i wasn't taken in by any of it .It is hard to find like minded people and forums similar to this one that are Australian ,if there are any resistance groups out there I dont know who they are .
  4. thanks a lot -Im originally from the Uk and keep up to date with whats going on there ,people here need waking up in large numbers .
  5. Can you tell the /put a link to the origin of this video ?,Im in Australia and want to share it .
  6. I get the feeling a lot of the faithful will be disappointed .Heard Doug Billings saying that just because people couldn't see Trump doing anything yet doesnt mean things weren't happening behind the scenes ,and as said above ,arrests would happen later .As Tuesday is Trumps last day in office and after Biden is sworn in Trump has no power i cant imagine how all thess arrests will take place "later".If any disturbance does happen on inauguration day I can only guess it will be something planned to divide people even more .
  7. This seems a complex topic and i have only recently heard of Simon Parkes .The other day i watched an interview with Simon on The Right Side Youtube channel with Doug Billings ,then i watched another of Dougs interviews with both Simon Parkes and Charlie Ward . if both these men (especially Simon) are privy to secret information from sources they just hint at ,and if Trump has a secret plan to arrest half the Democrats and take office as president again why would you blab it all over the internet ? Unless this isnt the plan and there's something else going on but even then why hint at being told anything "secret " ? Why not just stay quiet ? Charlie Ward claims to be in constant contact with 2 top Hollywood stars who give him all the info on Child sacrifice on secret islands so why risk the contacts safety by mentioning it .I dont know if anything will happen on January 20th and if it does will it be what Simon Parkes says or will conveniently the plan have been changed at the last minute ?
  8. thanks for your kind words ,I will try and apply them ,Im always being told I try to take on too much .Im originally from the Uk and follow a lot of what goes on there ,its makes me sad and angry to see what s been happening ,wont be long till its the same here and in many other countries unless people stand against it .Im too old to be in the front line but as you say ,living your truth by acting in small ways can help.
  9. I live In Australia (not Victoria ) and the area where I live has been relatively "free" with only social distancing ,hand sanitising and people only wearing masks voluntarily .This all changed a few days ago when masks were made mandatory in shops ,supermarkets ,shopping centres ,hairdressers and public transport .I know the Uk has had this kind if thing for a while but it came in one way as a shock and in another way it wasnt . There is a $200 fine for not wearing one .Yesterdays newspapers are already talking of laws to allow employers to force workers to get the vaccine or lose their jobs . I have already made the decision not to go to the shops anymore ,my husband is saying just wear a mask why let it control you but by doing that I am letting it control me . I have adult children in their 30's who have never been vaccinated anyway and the thought of them having their health compromised by this vaccine or even losing their jobs if they refuse is very depressing . My observation is that many Australians are even more gullible that people in other countries ,finding people who agree with my point of view regarding this whole plandemic is very hard . How do people cope with the depressing realisation that there may not be enough people to stand up to this tyranny ? i can see why suicide rates will increase .I feel lucky that I have live most of my life already but i fear what is to come for my children and for other younger folk who will grow up thinking this madness is normal .Its very hard to stay positive .Watching UK Column news ,sites like Off Guardian and various You Tube channels give me some hope as does reading things in this forum .David Ickes latest video seemed both depressing and inspiring . How do others manage to keep up their spirits in these insane times ?.
  10. Hi from Australia ,this article appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald yesterday regarding the scientist who has supposedly published the genome sequence for the virus .Interestingly the article says that the professor had "a steady battering of online harassment and death threats from conspiracy theorists" https://www.smh.com.au/national/nsw/virus-rebel-professor-edward-holmes-named-nsw-scientist-of-the-year-20201026-p568qj.html
  11. I'm surprised there aren't more comments . I was watching 3 different live streams and one minute there were people standing listening to the speakers then suddenly the police seemed to go mad. I heard someone make an announcement about meeting up in Hyde Park but due to the fact that whoever was filming didn't appear to follow the crowd there just seemed to be shots of police and a few people left who were waking away . Does anyone know what happened after that ?
  12. until

    Been tuned in since it's supposed to have started . Can't hear anything. Heard someone say testing 123 then nothing
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