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  1. I never scan the code ,I just say I dont have a phone and usually sign another name or another number ,my husband has never had a phone so he writes his details and I dont put anything if we are together ,if he wants to put the real thing theres nothing I can do ,Ive told him by putting his real name etc I will be affected too if a so called "case " is dicovered but hes not yet brave enough to lie .
  2. This story appeared in a paper here in Australia today -Rather a worrying implication and Im sure not really legal . The start of no jab no job . https://www.smh.com.au/politics/federal/childcare-worker-sacked-for-refusing-flu-vaccine-loses-legal-appeal-20210421-p57l37.html
  3. exactly ,people have to hear it ,the mainstream media will never show it . I watch UK Column news 3 times every week ,getting more views for their news and their website might help .
  4. Im starting to think Im not -Obviously everyone has to think the same same way on here and not question the accepted truths ,isnt that what the majority of posters are accusing the "sheep " of doing ? I question everything that doesnt sound right to me ,and try to keep an open mind .I didnt come onto this forum to find that after rejecting one "agenda " Im expected to accept another without question .
  5. the level of mocking on this thread has surprised even me ,people can have their views though most of them seem to based on theories and assumptions about what the Royals get up to ,no real proof . If people made the kind of claims they are making about Prince Philip about another other public figure they would probably be sued .Im wondering if some of the angry people here can give some examples of anyone they do actually respect or admire .
  6. Can we know the proof ? 12 months ago if Prince Philip had died I would have felt upset ,nostalgic and have a feeling that it mattered .i was a great supporter of the Royals for many years ,the Queen especially felt like a point of stability in the world . Now I longer feel this way , but not because i believe that they are all lizards who drink children's blood or anything like that .When the Queen came came out and urged people to get the vaccine that did it for me .Whether knowingly or out of ignorance she did this I dont know ,I do feel they are either part of the agenda or being coerced to be either way ,Im not convinced about the child sacrifice and adrenochrome claims .Also many people were taken in by Jimmy Savile ,Im sure not everyone who had their photo taken with him can be said to be in league with him . I dont feel sad about Prince Philip ,he had 99 years of a comfortable and privileged existence ,more than the majority of people ever have .
  7. I have seen these before ,the thing that strikes me more than what he says about the test is what he is saying about Fauci and the agenda .No wonder he conveniently died and you never hear any relatives or colleagues of his speaking out about the PCR test .
  8. If these vaccines were a new model car ,a childs toy ,a baby car seat or a new headache remedy and they caused even a fraction of the injuries and deaths currently taking place ,there would be instant recalls to protect the public . Not so with a barely tested new technology ,medical procedure it seems . How can GPs and other health staff keep promoting and administering these vaccines when even the most ignorant of them would have heard something about the effects ? .
  9. I agree its depressing but if enough people dont stand up to this -it will happen .Sadly i think this idea makes the sheeple feel more secure ,not only do they feel safe and righteous because they have had their jab but they want the non -vaccinated to be kept at bay . Dr Mike Yeadon in his recent interview with James Delingpole said he thought the un- vaccinated may be sent to prison camps . However we should not give up ,there is always hope .
  10. It should be up to those who claim she is wrong to prove they are right ,something no one seems to have done this in relation to claims that the PCR test isnt designed to diagnose infection . What i want to know is ,before the PCR test was hijacked ,what kind of tests were used to diagnose viruses ?.i was told several years ago that I had Swine flue ,test was a throat swab ,3 years ago I had metapneumovirus ,again a throat swab ,but what was the type of test used ? The PCR test seems only to be good if you havent identified your target ,and just want a test that vaguely detects RNA/DNA fragments but not a specific disease .if this isnt true then let those claiming it works show us how .
  11. I hate the way they try and moderate -to put it mildly -what the post is saying .Ive recently posted several articles featuring the CDC /VAERS own data on Facebook and other "official " reports on vaccine injuries and they flag it as being misleading /fake etc. They even censor peoples own first hand experiences . Do people honestly believe every report of a vaccine reaction or death is fake ?? Im getting to the point where I cant be bothered trying to talk to people ,anymore if they they think they are making an "informed choice " by what they seen in the mainstream media then let them take the consequences .
  12. Yes just heard about this this afternoon .Im in NSW . Went to my GPs surgery today and was amazed at the constant stream of people coming in to inquire about registering for the jab after they had smothered their hands in sanitizer at the entrance .At one point I had to walk outside because a masked woman came in and began asking what she had to do to get the vaccine ,and was getting almost hysterical ,I heard her say "They said on the news ........" .I ended saying -just before i walked out -"Well if its on the news then it must be true " .surprisingly no one seemed to hear me . She was followed by several middle aged men also asking questions and another even crazier masked woman who said she wanted the Pfizer jab not the Astra Zeneca one being offered .All in all felt i was surrounded by fearful crazy lemmings ready to jump off the cliff ,quite depressing really .
  13. terrific if only the majority of people would put up a similar fight for their lives and freedom .
  14. For the sheeple who think a cloth or paper mask isnt enough ,try this
  15. This post made me sad though I realise it maybe the reality .Im in Australia and the Jab roll out is only just starting .I went to see my GP today and heard the receptionist telling someone they were setting up a vaccination clinic in the car park . I know its coming . I am prepared to live on the fringes if it comes to that .But I have a husband with cancer and adult child with liver failure ,how will I still be able to help them if restrictive rules and isolation are bought in for those who refuse the jab ? My husband thinks it wont come to that -but i think it will .Im angry because there were certain things i wanted in life which I think wont happen now ,Im 66 and not so concerned for myself but i am for my children ,they intend to refuse the jab too .i guess we just have to make the most of what freedom is left to us .
  16. Here in Australia stayed awake all night worrying about the torrential rain coming down out side .Watched the live feed from Subject Access and Ruptly of the London Rally .Felt proud to be British . Not everyone is a sheep ,people of all ages coming together .Feeling hopeful
  17. yes ,i agree. i have been to the Drs a couple of times recently ( in NSW) and whilst in the waiting room i hear the receptionists answering phone inquiries from patients wanting the vaccine . There ought to be more angry patients NOT wanting it .Im very disillusioned with Australians at the moment but not really surprised .
  18. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33113270/ interesting and worrying
  19. https://www.smh.com.au/national/a-tidal-wave-of-rage-protests-field-anger-at-women-s-long-fight-20210315-p57ayo.html Yes here in Australia we have our own Sarah Everard style "outrage " to distract the masses .Apparently a tidal wave of tears and anger are "sweeping the nation " -these same people unable to see whats happening with the "pandemic " ,gene modifying vaccines ,vaccines passports and threats to freedom .Instead they want to tell us how terrible things are for women in the 21st century ,obviously they are incapable of studying history seeing the lot of women 100 years ago or more or understanding the lot of women in poor countries . I can only think that while the mainstream media are saying "look this way " something more important is going on in the opposite direction
  20. I live in Australia ,in New South Wales -things have been bad in Victoria ,I dont think that has been exaggerated at all but in the state I live in ,we have to wear masks in some areas on public transport and give contact details in restaurants and some shops ,recently in my area masks were mandatory in all shops for a short time because of a so called spike in "case " -they are always coming up with so called "hot spots ".They are considering a kind of vaccine passport type arrangement but nothing seems to be happening yet .The vaccine roll out has started slowly Im worried that things will get a lot tighter .There is a lot of carry on on the media here about "anti-vaxxers " and this started years ago anyway ,including stopping family allowance payments if your kids werent vaccinated ,they have been building up to this for a while . Medical treatments for cancer here have not been stopped ,my husband is receiving cancer treatment .Face to face visits to Drs are available and you can visit relatives in hospitals . However i do expect a lot of this to change and Im sure those who dont have the vaccine will be prevented from doing many things . i follow what goes on in the UK closely and yes you do have things much worse over there than here -for the present anyway .
  21. Probably been said before but something about which I really wonder -how far up the chain does the idea of not questioning what you are told go in relation to the "virus "? .My husband has always said 9/11 couldn't be a "conspiracy " because too many people would have to be "in the know " but it seems in order to pull off an event like that or convincing the world theres a pandemic all you have to do is make the information look convincing, make it look like its coming from reliable sources and trust to the fact that most Drs ,nurses, scientists and the public will believe what they are told . BUT if the ordinary person with a bit of their own research can see that the figures for all cause mortality ,deaths with or /of coronavirus etc ,they can see their own experience of how many people they actually know who have been sick etc but it seems they still keep believing .I have read that people have asked their GPs about the virus and the vaccines and have got the reply that the Dr has just been too busy to look into it all so they just do what is required of them .Yet we see even the scientists and Drs who have been speaking out still believe the basics are true such as the PCR test and whether the virus has been isolated so they all cant be influenced by the media alone ,no doubt they read scientific papers and talk to their colleagues . If ordinary people can see that something isnt right then surely others must too ,yes you can say they are all just too afraid to speak out but that cant account for everyone . One hope those working in medial /scientific fields have intelligence so why arent more questioning ? Not sure if Im expressing this properly but i guess the whole things relies a lot on people just trusting those above them to be telling them the truth .
  22. Interesting logic with the part about "The vaccine is not 100% effective so if only your older relative has it you could still give them the virus if you are not vaccinated " and presumably you can can still give it to them if you ARE vaccinated .
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